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Frisch rasierte muschi
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Halloween tales: Daemonium Exmortis Danny Rich was a nerdy young man from south carolina. He was a college student of science. That was until he met a girl named Akira. She was a half Japanese american born girl who was a local. She messed with college kids she didn't like using magic. At first he didn't believe in such thing until he started seeing black human shaped shadows in his room after having horrid nightmares plague his mind. For weeks now, after Akira scratched him casually walking by.

He wanted to fight back but knew nothing of the occult. So he bought a weapon online from the effects of a "dark wizard" who had recently passed. The Daemonium Exmortis. The book was a book of demons.

Rising them, different kinds, controlling them. It was hand written, made of parchment and inked in some sort of blood. Most of it seemed like "mumbo jumbo" but he found a footnote. "This is my most valued treasure. All of the spells have been created through pure testing. If you have the materials. You can work any of them. Pages 12 21 33 and 38 are all pages bound to specific demons.

And all you need is blood on the parchment. And saying your wish aloud." Page 12 Balban the Oni. Danny read about the giant monsterous being that would do any wish he desired.


He lifted a switch blade to his finger and slid it across quick and bled on the parchment. Before he could start scribbing in with it the blood began to drift around the paper. "What do you want?" his blood wrote out on the paper. Disbelief took him for a moment. His voice quivering his body cold. He mustered. "This. Akira. I. I." The book then wrote "spit it out" with his blood erasing the old words.

"Fuck her up! In anyway just make her stop!" "Akira. Anyway Stop" it wrote with his blood as it bleed into the parchment. The book slammed shut, as the lights cut.

Danny sat for a moment staring. Silence in the dark room. The moon barely glinting through. He heard a low feral growl from behind him. And then a loud footstep, then another. Suddenly the footsteps stopped and the lights flicked back on. Akira sat in her basement. Occult artifacts displayed all around some covered by black fabric. She sat over a few tarot cards. Flipping a few cards. Her hair was long black and had full curls. Her eyes were hazel and wore a corset, a short fluffy lace skirt and lace leggings all black.

Voodoo dolls splayed on her table. A shruken head hanging by the window. Knives and wands. Crystals and bones. In the corner a puppet made from human bones covered in an oily wax. She had a full length tongue in its throat. Eye balls under waxs eyes. Claws from a wolf. Teeth from a wolf. Genitals of a donkey.

And it was in chains from ankles to wrists. And a sigil carved in the chest with 'burn it, holy fire'. Carved under it. She slowly looked up. Feeling a presence in the room with her. She slowly stood up as the lights flickered.

It stared at her as the lights cut. All of the other spirits in the room guarding her he forced out. She spun around and looked right at him. She started running toward her wand and knife table. The oni threw out its energy whipping the girl over the table with a paniced scream. Its looked around scanning the energy of her assorted items.

She started to scramble around the table this time towards the door. It whipped her again this time she hit the corner with the doll. And projected the word "stay" in her mind. "Please don't hurt me!" she cried out fearfully. It kept looking seeing a small stand with six small displays with pictures. One of Danny Rich. His display flipped to the wall.

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Suddenly its vision and energy felt thrown. Suddenly it was staring from human eyes. It looked around and looking down it saw blood on a sigil on a wax chest with a ribcage underneath. Akira's eyes glittered staring into slowly rotting eyes that had wax flesh eye lids had risen.

The wax lips moved. "What is this?!" a roaring voice said "I have always wanted to trap a spirit in this. Never one powerful enough though." She said slowly sliding her hand with black nail polish across its chest. It struggled and thrashed in the chains. The teeth gnashing, and roaring more. She slowly slid her thigh over the being saddling on its lap.

The monster stared her in the eyes growling. Feeling her rub her privates against the donkeys member. It started getting hard and growing.

"Your not getting out of these chains or this body until I let you out. What really sucks is when the sun comes up you'll have no power. You'll just sit there like a doll.

So you help me? And I'll help you." she said slowly lifting her hips over the animal cock and rubbing herself against it. "Fine your whore. But I will kill you when I can." She lifted her finger to its mouth "Shhhh." she closed her eyes and said "is it a deal?

Other then you wanting to kill me." "Yes." it said. She put her lips to the cold slippery lips, kissing the mouth she made. Sliding her red lace thong away from her garden she slipped on top of the phallus slowly gasping, her pussy dripping with anticipation as goosebumps covered her skin. The demon growled but she could swear she saw its mannequin like lips curl into a smile. She forced herself down with a cold gasp. Her eyes closed pressing her C cleavage against its chest and clavical.

Her lipstick a pearlescent purple. It was staring down at her breasts as she slowly pumped on the monster. She felt a slimey tongue lick her breasts but the tongue kept going and slithing out further. She started pumping her ips faster and faster moaning more and more rapidly.

