Un par de putas chupando verga bien rico

Un par de putas chupando verga bien rico
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Chapter 1: An embarrassing journey The bus came to a shuddering halt. Except for an old couple occupying the seat directly behind the driver it was almost empty. The only other passenger was a young girl.

She glanced nervously towards the door as a youth climbed aboard. He was probably about 18 she thought, a few years older than herself, and quite good looking. However her swift appraisal quickly turned to concern, because as the bus pulled away from the stop the boy made his way down the central aisle and with a grin sat down next to her. Colour immediately rose to her cheeks. She quickly turned her face to the window and tried to ignore him, concentrating instead on the countryside that was gliding past.

The summer sunshine was bathing the fields and hedgerows in a yellow glow. But it didn't help.she could feel his eyes as they roved slowly over her. Her nipples grew hard under the unwanted attention and she squeezed her thighs tightly together. She so hated her mother! Because the weather was "lovely" she'd made Lisa wear a short summer dress. It was way shorter than anything she'd normally consider wearing, and besides exposing most of her thighs, it also revealed far too much of the swelling curves of her breasts.

Usually she kept herself hidden beneath baggy sweatshirts but her mother had insisted. According to her it was summer and it wasn't healthy "to hide yourself away from the sun". Worse still she hadn't been allowed to pack her own suitcase so was more than a little worried about what she would find when she finally opened it.

Lisa Lus was 15 years old and incredibly shy.

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At school she was teased incessantly about it. Her cheeks always burned when she was made to answer a question or explain something in front of the class and whenever she had to get changed for games she always tried to keep herself covered. The rest of the girls on the other hand didn't seem to mind wandering around the changing rooms naked so her shyness attracted lots of unwelcome interest. On several occasions her classmates has threatened to strip her naked and show the boys everything she'd got!

And even though the teasing probably wasn't serious it still filled her with worry and caused her cheeks to flame with embarrassment.

She'd begged her mother not to send her, but it hadn't done any good. Now she was on the final part of her journey to her Aunt and Uncles farm. She'd be staying with them for the summer break, almost six weeks. The thought was just too horrible to contemplate; but her parents intended to travel across Europe for several weeks so there wasn't really any choice. Her Auntie Olivia was a very strict but also very attractive woman.

The main problem was that she didn't like her niece one little bit. Lisa had no idea why this was but it was obvious whenever the pair met. Aunt Olivia constantly criticised her and often suggested to her mother that Lisa would benefit from some good old fashioned discipline, whatever that meant.

And now she was going to be under her Aunts' supervision for the whole of the summer. As she'd waved goodbye to her mother at the railway station her heart had been filled with dread.

The short train journey had passed without incident and she'd found the bus station easily enough but now her heart was hammering in her chest as the boy next to her pressed closer. "My names Anton," he said quietly and held out his hand. Very reluctantly and blushing profusely Lisa looked up into his grinning face before shaking his hand politely as she'd been taught to do. "I'm Lisa. Lisa Lus," she said.


It was almost a whisper. "Well Lisa Lus and where are you going?" The grin on his face never wavered causing the blush in her cheeks to grow steadily hotter. "I'm staying with my Aunt and Uncle, the Brites, on their farm for the summer," she said reluctantly. She'd been brought up to be polite at all times, so she had to answer the horrid boy.

She was horribly aware that his eyes kept flicking down to the expanse of smooth thigh revealed by her short dress and then back to the twin points that her nipples were making as they pushed shamefully against the thin cotton. Her face burned. "I know it well, you'll need to get off in about 15 minutes, your Uncle's farm is a few miles this side of the village." He paused and looked at her thighs once more.

"Why don't we play a little game?" he said. The grin on his face grew even wider. Lisa looked up sharply. She didn't like the sudden superior tone in his voice and couldn't disguise the look of absolute horror that appeared on her face when she heard what he said next.

"Take your panties down and give them to me, and I'll let you get off at your stop." Her face turned scarlet. "If you don't I'll keep you here till we get to the next town, then you'll be in real trouble!" Lisa's heart was hammering so hard in her chest she thought it was going to explode.

He grinned some more. "Well?" "Please," she whispered, "don't make me. Don't make do that." "But that's exactly what you're going to do, well, if you want to get off at your stop." He grinned with pleasure at her obvious embarrassment. "Do you want to see your Aunt and Uncle tonight or are you coming into town with me?" He looked thoughtful.

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"If you don't do as you're told I'm going to tell the driver and that old couple that you showed me your pussy. It won't take long before your Uncle hears what a little slut you are!" He sniggered.

The girls' face was absolutely scarlet. Lisa was trapped. She knew the awful boy was serious, if she didn't do as he said she'd be in all sorts of trouble. She looked desperately up the bus but no one was going to help her. "You'd better hurry up," he said threateningly.

She looked into his eyes. They were blue and hard like ice. With a small sob she reached under the hem of her dress, lifted her bottom slightly up off the seat and with trembling fingers slowly drew her white knickers down her legs. They sat there above her knees. "All the way off and give them to me." It was an order.

She did as she was told, leaning forward in the seat and slipping them off over her sandals. As she handed them to him she saw the look of triumph in his eyes and his gleeful smile. She wanted to hide herself away and escape from his grinning face but she couldn't, she was trapped where she sat, and now she didn't have any panties on! Watching her closely he opened the tiny garment, brought it up to his nose and sniffed.

"Mmmmmm I'm pleased you're a clean girl." Her face was so hot she felt dizzy. Suddenly she jerked as something touched her thigh. She grabbed for his hand and gripped it tightly, trying her best to push it away. "N.N.No don't! Please don't!" she stammered. "Put your hands on the back of the seat in front and keep still," he said very quietly. The threat in his voice made her shake even more. Looking into his angry eyes she slowly lifted her hands and gripped the back of the seat just as she'd been told to do.

Her knuckles went white as his hand slid up her gently quivering skin. "Open your legs you little tart!" he hissed. Again she found herself doing as she was told. The hand curved around the softness of her inner thigh as it disappeared under her dress. She gasped and bit her lip, her cheeks glowing with heat as his fingers touched the fine hair that nestled between the tops of her thighs. Her bush kept all of her private places covered so she never trimmed it. And now she could feel those private places throbbing and tingling with a life of their own.

She gritted her teeth as she felt a tell tale wetness beginning to seep from her girlish slit. "P.P.P.P.Please stop," she whimpered but he didn't. Instead he leant heavily against her and she gasped as the creeping fingers slid easily between her slippery folds. In the hot moistness beneath her dress two of them pushed forcefully into her tight hole. Her hands gripped the seat back like a vice and she almost groaned out loud as the teasing digits slid wetly back and forth.

He chuckled and held his hand up in front of her face. The fingers were shiny with sticky fluid. Blushing deeply she closed her legs tightly together. After that he made her beg him to let her go, which she did very prettily; But only after he'd pinched and pulled at each of her nipples through the thin material of her dress did he allow her to stand up.

Now as she stood at the side of the road he waved from the bus window as it pulled away, in his hand were her white panties. The grin on his face was as self-satisfied at it had been when she'd first seen him. With her pussy still leaking and with her nipples throbbing madly she looked up and down the empty lane. She couldn't believe what had just happened and now she was really worried.

Her Aunt and Uncle were expecting her at 3 o'clock. She looked at her watch, it was half past already and she had no idea where she was! Luckily at that moment an old lady on a bicycle came around the corner. A few enquiries and Lisa discovered that the horrid boy had kept her on the bus way past her stop.

According to the old woman, who thankfully gave her directions, she could reach her Uncle's farm within half an hour, if she took a path through the forest. Keeping to the road would almost double the time. Whilst the old woman spoke she kept staring down at the very prominent points that Lisa's hard nipples were making in the front of her dress.

The young girl blushed hotly, aware that she was leaking sticky fluid down the inside of her thighs. As the old woman stared a breeze suddenly lifted the hem of the summer dress revealing Lisa's lack of panties. Her pubic bush and the delicate lips beneath were fully exposed. She squealed and grabbed at the floating material but it was too late. "You dirty little hussy," snapped the old woman, "I'll be speaking to your Uncle!" With that she was gone.

Red faced Lisa hurried along the side of the road until she came to the path the old woman had described. Gratefully she plunged into the shelter of the trees. Once safely out of sight of any passing traffic she laid her little case on the grass and opened it. It didn't take long to search through its contents but much to Lisa's dismay there weren't any panties. Her mother had sent her with two white cotton vests, a very short denim skirt, two pairs of sandals and several short summer dresses.

Besides her toiletries bag there was nothing else in her case! That was all! No panties or bras and, she realised, no nightgown or pyjamas either! What was she going to wear in bed? Lisa couldn't believe what her mother had done. Why on earth hadn't she included any underwear? Self-consciously she continued to walk along the forest path with nothing beneath her dress. Her face was burning with both embarrassment and indignation. How could her mother have been so cruel?

She hadn't walked far when an urge to go to the toilet began to make itself known. Soon her bladder wouldn't be denied but Lisa was a very shy and proper young girl. The thought of going to the toilet, or "making pee-pee" as she childishly called it, in the open, filled her with anxiety. What if someone happened to come along and see her? It didn't bear thinking about. Soon she was almost running as the need to urinate became increasingly urgent. As she hurried along the track it passed narrowly through a stand of thick bushes.


It was then that she spotted the cabin standing a short distance from the path. They were bound to have a toilet! Gratefully she scampered through the gate, which was set in a heavy wooden fence, and up to the front door where she knocked loudly. No-one answered. "Ooooohhhh come on, come on!" she gasped under her breath. But nobody came to the door. Resignedly she ran back to the path now almost overcome with the pain building in her bladder.

If she didn't go within the next few minutes she'd wet herself. Looking frantically around she hurried across to a gap in the surrounding greenery, held her dress up to her waist and bobbed down. Just as the first trickle of fluid began to spurt from her hole an angry voice made her literally jump out of her skin. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Lisa looked up into the face of a huge man. His shirt sleeves were rolled up revealing bulging forearms and across one shoulder he carried an axe.

She squealed and tried to stop the fluid that was starting to jet from between her open thighs but her bladder wasn't going to be denied. The stream of urine squirted noisily onto the grass. Her face burned with humiliation as she realised he could see everything, absolutely everything. She tried to lower her dress but couldn't.

It was firmly trapped above her bent legs and rolled around her waist. She couldn't move. With no choice she remained in the revealing position until she'd finished. The man was angrily calling her a dirty little scrubber but she was too consumed with shame to really listen. All she was aware of was that he was seeing her go pee-pee and she wanted to curl up and die. She could feel his eyes examining the open lips of her pussy as she squatted in front of him.

The embarrassment was so intense that she thought she might faint. At least that would be an escape! Slowly the flow decreased and after a few final squirts she jumped to her feet. "Aren't you going to wipe yourself?" Lisa simply shook her head miserably as she fixed her gaze firmly on the grass by her feet.

She couldn't bear to look at him. "And why aren't you wearing any panties you little tart?" Lisa couldn't bring herself to answer. She just stood there shaking like a leaf with her face bright red. "This is private property and you're trespassing." Picking up her case he turned and started to walk towards the cabin.

"Well come on!" he barked crossly. He disappeared through the door with Lisa following slowly behind. Once inside he handed her a piece of rag before sitting down on a chair and sliding her case onto the kitchen table. "Well go on, clean yourself up you dirty girl." Beneath his amused gaze she quickly wiped her pussy and not knowing what else to do put the now slightly wet rag into her pocket. She glanced up fearfully. His annoyed expression frightened her so when he told her to stand in front of him and put her hands behind her back she did just that.

