New video game zelda and samus sucking sound

New video game zelda and samus sucking sound
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How I lost my virginity to my life long best friend. DISCLAMER: This is a Fictional story based on a dream. It features preteens and young teens.

It also includes some brother, sister sex. So if your not into that stuff, just pass on this. Also if the grammar is not great, it's because it was written as if a 12 year old actually wrote it.

As for spelling errors. I use a spell checker, and proof read it, but occasionally some miss spells get missed, sorry. My name is James. I'm 12 years old, I stand five feet four inches tall with a slightly slender build. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I live in a rural area with my mom, dad and eleven year old brother Timmy. Living in a rural area I didn't have many other kids to play with, Timmy is a major bookworm and wont go outside much at all.

I also read more than most guys, nothing much else to do when it rains. The only really close friend I have is Jenny who lives just down the road. She is thirteen, almost fourteen, and she has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We grew up playing every kind of game we could dream up.

I never really thought of her as being different from me, until recently, as her body began to change. She is also about five foot four With ice blue eyes, and long wavy blonde hair. Her body has always been slender, but now her legs have become more round as has her ass. Her chest also protrudes out with the growth of her breasts.

It wasn't until the day she came over wearing short shorts, and a tight T- shirt, that I really noticed the shape her body had taken. I also couldn't help but notice my cock had gotten hard and was throbbing. As we were playing that day I couldn't help but stare at her body, which kept my cock hard and throbbing. I couldn't imagine why it was so hard and throbbing so. It has never done that before. After a while I began to get worried that something was wrong.

I went to the bathroom and removed my jeans and shorts. I examined my long stiff cock, as I had never seen it like this before. I noticed it was getting softer, and soon it had shrunk back down to it's normal size, as it hung between my legs. I then remembered the conversations I had heard from the other boys at school as they were talking about spanking the monkey, and boasting about the size of their (cock's) as they called them.

I didn't really know what they meant when they said it was 8 and 10 inches long, until just now. I realized my cock was about 6 inches long when it was stiff and hard. That memory did comfort me to the fact that there wasn't any thing wrong with my cock.

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I guess they just get like that for some reason I didn't yet know. I went back out to play with Jenny, and when I looked at her legs and chest again, my cock got hard again. My cock remained hard like this the entire time we played, until she had to go home for dinner.

My cock slowly went down as I ate dinner. When I took my shower, just before bed, my cock was back to normal, and staid that way all night, or at least I think it did as it was not hard when I woke the next morning. That day I wore a T-shirt and my shorts, which fit fairly tight. Jenny came over and asked me to come out and play catch. I couldn't help but watch her body as she caught the ball and then threw it back to me, making my cock get hard again.

After a while she caught the ball, then dropping it she sauntered up to me and quietly said. "My but that's quite a nice hunk of meat you have in your shorts, I didn't know you felt that way about me!" Not knowing what she meant I just said.

"Huh?" Being as close as we were, we never really kept secrets from each other. Nor were we afraid to ask each other anything, or even touch each other any where. So I wasn't too surprised when she reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts, as she said.

"You really have a nice piece of meat here." "Oh, well it only gets like that when I look at your legs and chest. I don't know why it does that though." I muttered back. Then she whispers. "Didn't you know, a guys cock always gets hard when he gets turned on, like when he sees a sexy girl he likes? Hey I didn't know you found me that sexy!!!" I felt myself flush as I said. "I didn't realize I thought of you like that either.

Or at least I didn't before yesterday any way." She moved close to me and whispered. "Have you started playing with this yet?" as she gently squeezed my cock.

I felt myself flush a little as I said. "Um, what do you mean?" "You know, Spank the monkey." I just stared blankly. "You know, stroke it." she said softly. "Oh. No I've never done that." I said, feeling rather embarrassed, which I have never felt with her before. "Would you like me to show you how to do it, you'll really like it?" she replied. I looked at her for a minute as I thought about it. "Hey, how do you know how to play with a boys cock any way." I asked. "You know my aunt, uncle and two cousins are here right?" she asked.

"Yes, so." I replied. "Well one day last week I heard noises coming from mom and dad's bathroom. When I went to see what was going on, I found the door open just a crack, and I could hear soft moans from inside.

