Macho peludo ensina a fazer smoke na base ct da mirage csgo

Macho peludo ensina a fazer smoke na base ct da mirage csgo
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After our first night together, I was edgy. anxious to get through the day of work so that I could get home and get ready for my surprize.

You teased me all the way back to my place the night before about the treat you had in store for me. and how much you thought I was going to enjoy the night ahead. I showered, and dressed to kill again, in a different set of lingerie - lacy demi-bra.

lacy thong panties and garter. dark stockings. I topped it with a pale blue silk blouse and navy blue slim skirt. Very conservative, yes. but also very stylish. I hoped you would be pleased. Just as I finished putting on my jewelry, I heard your knock at the door. I answered it, and met you with a smile. Your eyes moved over me with open approval, and your face lit up.

I gathered my jacket and purse, and happily followed you out to your car. You could tell you were driving me crazy by not saying a word about our destination. Even worse was the idle chitchat on the way. trying to distract me. You drove to a part of town I had never been in before. an upper middle class area of the suburbs, and pulled up in front of a large, two-story house, very well appointed, and discretely lit.

There were a couple of cars in the driveway, and one or two on the street. I got the feeling we were just going to be attending a party. I was glad I had dressed nicely. We got out of the car, and you knocked at the door. It was answered by a young woman dressed in a French Maid's costume that barely covered her private parts. She took your name, and then turned to usher us in. I noticed she wore no underwear and was wearing a latex outfit as she escorted us downstairs to a rather large bedroom.

I suddenly got the feeling this was not going to be some office party. There was a king sized four-poster bed in the middle of the room. The walls were lined with armoires that went from floor to ceiling, with solid wood doors - hiding their contents. There were several large rings on the walls, and a couple of oddly shaped padded benches with rings on their legs in the corners.

The room was seductively lit. pleasantly cool. and yet, unsettling at the same time. The maid waited patiently, silently.

"Jolene, it is time for Angie's outer clothes to come off. Assist her, and bring me a pair of sharp scissors." I shuddered. I had never had a female undress me. "Angie, you are to cooperate with Jolene, understood?" "Yes, Sir." Deftly, Jolene came over and removed my skirt first, then my blouse. She had me remove my shoes, leaving me in just my underwear and stockings.

She stood so close to me, I could smell her musky scent. She grazed a breast accidentally when removing my blouse, smiling secretly. She stepped back, waiting for a signal of what was to come next.

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She had handed Mike a pair of large sharp scissors before she undressed me. He now approached, brandishing them with a cool smile.

"Garters and stockings, too, Jolene." "Yes, M'lord," she responded then quickly removed the garments, leaving me in just my lacy bra and panties. "Angie, place your hands on your head, and stand with your legs apart," he commanded. The tones in his voice warned me to follow his every command. I stood before him, trembling slightly. He came closer, moved my legs farther apart. "Jolene, are Angie's nipples nice and hard?" Jolene reached over and tweaked each nipple lightly.

"They are nice and hard now, M'Lord!" Mike placed the scissors under each strap, cutting it away. He then cut right between my tits. He signaled to Jolene to remove the garment. "Hmm. yes, so I see." "Jolene, how wet is our little visitor?" Jolene reached down between my legs, and tested the crotch of my panties with her hand.

"Very wet, M'lord." Cold hard steel was inserted between my panties and hips. snip! Again, he had her remove the cut garment. This time, he reached down, and drew his finger along my slit. He offered the wet finger to me to lick, which I did, tentatively.


Mike whispered several words to Jolene, who took all my clothes with her into an adjacent room. I could hear the sounds of running water, and drawers being opened.

Mike circled around me, looking me over, not saying a word. The sounds in the next room stopped, and Jolene came back in. "Go with Jolene now.

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she will prepare you. You are to do everything she says, Angie." I was led into the adjacent room, a stark contrast to the bedroom I was just in. This was a cold, white room with a gyn table in the middle, and harsh bright lights.

Jolene had me get up on the table and slide all the way down, assuming the standard position. Soft cotton restraints were placed, holding my legs wide open, fully exposing me to this stranger. Mike came into the prep room at that point, saying soothing words as he ran his fingers through my rather long, lush pussy hair. He pulled a few curls up, then clipped them close with his sharp scissors.

Jolene handed him a small bag for his souvenir. He nodded to Jolene as he left again. Without a word, she expertly applied shaving cream to my pussy and anal areas, working it in well. Jolene quickly shaved me, wiping off the excess shaving cream with a wet, warm towel.

Deftly working in a soothing lotion, she massaged the newly shorn area, and stood back to admire her handiwork before she untied the restraints, and helped me off the table. She took me back into the bedroom, placing me right in front of Mike, and pushed me to my knees. "Very nice, Jolene. You are free to go until I ring for you again." Jolene quietly left the room, leaving me alone with Mike. "Angie, are you ready to submit to me totally?" "Y-y-yes, Sir." "Good.