Her nipples had been hard ever since the horrible boy had pinched them and since the old lady had looked at them but now because she was scared they were getting even harder. Her girlish but full breasts bulged out against the front of the thin dress, her bra doing little to hide the erect state of her nipples. They stuck out like thorns. The man asked her who she was, where she was going and why she wasn't wearing any panties. Red faced she answered truthfully, almost breaking down in tears when he made her describe what the boy had done to her.

"I know your Aunt and Uncle well," he said. "When they pick you up from the police station I expect they'll be very angry." Lisa looked at him in shock. "Oh please Sir, please," she begged, "don't call the police!" "Trespassing is a very serious offence I don't see what else I can do?" His smile made her cringe inside.

She started to cry. "Mmmmm.well maybe I could discipline you myself," he mused. "At least then your Uncle wouldn't need to know." Lisa looked up at him through her tears with hope in her eyes. She knew she'd been a bad girl. It was probably all her own fault so she had to be punished. She deserved it. "Yes Sir you punish me but please don't call the police!" "I don't know." he said teasingly.

He looked at the sobbing girl and couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his face. "Are you willing to take a proper spanking? If not." His hand reached towards the telephone. "Yes! Yes Sir! Pleeeease! I'll do whatever you say!" "Take off your dress," he said sternly.

Lisa gripped the hem and pressed it desperately against her thighs. The fresh panic in her very red face only made his grin spread wider. The last thing Lisa wanted to do was undress in front of him. Her embarrassment would be unbearable. She thought about pleading with him but knew it wouldn't do any good. "Now I said!" Choking back tears and swallowing noisily she reluctantly grasped the edge of the dress and drew it slowly upwards.

After a few wriggles it passed over her hips and seconds later she was holding it in her hands. Her face burned as she held the crumpled garment in front of her small bush of pubic curls.

It was a futile attempt at keeping her private places hidden from his eyes. Encasing the full curves of her youthful breasts the plain white bra did little to disguise the engorged state of her nipples and through the thin material he could clearly see the dark pink circles of her aureoles. He chuckled quietly. "Get that bra off." Whimpering she turned away from him and still keeping the dress pressed against her stomach managed to unclip the bra with one hand.

The straps slid down from her shoulders and she slowly took each arm out in turn. As the bra tumbled to the floor she kept one arm pressed across her chest cupping one of her full globes in her hand.

Ben Bolker looked at the trembling young girl and smiled to himself. Within the confines of his underwear a stiffness was beginning to grow. "Hands behind your back. Come on I haven't got all day!" Lisa looked at him with wild eyes. Panic was etched on her very hot face but she knew in her heart that there was no chance of escape.

Sobbing piteously she let the dress fall. It dropped to the floor. "Now stand up straight girl and let me have a proper look at you." Wishing that a hole would miraculously appear in the floor and swallow her up she did as she was told.

Now the whole of her front was exposed to his interested stare. She was consumed with humiliation as his eyes slowly inspected her nakedness and all that was on show. Grinning triumphantly he reached out towards her. As his huge hands closed over her trembling breasts she began to sob more loudly.

For several minutes he amused himself squeezing, lifting and moulding the wonderfully firm globes before gripping their sensitive tips between his thumbs and forefingers and pinching hard. Lisa let out a wail of dismay as he pulled firmly making her stumble even closer to him. His hands traced the smooth contours of her belly and then pushed in between her soft thighs.

She had no choice but to spread her legs. Immediately she began to mewl in protest as his thick fingers investigated the very wet slit of her pussy. He wasn't particularly gentle which caused her to jerk and moan as her delved deeply between her delicate lips. She squealed and rose up onto her toes as the tip of a questing digit met the thin membrane that remained intact within her tight hole. "Well that's a surprise," he said sarcastically, "I'd have thought a little slut like you would have had lots of cocks up her!" Lisa writhed on his fingers, her face ablaze with humiliation, and groaned as her pussy oozed fluid.

"But I'm glad you're still a virgin, you'll be able to show your Aunt and Uncle what a nice young lady you are." At that moment she began jerking her hips back and forth uncontrollably. Delicious sensations were flooding her belly. Unable to stop her pussy rhythmically gripping the teasing fingertips she threw her head back and squealed. "Mmmmmmmmmm! Ooooooooooohhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh God!" A tiny squirt of sticky fluid signalled the arrival of her orgasm as she came all over his hand.

"How dare you, you disgusting girl! What on earth do you think you're doing?" Once pulled down across his lap very different sensations began to fill Lisa's world.

Because of his work the man had big hard hands and from the very first spank Lisa began to shriek. After a few minutes her poor bum cheeks were literally on fire. Each impact was met by a burst of tears and a moment of frantic wriggling. From the outset she tried to cover her buttocks for protection but he simply pinioned her hands in the middle of her back, leaving both of the fleshy curves helplessly exposed.

Worst still she could feel his hardness pressing into her stomach. She knew exactly what it was, she wasn't stupid, but she'd never touched a "cock" before so her fear was growing in equal measure to the awful burning in her bum.

She cried out as another hard impact flattened one of her rear cheeks. The little cabin began to ring with her howls and the regular slap of a palm striking soft flesh. He talked as he spanked her. His voice mocking; "What a fat little bottom you have, is it feeling hot?" "Nice girls don't give their panties to boys and let them touch their privates, now do they?" "Is that stinging a bit, well good, maybe it'll teach you a lesson." "Why are you so wet between your legs?

I think you might be enjoying this a bit too much." "Do you usually give your panties to boys and let them touch you?" Lisa squealed and pleaded and begged for him to stop. She promised to be a good girl in future! She promised! She promised! She promised! After every few spanks he paused and parted the writhing red curves before peering closely into the space between her legs. "Goodness me you naughty girl. You're leaking juices all over the place. And just look at your pussy lips!

They're all thick and swollen, are you enjoying this?" Lisa wallowed in a sea of humiliation as she heard his words. She knew exactly where he was looking and it filled her with shame. "I don't think your Aunt will be too impressed when I tell her about your clitoris sticking out when I punished you!" He chuckled as her pleading grew even more desperate.

"Have you been letting the boys at school touch this too?" he asked teasingly, as he pushed a fingertip against her clenching bum-hole. She went rigid on his lap at this intimate invasion, her sobbing growing louder as his fingers leisurely explored the length of her bottom crack. When he stopped she thought it was over but her hopes were quickly dashed. He parted the burning cheeks of her bottom once more but this time pushed his fingers back inside her tight vulval hole.

At once she started to moan and groan and grind her pubic mound against his knee, she couldn't help herself. And then she was ready to come! Sticky fluid was coating the inside of both of her trembling thighs and she could feel her wetness soaking into the trousers beneath her belly.

"Stand up!" Swaying slightly and sobbing quietly she did as she was ordered. The tingling between her thighs was maddening. "You can show me how you touch yourself before you go." He chuckled happily. "And you'd better hurry up. Your Aunt and Uncle are going to be very cross that you're so late!" Lisa couldn't believe her ears. Surely he wasn't serious.

Surely he didn't want her to play with herself in front of him! He'd already made her come once! It was too shameful! She begged him not to make her do it, but he just laughed. Standing naked with her nipples sticking out and everything on show was so so embarrassing; But it was her pussy that she was most aware of.

Its' lips felt thick and heavy. And her clit was swollen and throbbing and standing up so much that it was actually poking forwards from beneath its' little fleshy hood. And everything felt really wet and sticky and coated in her spendings! Knowing that he wouldn't let her go if she didn't do as she was told, and worrying about her Aunt and Uncle the young girl resignedly moved her hands down her stomach. Closing her eyes she began to make little circles over her clitoral knob, gasping and sobbing as the feelings of both humiliation and pleasure gradually increased.

Soon she was sliding her fingers between her slippery lips and groaning unashamedly. And then she made herself come. It happened quickly because she was so turned on by the awful situation and so guilty because she was so turned on!

Her head was spinning and she knew she was being really naughty and would have to be punished for being a little slut but it felt so good! In her head the confusion was making her think that she actually deserved to be punished!

As the orgasm hit it was so intense that as she frantically finger fucked herself her eyes flew open. She found herself staring directly into the awful mans' amused gaze.

Unable to look away as her pussy contracted again and again her cheeks flamed with fresh humiliation. Several minutes later, and on wobbly legs, Lisa was again hurrying down the forest path heading towards her Uncle's farm. Try as she might she couldn't stop the worry that was spiralling inside her head. What would her Aunt say? She was in terrible trouble!

When they realised she had no panties on she'd have to be punished! What was going to happen? And what about her suitcase? The horrid man had refused to give it back to her saying she'd have to return and collect it in the morning!

She'd begged and begged him but he'd just laughed. He'd kept her bra too so now she was totally naked beneath the thin summer dress! Between her legs her pussy refused to stop leaking. She could feel it wetting the inside of her thighs and blushed hotly. Before she'd gone much further she knew she'd have to stop and do something about it.

So, feeling terribly exposed, she squatted down and using the scrap of rag from her pocket carefully wiped the stickiness from her thighs and vaginal crease. As her fingers brushed across her clitoris a rush of guilty pleasure flooded her belly. But it was her poor bottom that demanded most of her attention. Even the light cotton moving against her rear cheeks was sending uncomfortable tinglings racing across the sensitised flesh.

To alleviate the stinging she guiltily held the thin dress away from her rolling globes allowing the cooling air to gently soothe them.

With her mind full of dread she rushed on. The terrible day had changed the shy schoolgirls' life forever. She'd never experienced such humiliating things before and she never wanted to again!

Little did she know what lay in store… Chapter 2: Hot cheeks Finally the path emerged back onto the road. A few yards further down on the left hand side was an open gate with a sign which said "Brites Farm" in bold letters. Thankful to have arrived safely without any further awful things happening to her, Lisa hurried to it and headed down the drive.

As she rounded a bend she caught sight of the old farmhouse and her heart filled with equal measures of both relief and trepidation. She scampered up to the front door but just as she was about to knock it swung open.

"Where on earth have you been girl? We've been worried sick!" said Olivia Brite, Lisa's Aunt. She was a tall intimidating woman whose curvy figure belied her years.

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry I missed my stop and then and then I got lost in the woods and." Her Aunt cut off the rambling explanation. "Where's your case?" she asked angrily. Lisa's face was already flushed but now it bloomed with heat turning her cheeks bright red. "I lost it in the woods," she blurted out nervously. "You careless girl, hasn't your mother taught you anything about responsibility?

Come inside!" Lisa stared at her Aunt's back as she turned and led her through the house and into the kitchen. Sitting at the table was her Uncle Bryan, a tall grey haired, but heavily built, man. He looked up from the newspaper he was reading and his expression wasn't one of welcome.

"Where's she been?" he asked his wife. "Says she got lost in the woods, if you believe that, and to top it all she's lost her case.apparently." They both stared at Lisa with disapproval in their eyes. She squirmed under their combined gaze, horribly aware that she had nothing on under her dress and that her nipples were sticking out shamefully. She stood there wringing her fingers together nervously. "Shouldn't she be wearing a bra at her age?" he asked curiously, as his eyes examined the obvious points that were jutting out from the front of her dress.

