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Not content with what was available, I wrote this with parts of all stories I collected to create as. Because my output slowed down over the last year and it was taking too long to finish (over 15 years), I planned to wrap it all up but recently lost my files before I could finish. Manage to retrieve this as last updated in over 18 months ago but it was too much work to do this again so call it a day and publish it as it is. Apologize for the errors but feel free to complete it as your own version.

--- One of those in attendance at the viewing and the graveside service was Jason Dodd, Abigail's cousin. He hadn't seen her in years and probably wouldn't have attended except for the insistence of his mother. He marveled at the dead beauty but the expensive looking jewelry that she was wearing was what really caught his eye. Returning to work the next day as a mechanic at the local new car dealership; he talked with his fellow mechanic Carl about attending the funeral of his cousin who was killed on her honeymoon.

Jason also mentioned the sparkling jewelry she was buried in. Trying not to alarm Jason's suspicion; Carl was able to subtly learn of the location of the cemetery where the crypt was located. After expressing his condolences; he and Jason returned to work. But Carl couldn't stop thinking about the young bride and her jewelry. He still had it on his mind when work ended that day.

He picked up the newspaper and looked through the obituaries. The second one Carl read, he knew it was the right one. The obituary said it was a girl twenty-one. Carl noted all of the information and drove by the cemetery and noted it was an old one and there appeared to not be an attendant. He got out of his car, located the Miller crypt and rushed home. Later that evening Carl called his friend Derrick's home and answered and told him he needed help on Friday night.

He didn't tell him what but Derrick figured it was another break in like several he had helped Carl with before. Imagine Derrick's surprise when Carl picked him up in the van and they drove carefully, to a secluded place near the cemetery crypt, not wanting to get stopped by the police. He was still wary after Carl explained about the jewelry and the young bride. The moon was still full so Carl was able to find and walked apprehensively toward the cemetery gates easily. It was 2:08 A.M., and the groundskeeper had gone home hours ago.

Armed with a crowbar, a flashlight, a hammer and a pair of industrial strength gloves, he noiselessly scaled the weather beaten fence surrounding the burial grounds and continued on his path inside the graveyard property.

Derrick dreaded nothing more than being alone in the dark, here of all places. He stumbled about the area somewhat clumsily, sporadically shining his flashlight against tombstones to guide his way. After slightly more than 4 minutes of searching, Carl's light shined upon the object of his search: the cemetery's small white grey granite crypt, an imposing gothic structure that was home to more than dozen corpses. Carl read the name over the door: " MILLER " was carved in bold letters into the granite block.

He had never noticed the one tomb. But perhaps it was because the block was partially hidden by a branch, the leaves of which had already fallen, revealing the name inscribed.

Despite it's fortified appearance the lock to the entrance door was picked in no time after just three ambitious prying motions with the crowbar. The caretaker had installed an inexpensive, ineffective lock, no doubt thinking (for the most part, rightfully so) that no one would desire to break into this place of time-frozen sorrow and death.

Carl and Derrick walked down some steps to the tomb itself, eagerly clutching a flashlight and a crowbar.

Fortunately too, a small skylight had been cut into the chamber above, giving a ray of moonlight; the light from the full moon enabled me to adjust to the dimness and see around the tomb.

Each bore a family name carved into a stone block over the entrance. Beside the door, on a bronze plaque were the names of those entombed within. A stone angel stood to the right of the door as a silent (and ineffective) guardian to this dank and dismal place of death.

She pushed on the door and found that it yielded easily to her touch. Silently, reverently, Carl stepped into the shadowed vault. Derrick couldn't think of anything worse than being here alone, Except being here alone for all eternity. The smell that greeted Carl and Derrick's senses as he entered the structure was one of mildew and mustiness, not unlike the scent of an old, long-neglected basement combined with the smell of old linen that had been locked away in a trunk for many years.

Derrick's skin crawled. The entrance room was only dimly illuminated by the light which penetrated from the outside. Only the faint light of the moon shown through the mausoleum's faded and dusty stain glass windows was high overhead and could not penetrate directly into this recess. Straight ahead, an archway marked the entrance to a tunnel which sloped downward into the hill an disappeared in the darkness. Above the arch were carved the words: "Peace to all who enter here".