When I looked in through the crack I could only see the mirror over the sinks. But in the mirror I could see that Andrew and his twin sister Anna were both nude, sitting on the back of the roman tub. They had their legs spread wide with their feet in the tub. Anna had her hand around Andrew's long hard cock and she was moving it up and down the length if it.

While Andrew had his hand between Anna's legs and was rubbing her pussy in slow circular movements." Hey, they did this last week, and you didn't tell me about it?" I suddenly said interrupting her. "Well I'm telling you now. "She said. "Ha, ha. Just when were you going to tell me, or were you?" I asked.

I was going to tell you after they left, I didn't want them to know I saw them, and it might slip if I told you sooner." "Oh Ha, ha," I chuckled. Jenny continued. "They continued this for quite a long while. Then I heard Anna ask him if he wanted her to make him cum now or did he want to fuck her first.

He said he wanted to fuck first. She moved in front of him and I watched in amazement as she guided his cock between her legs to her pussy, and she moved down onto it." "Then what happened!!" I excitedly asked. "Anna began slowly moving her body up and down, making his cock move in and out of her pussy. She did this for a really long time, moaning and grunting more and more. Then she squealed a bit and her body tensed and then shuddered a little for about a half a minute.

Then she stopped moving. She got up off his cock and then sat back next to him, and they began playing with each other again. They did this for quite a while. Then Andrew finally said he wanted to cum now. So Anna began moving her hand up and down his cock fast, and soon he grunted, tensed up, and white stuff spurted out of his cock several times. Then they stopped moving and then filled the tub with water. They got in and took a bath together.

Seeing what they had just done, I felt a little strange, so I left at that point." "Wow, that story is making my cock throb really hard." I said. "I know, I felt it harden as I was talking to you. Do you want me to show you how to play with it now?" "Ok, but not here." I said. "Come on" she said as she took my hand and led me back into the woods. When we were back in a ways she stopped and facing me she unbuttoned my shorts, and grabbing them and my under pants, she slid them down my legs as she kneeled in front of me.

She spit in her hand several times, then looked up at me and said. "I heard this makes it feel better." as she takes my cock in her hand. I stand there looking at her as I take in the sensations I'm feeling as she begins slowly stroking her hand up and down my cock. Looking up at me she says. "You like this?" "Yea, it feels nice, I never new I could feel anything like this." I replied.

After a while she spit on my cock head some more, then began stroking faster. Now the feelings were growing in intensity and I began involuntarily rocking my hips.

Jenny looked up at me again and said "How does that feel?" "Great, don't stop." I replied. Jenny spit some more then went even faster. I felt something building as my cock started a tingling burning sensation. Then seconds later I grunted and tensed up as the most intense sensations imaginable pulsed through my cock as it spasmed and pulsed many times before it subsided and then eased off to just nice feelings.

Jenny slowed her stroking as she looked me in the eyes and said. "So how did you like that?" "Oh man that was incredible, I'm not sure what happened but it felt incredible." I replied. "You just had an orgasm silly boy." she said with a chuckle.

"Oh ok, I never imagined an orgasm would feel like that, you were right though, I did like it." I replied. Since my cock didn't go down I asked Jenny to do it some more so I could have another one. Jenny said. "Ok I will, but only of you rub my pussy at the same time. I want to cum too." "Um. I don't know how to do that." I said. "I know," she said, "I'll tell you what to do. Ok?" "Yea, ok, I'll try." I said. Jenny pulled her shorts and panties down and sat on a log, spreading her legs. I just stood in front of her and starred at the first pussy I had ever really seen.

It was smooth with no hair anywhere around it. Jenny said. "Like what you see?" which snapped me out of my trance. "Oh yes, it's beautiful." I reply. Jenny then pats the log next to her, and I take the clue and sit next to her. Jenny says. "Spit on your hand and put it on my pussy." I spit on my hand and tentatively put it on her pussy. Jenny takes hold of my hand and begins moving it in slow circles.