The fun can now begin." He reached down and placed a blindfold on me, then led me to one of the odd benches in the room. Pushing me firmly, I was placed on a curved bench, face down, and told to put my arms over my head.

As I did so, he placed leather cuffs on each one, and fastened them to the corners of the table. My ass was high in the air, at the top of the curve from the feeling of it. My legs were pulled apart, cuffed at the ankles and just above the knees, and also restrained.

I waited anxiously, blind to the sights, but aware of the sounds of the room. I jumped slightly when I felt soft fingers caressing my ass, and then remembered I was with Mike. I had just begun to relax when I was startled back to reality by the sharp smack of a leather flogger on my ass.

Mike did not spank me hard, but was firm, placing his blows all over carefully, about 25 in all. My ass began to burn. He paused, and caressed the tender flesh, gently kissing it and nibbling on it. He stroked me until he felt me relaxing, then picked up something different.

dragging it across my burning ass, it felt like hundreds of tiny fingers. Tiny fingers teasing my ass suddenly became sharp claws as he dug it in a bit deeper. I moaned slightly and he stopped. "Now, my pet. During the fun this evening, if you should become scared or uncomfortable, I want you to call out the word, trumpet. That will tell me to stop anything I am doing, and to comfort you.

If you do not like the direction of what we are doing, please say the word, flute. Got that?" "Y-y-y-yes, Mike." *SMACK* "You will address me as Sir, or Master for the balance of the evening, or I tell you otherwise. Do you understand me?" "Y-y-y-yes, Sir." "Good. You will be deeply rewarded tonight for your patience, so have no fears. I am sure you have heard the rumors about me, haven't you?" "N-n-n-no, Sir." "Very well, then.

I think you have had enough of that table for a time. Let's see how you do on a rack, shall we?" Mike undid my bonds, and let me to another hard table, placing me on my back. I was tied, spread eagled to two heavy beams at the top and bottom of the bed, and a cushion placed under my ass.

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Mike laughed evilly as he tightened the apparatus, stretching me out slightly. Now, how are you doing, my little pet?

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Are you comfortable?" "Y-y-yes, Sir." "Good. Now, if you behave, I will not turn the rack any tighter. No talking, and you are not to cum unless I tell you explicitly that you may. Is that clear?" "Yes, Sir." At that, he picked up something soft and silky, and began lightly stroking my body with it. Within a few minutes, I was tingling all over, and moaning softly. Warm, fragrant oil was next placed on my body and worked in, and I began to relax again.

I could almost feel Mike's smile as he saw my tensions and worries leave. He next picked up the ice. teasing my nipples with it until they were rigid and hard, then tracing a line down my belly.

I gasped when he inserted the shard into my hot wet cunt before tracing a line down to my ass and back to my pussy again. Picking up more ice, he went back to teasing my nipples, first the right, then the left. I gasped again when he pulled the left nipple out straight from by body, twisting it between his fingers, and then, placed something hard on it. I arched my back at the new sensation, feeling a line of electricity all the way down to my clit.

I had no time to digest this, for he was doing the same thing to my right nipple - icing it, pulling on it, then fastening something to them.

He passed a small rope between them, and fastened them to the beam over my head. My clit now felt on fire! "Oh, my little pet likes that, does she?" I nodded my head in response, as I caught myself in time to avoid saying anything.

He tweaked the small ropes holding my tits up, like guitar strings, as he shifted his attention to my very wet pussy. I gasped as something cool was rubbed on my virginal ass, followed by a gentle teasing from his finger.

He stroked me in and out with a well lubricated finger until he felt he could insert a slender vibrating egg. Once inserted, it was turned on nice and low. I hated to admit it, but that vibrator felt so good. Standing close enough to me that I could feel his warmth, he leaned over me and began to work on my newly shaven pussy. Teasing my lips apart, he slowly traced my crack back with his finger, then back up again. Using one hand to hold the lips far apart, he took a tiny drop of something onto my clit, then blew on it.

I was rewarded by the most intense coolness followed by a hot burning sensation. He held me open this entire time. blowing on my clit until he saw I was not comfortable. It was time for the ice again, and he held a chunk of it against my burning clit until the fire seemed to go out, then applied a cooling gel, and started rubbing it.

I about jumped out of my skin at the intense sensations of his finger rubbing me through the thicker gel. I rarely had to use lubricants - but this feeling was totally incredible! I moaned deeply.

"Ah-ah. remember, you may not cum until I give you permission, and I have no intention of doing that yet!" He commanded as he reached up and pulled on the strings holding my tits in the air. I moaned in response, and tried to think of anything else. His answer to me was to turn up the intensity on the vibrator in my ass, and renew his attack on my pussy.

He worked more lubricant into my pussy, then slowly started to insert something. huge! While he worked this deep into my dripping wet box, he stroked the vibrator in my ass in and out, stretching that hole too.