To the left, statues of several saints stood in niches on the wall. To the right, a small altar of white marble stood before a golden cross. Into the wall above the cross were carved the words "To conquer death, you only have to die". Further down the walls of the chambers were lined with alcoves each of which held a single casket.

Carl's flashlight shined eerily across the several seplucers one by one. Some of the entombments dating back as far back as 1941 for the Miller Family, others only several years. The late night search continued on until at last, Carl found the object of his search: the compartment labeled "Abigail Elizabeth Miller, "Beloved Daughter", Entered This Life 12 January 1994, Departed This Life March 4, 2015".

Below this she scribed the words from Abigail's gravestone: " At peace forever - A bride of Christ ". On the far side of the tomb, on a large granite shelf with a step up, The casket lay covered in their seplucer by a thin sheet of granite.

Withered stems of flowers lay about the casket and on the floor surrounding the bier. Four tall stands, one at each corner of the bier, still held the melted stubs of candles. Similar candle stands stood around the perimeter of the chamber. Smaller holders were placed in niches in the walls. Each was tied with satin ribbons which were now yellowed with age. Carl picked up a decaying rose, and dropped it on the floor. He handed Derrick a crowbar. It was heavy. He looked around, unsure what to do, and then approached a coffin.

Derrick stood for a long time beside the casket. Something inside told him that it was wrong to disturb the dead, but other voices called too. Finally he gave in to his curiosity.


With some difficulty, the seal around Abigail's crypt began to break open under the strain of his crowbar maneuvering, they used the crowbars to slide the granite lid over onto another compartment revealing the beautiful silver gray casket in the pit. He paused and looked closer. The lid was in two sections, and only the bottom was screwed shut. He reached for the topmost section—then pulled his hand back. He didn't want to see the dead woman.

Carl set about the task of breaking open the coffin. Carl now jammed his bar into the outer seal of the locked casket and with some effort broke loose the lid within less than a minute, this task was mere child's play compared to the job he had just finished, he had the lid pried open, Derrick dropped the crowbar, rose to his feet and took several steps back.

This was wrong, he told himself. Mustering up his courage, he threw the upper hardwood coffin lid open, the body of Abigail Miller exposed; Then stared inside the casket. Derrick screamed and let the lid drop with a bang. "Disgraceful," Carl said again. Bracing himself, Derrick opened the coffin slowly again and then he lit a kerosene lamp.

He whimpered.

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The dead woman clutched a bouquet of wilted lilies to her chest. It seemed a shame. The light of the lamp shone on the dead girl's face and are at first struck by the delicate scent of my perfume, then as your eyes adjust to the poorly lit interior. Carl almost couldn't believe his eyes as looked at the beautiful -clad body of the young bride lay peacefully calm, composed upon a bed of gleaming white satin, gloved hands folded, chestnut-tressed head pillowed on frothy lace, eyes decently closed and a slight smile seeming to play on her gently handsome features.

The black modest silk of her burial gown, draped over those perfect breasts, left just enough to the imagination to be truly lovely and desirable, and showed off every curve of her 34C-24-34 inch torso. Such a waste. So tragic to lose one so beautiful, and so young.

Carl stood for a long time gazing at the beauty lying in the casket like beautiful, pale sleeping goddesses, but due to the dryness of the vault or some remarkable mortuary skill or some special magic of the place, the body was almost perfectly preserved.

Abigail's hands crossed across her stomach bound by a pink pearl rosary with a silver crucifix. Brilliant long, golden blonde hair thick and silky as though it had only just been combed, spread over the pink satin pillow and cascaded in soft ringlets just past her shouldersframing the face of one who seemed peacefully asleep.

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I touched Abigail's flowing hair silkily, it was soft like butter. Her makeup was applied to perfection, not too much not too little. Her lips were full and thick, with red shiny lipstick. Even with her eyes closed with just the right amount of eye shadow, and mascara, lying in a coffin dead, she was the most beautiful girl in the world to me., she was very pale, but rigor mortis has not yet begun, reality was starting to close in and Carl tried to think about what to do.