Lisa's heart was hammering so hard she could feel her boobs juddering as he looked at them. "Yes she should! I can't understand it. I know her mother doesn't discipline her but letting the girl make such a slutty display of herself, well it's disgusting. Why aren't you wearing your bra girl?" Lisa didn't know what to say. Her face burned as she pathetically mumbled that she had forgotten it! Her Aunt gave a spiteful laugh. "Well you won't be forgetting things while you're here my girl!

First of all you'll address your betters as Sir or Miss, do you understand?" "Yes Miss," Lisa replied meekly. She certainly didn't want to anger her Aunt any further. "Now sit down and I'll get you something to eat." Lisa stared around the large flag-stoned room as her Uncle returned to reading his paper. From the thick black beams hung a whole array of drying herbs and different shaped pans, whilst occupying one wall was a huge iron range with two ovens.

The room was certainly warm. She gasped quietly as she sat down on the hard wooden chair, biting her lip as her bum cheeks flared with heat and the tingling in her pussy reignited.

As she poured the glass of fresh milk and tipped the little vial of white powder into it Olivia Brite was careful to keep her back to both her husband and her niece.

She grinned wickedly to herself. Allowing her sadistic nature free reign where her young niece was concerned was something she'd been looking forward to for several years, and now that an opportunity had finally presented itself she intended to indulge herself fully.

Jack Ford, the local doctor and Olivia's very good friend, had provided the stimulant free of charge. He too was eagerly looking forward to meeting her young niece Lisa.

The pair of them had shared an interest in discipline and submission over many years, often discussing the subject and exchanging ideas over a friendly cup of coffee.

Olivia's husband occasionally entertained his wife's fantasies but knew nothing of the plan that she and their old family friend had decided to carry out.

Olivia knew that once they began to punish the girl, and she became their plaything, her husbands' natural instincts would take over. Under the watchful eye of her Aunt, Lisa quickly ate the sandwich and gulped down the glass of milk unaware of the chemicals that were now entering her system. It wouldn't be long before the girl began to feel the benefits! mused the older woman smiling happily.

What Lisa also didn't realise was that her Aunt had spoken to Ben Bolker only half an hour earlier. The woodsman often did work for the Brites and just like their local Doctor was also aware of Olivia's particular interests and of her plan. Earlier that day, when the nervous girl had walked up to his cabin, he'd realised immediately who she was.

But when she'd then squatted down and begun to urinate he really couldn't believe his luck. Olivia Brite licked her lips as she looked at her niece finishing the last of the milk. She knew full well that the girl was naked beneath the summer dress and also that she had a sore bottom!

It was those two facts that she was about to exploit in a most enjoyable way. Her heart began to beat a little faster. "Come along Lisa," she said leading the girl out of the kitchen, "I'll show you where your bedroom is." Once upstairs she led the way along a landing and turned through a doorway.

The room was small but comfortably furnished. A single bed with an old fashioned iron surround stood against one wall and jutted out into the centre of the room. A wardrobe and dressing table stood at the end opposite the door. What Lisa was surprised to see were two heavy armchairs, each positioned close to a bottom corner of the little bed.

They looked out of place and took up quite a bit of the available floor space, but maybe her Aunt didn't have anywhere else to store them. "Your Uncle and I sleep in the room next door.

Now seeing as you've lost your case I need to find something for you to wear to bed, come along." In another room further down the landing Lisa was feeling very warm and close to panic as she stood next to her Aunt, who was pointing to the top shelf in a tall cupboard whose door was open.

"There should be some old pyjamas of your cousins up there," she said, placing a chair in front of her niece. Lisa didn't know what to do. If she got up onto the chair her Aunt was going to discover that underneath her dress she wasn't wearing any panties! Her face began to heat up at the thought but what concerned her even more was that her clitoral knob and nipples had started to throb and tingle and she could feel that her pussy was wet again.

It was beginning to ooze with excitement. Usually she only felt those sensations when she was being naughty and touching herself. What was happening to her? "Well hurry up I haven't got all day!" With no choice Lisa forced herself to climb up onto the chair hoping against hope that her Aunt wouldn't notice that she had a bare bottom. But the shelf was so high that she had to stand on her tiptoes and reach up to quickly grab the folded pyjamas.

That was all it took! "Good grief!" yelled her Aunt. "You aren't wearing any panties! What on earth do you think you're doing?" A few moments later, during which time she was scolded loudly about her sluttish attitude, Lisa found herself standing once more in front of her Uncle.

He looked up from his paper with annoyance in his eyes. Being disturbed whilst he was reading always irritated him. "Lift up your skirt you little tart and show your Uncle the state you're in!" Lisa looked at her Aunt with pleading in her eyes.

For the shy schoolgirl this was like her worst nightmare coming true. With shaking hands and a face which was glowing crimson she slowly raised the hem of the offending dress. Her smooth softly curved thighs came into view and then, much to her chagrin, the tuft of private curls between her legs.

"Get it higher than that girl!" snapped her Aunt. Drowning in humiliation Lisa lifted it until the whole of her belly was on show. "Why isn't she wearing any panties?" "She tells me she lost those at the same time that she lost her case, it all sounds like a pack of lies to me!" Lisa stood with her pussy on show desperately squeezing her thighs together. She'd die if they saw the way her clit was sticking out. Even though she was nearly fainting with embarrassment it was still throbbing and tingling.

"Are you telling us lies Lisa, big fat lies?" The trembling schoolgirl shook her head, horribly aware of her Uncles eyes as they leisurely roved over her thighs and stomach. "No Miss," she stuttered, "I really did lose them." Lisa nearly dropped to the floor when she heard what her Aunt said next. The woman's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"But I thought you'd given them to a boy on the bus." "Aunty.how do you know that.I mean.I didn't!" The desperation in the girl's voice brought a smile to the older woman's face. "I.I.I didn't.I did lose them.honestly.please please believe me!" "To a boy?" asked her astonished Uncle.

"You gave your panties to a boy?" "Uncle I did lose them.please believe me.I." "Enough young lady! You're in big trouble! I know all about you and what you've been up to so I suggest you tell us the truth right NOW!" shouted her Aunt impatiently.

"AND KEEP YOUR DRESS UP! I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO LET IT GO!" "Auntie.please." Lisa began sobbing as she lifted the hem of the dress up to her face to wipe away her tears. As she did so the whole expanse of her flat stomach and even the lower curves of her breasts were exposed. Olivia Brite grinned maliciously as she addressed the red-faced girl. "Yes you little liar, Mr Bolker has already rung and informed me of your disgraceful behaviour in his garden!

Turn around!" Snivelling unhappily Lisa did as she was told revealing her reddened rear cheeks to their combined gaze. The soft curves wobbled enticingly as the girl blubbered unhappily. "Ben warmed her bottom when he found her urinating in his garden," she said, feigning shock, as she looked at her husband. "Apparently she then ran off and dropped her case. I've told him she'll fetch it first thing in the morning." "Urinated in his garden?

So she just squatted down like a common little tramp and relieved herself?" Bryan Brite licked his lips and told the girl to face him once more. "I thought you were a well mannered young lady Lisa, but obviously I was wrong. I can't believe my niece is so shameless!" There was deep concern in his voice. "You're in serious trouble my girl.

I won't stand such behaviour whilst you're staying under our roof. Do you understand?" Lisa stepped back trembling nervously. "I.I.I so wanted to pee.I just couldn't hold it any longer." she started mumbling whilst hanging her head in shame. "I don't want to hear your excuses Lisa! How you dare disgrace us so? Shame on you! How dare you?

Am I right Olivia?" His brows knitted together with anger as he looked at his wife. "You're absolutely right Bryan!" agreed the older woman smiling slyly. "Get that dress off young lady. Right off! We can do without you hiding anything else from us!" Overwhelmed by humiliation but also frightened by her Aunt's curt tone Lisa reluctantly did as she was ordered.

Visibly shaking she pulled the dress up and off over her head. It settled on the floor in a little heap. Now fully nude she tried to cover her breasts with her hands and keep her legs pressed together. "What have you got to say for yourself?" her Uncle asked, looking with interest at her exposed vaginal crease. It bulged rudely between the tightly closed thighs. Olivia Brite secretly glanced at her husband as he openly examined the young girls' nude body and its' little bush of pubic hair.

"Stop slouching girl!" she suddenly barked, "Stand up straight and get your legs apart!" Lisa had to do as she was told. She had no choice. She knew she was in terrible trouble. Consumed with shame she pulled her shoulders back and shuffled her feet apart.

Nooooooooo! Please No! They're going to see! Please don't let them see! But that's exactly what they did! "Good grief! Just look at the state of her!" commented her Aunt as she gleefully focussed her husband's attention onto the girl's engorged clitoris. It was actually peeping out, a clearly visible pink bud emerging from the hairs covering the vulval folds. Lisa's face burned with shame as her Uncle stared directly at her throbbing clitoral button.

"I'm sorry Sir! I'm really really sorry," she blurted. "The horrid boy made me take my panties down. I didn't want to but he made me! Oooooh please Sir I'll be good from now on!" She dissolved into tears.

"Well yes I'm sure you'll be good from now on but I'll not have lying in my house. You obviously need teaching a lesson where the truth is concerned. Don't you agree Olivia?" "Yes I certainly do," replied his grinning wife as she stared hungrily at the helplessly exposed flesh.

"So now Lisa you're going to sing in a different way!" I'll be interested to hear you try and explain yourself once that fat little bottom of yours is writhing over my lap! With a smirk on her face Olivia Brite tried to keep her excitement under control. She nearly burst out laughing when she heard what her husband asked next.

"Why is your vagina so hairy and unkempt young lady? Girls should always keep themselves clean and well trimmed down there." He looked at his wife, "Maybe we should shave her?

Wouldn't it be much more hygienic?" Lisa's embarrassment was so intense that she could hardly breathe. She squirmed with humiliation under the searching eyes of the two adults.

Bryan Brite's imagination had started to fill his head with exciting possibilities. If we shave her clean her pussy will be fully exposed, get rid of that hair and she won't be able to hide her little lips or her clitoris. It's sticking out already so how will it look once we get it properly uncovered! "Yes dear that's an excellent idea," Olivia replied, before suddenly stepping forwards and slapping her niece's hands away from her chest.

"Don't you dare cover your breasts you naughty girl and spread your legs more.yes that's better. You didn't seem bothered about showing yourself off to that boy or Mr Bolker so don't pretend to be shy with us." Now her Aunt and Uncle had a much more interesting view.

The girl's nipples were dark pink and fully erect poking excitedly from the centre of her gently wobbling globes. Lisa saw their eyes travel down to her pussy and began to feel herself drowning in shame. She knew her lips were now parted allowing them to peek at her slightly gaping and very wet hole. But horribly she also felt incredibly aroused. Her clit was throbbing uncontrollably and her nipples tingling in the warm air.

Standing naked in their kitchen with her nipples sticking out and her pussy shamefully exposed Lisa watched her Aunt and Uncle as they busied themselves preparing the kitchen table for her "shaving".

It didn't take long. "Up here girl," snapped her Auntie pointing to a large folded towel which she'd placed on the very edge of the heavy wooden tabletop. Acutely aware of her nakedness and the way that her uncovered boobs were bouncing Lisa lifted herself and managed to shuffle her bottom onto the waiting material.

Immediately her hot buttocks began to prickle uncomfortably on the rough cotton. "Legs up and open them nice and wide." Awkwardly and with her face literally burning with embarrassment Lisa lifted her legs and spread her feet apart on the table. Mortified by the exhibition she was making of herself she began to sob miserably.