I soon catch on and continue as she removes her hand, and spitting on it several times. Then she takes my cock in her hand and begins stroking up and down on it. Soon Jenny was breathing harder and her pussy was getting really wet. I had know idea that a girls pussy got wet. "Eiew, did you pee on me?" I asked as I pulled my hand from her pussy. "Oh no, I didn't pee. A girls pussy gets wet with a lubricating juice when she gets sexually hot, like I am now." Jenny informed me. "Oh I see, I didn't know that." I said as I resumed rubbing her pussy.

By now the feeling in my cock was feeling really good again. "Go faster." Jenny cried out, and so I started rubbing her pussy with faster circles.

A few seconds later she arched her back, tensed up and cried out. I felt her pussy get even wetter. "Are you having an orgasm?" I asked. "Yes, I'm cumming!!" she cried out softly. Then cried out softly several more times, before she settled down.

Then my orgasm hit and my cock pulsed and spasmed More intensely, and for a slightly longer time, than before. "Wow that one was even better than the first one." I whispered. "Cool, I'm glad you like that so much, cuse I really like it too." she replies. We just sat there looking at each others bodies, and then in the eyes for a few minutes, Then I watch as she gets up and pulls her panties and shorts up her smooth sexy legs.

Then as I stand up she notices that my cock is still rock hard, and standing straight up in front of my stomach.

"Doesn't that ever get soft." She asks as she moves in front of me and bending down, she brought my shorts back up over my cock and buttoned them up. "Only when your not around." I Jokingly said. Then we quickly went back to my house before we were missed. Soon it was time for Jenny to go home for dinner. By the end of dinner my cock was fully soft again and after watching TV for a while, and then taking a shower, I went to bed.

I didn't see Jenny for the rest of the week as her extended family visitors had her away during the days. But early the following week I was out in the tree fort, which is back near the woods. Its an old tree house that is about ten feet up in the air, and spans between two large oak trees, that my dad had built about five years ago as a play house for us. It hasn't been used much the last few years though. Jenny must have seen me climb up into the fort, because she came up into it about five minutes later.

"Boy we haven't been up here in a long time." she said as she stepped off the ladder. "Hey, how was your week?" I asked. "Good. I had a lot of fun, especially Wednesday night." she said. "Oh what happened?" I asked. "Well. I found out, my 16 year old cousin Anna is one very horny girl, because that night just as we were getting ready for bed she announced that she needed to get off, and was going to masturbate.

She asked me if I wanted to join her. I had to tell her I had never done that before, I had an orgasm in the shower a few times, and the one you gave me in the woods." "Oh so when you asked me if I had played with my cock, I assumed you had already played with your pussy." I said "Nope I hadn't.

but Anna just told me to do as she did, as she sat back on her bed with her legs spread. I just sat and did, to my self as she did to herself. She caressed her tits, rubbed her pussy, fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit until she had her orgasm. I did the same things to my self but I didn't cum when she did.

With some coaching from her I finally did get so excited, that my pussy was burning and my hips were rocking and finally I had my first orgasm from fingering and rubbing my own pussy, and it was fantastic." "So what else did you do last week?" I asked.

"Hold on." she said "We weren't done yet.

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Anna reached over and pulled a big rubber imitation cock out of her suit case and told me that, although that orgasm was nice, she wanted more. She began sucking on the cock for a minute, getting it wet with her saliva. Then she shoves it into her pussy. She tells me this is her favorite (dildo) as she begins moving it in and out of her pussy with increasing speed. Then she rubs her clit with her other hand for a while.

I just sat there rubbing my pussy as I watched her going faster and breathing harder. Then she rises up and tensing up she grunts and shudders as she cums again. She settled down after a minute and then finally stopped, looking at me and telling me that was the one she wanted." "Cool was that it?" I ask.

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"No she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and asked me it I wanted to try it. I told her I was still a virgin. She told me that it was ok, but it would be better to break my hymn this way, then let it heal, so I could enjoy my first time with a guy.

So I let her put it in me. It did hurt at first when she pushed it through my hymn, but she let me get use to it before moving it in and out. As I got more use to it she went faster, and finally began to rub my clit. It didn't take me long to get those incredible feelings going again and this time when I came, my pussy burned even more and pulsed and throbbed harder and stronger than the orgasm you gave me, and the one I gave myself." "Wow that sounds great, you really did have a good time didn't you." I said "What else did you do." Well we went to the zoo in the city one day, the movies the second day, and finally the art museum back in the city again the third day.

