Lusty sluts play around with their twats

Lusty sluts play around with their twats
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Maternal Instinct Chapter 1 I just left the hospital with a pissed off look on my face. When I got to my car I crawled in and began to grin. It had worked and I was in a position I only imagined.

She'd do anything now. I had her right where I wanted her. Haa haa. I'm such a bastard. My wife had just got done giving birth to a beautiful baby girl surprisingly (or not) she was black with a head of dark curly hair. I acted surprised and upset. My wife was horrified and tried to explain. I acted upset and said I need time to think. I'd be back later. I told her I had to go check on our 18 year old daughter who was at home and had become quite a handful.

My wife understood checking on her. Our daughter hated this pregnancy, hated us, hated everything about us, particularly her mother. All I could think was she's an ungrateful little twit. She would get her surprise too. I suppose I should explain why I'm smiling. Well it all began a few years ago and culminated today. Where to begin. I met my wife Marybeth when she was 23.

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She was a gorgeous brunette with a tremendous figure and a mischievous grin. She was always a bit mysterious and seemed to know far more than she let on. I guess you'd say wise beyond her years. After a couple dates I learned she had a 3 year old daughter and had never been married. I accepted the daughter and we kept dating. After a year and a half we married.

The daughter Terry was a brat and her mother doted on her way too much. In fact I was not allowed to discipline her for a couple years. This brat raised hell and caused us plenty of fights.

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We finally got things ironed out but the annimosity remained underneath everything. I got out of the military and went to work for a security and support contracting company. My success grew and I did alot of business overseas. Needless to say I made very very good money. Marybeth lacked for nothing and Terry became quite a spoiled brat she ran over her mom and got just what she wanted. I definitely resented that and my wifes inability to stop her.

Marybeth took great care of herself. She worked out all the time, ran, tanned, did pilates, etc. By the time she was 37 and Terry was 17 things were intolerable in the house. I hated her brat and I hated how her doting and giving in just perpetuated it.

I hatched a plan since our sex life was lackluster even though I knew my wife had been a sexual dynamo. She had settled into being a suitable, proper mom. What crap.


I had learned over several years that my wife liked to drink but it scared her because she did wild things when she drank. When she was 28 we went on a cruise to Cancun and left Terry with my mom. Marybeth and I drank and partied to no end. I learned most all of her secrets with the use of alcohol and pillow talk. As it turned out Marybeth admitted and told me about her younger years. She'd lost her virginity at 16 and loved it. She really loved sex and spent her last two years of high school having lots of it.

Marybeth went to college and partied her ass off. Her grades were deplorable but her nights and weekends were a riot. I learned she'd dated alot of black and hispanic guys as well as white guys. Once we'd played truth or dare in our cabin and I asked her what the naughtiest thing she'd ever done sexually. She giggled and said I'd never believe her. I coaxed her on and she told me of a few gang-bangs. I was stunned. a few.

I coaxed a bit more and she told me of a small (3 guys) group of white guys got her drunk and she ended up in bed with all three. She loved it yet felt so guilty for doing it.

It didn't take long before it happened again. She finally found herself out of control and in a hotel on the coast with 7 black guys. They did everything she ever imagined plus more for an entire weekend. She says they did the most disgusting and sometimes painful things to her. She was sore for a week. I coaxed a bit more and the most she would admit was more than one guy inside her at a time and they were not small or gentle.

I got her to tell me more from time to time during the trip and both of us were hotter than hell. We fucked like rabbits. I would tease her while we were on deck by pointing out a couple guys and asking if it would be fun to have them in one room. She'd gigle and blush. Sometimes I could see it in her eyes that she was daydreaming about it. I coaxed her into flirting with guys while I watched. I convinced her I loved the idea.

We even talked in bed while fucking like rabbits that I'd love to see her in that bed with a couple black guys. She was amazed. I kept pointing out eligible guys and sayinng "he'd be a good one. I'd love to see that" she'd smack my arm and tell me to quit. She insisted shes a married woman and a mom. I asked her one night about Terry's dad and she said she ended up pregnant and had no idea who he was.

She said it could have been any one of a dozen guys. That was interesting. On our last night in Cancun I dared her to flirt with a guy and take it as far as she could.

If it meant fucking him then fine. She protested a bit saying ashe was not on birth control. I had a vasectomy in my early 20's and couldn't get her pregnant so she felt no need to be on any birth control. I shocked her and pulled out a box of condoms and told her that problem was covered.

She relented and put a couple in her purse.

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That evening she drank alot and I met a guy and told him the brunette at that table was looking to get lucky. I pointed her out and turned him loose. He was over hitting on my wife in a minute. In no time at all he had her dancing and laughing. I watched and while they were on the dance floor I noticed his hands all over her. She laughed and flirted. I saw them dance slow and he finally ended up kissing her.