She felt her self clentch as her climax rose. She moaned harder as her cheeks went red. She lifted its chin and kissed the thing feeling its tongue go down her throat. As if thrusting in her mouth. Never the less she sucked it. Til her cheeks concaved and her neck was thrusting with the thing. She slowly pulled a key from between her breast that were hot and pulsing. Her nipples swollen. She swiftly broght it to its left hands chain and carfully unlatch the lock.

She quickly threw the key to the corner as the creature suddenly pulled the tongue from her throat breaking his left arm free from the confinement. Grabbing her by the throat. "Now. What would stop me from squeezing the life from you right now smart witch?" it jeered with more of a snarl. "The fact that i just threw the only key to the other locks." she managed through a choked voice but managing a smile, "and if die no one will unlock these chains. So when the next people come by to see you.

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Well. Lets just say. Occult stuff. Dead body. It says burn you with holy oil on your chest for Lucy's sake." The creatures eye flintched but still didnt seem convinced.

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After all Balban was not used to being so low by two humans like this. "Besides?" she said using a gentle hand to move his grasp. "Dont you want to finish?" she asked slowly gyrating. Her tongue sliding across her top lip. "We haven't even got to the sodomy yet." she whispered. The demon settled but the air got nippy. She started pumping hard again. Her moans raising.

Seeing her breath in the air. She lifted her breasts from her corset grabbing one moaning louder squeezing her ample bust. The demon shoved the other breast in its mouth, its tongue slithering furiously.

Her moans climbed as she came to a climax. Arching her back slowly settling on the member. She breathed with an excited shiver. Her lips curling to a wicked grin. She pulled off the creature slowly. Her hands on its shoulders she lowered herself eye level with the large member with a stumpy head. Her tongue slowly slid out licking the head. The demon growled with slight pleasure.

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She pulled her locks back as she opened her mouth wide and engulfed the phallus taking it deep. She choked on the giant hard cock as the demon pulled at its restraints grunting and growling. Its free hand shoving her head down. Her eyes watered quickly becoming quite a dull bloodshot. She threw her right arm gripping a tiny silver knife from her bracelet and cut the wax wrist. The demon grunted again pulling its hand away.

Inch by inch she pulled the long giant member from her throat, drool and spittle slowly dragging up the shaft. The creature cackled slowly, and directly. She gave it twisted little smile back. "First time a demons tried to kill me with cock. Cant say I mind." She said, her lips glistening wet. A strand of drool hanging from her bottom lip. She went back on the cock licking the shaft up and down. Pressing her breasts against the dolls phallus.

She swallowed the meber again this time pumping her breasts up and down sucking. The demon slowly pressed its hand on her head again this time merely enjoying the feeling.

It started to pump it hips growling low. She felt the demon convulse its body once as it shot a load in her throat and mouth. She kept pumping her breasts against the cock as it erupted again on her chest. A glossy translucent white slowly leaked from her mouth, a strand of cum from on cheek bone to the bridge of her nose.

A lot of the load running down her breasts. "Looks like that mule still had some juice left over." shr said.

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She stood up and unlocked the chains. The demon tried to stand. However it seemed week. "Most of your energy was expended. I drained it. Only thing you can do is leave that body or stay in until you recover. At that point I'll just burn you. So your going to go back to who sent you and I am going to go say hello." she said grabbing a pink towel, pressing it to her breasts.

Danny's eyes opened, the sun breaking over the horizon. His sleep, perfect. Not one nightmare for two days now.


He stood up in his boxers and threw on a plain white t-shirt. With a satisfied smile he walked to his bathroom yawning widely.

As he walked through the doorway a knife suddenly slipped under his throat. A hand behind him shoving him to the wall. "So your the little prick who sent a fallen angel after me huh? The book you have. It is way too powerful for your inept ass to be playing with it. Because you had to get revenge." she sneered.

"Well you know what? I made a deal with Balban. And he would like to say a few things. She threw him into the tub. His head crashing against the side. Danny's eyes slowly opened seeing a long line of blood draining into the tub. His legs dangling off the side.

He slowly got up his head pounding. The room was completely dark, he pulled his phone and activated the homescreen. 8:35PM He turned on the light going to stand. However his legs immediately gave in. He crashed to the ground. His phone hit the floor sliding a few feet. His legs tingled as blood rushed back into them.

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"Fuckin' bitch!" he snapped looking around. His head stopped looking at a horrible looking wax human doll sitting against his sink. "What the hell is that?" he asked himself squinting. "Daaaan-iiieell." the doll suddenly growled, its head lifting, tilting slowly and looking directly at him.

Danny's face was frozen in horror, eye twitching. "God help me." he whimpered The credits started of a zombie movie Akira was watching. A plate of crumbs next to her and a few of Dannys soda pops on the table empty.

Suddenly a blood curtling scream came from the bathroom. Banging came from the bathroom door. A mattress under the door, a piece of wood nailed across the door.

She happily popped up and skipped through the apartment. The screams kept on as roars echoed. Tearing and ripping sounds eruptly sounded.