Her cousin had told the truth. She was very beautiful and the jewels. Well the jewels were really what brought him here.

She sported matching a pair of white button pearl earrings. She wore a elegant very expensive five-strand choker of white pearls around her neck above the tops of her creamy fair-skinned breasts. He looked at her hands and noticed her perfectly manicured fingernails.

They were long, and painted a shade of pink. He noticed what appeared to be an expensive silver watch on her left wrist. Her arms attired in long light blue evening gloves. He motioned for Derrick to open the lower lid. A small amount of work with the bar accomplished that opened the lower lid and now they were viewing all of the luscious corpse below the waist with the hem that ended at just above her knees.

He noticed how pretty her shoes were. Black shiny leather, with pointy toes and high slender heels, he always liked girls who wore shoes like that. Her well rounded musculature of a dancers limbs were made to look even sexier by her dark stockings. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was; she was a living doll.

As he stood staring at her he had time to notice all the little details, all the little things that girls like her did to themselves that make them different from all the other ordinary girls, the little things that make someone like her something special.

Carl removed the diamond earrings from her earlobes and placed them in his pocket. He moved the hands to the side and free them from the rosary. He motioned for Derrick to lift the corpse but Derrick wasn't sure about touching the dead woman. Carl insisted; so from the head of the casket; Derrick lifted the head and shoulders, the long blonde hair fell in loose curls about her shoulders like a golden cloud so Carl could remove the pearl necklace and then laid her back down.

Carl removed the watch from the wrist and the rings from the fingers. I lift the foot and notice a thin, lightly sparkling ankle bracelet fastened a few inches up from her ankle and removed it free. Derrick was ready to leave but Carl was in no hurry. His dick had gotten hard at the sight of this beautiful dead girl made it worthwhile she looked to Carl like something from the cover of a woman's magazine.


Her perfect figure and elegant clothing were far different from the cheap whores and drug addicts he was used to. He had to have her and couldn't resist a deep passionate kiss. With Derrick's reluctant help; they have lifted Abigail carefully out of her casket and carried her out and It felt like a sacrificial religious ritual to Abigail, as he gently lie her down on the granite cover to get her undressed.

Her legs were dangling off the table end. He carefully lifted her head and shoulders behind her head and gently pulled her limp body forward, unzipping back of the black dress from behind and then laid her back down. He also became quite aroused as he handled Abigail's corpse.

Grabbing the dress by her waist, Zeke lifted Abigail's lovely rear to jerk and twist it around; Her legs and hips follow, and the momentum throws the lean, worked-out young corpse over rolling sharply from side to side, as the body comes to rest. I pause, sliding onto the bed, kneeling at the feet of the lifeless but still-enticing beauty. I reach up towards her arms, pulling her arms straight down to her sides; Zeke maneuvered the beautiful dress off her shoulders and arms and down toward her waist, revealing her black lace bra clad breasts now on display me to feast my eyes upon.

I pulled it down over her shapely hips and off over her long stocking clad legs and feet. I reach over and continue to pull on her hem skirt until it's around her ankles and placed it in the bag; I pause again to admire. The men exhibited interest. Carl looked at Abigail's corpse for a few minutes, now lay on the bed, dressed only down to her black lace see through bra lifting her breast up and a matching tiny lacy black French cut panties hugging her pelvis tightly.

In addition to her black five inch shiny leather sling back high spike heels with pointy toes, raised her to over six feet tall. I am also clad with black lace garter belt held up a pair of black sheer silk thigh-high stockings with lace tops covering her shapely long legs, the backs of her heels resting on the granite block Carl knelt in front of Abigail and stared momentarily at her panties before he let his breath out in an ecstatic sigh as they could see her dazzling sight of pubic hair through the lace of the panties.

He caressed the insides of her thighs then moved down to Abigail's garter belt. He delicately fondled it then moved down and grabbed one of the garters straps that held up Abigail's stockings, "Victoria's Secret, top of the line." He said.