Before long, the object in my pussy was all the way in, and he removed the vibrator. I felt the head of this monster object pause at the tender rosebud of my anus before it gently began to push in deep. I moaned deeply as both holes were soon filled. The engorged lips of my pussy were held open again, and a small vibrator applied to my clit. By this time, I was going crazy, and ready to burst at the seams. I moaned louder, hoping.

"Ah, I think my pet would like to cum, would she not?" I nodded. "Hmmmm. well I will allow it this time. You may indulge yourself in your orgasm, love." He leaned down and nibbled at my imprisoned tits as I felt a huge orgasm begin to wash over me.

I moaned and thrashed my head back and forth as it crested and moved out to my limbs. Shivering and quivering, I let it overtake me with pleasure. All the while, he was teasing my clit, forcing my legs to stay open, and nibbling on a nipple. As I calmed down, he removed my nipple clamps and restraints, and allowed me to lay quietly for a few moments. After about 5 minutes, he helped me up, and led me to the soft bed in the middle of the room.

I was placed on my back, with only my arms restrained this time. I could hear him getting undressed, and then joining me on the bed. He slid his legs under me, kneeling between my legs, and elevating my most private parts to his view and delight. I was truly powerless to move anywhere, much to my surprize.

He began softly stroking me all over.

reaching up to my tits, caressing my belly, then teasing my mound lightly until I felt like I was on fire again. I gasped as he inserted more ice into me. this one was larger and thicker than the average ice cube. He slowly fucked me with it as I moaned deeply.

It felt sooo good. Pulling it from my cunt, he went back and inserted it into my waiting ass, stroking it there, too, until it was mostly melted. Teasingly, he lifted the dripping popsicle to my lips and had me lick it. I could taste my juices, and smiled. I almost jumped out of my skin as I felt a number of small stinging sensations all over, and smelled candles close to me.

The pain was not intense, and did not last long. He built up a fairly good sized cone on my tortured nipples, cooing soft words as he listened to me squirm. He pulled the wax off my skin quickly, then applied more ice.

then more hot candle wax.


My senses were reeling by then. A long, soft vibrator was inserted into my ass, and his fingers went to work on my cunt, one hand on the outside teasing my clit, the other deep inside, working away, stroking, caressing, I moaned, and allowed my hips to rock in time with the thrusts in my cunt.

I forgot to ask permission, and had a huge huge orgasm - one of the real screamers - before I could control myself.


Mike stopped his attentions, and got up suddenly. "Now, sweet pet, you were supposed to ask before you came, remember?" I nodded my head. "Now, I don't know what I am going to do with you.

Hmmmm." I was led to a new apparatus, and again restrained by the wrists, ankles, and knees - wide open, with everything available to him. I jumped as I heard the door open. "Jolene, this sub has been quite naughty. Would you bring me a training whip, please? I may need some help with her." "Yes, Sir." She re-entered the room a few moments later carrying the whip and handed it to Mike. He snapped it against his hands several times, testing it.

"Very good, Jolene. Now, distract her while I give her a first taste of punishment!" Jolene slid down under me and began to play with my tits, twisting, pinching, sucking on them. She reached back and began to play with my hot, wet cunt = teasing my clit until I wanted to cum again. When Mike saw how excited I was getting, I was stunned to receive my first strike with the whip - WHAP - across my ass.

He then took a vibrating butt plug and inserted it deep, turning it on, and waited for me to get close again. WHAP WHAP WHAP! "Now, my pet. What did you forget to do?" "T-t-t-to ask you if I could cum, Sir!" "You are so right! WHAP! Now, will you do that again? WHAP!" "N-n-no, Sir." "Very good. I will be easy on you this time, and not demand any further punishment for your misdeeds.

But, consider yourself warned, my pet! Jolene, you may allow her to cum." I heard him walk away, but was too enthralled with my first orgasm at the hands of a woman to care. I came, screaming and thrashing for a third time that evening. Mike returned as Jolene was licking my juices from my cunt.

"Now it is my turn for pleasure," he said as he walked around to my head, offering me his cock to suck. I licked and sucked it eagerly to hardness, knowing that he was going to fuck me with it.

He moaned softly, then pulled away. I felt him walk around behind me, teasing the entrance to my hot, wet pussy with the engorged head of his cock. He turned up the intensity on the butt plug, and drove deep into me with one huge thrust. Leaning forward, and grabbing onto my tits, he rode me hard and deep, ramming into me with all his strength. Bucking me hard, he stroked himself furiously, cumming in a matter of minutes, squeezing my tits hard as he did so.

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He collapsed ontop of me, sweating, breathing hard, satisfied at last. When he could breathe normally again, he untied me, and led me back over to the bed again.

He eased me into it, then cradled me in his arms. "Thank you, my love for the release. You don't know how much I needed that, you really don't," he murmured in my ear as he held me close.

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I kissed him back tenderly. I knew all was fine, and that this was the first of many excursions into the dark world for me.