Then last night Anna wanted to masturbate again, this time she used her dildo right off. As she was putting the dildo in her pussy she said that she wished she had a real cock in her pussy instead of just the dildo. I accidentally said, "Oh like when you did Andrew in the bathtub last week".

Anna looked at me with a surprised look and said, "You saw us". "Yea the door was open a crack and I looked in to see what the noise was. I saw you playing with each other, then sit on his cock and ride him until you came, then play again until he came". Then Anna asked me if I would like to see it again, and I said "Sure." Then she asked me not to tell anybody, and I promised I wouldn't.

She got up and quietly left the room. Anna and Andrew came in a minute later. Andrew took his cloths off. His cock was already partly hard as he knelt next to me. Then Anna knelt on the other side of him. She reached over and rubbed his cock as he rubbed both our pusies for a while. Then Anna swung around onto her back and spread her legs. Andrew moved over her and I watched as she guided his cock to her pussy, then he slowly pushed his cock into her pussy fully.

He staid there a minute before slowly beginning to move back and forth. I watched in amazement as his cock moved in and out of her pussy, causing her entrance to move in and out with it. As he moved in and out of her with a very long slow stroke I heard her breathing increase and begin moaning. It took a long time, at least ten minutes, before she finally tensed up and grunted hard as she came. Andrew just kept going at the same pace and about seven or eight minutes later Anna came again.

Andrew still wasn't done and actually started moving faster. Anna came a third time about five minutes later. I was now rubbing my burning pussy hard and I came just then my self. Then Andrew pulled out of her pussy and rub his cock back and forth over her pussy for a few seconds before he tensed up, and grunted as he came all over her belly.

Andrew rolled off her onto his back and I watched his cock pulse with his heart beat, His cock then began to shrink as some more cum oozed out of the tip until it was totally limp and small.

Then Andrew and Anna got up and went to clean up. Anna came back a few minutes later. We got back into our night cloths as I discussed how hot I thought that was. She told me that she has Andrew fuck her because he is the only guy she has ever fucked, that can last long enough to make her cum, let alone cum multiple times, which is the way she likes it the most.We then went to bed." "Wow that's incredible, that got me so 'hot' my cock is throbbing like crazy!" I said.

"Let me see!!" she excitedly said. I stood and took my shirt, pants and underwear off. Jenny looked at my cock and said. "Oh god it's so stiff and hard, and long, I sure would love to feel it inside my pussy." Jenny then got up and took all of her cloths off. I looked at her body intently, examining every inch of her.

The sight of her naked made my cock grow even longer and harder, if that were possible. I noticed that her tits were very firm and pointy, about the size of an orange but cone shaped. Her legs are smooth and round as is her ass. I looked at her pussy and just stared at the smooth pouty, fleshy lips. I looked at her and said "I thought girls had hair down there?" "Oh no I shave it every night, I love it bald like this." I laid on my back on the floor.

Jenny moved over me and looked me in the eyes for a minute, then leaned down and clumsily kissed me on the lips, as I did the best to kiss her back. Then I felt her reach between us and grab my cock. She moved it up and I felt my cock head touch her soft slick flesh and nestle into a moist slick feeling recess area. She moved back and I felt my cock head move into that recess and through the entrance and slid into a worm wet velvety tunnel until my entire cock was inside her.

I couldn't believe what my cock was feeling as it slid into her. I also didn't miss the gasp and soft moan from Jenny at the same time. Jenny just staid fully on me as she looked me in the eyes.

I suddenly saw something different in her eyes, and I then realized our life long friendship had just gone even further. Jenny never took her eyes off mine as she began slowly moving up off my cock, then back down onto me fully.

This movement felt great and I was loving this. Soon Jenny picked up some speed and was moving at a nice pace, which felt even nicer. I had never done this before, but I knew we would be doing this as often as possible, this was the most incredible experience I have ever had, and even at only 12 years old, I knew this was something very special.