Carl then turned her attention to Abigail's stockings. Like the garter strap, he gently rubbed the top of the stocking between his thumb and forefinger. He then place his entire hand down in between the stocking and the leg, with the back of his hand against Abigail's leg. She did not gasp this time as he rubbed himself against her sealed vagina. The tube, so cruelly inserted, stabbed at him but he ignored it. He was kissing her now, his hands grasping at her barely concealed breasts tits.

His swollen rod was throbbing in his jeans as he ran his fingers through the golden tresses and spread them out on the car seat. I placed my hand on her nylon clad knee, and slowly ran it up her leg.

"Very expensive hosiery, silk, probably French silk." Carl calmly said. He then worked her way down to Abigail's shoes. Carl noticed how shiny they were, they had a wet look shine to them, he noticed the pointy toes, and the five inch stiletto heels. They were really nice shoes, Carl thought. He gently fasten the clasp and slipped the shoe of Abigail's right foot and checked the designer's name inside. "These are very expensive shoes," he said to Carl, "and judging from the lack of wear on the bottom I'd say they were brand new, this was probably her first night wearing them." before I placed her high heeled pumps back on her feet one of her high heeled shoes was dangling half way off "All in all, I'd say you had a young woman who had very expensive tastes, and enjoyed the finer things that life had to offer." The hard on that he had since he first walked in that night was growing harder as he pushed his face and lips to her 34C's.

Her sexy firm breasts looked succulent as they were revealed when I caressed her firm dead breasts before I moved on to her hands; sit her up and reach behind and slowly unsnap the clasps on the center back of the black bra straps freeing each breasts before lowering her back on the table and you pull the cups aside off her breasts and arms and lay it aside and you squeeze first one of her perfect tits, cupping them, licking the rose pink nipples and then the other although there was no reaction to his tongue's motions, he was very aroused.

He unclasped the dark nylon sheer stockings from her garters and unsnapped the garter straps, removed her garter belt and placed it in the bag. My cock pressed hard against my pants as my fingers tickled her shaved pussy, and felt around the plastic stopper placed therein.

My middle finger dipped lower to massage her flacid, and unplugged asshole. Carl now grabbed the waistband of the black lacy panties and slid them off the corpse's hips, legs and feet. With an initial look of bewilderment; he stared at the small plugged tube protruding from the sutured pussy; a warning that in death he could no longer enter her. A tube poked out of her sealed up clit, and it stabbed against his fingers.

But he wanted some of this dead young lady bad. He pulled out and unfolded a large sharp pocket knife. To Derrick's amazement; Carl began to pull away the glue and cut the sutures holding Abigail's pussy tight around the tube allowing the buildup of smelly gas to be released from her intestines.

Once the sutures and most of the glue was removed; Carl grabbed the end of the tube and jerked it from the corpse's vagina With some difficulty. Now I could get down to some serious fucking.

Carl spread her lovely legs wide apart; gazed at her lustrous neatly manicured brown bush and inserted the middle finger of his right hand into Abigail's clitoris. His long hard dick now unleashed; he positioned himself above Abigail's delicious young cunt and thrust himself inside. Abigail's pussy was tight and dry and it was somewhat uncomfortable to him at first.

It entered her well lubed hole easily and she rocked up and down as I thrust from underneath. Pulling a tube of Vaseline from his pocket; he reached down and squirted a glob and stroked into the pink lips of her cold, dead distended the pussy. He inserted his middle finger and began to finger fuck Abigail's dead cunt.

Slipping his shoes, pants and underwear off; he crawled on top of Abigail's corpse and Gently spread her shapely legs wider apart.

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Carl planted a kiss on the cold cherry red lips, reached up and gently pried open Abigail's jaw, and then fell to fondling Abigail's soft, slightly pulpy tongue with his own, and then he gagged. He couldn't help it. The cold, leathery feeling of her lips was too awful.

