Bitch doing orgy at the pool

Bitch doing orgy at the pool
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I dont have to much of a memory of my biological parents, I was very young when I met my foster family.

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I was fortunate to get a good family, that made me feel loved and wanted. When I turned 4, mama sat me down, and told me I needed to start learning how to care for myself alittle better. That Id be starting school next year, I wouldnt always have the help around me.

She said her and daddy would be showing me different things, some I might like and there might be some I dont.

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But it was all a part of growing up and becomming alittle more independent. When Daddy came home fom work, I told him what mommy had told me, I was excited to start learning all this new stuff, daddy sat me down and started to talk.

He said some of the things that they were going to show me was for older kids, but he felt I was really mature for my age, and he thinks I can handle it. He told me I needed to be a big girl from now on and if I felt there was something I couldnt do, I needed to tell them.

But if I commit to it then I needed to follow through, like a grown up does. Of couse, I wanted to be a big girl, I told Daddy id do anything he wanted me too. He smiled, kissed my forehead, said we would start tonight. After dinner, we all watched a movie together. Me and daddy laying on the couch together and mommy sitting in the chair. I started getting tired, daddy asked me if was ready to become a big girl.

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I jumped off the couch and said yes! He told me to run my bathwater, get in the tub and they would be there in a few. Mommy was the first to come in, she asked me if I washed yet. I told her I got every spot cleaned!

She said that was great, but her and daddy needed to check, just to make sure. I sttod up in the bathtub, waiting for her to look me over.

She laughed and said I needed to get out and lean over the tub. I hopped out, and leaned over, putting my hands on the edge of the tub.

Daddy came in when i was leaned over, I was never embarrased to show my body to daddy, he always told me I had a beautiful body and someday he will be proud to be my first. I never knew what he meant by that, and I never asked. Daddy told me I needed to spread my feet farther apart, I felt mommys soft hands rubbing my butt cheeks, after a few minutes she told me I got the outside really clean, she was proud of me.

She said now daddy needs to check to see if got the inside just as clean. Daddy told me to lean all the way down and put my bottom in the air, I felt daddys rough hands spread my buttocks apart to see my bum hole.

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He told me hes going to put his finger oon my hole, to make sure its clean, and that I needed to stay still for him. I could feel his finger rubbing something wet and warm on my hole, I heard mommy whispering to daddy, saying that she dosent think im old enough yet, that he might damage it.

I was getting ready to tell her I was a big girl now, but daddy spoke up before I did. He told her we will both have to work on getting it stretched out and she will be fine.

Daddy then told me to stay really still, that he was going to put a "cleaner" inside my bottom.

I felt something pushing against my hole, I tried to stay still, but it started to hurt. They tried several times before daddy telling me to go lay in bed, and he"d be there in a minute. When mommy and daddy came in my room, I was already laying in my bed, on my tummy, with my legs spread open.

Mommy told me how proud she was of me and this shows that Im growing up.


Mommy pulled my butt cheeks apart so daddy could touch my bum hole. He put some more warm and wet stuff on it, moved his finger on my hole, as he told me how beautiful it was.

It felt really good when daddy was doing that, I shut my eyes.

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I think I might of fell asleep for a few minutes, I woke to something pushing on my hole. I told him to stop, that it hurt. Mommy came and sit beside me, rubbing my back, she told me daddy needed to get inside of me to make sure I was clean. That this is how older girls make sure their clean.

I said okay, laid still, but every time he put pressure on it, I started squirming.

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Daddy stopped and told me to turn over, I could tell by his voice, he was getting frustrated with me. I turned over on my back, mommy pushed me to the side and laid beside me. she put her arm under my tummy and the other on my leg.

she told me she was going to hold my leg up for daddy. I liked it when mommy cuddled me, i felt so safe. I felt daddy poking again, I tensed up my bottom, he told mommy to make me relax or it going to hurt worse. I started crying, I kept saying "its going to hurt".

Mommy held me tight and told me I needed to push down like I did when I went poo poo. I was sobbing, but told her Id try.

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I pushed down really hard, then I felt daddy put something inside of me. I started screaming, telling him to take it out, mommy squeezed me tighter. Toldme I needed to calm down, to wait a few minutes and it wont hurt. Then I felt a finger touch my coochie, I told daddy I cleaned it really good and he didnt need to look there. Daddy must of been more calm, his voice was softer than earlier, he told me he still needed to check.

I felt the wet and warm stuff again, his finger was working slowly toward my coochie hole, moving it around the opening. Then he moved it up alittle and I jumed. He chuckled and said my button was just like mommys, and he was going to make us both very happy.

He started moving my "button" it felt really good. I told mommy I felt tingly down there, she laughed and said "yes baby, thats how daddy makes me feel too". Now I needed to shut my eyes and relax, daddy started moving my button faster and the tingles got stronger.

I could feel something in my bottom pushing further in, but the "button" made it feel better.

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I told mommy that something was happening down there, she told me "i know baby, lay still and let daddy make you feel good". I started breathing heavier, I was getting scared. I told mommy something is wrong, she assured me that daddy knew wha he was doing, just to relax.


I wasnt sure what happened, but I felt the wetness on my coochie. OH NO! i peed on daddy, I started crying telling him I was sorry I peed on him. They both started laughing and told me I didnt pee, they will explain that part later. I had to remain in that position until daddy finished with my bottom. He got the "cleaner" in my bottom, told me to sleep with it inside of me tonight and mommy would be in to take it out in the morning.

They tucked me in bed and I was fast asleep.