Olivia Bright grinned at her husband as they both peered at the swollen lips of the pouting pussy. It gaped wetly between the helpless girls' thighs. Her clitoral stalk jutted out from the upper juncture of the intimate crease and below it they could see into the tight pink hole which continued to seep clear fluid even as they watched.

A trickle of Lisa's excitement escaped from her slit and ran down between the spread cheeks of her bottom. It collected in the red dimple of her tightly clenched but fully visible anal opening. Olivia glanced down at the front of her husband's trousers. She could see that he'd grown visibly more excited during the past half an hour. What he'd no doubt do to her later would certainly have her begging for more and hopefully mercy! Bryan had always been a forceful lover but when he was really aroused she almost fainted from the pleasure!

Lisa watched in horror as her Uncle vigorously worked the bristle haired shaving brush in the pot of shaving soap. When he lifted it up it was coated in a thick white froth. "Don't you dare move girl. Stay in position or I'll give you such a thrashing that you won't be able to sit down for a week!" Lisa jerked and whimpered at the first touch from the brush but stayed with her legs fully spread and her pussy embarrassingly on show. Her Aunt watched her niece's flushed face as the bristly brush gradually worked its' way over the exposed private parts and saw the play of emotions the girl was experiencing.

Shame, humiliation, helplessness, embarrassment, forced arousal; she could feel her own pussy tingling with excitement. Seeing her niece wallowing in such shame and submitting to the outrageous things being done to her was causing her own arousal levels to increase almost uncontrollably.

No doubt the mix of chemicals was now doing its' work. Lisa being unable to control herself sexually would allow her to manipulate and dominate the young girl in any way she pleased. Surreptitiously Olivia Brite squeezed her thighs together causing a jolt of pleasure to race through her belly. Slowly the brush moved back and forth over the vaginal mound coating not just the tuft of curly hair but also the delicate vulval lips and extremely sensitive clitoral bud.

Lisa gasped at the intimate contact. It took all of her self control not to moan out loud! Oooooooooooh! Aaaaahhhhh! Oh God! What was the matter with her? She gurgled pitifully as the bristles searched between her bum cheeks and tickled her bottomhole. Satisfied at his handiwork her Uncle carried the soap and bowl of warm water over to the sink. Whilst he busied himself his wife left the room but quickly returned with a razor in her hand. She smiled at her niece whose face was literally beet red.

Being so nakedly exposed with shaving foam spread all over her most private of places was causing the girl to sob with humiliation. As the two adults began to discuss Lisa's sluttish behaviour she started to whimper and moan pitifully. The shaving foam quickly began to dry causing a tightening of the hairs covering the virginal pussy. It was really uncomfortable. Lisa whimpered again. "Stop whining girl we're trying to talk!" snapped her Aunt suddenly.

"I just can't believe she's so naughty," said her husband. "Besides all that lying she's never shaved her vagina either. I thought it was a well known fact that young girls should be clean down there?" "Yes honey I agree with you, I don't understand why she's so slovenly. And why my sister has never shaved her, well, I've no idea.

Probably the girl's so badly behaved that she's a real problem at home. I think we really need to take her in hand otherwise she's going to turn into a proper little slut." Bryan Brite nodded as he glanced at the wide open thighs of his young niece. "And how dare she turn up here without any panties? She's so shameless," he said. "She's needs to be taught right from wrong there's no doubt about that." "As I've always said the girl's needed to be well punished." Olivia Brite took a deep breath and smiled slyly as she too stared at the helplessly displayed vaginal folds.

"We'll teach her what real humiliation is! Shave her now. The soap will have dried out nicely so it'll pull at those hairs of hers a bit. It'll teach her a lesson!" She couldn't stop herself giggling quietly. "Those" curly hairs immediately caught in the old razor.

Lisa squealed and begged as they pulled painfully at her soft flesh but her Uncle just ignored her. "Be quiet girl and keep still!" he barked crossly. Lisa sobbed as the blunt blade scraped against her delicate skin. Horribly she could feel her pussy reacting to the painful sensations. It was oozing fluid and she couldn't understand why! In fact the stimulant had such a firm grip on her reactions that her arousal levels were no longer receptive to her influence.

She gritted her teeth as her Uncle methodically worked his way across her quivering pubis. Taking a firm grip on the labial folds he pulled each one to the side before sliding the razor along the stretched flesh. Lisa moaned and cried and shook as the terrible shaving continued but suddenly she lost all control and began to moan urgently, and for a very different reason. The combination of the intense humiliation and the pain and, unbeknownst to her or her Uncle, the chemicals in her bloodstream, caused a totally unwanted reaction!

"Lisa how dare you! She's coming right now…in front of us! Olivia just look at the little slut. I can't believe it!" shouted Bryan Brite, his eyes wide with surprise. Lisa humped herself on the edge of the table, pushing her stiff clitoral bud against the firm fingers.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnn!.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.Y…Y…Y…Yeeeessss!" she gasped. Then she screamed as the orgasm arrived. Her Uncle simply continued to stare in shock. "I've never seen anything like it.

She's such a dirty little girl." Lisa started to cry, overcome with shame at what she'd just done, and covered her pussy with her hands. "Don't you dare cover yourself young lady!" he snapped, slapping her hands away. Cruelly he reached out and pinched one of her thorn-like nipples. "Aaaaaaaahhhh!" she sobbed, "I'm sorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy Uncle!" Olivia Brite's pussy was throbbing uncontrollably as she devoured the scene in front of her.

She smiled and took the girls' other engorged nipple in her own fingers. Lisa squealed as her sensitive buds were squeezed. "You're going to be punished very severely for that wanton behaviour my girl. Young ladies should always have control over themselves, I can't believe you've just come in front of us!

You're so shameless, how on earth does your mother stand you! We're not going to have such disgusting things going on in this house, am I right Bryan?" Whilst she scolded the girl she kept pinching and twisting the engorged nipple. Crying and writhing Lisa tried to stay in position on the edge of the table but her thighs kept lifting and closing.

"Pleeeeeeeeeease Aunty I'm so sorry! Owwwwwwwwwwwwww it hurts so much!" she yelled. Her Uncle pulled thoughtfully at the stiff nipple he was rolling between his finger and thumb and nodded his head. "I'm sure you're right darling. This little tart is going to need some severe discipline to keep her in line. Spread your legs girl!" he shouted.

"Now I said! Wider girl!" As Lisa did as she told her Aunt laughed, "Just look at her, the way she's showing herself, totally shameless!" They both released Lisa's breasts at the same moment. The soft curves wobbled deliciously as the girl continued to sob loudly. Olivia Brite looked at the abused red mound, it looked sore, very sore, the blunt razor had done its' work just as she'd known it would.

She licked her lips and squeezed her legs together excitedly. "Look at that Bryan," she said pointing to the table top beneath Lisa's spread vaginal folds. There was a little pool of shiny clear fluid that had dripped from their niece's defenceless pussy. "The little tart has marked my table with her juices!" Shaking his head with disbelief her husband picked up the razor once more before roughly pulling the girl's quivering bum cheeks wide.

Lisa squealed and begged and jerked as he scraped the blade over and around the clenching hole of her bottom. He noticed his wife's eyes were alive with excitement as the girls' awful humiliation continued, and smiled to himself. He was enjoying the game just as much as she was! Once wiped with a flannel soaked in hot water Lisa's pussy bulged obscenely. Now it was completely on display, as was her tight anal dimple.

She sobbed piteously as her Aunt and Uncle looked at her. Her poor pussy was so sore and it was tingling and itching and oozing. She could feel it! Her pubic mound was red, its' labia swollen and glistening and gaping apart.

At their top juncture the shaking girl's clitoral knob was stiff and bright pink. It stuck out, just like her exposed nipples, as she sat fully opened on the edge of the table. The two adults exchanged glances and grinned happily. Now Olivia's Brites "fun" was beginning she could hardly contain her excitement and by the look of the front of her husband's trousers, he could hardly contain his either!

Chapter 3: Evidence of a close shave Lisa cringed with embarrassment as she perched on the edge of the table displaying her sore pussy. With her thighs fully opened her Aunt and Uncle could see every detail of her most private, and now red and tender, anatomy.

She looked through tear stained eyes at the two adults as they pulled two dining chairs together before sitting down facing each other. "Get down and come here!" snapped her Aunt. Lisa slid down from the table, immediately covering her freshly shaved pussy with one hand whilst trying to cover her boobs with her arms.

Once stood directly between the two of them her Uncle slapped at her hands. "Hands on your head and stand up straight!" he barked, causing her to jump. With her hands out of the way Lisa's nipples were once more revealed, sticking out stiff and pink. "Uncle please it's so humiliating, please forgive me" begged the naked young schoolgirl. She desperately kept her legs pressed tightly together as her face burned crimson.

"If I'd been caught lying when I was a girl my mother would have given my thighs a good slapping," said Olivia Brite, looking at her husband and ignoring the pleading tone used by the panic-stricken girl.

"I think we should start with that, before we spank her, and then hopefully she'll get the most benefit from her punishment. There's absolutely no point in being soft with her!" Bryan Brite nodded his agreement to his obviously excited wife. "Auntie pleeeeeease don't! Oh please!" "Stand still young lady!" Olivia snapped threateningly as she lifted her hand and swung it viciously towards the back of one of her niece's legs.

Lisa squealed and jerked as her Aunt's hand stung her thigh just beneath the curve of her bottom. "Aaaaaaahhhhhh! Oh it hurts! Please Miss.Ooooooooooohhhh.I'll be good!" For a few moments all that could be heard was the crack of the woman's hand meeting soft flesh and the gasps and sobs of the crying schoolgirl.

Quickly the backs of Lisa's thighs became burning hot. Each cruel impact made her cry out as the terrible stinging got worse and worse.

"Stop making such a fuss, we've hardly started yet!" said the older woman smiling happily. She looked carefully at the quivering legs. "That should do for the backs Bryan, you do her front." "Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Lisa suddenly screamed as her Uncle's hand started striking the softness on the front of her defenceless thighs.

She squirmed wildly where she stood trying frantically to escape the horrid stinging. Amazingly she managed to keep her hands firmly locked on the top of her head. She knew if she didn't stay in position she'd be punished even harder!

It shouldn't have taken long to transform the soft skin from white to crimson but Bryan Brite took his time. Each slap was delivered after a slight pause so that the girl had time to fully absorb the smarting impact before the next one arrived. And between each smack her Uncle stared hard into Lisa's very red face and smiled. To her horror she realised he was really enjoying himself!

By the time she was ordered to turn sideways she was sobbing uncontrollably. The tops of her thighs, both front and back, were on fire. Without any trace of sympathy her Aunt and Uncle immediately began slapping the soft curves on the outside of each of her legs.

The awful stings made Lisa whimper piteously. She twisted violently back and forth under the cruel blows begging her Aunt and Uncle to "Please stop!" Finally and much to Lisa's dismay she found herself being lifted onto her Uncle's lap.

His hands gripped the undersides of her sore thighs and held her legs wide apart. Being touched by her Uncle was proving a mortifying experience for the shy girl but now, even more horribly, she could feel his erect penis pressing against her bottom.

Spread and helpless she screwed her eyes tightly shut, laying her head back on her Uncle's shoulder as she tried to escape the overpowering feelings of shame and humiliation flowing through her. Her pussy was once more embarrassingly revealed to her Aunt's eyes. Olivia Brite bent forwards and slapped the inside of one of her niece's thighs with as much venom as she could muster. Lisa screamed and tried desperately to close her legs but there would to be no escape.