Closing his eyes he caressed her breasts in his hands and gently rolled her nipples between his fingers. In his mind he imagined her chest rising to meet his touch as she moaned with passion. He buried his face in the side of her neck, kissing the spot where it curved into her shoulder. He cupped her breasts with both hands, rolling her erect nipples against his palms and squeezing, and He ran his hands over her hips, thighs, and rear.

He was hard and aching when he pushed up against her. He started guiding himself between her legs. Running his hands over her bare chest he felt fragile ribs and the deep hollow of her flat stomach. He stroked the crease of her navel and caressed the soft fir of her golden triangle. Reaching under the bold thrust of her pubic bone he explored the world inside her before burying his face into her cold dead cunt and eats her pussy.

With arms around her waist he guided her slender hips to meet his firm throbbing erection until her legs are off one side of the gurney and her feet are almost touching the floor. A wave of pleasure overwhelmed him as he mounts her as he embraced the shapely body and felt his meat slide deep slowly inside between the lips.

It was very cold, he never expected it to be so very cold. And it was very tight. I started slow and gentle, Firm nipples brushed against his naked chest as he drove himself into the still form again and again. I gazed at Abigail's face as I pumped her. Closing his eyes he explored her exquisite curves with his hands and drove himself harder with long, hard strokes.rammed his hard dick into the corpse's tight under-region and began to pump it lifting the stocking clad legs until the my resting on his shoulders.

Derrick, who was keeping watch at the entrance to the crypt, couldn't believe that Carl was so hard up for a piece of ass that he would fuck a corpse. But he was doing it and from the sounds he was making; he was enjoying it very much, Derrick left the room and then Carl was alone With the dead.

As I felt my orgasm coming; I rammed my dick as hard and deep into Abigail as I could. Carl's tempo continued to build Sweat broke out on his forehead as pressure built up in his trembling body until he Soon could hold back longer. With an extra hard stroke; couldn't hold back no longer he let his hot load of sticky seed gush deep into Abigail's well used but dead vagina.

It felt so good as he fucked it; it had been too long since he had a woman. He screamed and moaned as he shot load of cum deep into her pussy. Momentarily, Carl continued to pump and moan as he filled her dead cunt and then collapsed on top of her to catch his breathe. He cannot believe the intensity of his orgasm, as he begins to feel light headed before he lay beside her As his hands caressed the lovely stocking clad thighs and succulent breasts and went to sleep.

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It was 6AM the next morning The sun was setting. The sky was crimson, as if a bloody storm was gathering somewhere in the middle of it.

Derrick slept for a while woke up early back into reality and came back to check on Carl to find he lay across her soft body his head on her left nude breasts and awoke Completely exhausted and relaxed as his member pulsated inside her withdrawing his semi-erect dick, pulled out and climbed down from the coffin.

"Exquisite piece of ass"; he exclaimed to Derrick. "Didn't even have to pay for it". Carl reached down and carefully slipped off Abigail's pair of sexy Soft leather black colored five inch stiletto hi heels easily.

Then he lifted her other foot and slowly removed that shoe as well and placed in the bag where I had left her bra. Her thighs felt good to my touch as I slowly peeled the sheer black lacy stockings down her shapely legs and off her pretty feet down like a snake shedding its skin.

As I pull the stocking free from her right leg, and off her toes I pause for a moment to admire her well-muscled calf, her slender, graceful ankle and elegant, smooth foot. I gently let the foot slip free from my grasp and drop to the bed. Carl's cum was seeping out of her pussy.

Carl picked her up and laid her back down in the casket. Miss Abigail Miller's beautiful corpse was now completely nude in its final resting place, face in a satin pillow. Carl and Derrick took one more look before closing the coffin lids her asshole exposed and pressed against the satin lid of the casket and sliding the heavy concrete lid back over the coffin. Ensuring that all the jewelry was still in his pocket; Carl picked up and folded the dress while Derrick grabbed the lingerie and shoes.

Once outside; Carl fixed the latch of the door where it would lock and then closed the door.

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After placing the items in the van; the two went back to his car and soon sped past another car driven by a cemetery staff which arouse suspicion.