She looked a little alarmed and looked around a bit. I was not in sight but was watching from a distance. After a few minutes he did it again and she responded. After a short while they disappeared. I went back to the bar and drank for awhile.

I went by our room and she wasn't there so I went back to the bar. After a while I saw come back to our original table. She looked a little frazzled with a wild look in here eyes. She ordered up another drink and I approached the table. I kissed her and asked her how she was doing. She asked where I'd been. I told her I'd walked down to the beach and had a couple drinks with some of the locals. She bought it. I asked her what she'd been up to. She looked around and said she'd been dancing and was really winded.

I laughed and told her thats a real workout and that I half expected her to find a guy and take him back to the room while I was at the beach. She kind of looked around with a nervous look and asked if I was serious. I told her of course I was, thats why I got her the condoms. She kind of shook her head and said I don't know if I could. I laughed and said sure you can and that I was surprised she hadn't with the guy I'd seen her dancing with when I left.

She got nervous and asked why I'd say that. I shrugged and said I was just hoping. I suggested we go to our room and she seemed a bit nervous but we headed that way.

When we were back at the room we started kissing passionately and in no time her dress was off. I'm no rocket scientist but she had absolutely nothing on under her dress.

I'd have sworn she had panties and a matching bra when we left the room earlier. I was sucking on Marybeth's nipples and she was going wild when I slipped a couple fingers into her pussy. She was soaked and loose. I laid her back on the bed and worked my way down and started licking her pussy. I stopped and looked into Marybeth's eyes and said I taste the lube from a rubber. You little minx You just got fucked didn't you?

She was horrified and started to babble but I stopped her by telling her it was cool and resumed licking her pussy. In no time I had her cumming like gang busters. When I was done I whispered I just wished I'd seen it. She relaxed a bit and we talked about it.

She admitted fucking him twice in his room but was scared of my reaction. I showed her my reaction by fucking her like a wild man. I told her we'd have to do it again and this time I'd like to be there and maybe a threesome. All she could say was maybe someday. We got home from Cancun and even though I coaxed it never came to be.

She always referred to Terry and being respectable, setting the good example etc. Of course Terry played up to mom and I could do nothing right.

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Back to misery. The hot MILF I had been fucking in Cancun and even coaxed into fucking another guy was gone.

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Drawn back into her proper shell and controlled by her manipulative little bitch of a daughter. Aargh!!! When Terry was 14 Marybeth and I went to Cabo on vacation and partied our ass off. After a few days Marybeth loosened up and we bought a bunch of sex toys.

Some were very large and we played in the afternoons and evenings. When she was really horney and a bit buzzed I was playing with a large black toy in her pussy and told her how much I love the look of a huge black cock going in/out of her.

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She purred I wish we had a couple guys here and I'd give you a show you'd never forget. I told her that the next night I was going to find her some studs and she just purred while I fucked her like a wild man. Unfortunately I got an emergency call the next morning before dawn. A company emergency came up and I had to report to corporate immediately. The vacation ended. I headed for a desert location for 6 months. Everytime I mentioned it Marybeth shut me down and said no.

We have a teenage daughter, must be proper, etc. I mentioned the toys and playing when I get back. Marybeth said she'd thrown them out because Terry might find them. I couldn't believe it. My sexy wife would literally shut down her sex life and me to protect her precious little brat.

When Terry was 16 Marybeth bought her a nice car. I thought she needed to earn it and not just be handed a cell phone and a car and all the gas money she needed. It lead to some pretty good fights. After a while I dropped the subject but noticed Terry was always gone with "Friends".

I finally got curious and had a professional friend tail and gather intel on her just for my curiousity sake. He even asked if I wanted pics for proof. I decided what the hell. Terry had just turned 17 when he brough me pics of her smoking a joint, drinking, then he pulled out pics of her having sex in her car on two seperate occasions and entering and leaving a hotel on another.

Each time was a different guy. Dear little Terry was no virgin and had obviously inherited her moms love of sex.

The antithesis was her mom would barely have sex anymore just to protect her dear little slut of a daughter. What crap! I hatched a plan while in the desert when I saw some mothers protecting their children in a war zone. Our interpreters told stories of some debriefings that described what some of the bad guys could get women to do to protect their children.

Some of the intel guys joked about some mothers fucking a donkey to protect their daughters from being fucked. The sad part was some would and then the mother and daughter would be gang raped then executed anyway. It was sad but one of the flukes of nature what a mother will do. Interesting I thought.

I was going back and forth between the mid east and the US on a regular basis and spending 3-6 months at a time over there. Busy place in busy times.