Her Aunt watched as a red hand print rose quickly on the sensitive skin. The impact had been only a few millimetres from the bulge of the girl's vulval increase. She smiled at her husband and continued striking the defenceless curves for several minutes. When she'd finished the girl was howling and tears were pouring down her face. "Oh please please please no more!

Oooooooooooh! I can't stand it!" blubbered Lisa, as she shamefully continued to squirm on the stiffness that was pressing between her bottom cheeks. She couldn't help it! Olivia looked at the insides of the girl's trembling thighs. They were bright red and she could feel the heat rising from the scorched skin. As her gaze dropped to the vaginal slit she noticed the shiny fluid that was smeared along its length and smiled knowingly.

Lisa tottered unsteadily on her feet as her Aunt and Uncle watched her with amused curiosity. Surprisingly the girl had managed to keep her hands stuck to the top of her head throughout the ordeal they'd just put her through. And although her thighs were glowing red they were now going to spank her, which would prove a much more painful experience.

Olivia turned to her husband, "Dear, where's your brown belt?" "You mean my old leather work belt?" he answered, smiling to himself, as he knew immediately why his wife was asking. "Yes but I mean the new one we bought a few weeks ago, the one with the iron buckle." "Oh that one! I keep forgetting I've got it, I've had the old one for so long." He coughed trying to hide his smile as he contemplated the new sensations the girl was about to feel on her ripe young bottom cheeks.

"Try the bedside table in the guest room." Lisa looked at them both with terror in her eyes as she also realised what the belt was about to be used for. "Oooooooohhhh P.P.P.Please Miss I'll be good pleeeease don't hurt me anymore I'll do as I'm told I'll behave I will I will I promise I promise!

Oh Please! I'm so sore!" "Of course you're sore my girl, that's the idea!" She smiled at her husband. "Warm her up Bryan I'll be back in a minute." Lisa howled as her Uncle's hand bounced off her burning bottom.

"Owwwwwww! It stings soooooooooo much!" She wriggled and kicked but it was no use. Laying naked across his knee with her hands pinioned in the middle of her back she could do nothing but bawl like a baby as she tried to express her discomfort. The view she was giving her Uncle was so shameful.

Each impact made her wriggle and jump on his knee which caused the cheeks of her bottom to gape apart showing not only the wet slit of her vagina, but also the clenched opening of her bumhole.

As his hand landed the pain forced her to rub her clitoral knob frantically against his leg. Her face was burning with humiliation but even more shameful was the stickiness that she could feel oozing from her pussy.

"Stand up!" her Aunt Olivia suddenly shouted as she came back into the kitchen. Lisa scrambled to her feet and stood sobbing and swaying with her hands held protectively in front of her pussy.

"Don't you dare cover yourself you naughty girl!" snapped her Uncle slapping her hands away. "Aaahhh! Please I'm sorry…oooww! It's so embarrassing!" Once more Lisa placed her hands on top of her head shamefully revealing her thorn-like nipples and stiff clitoral stalk to their inquisitive eyes. Sobbing loudly she squirmed in front of them, rubbing her hot thighs together and rolling her bottom lewdly in a futile attempt at relieving the awful stinging that was consuming her lower half.

She stared in dread at her Aunt who was almost lovingly running a thick leather belt through her hands. "Turn around," she said quietly. Lisa did as she was told showing the woman her tormented rear cheeks which twitched and clenched with a life of their own.

"I know!" said Olivia Brite enthusiastically as she opened a drawer. Kneeling down she drew two crosses on the flagstone floor with a small piece of white chalk. "If you move your feet off these marks before we've finished my girl we'll start all over again." She turned to her husband.

"Do you think twenty will be enough to teach her a lesson this time?" Grinning, her husband nodded his agreement. "Yes I think so," he said. "And she can count them out loud and thank us for each one." "That's a splendid idea," giggled his wife. "You heard your Uncle young lady. You'd better count each stroke and thank us nicely if you know what's good for you!" "I will be g.g.good p.p.please noooooo more pleaseeeee," sobbed Lisa unhappily.

"Well get into position you shameless girl! Do it NOW! And stop all that whining!" barked Bryan Brite threateningly. Shaking and sobbing Lisa stood naked with her feet spread apart, covering the two chalk crosses, and her hands on her head.

She felt dizzy with embarrassment. Her Uncle was sat directly in front of her on a chair. She couldn't meet his eyes so stared fixedly at the floor between her feet. His gaze moved leisurely from the pert breasts with their hard pink points to the reddened mound of the girl's pussy, a redness which matched the band of colour encircling the upper parts of her legs. Beneath the bulge of her pussy he could clearly see the delicate vaginal lips that seemed to glisten in the light.

Even now the girl was wet! The memory of her bottom writhing and squeezing on his hardness a few moments earlier caused the throbbing in his trousers to surge. "Crack!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Lisa screamed and jumped forwards, her hands falling from her head and grabbing her wounded buttocks. "GET BACK IN POSITION YOU NAUGHTY GIRL!" shouted her Aunt. "And I expect to hear you counting out loud or we'll start over from the beginning.

We can stay here all evening if you'd like?" Lisa gurgled miserably and dragged herself back into the required position. When the horrid belt struck a few seconds later she squealed but managed to keep her feet firmly anchored to the floor.

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"Ow Ow Owwwwwwwwww! O.O.O.One! Thank you Miss!" she blubbered loudly whilst her hips rolled madly from side to side. "Whack!" The folded over belt wrapped itself around one fleshy curve. "Ooooooooooooowwwwwwww!" she shrieked and went up onto her toes. "TWO! THANKYOU MISS!" Bryan Brite watched with growing excitement as the girl frantically squeezed her bottom cheeks together as she tried to absorb the pain. At the same time she thrust her hips forwards wantonly. Much to Lisa's shame she knew her pussy was gaping and bulging but she couldn't do anything about it.

And worse still she could feel the wetness dripping from her! "Look at me girl!" he said forcefully. Squirming with humiliation she looked into her Uncle's face. His enormous grin brought a wave of colour flooding to her cheeks. As the belt stung her bottom she held his gaze.

He watched as the blow made her eyes grow round and wide as she felt the atrocious sting. "THREEEEEE! THANKYOU MISS! OOOOOOOHHHHHH!" Olivia smiled over the girl's shoulder at her husband as she swung the belt hard. It struck the writhing rear cheeks twice in quick succession. "AAAAAAAHHHHH! OWWWWWW! FOUR! FIVE! T.T.THANKYOU MISS!" shrieked Lisa as her bottom rolled violently in every direction.

Sobbing and gasping she found herself thrusting her hips lewdly as she clenched her bum cheeks again and again. Her Uncle's eyes left hers and dropped to watch her pussy as it gaped and closed wetly. Lisa sobbed as she was overpowered by both pain and humiliation. "It's not very ladylike to display yourself so rudely girl," he said, with a smirk on his face. "We're going to have to work on your manners whilst you're here." Lisa didn't have time to comment, even if she'd wanted to, because the belt quickly struck her once more, drawing a full-blooded scream from her lips.

"SS.S.SIX THANKYOU MISS!" She screamed, sobbing loudly as the intensifying heat engulfed her wriggling bottom. The last four caused her to rise up onto her toes before her knees buckled and she almost fell.

Each bite from the whirring belt was followed by a shrill scream and an explosion of tears that cascaded down her face. Her Aunt walked slowly around to stand next to her husband. "That was your first ten my girl. Did you feel them?" Lisa nodded her head unhappily. Her bottom was performing a little dance all of its' own. Shamefully she couldn't stop her hips rocking backwards and forwards which was giving her Uncle a perfect, and very rude, view of her pussy lips as they continued to open and close.

It was this that her Aunt noticed next. "You dirty girl showing your Uncle everything you've got! Have you no shame?" She handed the belt to Bryan as a frown suddenly creased her face. "There is one thing we haven't established yet," she said.

"I've been assuming that our little madam here is still a virgin, but looking at how wet her pussy is all the time I'm beginning to wonder." She reached out and casually began to toy with one of the trembling girl's erect nipples. Her smile was feral as she looked deeply into her niece's eyes.

"Well? Are you still pure?" Lisa nodded her head immediately. "Oh yes Miss! I am! I really am!" She suddenly yelped as her Aunt's fingers squeezed her swollen bud hard. "YESSSSSSSS! Owwwwww! YES AUNTY!" "What do you think Bryan? We know she's a nasty little liar so would she be telling the truth about this? She's lied about everything else." Her husband shrugged his shoulders as Lisa began to panic. "I'm telling the truth Miss! Please believe me! I'm telling you.AAAAAAHHHH!" She screamed as the fingers pinched her sensitive point once more.

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeee! Owwwwwwww!" "Be quiet girl!" Olivia Brite suddenly snapped. "I think the only way to be sure is to have her examined, I'll give Doctor Ford a ring and see if he can fit her in tomorrow." Lisa hung her head in shame as tears continued to run down her cheeks. Whilst the girl stood naked in front of her Uncle her Aunt watched her closely. "That's settled then," she said happily, "we'll see you tomorrow at two.

Yes I'll put the kettle on! Bye." She laughed brightly at the look of dread etched on her niece's face as she put the phone down and grinned at her husband. "He's got a full surgery tomorrow morning so he's going to come and examine her here. I know you'll be out working but it was the only time he could manage." She took a deep breath before handing Bryan the belt trying her best to contain the excitement welling up inside her.

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Under the pretence of a medical examination her good friend Jack Ford would be able to humiliate the girl as much as he pleased, and she'd be able to watch! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE! IT HURTSSSSSSSSSSS!" Lisa howled and begged and howled some more as her Uncle applied the leather belt to her poor backside.

Her screams bounced between the wooden rafters as ten more white hot bands of pain scored their way across her jerking buttocks. Each time the belt landed on the writhing curves a sound like a rifle crack filled the room.

Bryan Brite didn't hold back, he didn't see the need, and besides he was enjoying himself far too much! When he'd finished the girl's bottom was swollen and sore and the colour of fresh beetroot.

As he gently ran his hand over the seared wriggling flesh she dissolved into a flood of tears and fell at his feet. "Get up now this instant!" shouted her Aunt cruelly. Lisa stumbled to her feet with her hands grasping her wounded bottom. She no longer cared that she was showing them her hairless pussy and her "secret" parts. The pain in her behind was all she could focus on.

Sobbing she gingerly rubbed her scorching cheeks. "Just look at her," said Olivia Brite pointing at her niece's pubic mound. "I'm sure that's not normal." And of course she knew full well it wasn't! The chemicals in the girl's bloodstream were stimulating her almost to the point of orgasm!

Just the slightest touch would be enough to make the little tart come! Together they bent forwards and stared closely at Lisa's vaginal folds. They glistened with sticky fluid. The copious lubrications that the girl was continuing to produce had coated the insides of both of her thighs. The older woman licked her lips and squeezed her own thighs together. She looked at the expression on her husband's face.

She didn't need to ask if he was finding the experience exciting! Lisa jerked and whimpered as her Uncle wiped the soft cloth between her spread thighs. Then he carefully parted the lips of her freshly shaved pussy before wiping her again. The cloth grazed her erect clitoral stalk and she groaned loudly, pushing her hips rudely forwards as the delicious sensations filled her vaginal slit.

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She couldn't help herself! "Just look at the state you're in young lady," he said, holding the cloth up for her to see. It was covered in shiny secretions and she could smell the scent of her own arousal. Her face was already crimson with embarrassment but this made it pulse even more hotly. "From now on we expect you to behave in a more appropriate manner, one that befits a young lady. If we find you in this disgusting condition again you'll be punished, do you understand?" "Ohhhhhhh!