After a good five minutes of this, Jenny was breathing hard and moaning more intently, with every passing second. Then suddenly she arched up and cried out softly, as I felt her pussy contract and she shuddered a little. "Jesus Jenny what are you doing, are you all right?" I asked. "Oh god yes" she grunted out. "I'm just cumming right now!" When she stopped shuddering, and contracting her pussy I said.

"I didn't know girls came like that, I had now idea you came that strong, or shuddered like that, then again I've only seen you cum once before and you didn't shudder like that." "Yea, we can cum really hard some times. I saw Anna cum like I just did. That was the strongest orgasm I have ever had, it was also only the tenth orgasm I have ever had, so I don't have much to compare it to. The ones I had in the shower, and the one you gave me were very mild, compared to the ones I have had more recently." she said.

"Oh wow that's great, I just keep learning more about girls every day. Oh by the way, I haven't had my orgasm yet, so if you can keep going until I do, that would be nice." I replied "Oh I would love to, I want to see if I can cum again too." she said as she began moving a little faster now than before.

After a few minutes Jenny looks me in the eyes and says. "If you can hold on for a few more minutes, I'll cum again." "No problem!" I said. Well soon enough she was breathing hard, and moaning again. I watched her intently and did my best to learn her signs as her orgasm came on. Soon I could tell she might be close as she was almost crying out with every heavy breath, her pussy is extremely hot and wet now and I feel a contraction every few strokes, which intensify over the next few seconds, before she arches up and cries out.

Her body begins shuddering and her pussy contracts hard as she cums again. This one seems to be stronger and longer than the last one seemed to be. When she came down from the orgasm and her breathing calmed down some I asked. "Was it my imagination, or was that one longer and stronger that the first?" "It wasn't your imagination, that one topped the first one all right." she whispered.


"Are you all right to continue, I think I can orgasm soon, if you can go on, but you can stop if your not able to continue." I said "Oh I'm fine, I think I could do this for hours if I wanted to!" she replied "Thanks, that'll be great." I added.

Jenny continued moving at the same pace which was feeling incredible and I soon felt the burning tingle in my cock and realized I may be getting close. Then suddenly I arched my back and my cock began to pulse in orgasm as I grunted and had my first orgasm in a pussy, it was very strong and intense sensation, that was different from, the hand stroking Jenny gave me, it also lasted a lot longer too.

After my orgasm subsided I finally said. "Oh god that was incredible, it was much longer, stronger and intense than the one you gave me with your hand, thanks, I really loved it." She just smiled a big smile. "You can stop now if you like." I said. "Oh no, not yet, number three is near!" she grunted out. I then realized she was giving the signs that she was about to cum again.

Jenny began moving quite fast now and soon she tensed up and came just as hard and long as the last time, and I enjoyed feeling her cum so hard on my still hard cock. She slowed down some as her orgasm subsided, then she slowed some more but kept moving slowly for a good three or four more minutes.

Jenny looked me in the eyes and said. "Your still so hard, even after having an orgasm, how can you stay hard like this, I though guys cocks go soft after they have an orgasm?" she asked. "I don't know it just is. I haven't had that many orgasm to know.

It didn't really go down last week after you stroked it and I orgasmed twice. It actually stayed hard until after you went home.

It seem as long as I can see your hot body, it stays hard." "Wow, that's amazing." she said. After a few more minutes she got up off me and my still hard cock flopped against my belly.


I got up and said. "If you lay on your back and let me go at you for a while, I'd like to see if I can have another orgasm too. would that be all right?" "Yes, I'm willing to allow you to do that." Jenny laid on her back and spread her legs. I moved over her and as I settled between her legs with my hands under her shoulders, I felt my cock drop right into her entrance.

I moved forward and my cock slid right into her pussy with ease. I then began moving slowly as I got into the rhythm of fucking and then picked up some speed. Jenny laid her head back and closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations in her pussy. I fucked her for a very long time like this. Jenny did finally tense up and shudder some as her pussy contracted in orgasm. This always feels great and brings me closer to orgasm every time she cums.