I had met many characters some on the up and up and some that scared even me. A couple friends had seen pics of the wife and daughter and ooohed and aahhed over the pics. I had a couple of my wife in her white bikini when were in Cabo. That got some interesting looks. My laptop was a favorite place all of a sudden. One of my closest Intel friends was sitting there with me and saw Marybeth's pic.

He shook his head and said what a shame. I couldn't help but ask what he meant. He laughed and said all these years I've known you and have met her so many times.

I can tell. I asked him to explain. I bought another drink and he went on to describe, beautiful wife, sexual animal except. Here she had a teenage daughter and acted all prim and proper even though the daughter is a spoiled little shit who could give a damned how proper mommy was. He shook his head. He made a comment about how it happened all the time over here. a mother would do anything. I was a bit hammered and said "boy you can't imagine what I'd like to see her do in that circumstance." He laughed and said "It would be fun to find out, boy do I know a team who would jump at that job".

I chuckled and said something about a cool idea but would take some planning. I'd sure love to see the daughters little ass get the same treatment if that were the case. Might be fun if niether knew what had happened to the other.

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Ahh what a daydream. We clinked our glasses and said "What daydreams" About a week later Chad and I were drinking in the green zone and he leaned over and asked "Still having that daydream?" I laughed and told him yes but the logisitics would be a challenge.

He threw his head back and breathed in deeply then said "Thats my specialty. Buy another bottel and we can discuss what you would really love to see in such an adventure" Chad and I sat back and got howling drunk. I described a scene of mother coming to the recue of kidnapped daughter.


Might have to be somewhere away from home so they wouldn't be missed for a couple days as it plays out. Daughter would have to be in a dire close situation maybe something like about to get gang raped so the mother would really feel desperate. Of course she would have to do everything to save the daughter the fate. My favorite twist is even while she's doing such things to save the daughter, the daughter would be getting fucked like a rag doll.

Of course all would have to be on video. My love would be all blacks all hung and the mom would get DP'ed, gang banged, made to do it all enthusiastically to save the daughter. The irony is after a 24 hour banging she would be allowed to see the daughters sloppy well fucked cunt then hauled out somewhere and subjected to a gang rape.

Daughter would get the same treatment somewhere else. We laughed about my ideas then he added would she be on the pill?

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I said fuck no and she would be threatened with the video going public if she tried to get an abortion. She'd have to go full term knowing she'd been knocked up in a gang bang. I loved it and wished the daughter would get knocked up too. By the time we were done drinking we had a nasty nasty plan. I never imagined how it could grow a life of it's own. I had daydreams about the ideas we'd joked about but never figured I'd hear anymore or do anymore on the subject.

Chad called me on a Sat phone and said "I have a complete sceneario and ops plan for that operation we've been discussing" "All we need is a couple details and a go ahead" Do you want to be there for execution of the op?" I was confused and said "which op?" Chad laughed and said the one we hatched out a couple weeks ago over a bunch of drinks. Think about it and meet me Friday" My mind was reeling wondering what Chad had been up to and what he really meant.

Friday couldn't get there fast enough. On Friday morning early I talked to Marybeth and tried to talk sex, even suggesting another trip and making something interesting happen like we talked about on the last trip. She shut me down hard saying that would never happen. She never wants her daughter getting a hint she could even think of such a thing much less ever do it. I teased her about being a prude and she responded by saying her wild life was long ago and the prude will not ever change back to those days.

I sighed. I asked what Terry was up to and she said her graduation was in a week. I told her I wish I could be there. I told her I'd have to work on some kind of special present. Marybeth was happy about that. I was disappointed she'd shut me down so hard but figured that was no surprise. Marybeth suggested a new Ford Mustang for her graduation but I told her I'd do some research and come up with something unique.

When I met with Chad he asked how things on the homefront were going and I kind of re-capped the mornings conversation. He chuckled and said "You'll love this then" He began to lay out a very very devoius plan. I loved it but both of them would be subjected to so much. wow. Chad laughed and said the graduation present idea would fit the plan perfectly. I agreed. He then asked if I wanted to be there. I wished I could but my work in the mid east would not permit it.


He chuckled and said no problem. We can get everything on disc so I had deniability by being seen and being good and busy here. I loved it. I asked how much it would cost and he gave me a delightfully nice price. I pulled out a stack of bills and paid Chad in cash. I thought for a while then called and told Marybeth and Terry that the two were going on an all expenses paid trip for the two of them to Cancun. They were esctatic I told them I'd set it up and send them their reservation information.

I reminded my wife to bring her white bikini and burgundy suronge. I love that outfit. I reminded her I wanted lots of pictures. After I hung up I began getting excited about this vacation even though I wouldn't be on it. Now that the vacation was set up here's how the plan unfolded.