Aaaaaah! Y.y.e…s Uncle!" she gasped, as tears continued to roll down her face. "It's time you got ready for bed. I presume your nightdress is in your case?" "I …don't know if Mommy packed me a…" "Don't you dare bring your mother into this! It's your fault you lost your case, no one else's! And you told us you'd lost your panties when all along you'd given them to a boy! So don't you dare try and blame your mother for your dishonest and disgusting behavior!" "I'm sorry Aunty, I'm sorry," said Lisa miserably.

"You should think yourself lucky I'm in a good mood and willing to let you borrow one of your cousin's old pyjama jackets. Or do you want to go bed naked?" "Nooooooo! Please let me get dressed! Please Miss!" begged the young girl. "Try this on and be quick about it!" snapped her Aunt.

The pyjama jacket didn't cover Lisa's pussy or the curves of her bum cheeks. Embarrassingly it ended at the level of her belly button. "Oh well it's a little small but better than nothing' said Olivia Brite with an amused grin. She knew full well the jacket was sized for a ten year old! "Take it off. You need a shower before you go to bed. Hurry up!" Moments later Lisa was scurrying down the landing towards the bathroom closely followed by her Aunt. She squealed shrilly each time the older woman landed a heavy open-handed slap on one of her already sore buttocks.

Once in the bathroom she was made to shower in front of her Aunt, who then insisted on drying her with a very rough towel. As it scrubbed over her hard nipples and then her hot bottom Lisa begged the older woman to stop but Olivia Brite simply ignored her.

She groaned and jerked her hips even more frantically when the towel slid over the freshly shaved mound of her vulva, and when it brushed her engorged clitoral knob and pussy lips she screamed.

All of her private parts were excruciatingly sensitive, responding to even the slightest touch. What on earth was the matter with her? [u]Now sitting at the kitchen table eating some thick cut ham and salad she gasped each time her hot bottom moved on the hard wooden chair seat.

The tingling in her pussy was driving her to distraction but soon she'd be able to satisfy the cravings that were stirring between her legs. Once in bed she'd be able to finger herself to her heart's content, she could hardly wait! "Drink your milk and then it's an early night for you young lady." Lisa swallowed the last of the milk and stood up.

Horribly her Uncle immediately looked at her exposed pussy and grinned. Her face glowed red with embarrassment. "Goodnight Sir," she said meekly before kissing him lightly on the cheek. "Mr Bolker is expecting you at seven," he said.

"I'll wake you at six. I don't think he'll be pleased if you're late and you'd better make sure you don't annoy him." Once the older woman was gone and Lisa heard her footfalls descending the stairs she kicked back the covers and spread her legs achingly wide.

Her fingers immediately slid between her slippery vaginal folds and began poking into her very wet hole. I'm so soooooooo horny! Oooooohhhhhh! That feels so good. As she teased her erect clitoris the orgasm building deep in her belly surged rapidly towards the surface. Within seconds she was gasping and covering herself in delicious spendings. Olivia Brite bit the back of her hand to stop herself crying out. They mustn't let their young niece hear them! As soon as she'd returned to the kitchen her smiling husband had bent her over the edge of the table and raised her skirt before swiftly removing her underwear.

She'd been incredibly wet and hot and had almost come from the first touch of his fingers! Hastily he freed her heavy breasts and then her soft globes were being squeezed and her hard nipples pulled and pinched.

Now the end of his thickened cock was slowly pushing between her swollen vaginal lips. She gurgled her pleasure and gasped loudly as he suddenly jerked himself forwards embedding the full length of his hard member in her soft tunnel.

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Dominating the young girl had aroused her husband enormously, just as she'd known it would. The following few weeks were going to be very pleasurable indeed! She bit her hand again, trying her utmost to stifle the moans that were threatening to fill the room. Bryan's beautiful cock was in control now!

She was lost as he pumped himself brutally into her quivering depths. It didn't take long for the first orgasm to arrive. Squirming uncontrollably on the tabletop she felt her pussy squeezing his hard fleshy rod as it thrust back and forth in her slippery opening. Upstairs Lisa had lost all track of time. She'd never come so many times in her life! And she wanted to come again! Whether it was the combination of being shaved and the terrible shame she didn't know, but what she did know was that she'd never felt so horny!

Luckily the painful stinging in her thighs and buttocks had been replaced by a wonderful tingling. And between her legs, and the open cheeks of her bottom, an intoxicating heat was gradually spreading. "LISA! WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Her eyes flew open and she found herself looking directly into the very angry face of her Aunt.

She'd been so engulfed in the wonderful feelings emanating from her pussy that she hadn't heard the older woman come back up the stairs. "Aunty! I.I.I haven't been doing anything!" She jerked her hands away from her vaginal folds as if she'd received an electric shock and tried to cover herself with the sheet.

"DON'T YOU DARE MOVE YOUNG LADY!" Olivia Brite roared. Within a few moments she'd been joined by her husband. Together they shook their heads in disgust and stared at their niece's swollen and obviously very wet pussy. Lisa was curtly told to keep her legs wide apart which made her face burn with embarrassment. "We're going to have to be much stricter with you. I thought we'd already taught you a lesson but obviously not!" She paused. "The belt didn't work so I think well try something with a bit more bite!" With a sly grin she disappeared through the bedroom door.

Lisa stood naked with her hands on her head as her Aunt and Uncle positioned the large bolster across the centre of the little bed. She was horribly aware of her stiff nipples and of her swollen slit which was bulging out between her thighs.

Her Uncle kept looking at it which was making her face glow redder and redder. On top of the bolster they placed a pillow followed by a folded towel. "Get over," snapped her Aunt. Reluctantly Lisa clambered onto the bed. She crawled over the bolster on her hands and knees before lowering her tummy down onto it. The position meant that her bottom was raised a good foot and a half into the air. She squeaked with dismay as her Uncle lifted each of her legs in turn.

He drew them apart and positioned her feet so that they fell down on each side of the mattress. Her bum cheeks were spread wide revealing her unprotected and sticky slit to their eyes. Its' velvety lips were pulled apart displaying her pink hole. It glistened wetly and as she lay helplessly exposed in front of them she could feel her bumhole clenching nervously.

Shame and fear were gnawing at her mind but most worryingly she could still feel excitement throbbing in her belly! Was she really a slut? Did she like this? Did she really crave it? Why was she so turned on? The curious thoughts immediately fled when the hairbrush stung her for the first time. "Arrrrgggghhhh! Oooooooooohh!" she yelled as the hard wood splatted down onto one of her already sore buttocks.

The soft flesh flattened before springing back into shape. A sting much more intense than that produced by the belt, or her Uncles palm, set her nerve endings shrieking. Her legs kicked up in response but quickly fell back to the sides of the little mattress. Howling and writhing over the bolster she reached back and grabbed her wounded cheeks.

"Get your hands away girl and stay in position!" She did her best, she really did but the hairbrush was setting her wobbling bottom on fire. She couldn't keep still as her rolling curves were stung again and again. Her rear cheeks jerked and writhed and opened displaying everything that lay between her legs but she didn't care. The heat in her bum was simply excruciating causing tears to pour unchecked down her cheeks. The pillow beneath her face quickly became soaked as she buried her head trying to contain the screams that the terrible brush was wringing from her lips.

Her Aunt and Uncle took their time. There was no hurry. They had all of the summer to indulge their sadistic tastes where their helpless plaything was concerned, and that was exactly what they intended to do! Lisa screamed and bounced and pleaded and squealed and moaned and howled but it made not the slightest difference to the number of times the wooden implement visited her tormented globes.

Olivia Brite had no idea how many times the hairbrush had struck the writhing bottom and didn't really care! She pressed her hands between her thighs causing waves of pleasure to flow through her belly. She wanted Brian's cock inside her again! And soon! The situation was proving much more arousing than she could ever have imagined! Finally her husband's arm stopped rising and falling and they both gazed at the girl's rolling bottom.

Now the curves were scarlet and swollen. It certainly looked very angry and incredibly sore. "That should give her something to think about," he said with a grin. The room was filled with Lisa's plaintive sobbing as she groaned and squeezed her crimson rear cheeks together in a futile effort at relieving the burning sensations that filled her girlish rear.

Tiny shudders skittered back and forth over her scorched globes. Lisa was still moaning piteously several minutes later as her Aunt secured a pair of old suede mittens to her niece's hands. Ribbons held the mittens in place on the girl's wrists but the older woman was careful not to restrict the circulation in any way. "Perfect," she said with a sly chuckle, carefully tying the ribbons in tight double bows. There wouldn't be any chance of the girl removing them herself.

The mittens were stiff and the old suede very dry. Even the slightest trace of wetness would be revealed on the parched leather. "I'll be checking in the morning to see if you've been a dirty little girl.

I don't expect to find any evidence of your disgusting juices. If I do you'll not be able to sit down for a week! Do I make myself clear?" Lisa nodded unhappily. She continued to groan and sob as her bottom clenched painfully against the bed covers. Her pussy was dreadfully wet and tingling madly but she knew she couldn't relieve the ache in her belly. She knew she mustn't touch herself otherwise she'd be spanked, and who knew what else would happen to her!

She had to be good. Had to keep her hands away from her pussy no matter how horny she was feeling! As her Uncle turned off the light and closed the bedroom door Lisa tried to stop the naughty thoughts that were spiralling unrelentingly inside her head: She could see herself taking her panties down for the horrid boy on the bus. See his eyes, his grin. Feel his hand sliding under her skirt, his fingers touching her secret place!

Could see herself standing naked in front of the awful Woodsman as he looked at all of her. See herself showing her private places to her Uncle. Feel the razor as it removed her tiny curls and her Uncle's hardness pressing against her bottom. Her little girl pussy, her hairless slit. What on earth was the matter with her? Like some terrible slideshow the images continued to roll through her mind causing her clitoris to pulse madly whilst warm fluid leaked between her thighs.

She ached to push her fingers deep inside her tight hole and pinch her engorged nipples but knew she couldn't.it was going to be a very long night.

Chapter 4: Woodland adventures With Aunt Olivia's promise, that she'd be punished for her disgusting behaviour, still ringing in her ears, Lisa rushed along the path. She had on her dress and no panties, because until she got her case back that was all she had to wear!

Thankfully there was nobody else in the forest at this early hour. The dawn chorus was still sounding in the treetops as she hurried along holding the hem of the dress tightly against her bottom trying her best to keep her bum cheeks covered. When she'd been roused by her Uncle an hour earlier it had still been dark. Unfortunately once fully awake she'd started the day with a very red face. During the night it was clear that she'd been unable to keep her hands away from her pussy.

The suede mittens were streaked with the evidence of her wet and sticky nocturnal emissions. "I warned you young lady! We won't have you touching yourself all the time, it's disgusting. Why on earth can't you learn to control yourself?" With the sheets pulled back and her pyjama jacket raised it was obvious what she'd been up to. The inner curves of her thighs were smeared with her spendings. Olivia Brite leant over and carefully pulled the swollen slit open with her fingertips.

Lisa whimpered and covered her face with her hands as the awful humiliation washed over her. "Just look at this Bryan. She's soaking! You can clearly see the state of her clitoris, it's swollen and stiff." He bent forwards and treated himself to a closer look.

"I don't know what we're going to do with the little slut." She shook her head with mock annoyance but a sly smile creased her lips.