I continued to fuck Jenny like this for a long time again before I felt her nearing orgasm again. I was also nearing orgasm again too, and when she did cum, the contractions set me off and I actually had an even more intense orgasm with her. "Oh god that's good, I just love having an orgasm in your pussy, especially when you cum too." I said "Oh yes, I agree, cumming with you is incredible and makes my orgasm more intense and satisfying for me too." she replied.

"I'm glad it's better for you too." I replied, Jenny kissed me on the lips for a few minutes, Then looking me in the eyes she says. "I love you very much, your the best lover I could ever dream of, I love you so much!!" I then said. truthfully, "I love you too babe." We then got up and got back into our cloths, left the tree fort and went up by the house to play catch for a while, My cock staid hard as I loved looking at her sexy body as we played.

Then we had lunch and watched TV until Jenny had to go home for dinner. My cock finally got soft after she was gone. The next day we met in the tree fort again. This time we took our cloths off and sat on the floor next to each other, she spit on her hand and began slowly stroking my cock.

I spit on my fingers and reached between her legs and began to rub her pussy. As we were looking at each other, Jenny leaned over and kissed me passionately. We carried on like this for quite a long time this time, and we were soon breathing hard and panting as it was feeling so good. Jenny finally broke the kissing and said. "It's time, I want you in me now." We got up and she moved onto her hands and knees. Turning her head towards me she said "I want you to go in me from behind, ok." "Sure, but how do you know all these positions?" I asked.

"Oh Andrew fucked Anna in this position last night in our room while I watched and rubbed my pussy until we all came at the same time. It was great." she replied. We were so into our sex play that we obviously didn't hear Timmy coming out, and climbing up into the tree fort, as the access opening to the fort was behind me at this time.

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I settled behind Jenny with my knees spread for balance, this also allowed Timmy to see everything as l reached between us, lined my cock up to her opening and slid it into her juicy pussy with ease. "God it feels great, doing this," I said as I remained deep in her for a moment, before I began moving slowly. I moved with long moderate strokes in and out of her pussy as we both got more and more excited. After about five minutes Jenny was moaning and then tensed up and had an orgasm, which felt incredible again.

This was about all I could take as I soon tensed up and had my orgasm too. After another minute of slowly fucking I pulled out. When I turned around to sit down on the floor I saw Timmy sitting there, watching us.

"I'm telling mom. I caught you fucking Jenny!" he said loudly, as he started to move for the access opening. I grabbed his arm and said. "Wait a minute. Please don't tell mom. I'll do what ever you want. Just don't tell!" Timmy looked at Jenny, who was sitting next to me now, not even attempting to cover up. "Why did you come out here any way, you hardly ever come out here anymore?" I asked.

"Oh I saw you and Jenny come down out of here yesterday, And then go back up in here again today." he says. "So what gave you the idea of peeking on us to see what we were doing in here?" I asked "I saw the hard bulging cock in your shorts, and how you have been looking at Jenny lately. So it wasn't much of a stretch, to think you might be doing sex things with her, and I wanted to see if I was right. So I decided to sneak out here and find out that I was right." he replied "Ok.

so what will it take to keep you from telling on us?" I asked Timmy looks at Jenny and says. "I want to fuck her too." Jenny looks at Timmy and says. "But your only eleven years old, how do you know about sex and fucking and all that." Timmy replies. "Oh I found some old sex magazines, and I read all the stories and looked at the pictures in them.

It made my cock hard too." "So you find girls sexy?" Jenny asked.

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Timmy replied. "Not little girls, but yes big girls like you sure are. I mean your really hot Jenny." I saw Jenny blush a little and look down a moment. "So do I get to fuck her too?" Timmy asked me. "That's up to her." I replied sounding a little perturbed.

"Can I fuck you Jenny?" Timmy asks. "Let me see your cock, take your cloths off, I want to see if your cock is even big enough to fuck me." Jenny says. Timmy gets up and turns around as he takes all his cloths off, piling them on the floor. Then he turned back around to reveal a hard cock, that was the same length and thickness as mine. Jenny looks at Timmy's cock then mine. Then looking at me she says. "Well what do you know, he's the same size as you." Then looking at Timmy she says.