"When you get back from Mr Bolker's that fat bottom of yours is going to get some attention my girl!" The older woman wasted little time as she stripped and showered the red faced girl before bundling her down the stairs.

Breakfast was eggs and bacon washed down with yet another drink of milk. As she watched her niece empty the glass Olivia chuckled to herself. Today a different cocktail of stimulants would be coursing its way around the girl's body, one designed to stimulate the sensitivity of her nipples and their surrounding tissues.

Jack Ford's instructions were very clear. She had to alternate the two mixtures for four days and then give the girl both at once for two more. It was simple enough to perform and from what she'd seen so far the drugs were working perfectly. As Lisa passed a stand of tall pine trees she recognised where she was. The Woodsman's cottage was just around the next bend. She swallowed nervously, her heart starting to beat more rapidly in her chest.

And it was her chest that was causing her the most concern. For some reason her nipples had been pulsing and throbbing madly since she'd set out from the farm. They felt incredibly swollen and stiff and she could tell they were sticking out quite obscenely. It was all she could do to stop her legs from shaking when a few moments later she found herself knocking on the heavy wooden door. It swung open almost immediately and she was greeted by the bulk of Ben Bolker filling the doorway.

He had an enormous grin on his face. "Well! Well! If it isn't Miss Lisa Lus!" His eyes were sparkling with excitement as he ushered her into the kitchen. "And what can I do for you young lady?" he asked, with an amused smirk on his face. His gaze ran leisurely over her girlish curves, pausing at the two distinct points that her hard nipples were making in the front of the dress.

Lisa felt her face ignite with heat and began to squirm with embarrassment. "You've got my case!" she suddenly blurted much too loudly.

"And you've got to give it back!" "Oh I do do I?" His laughter caused Lisa's face to burn. "And why is that?" "If you don't I'll…I'll tell my Aunt what you've done and what a horrible man you are!" His laughter grew louder. Suddenly all of the indignation of what she'd had to endure in the past twenty four hours came flooding out.

"How dare you laugh at me you vulgar little man?" she yelled. "Don't speak to me like that! I'm not one of your common country tarts!" Ben Bolker roared with laughter as Lisa berated him for being "lower class" and "an oaf" and "ill-mannered". But in an instant she became perfectly silent as his huge hand suddenly shot out and brusquely grabbed her by the wrist. Fear, and the realisation of what she'd just done, quickly registered inside her head.

"Well it sounds as though you're the one who needs to learn some manners," he said. His face rapidly lost its' expression of good humour and clouded with anger. "Maybe a few hours honest labour will knock that stuck-up and condescending attitude out of you?" Lisa stared at the wooden floor not daring to meet his eye.

"I've got the very thing. You can earn your case back, how does that sound?" Again Lisa kept her eyes locked fearfully down at her feet. "You see those?" He pointed out of the window at a large pile of freshly cut logs.

"You can stack them neatly in my store, it shouldn't take you long." Lisa nodded her head miserably. "Yes Sir," she said very quietly. Ben Bolker grinned to himself. "Take that dress off," he said. "Your Aunt tells me she's cleaned you up a bit since the last time I saw you." Lisa immediately looked up into his smiling face.

Nooooooooo! Please No! She couldn't bear him seeing her naked again, it was so humiliating! "P.P.Please! I'm sorry Sir! I'll be good but please let me keep my dress on!" she pleaded desperately, "Oh please!" Ben Bolker chuckled at the trembling girl's obvious distress. "Get it off," was his threatening response. Shaking like a leaf and horribly aware that the man was about to see her now hairless pussy, and the erect state of her nipples, she resignedly grasped the offending garments' hem and began to draw it slowly up her body.

"Hurry up!" he snapped, "I haven't got all morning!" With a pitiful sob Lisa pulled the dress off over her head and for a second time stood totally nude in front of the grinning woodsman. She squirmed with embarrassment trying to hide her breasts and pubic mound from his prying eyes. "Hands behind your back girl and stop trying to make out you're shy, I know damn well you're enjoying every second of this!" A fat tear welled up and ran down Lisa's cheek as she did as he ordered.

"I can see much more of you now," he said teasingly. "And just look at the state of those!" With her hands behind her back Lisa's boobs jutted out in front of her but it was their throbbing points that really caught his eye. They looked red and angry and swollen and very stiff. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" She gasped and rose up onto her toes as he reached out and calmly squeezed the ultra-sensitive tips.

"Owwwww! Oooooooh!" she squealed as he kneaded the flint-like nipples between his fingers.

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Her embarrassment was so intense she thought she might faint! Well that's what she hoped! "These are like rock you little tart." Lisa jerked and squealed again as his hand slid down her trembling belly and found the very wet slit between her thighs. "Oh.Oh.Oooooooooh God!" she groaned as his fingers opened her private folds. Unable to stop herself she immediately began thrusting her hips forwards onto his teasing digits. Her face burned with shame as her moans and girlish pleadings filled the room.

It took only seconds for her to reach the very edge of an orgasm but then she was left teetering on the brink as he withdrew his hand. "N.N.Nnnnnnnn.No! PLEASE!" she gurgled piteously as the delicious sensations ceased and humiliation flowed through her.

"Just as I thought, you're nothing but a common little slut with a very rude mouth. You need to learn to think before you open it!" His smile was wicked. "I always think the punishment should fit the crime." Lisa stared in absolute horror as the huge man sat down on a chair and unbuttoned the front of his breeches.

Her eyes grew round and her mouth sagged open when she saw the size of the erect penis that came into view. It jutted up threateningly from his lap. "Pppppppplease No!" she stammered stepping backwards, her naked body shaking with anxiety. "Please Sir!

Please No!" "Come here and kneel down." Lisa remained where she was frozen with fear.

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"Come here I said! NOW! Or I'll thrash every last bit of you and then send you home naked!" Lisa began to cry piteously as her heart hammered in her chest. The thing was enormous and looked horribly hard! She felt sick with worry. Ben Bolker looked at his submissive plaything and chuckled wickedly. "I'm not going to rape you you stupid girl!" Slowly Lisa stumbled forwards her eyes glued to the swollen cock.

He grabbed her wrist and forced her to her knees. "Noooooo pleaseeeeeeeeee! Nooooooooooooo! Aahhhhhhhaaa! I beg youuuuuuuu pleaseeeeee let me goooooo!" she cried, twisting in his grasp and trying her best to avoid looking at the engorged penis that was now bobbing only inches in front of her face. Quickly she became exhausted as the realisation that there would be no escape entered her mind.

"Haven't you ever seen a man's member before?" he asked teasingly, with a smile playing on his lips. Lisa started to cry even more loudly and shook her head. Calmly he reached out and despite her protests drew her face up until she was looking directly at his throbbing erection. With wide eyes she was forced to watch as he slowly pulled the foreskin back revealing the shiny purple glans.

To Lisa the things head seemed to be visibly pulsing, as did the thick veins that ran down its' shaft. She began to whimper. "Calm down or I'll sit your bare arse on my stove. It'll singe your pussy too and believe me you won't like that one little bit!" Lisa looked up at him with real fear in her eyes.

"Please Sir I will be good please I'm sorry! I'll be good!" "Oh I know you're going to be good, now kiss it!" "K.K.K.iss it?" she stuttered. "Yes! Imagine it's a candy bar. Now be a good girl and kiss it. I'm waiting." Sobbing Lisa closed her eyes and pressed her lips forward.

He smiled as he watched her struggle to do as she was told. Slowly she leant forwards and planted a kiss on the swollen head before recoiling as if she'd touched a naked flame. Ben Bolker laughed. "There, that wasn't so bad was it?" he said. "You can lick it now." With tears rolling down her cheeks she tried to make herself do as he said.

The erect penis was horridly big. She stared at it feeling sick to her stomach. Suddenly he pinched one of her swollen and very sensitive nipples. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Her scream bounced around the room. "I said lick it my girl! NOW! Or so help me I'll spank that fat bottom of yours until you can't stand up!" "Pleaseeeeeee let me go!" she begged.

"I won't tell you again." He said it quietly and she could hear the menace in his voice. Reluctantly she reached out and gripped the pulsing column. Nervously her hand moved downwards drawing the foreskin back and uncovering the plum-like head.

Swallowing fearfully she screwed her eyes tightly shut before pressing her tongue against the hot flesh. Slowly she licked her way down the hard shaft and then back up again.

"Good, now keep licking and do it nicely." Again Lisa began to plead with him but it didn't help in the least.

His fingers shot out and squeezed her erect nipples one after the other causing her to shriek and shake her breasts wildly as she tried to escape the awful hurt. Quickly she applied her tongue to his cock again and frantically began to lap at the smooth taut head. "You have a dirty mouth young lady and if you don't do as you're told and take this punishment there's plenty of cow dung next to the cattle shed.

It won't taste as nice believe me!" The threat of having her mouth filled with manure caused horrible pictures to appear in Lisa's head.

Ben Bolker was finding the girl's humiliation incredibly exciting. His cock throbbed as her tongue moved gently back and forth. "Suck it." Lisa had little idea of what he expected her to do but nervously parted her lips. She wasn't stupid and after all it wasn't rocket science but she'd never touched a stiff cock before, let alone put one in her mouth.

His hand grabbed the back of her head and forced it down causing her lips to slide over the rubbery glans. Suddenly her small mouth was full of hard flesh. "N.N.N.Nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooo! Mmmmmmmmmm!" she gurgled in panic.

At the same time his hand closed over hers, where it was gripping his shaft, and urged it up and down in slow steady strokes. "M.M.M.Mmmmmmmmmm! Aaaaaaaah!" Muffled sounds escaped her straining mouth as she gasped for breath. "Suck it girl and use your tongue," he said, making her pump her hand vigorously. "Will you dare be rude again or are you going to have some respect for your elders in future?" "Yessssssssssssss mmmmmmmmm!" she blubbered as her mouth enveloped the swollen helmet.

Saliva and pre-cum dripped from her lips, the fluid running down the pulsing shaft and over the back of her hand. Frantically she licked around the rim and slid her tongue over the slippery surface trying her best to please him. It was then that Ben Bolker glanced down between the girl's legs and saw the puddle of her juices that had dripped down onto the kitchen floor.


He smiled to himself. Throughout the humiliating ordeal Lisa had been consumed with worry; What was he going to do to her? Please don't let him rape me!

Oh please! Please not that! But even through the fear her pussy had continued to throb and ooze and the swollen tips of her breasts had tingled excitedly. "You really are a shameless little hussy. Do you know that?" Lisa simply gurgled and gasped as he pressed her down onto his hard shaft once more. After several minutes, when all that could be heard was the sound of slurping and muffled pleadings, Lisa suddenly felt the man begin to stiffen.

In her mouth she could feel the tip of the erection start to throb more urgently. Desperately she pulled her lips away from the hard penis, trying to wrench herself from his grasp.

She knew what was about to happen! She couldn't swallow what he was about to produce, she just couldn't! He allowed her to pull away but maintained the grip that kept her hand pumping up and down his jerking shaft. Thick gouts of creamy fluid suddenly jetted into the air.

Ben Bolker groaned with pleasure as he splattered the trembling girl with come. It splashed onto her face and down her arm. Some white spurts fell onto her breasts leaving sticky strands hanging from her nipples. He smiled and grunted with satisfaction as his penis gradually began to soften.

"Well Lisa I may have misjudged you. Maybe you're not such a little slut after all. One day you may turn out to be a lady." He chuckled happily to himself as he watched her face burn with embarrassment and disgust. "You'd better clean that mess up and then get outside." He handed the naked girl her dress. Lisa looked back with confusion in her eyes. "Well wipe it up girl!" he snapped.

By the time she'd finished the garment was covered with the horrible man's ejaculate. What on earth would Aunt Olivia say? She whimpered as he roughly grabbed the dress from her and curtly told her to spread her legs.

Her face burned and she sobbed with shame as he used the already soiled material to calmly wipe her sticky slit before pushing her unceremoniously towards the door. Naked she was bundled into the garden where she stood worriedly, trying to hide her charms with her hands.

Being outside in the open with nothing covering her pussy or thorn-like nipples was filling her with dread. Being nude in front of the woodsman was awful enough but being out of doors made her feel totally exposed and vulnerable. It took only moments for him to show her the pile of logs and the roofed shelter, which stood to one side of his cottage.

Half an hour later she was busily carrying the logs, one after another, and stacking them tidily in the store. At first she'd looked around anxiously as she walked nakedly back and forth, terrified that someone might see her, but soon the early morning sunshine lulled her into a false sense of security and even though all of her physical attributes were on display she allowed her worries to gradually evaporate.

"Good grief!" Lisa let out a shocked squeal when she heard the male voice. Spinning around she found herself face to face with a tall thin man carrying a leather satchel over one shoulder.

"And what have we here?" he asked with a surprised grin on his face. His eyes were far too quick for her slow reactions so before she'd had time to cover her hairless pussy and pointy nipples he'd already had a good look at her exposed flesh.

Mewling with distress she sank quickly to the grass where she attempted to hide her private parts from his interested gaze. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Ben Bolker bellowed from the doorway of the cottage. Lisa began to sob miserably as he came charging down the path. "Stand up girl and get on with your work!" he snapped curtly.

"Please Sir not in front of him! Please!" she begged. "I said stand up girl! I won't warn you again." Slowly she did as she was told hiding her breasts behind her arm and covering her pussy with her hands.

"Who is she?" asked the stranger. "This is Lisa, she's staying with the Brites for the summer and she needs a firm hand according to her aunt." "Does she always run around without any clothes on?" "Well she's being punished for calling me names and showing no respect for her elders. I thought being nude in the open for an hour might bring her down a peg or two." Both of the men laughed. "Get your hands behind your back and show my friend here what a shameless little tart you are!" With her face burning and her heart hammering in her chest she stood writhing and squirming under the combined gaze of the two men.

Up until two days ago no-one had ever seen her naked, except her mother and their family doctor, but since then her world had become a constant nightmare of enforced nudity and intimate exposure. She sobbed quietly, consumed with shame, as their eyes examined her helpless charms. The woodsman's stern voice broke her reverie. "What have you been doing girl?

You've hardly moved anything!" "I've been trying my best Sir!" she blurted, "I really have!" "Looks like she needs a bit of encouragement?" said the smiling Postman. Ben Bolker grinned at his friend and pulled a handful of pegs from his pocket. As Lisa stared in horror he showed them to his companion.

The one held between his fingers closed with a loud "Snap!" as he demonstrated how strong its' spring was. "Hands on your head girl and get your legs open!" She knew she had to do as she was told, knew that she had no choice. If she didn't they'd make her do even more terrible things! Visibly shaking she complied with his order. Once her thighs were parted their eyes dropped to her freshly denuded slit.

Humiliation washed over her as the woodsman's friend spoke, "Looks like the little sluts excited Ben." "Oh yes. She's always wet aren't you you dirty girl?" Crimson cheeked Lisa said nothing. "That slit of hers is always sticky." She could feel her pussy throbbing with arousal at the awful words but not as intensely as the erect tips of her boobs!

Amazingly they seemed to be getting more and more swollen and stiff! What was happening? She screamed as a peg closed onto one of her sensitised nipples. "N…N…Nnnnnnnggghhhh! Aaaaaaaah!" she blubbered in response to the sharp pain. Frantically she started shaking her girlish globes as she struggled to absorb the awful hurt. "Keep your hands where they are," he said warningly.

The girlish breasts were still juddering when the next peg bit into her other engorged bud. Two more pinching points of torment were attached to folds of soft areola adjacent to each of her stiff nipples. She couldn't stop herself twisting back and forth and wailing her distress. Ben Bolker and his friend watched with interest as the naked girl cried and wriggled in front of them. Louis Collins' smile grew even larger when his companion knelt down in front of her.

She squealed piteously as he calmly clipped a peg to each of her delicate labial lips before allowing a final one to close on her stiff clitoral stalk. Her reaction was to jerk and writhe desperately where she stood.

Tears poured down her hot cheeks as she begged and pleaded for him to remove them. "OW…OW…OW! Oooowwwwwww! Take them off ppppppppplease! Aaaaaaaaaah!" she squealed. But of course her amused tormentors merely laughed cruelly as they watched her perform her lewd dance. "Now get on with it!" the huge woodsman told her.

Crying and whimpering Lisa gingerly bent down and picked up a log and then with stiff legs, that she held carefully apart, waddled uncomfortably towards the corner of the cottage.

Both men chuckled enjoying the helpless girl's humiliation enormously. Ten minutes later and the sharp pinching pain that the pegs had initially caused had coalesced into distinct points of dull aching discomfort. Lisa carried the logs under the watchful eyes of the two men with the horrid pegs bobbing stiffly on her nipples and clicking painfully between her thighs.

When they were finally removed and the blood surged back into her wounded parts she immediately collapsed onto the grass, almost hysterical with the intense pain that flooded her breasts and pussy. Gently she rubbed and caressed herself easing the hurt from her sensitive flesh.

Ignoring the loud sobbing Ben Bolker informed her that before he sent her back to her Aunt's she was going to help Mr Collins with a little job. She groaned and looked up anxiously at the two smiling men. Lisa could feel the man's eyes roving over the rolling cheeks of her bottom as she walked totally naked in front of him. As they made their way through the trees her nipples pointed stiffly in all directions.

Humiliation and shame were making her face burn but all of her private parts were alive with throbbings and tinglings. The most awful thing was that she felt incredibly turned-on! Even after all of the terrible things that happened to her so far this morning her slit was slippery with her juices.

She stared anxiously through the greenery as he urged her forwards along the tiny path. Without warning the bushes parted and she found herself standing naked at the side of the road. She'd pleaded with Mr Bolker not to make her go with the smirking postman but he'd simply ignored her. Now she looked fearfully up and down the lane praying that it would stay deserted.

Louis Collins slid the side door of the van open and ordered her to get in. Once inside she found herself standing between two rows of shelving that ran the length of the inside of the vehicle. Numerous envelopes and packages of differing sizes occupied the shelves.

The floor itself was covered with piles of newspapers so Lisa had to stand with her legs astride facing the back of the van. It wasn't possible to turn around in the confined space. The door slid shut causing her nervousness to increase as she realised she was trapped with the man in the cramped interior, and there was absolutely no chance of escape.

She felt totally helpless. What was he going to do to her? "You can help me sort the papers young lady," he said, as his eyes travelled greedily over her nakedness. She did exactly as he told her, crouching down and passing him papers from the different piles. The last thing she wanted was to give him an excuse to punish her.

She reasoned that the sooner she did as he wanted the sooner she'd be on her way back to her Aunt and Uncle's farm. It proved surprisingly hard work in the tiny space and it was very hot.

Quickly her legs began to ache with the strain. It was indescribably shameful to be naked in the man's presence, she felt dizzy with embarrassment, but most horribly she realised that each time she had to bend down she presented him with an unobstructed view of the space between her spread bum cheeks.

But there was nothing she could do about it! Swallowing nervously she continued to do as he ordered. Louis Collins couldn't believe his luck as the nude teenager bobbed and twisted in front of him. How on earth Ben had managed to get the submissive girl under his control he'd never know, but now he was going to join in the fun too! God he was hard! He really owed his best friend one! He watched intently as she crouched down once more.

Only inches in front of his face he looked at her rear cheeks as they gaped wantonly apart. The obscene posture revealed the girls crinkled bottom hole and the pouting bulge of her swollen pussy. Its' pink folds were slick with her oozings. He licked his lips in anticipation. "Just look what you've done! They're ruined!" Lisa jumped and stared down between her feet to the spot where he was pointing. He was standing so close that she could feel his hot breath on her back.

"You'll have to pay for those." "I…I…I…haven't got any money Sir!" she stuttered worriedly.

"That's not my problem is it?" he snapped angrily. "You're going to have to pay for them somehow." Lisa looked back over her shoulder into his grinning face. She was really concerned now. What was he going to make her do? What was going to happen? She suddenly squealed and jerked as his hand reached out and cupped the smooth curve of one of her rear cheeks. Mewing with distress she tried to twist away from his eager hand. "Mmmmmmm," he muttered slyly, "So how are you going to repay your debt?" His hand strayed down between her shaking buttocks and once enclosed in the warm softness began to explore further.

"Keep still!" he hissed threateningly. Soon both hands were lifting and parting Lisa's generous bottom cheeks and then his fingers were pressing insistently at her bottomhole.

She covered her face with her hands, consumed with shame, as his intimate investigation continued. Once his inquisitive digits found the slippery crease of her pussy she couldn't stop herself moaning loudly and rolling her hips in slow circles. The man wasn't gentle as he pushed his way inside her tight virginal tunnel. She gasped at the discomfort but quickly he located the engorged stub of her clitoris and started to manipulate it teasingly. Unable to control the intense sensations that were flooding her belly she pushed herself lewdly onto the delicious fingers and found herself leaning back against the horrid postman.

She could feel his rigid penis pushing insistently against her bottom but it only seemed to increase her excitement. As her wanton groans filled the interior of the van his other hand slid around her body pulling her against him.

Leisurely he fondled the soft breasts and their flint-like tips. When his hand again dropped to join its companion Lisa was instantly lost in a maelstrom of conflicting feelings. Her thighs strained shamelessly apart allowing him access to both of her holes.

She squeaked as a fingertip wormed its' way inside the elastic opening of her bottom. A combination of absolute shame and intense embarrassment coursed through her but it was her arousal that won through.

She didn't want to come for him! She mustn't! Didn't want him to see her lose control! Didn't want…Noooooooooo! Oooooooooooh! Jerking and squealing and writhing she orgasm-ed violently on the wonderful fingers. It was only when the exquisite sensations began to ebb away that her humiliation at what she'd just done came to the fore. Overcome with guilt and embarrassment she sobbed loudly as the chuckling man withdrew his now slippery fingers.

Worry made her run first to the Woodsman's cottage and then, once she had her soiled dress on, even more urgently through the forest to her Aunt and Uncle's farm. Anxiety was gnawing insistently at her mind. She'd had to promise to go to the postman's house early on Friday morning.

In order to repay the debt he said she owed him, she'd have to sort the post and papers for his round. If she didn't he would tell her Aunt exactly what she'd done in his van. How she'd stripped naked for him and how she'd asked him to touch her! It was all awful lies but Lisa knew very well that her Aunt would enjoy such a situation enormously.

It would give her the perfect excuse to punish her niece once more. Resignedly Lisa knew she'd have to do as the horrid man had told her. The little case was gripped tightly in her hand as she rushed along the path. She knew she must have been gone for much longer than her Aunt had expected. Once back at the farm she quickly she opened the kitchen door and slipped quietly inside.

It was as she was creeping up the stairs that her Aunt's voice boomed out from the living room, "LISA!