"Do you play with it." Timmy says. "Play with it, what do you mean?" Jenny reaches out and wrapping her hand around it she strokes up and down as she says. "Like this." Timmy says. "No I haven't done that, but I do lay on the floor and move back and forth until I orgasm." "How did you learn to do that?" I asked him.

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"It was kind of accidental, I was laying on my stomach reading a story about a couple fucking, and as the story got hot, I realized I was moving my hips, rubbing my cock in my pants, and it felt great. I continued to do it until I finally had my first orgasm which surprised me in it's intensity the first time. I have been doing it every night since. Especially since I found some more sex magazines and had new stories and pictures to use." "How many orgasm do you have when you do that?" Jenny asks.

"Oh usually one or two, but if the story is long and really hot I can have three." Timmy replies. "Cool that's great, sounds like you orgasm like a girl. we stay high and can orgasm many time in a sitting." Jenny replies. "Yes I know, I learned that from the stories, I think I have learned a lot from reading them and I'm dying to try it!" Timmy exclaimed. Jenny laid back and spreading her legs she says. "Ok Timmy, lets see what you have learned." Timmy crawls over to her and moves up between her legs.

"Normally I would caress your tits and rub your pussy to worm you up before fucking you, but your already hot since you were just fucking." he says to her.

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She reaches down and guides his cock to her entrance. Timmy moves forward as he lays on her, sinking his cock deep into her with a loud groan. "Oh god this feels so much better than anything I had imagined. She's so soft, worm and slick inside." he exclaims. Being shorter than me his mouth is over her chest and he begins sucking Jenny nipples, which causes her to moan softly, and say.

"Oh, that feels so good. don't stop." Timmy continues sucking her nipples, and begins moving his hips back and forth, slowly fucking her pussy at the same time. Jenny moans a little louder and says. "Oh god this feels fantastic. Oh James you have got to do this to me the next time we fuck.


Ok!!" "Sure babe, I'd love to try that." I replied. Timmy picked up speed and was rocking his hips a little harder and faster now, but not real fast, as he continued sucking her nipples. Then he suddenly raised his head up and grunted as he shoved his cock in deep and moved slowly for nearly a minute, before resuming his previous pace. Jenny looked at me and says. "He just orgasmed.


I felt his cock pulsing hard like yours does when you orgasm in me." Then Timmy looks at me and says. "Man that was the best orgasm yet, this feels incredible, no wonder you like doing this so much, It's so much better than I ever Imagined." Timmy kept going at Jenny, who was beginning to tense up as her orgasm approached, and then seconds later she cried out softly and shuddered as she came.

"Oh god I can feel her cumming, her pussy is contracting so hard around my cock, she gonna make me orgasm again." Timmy says just before he drives in deep and grunts into her chest as he has another orgasm. Then a minute later he is right back to sucking her nipples and rocking his hips with exaggerated movements for a longer stroke in and out of her pussy. Timmy then looks at me and says. "I could do this all day, it feels incredible." Then Jenny says.

"Well maybe, a little while longer." I move to where I can sit against the wall and watch these two fuck for the duration, as soon Jenny is moaning and rocking her hips, increasing his stroke length, and intensifying the sensations she is feeling. Then I watch my best friend arch her back up and cum as my little brother fucks her nicely. He keeps going until he has his third orgasm. Then Jenny says. "Timmy I would like you to stop now.

My pussy is sore now, I just tore my hymn out last week and it hasn't fully healed." Timmy stops and pulls out as he says. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know that, I didn't really hurt you did I!" "No honey you didn't really hurt me, I'm just a little tender right now.

Anna says that's normal and will pass in a while." Just then we hear a voice in the distance yell "JENNY" "Utaho I got to go." Jenny said as she quickly got dressed and says "See ya later" as she climbs down from the fort and runs off across the fields towards home.

I noticed that we were both still hard as we got up to get dressed. Then Timmy says. "God she's incredible, I never imagined fucking her could feel so incredible, I just loved it and can't wait to do it again." I thought to my self "Oh SHIT, I just lost my best friend to my brother, or at least I'll have to share her with him or loose the ability to have sex with her again. Oh well, it could be worse." Timmy and I cleaned up the tree fort a bit, then looking around it, I said.

"You know, it we can get some carpet or a rug this would be a great place to have sex."