Muscular latino hunks bareback bang

Muscular latino hunks bareback bang
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Today as I work, I notice a beautiful woman walk in. Her dark Latin skin tells me she might be Mexican.


She is a short but athletic looking woman. She has the biggest breasts I've seen in awhile. Her boobs are about DD to DDD. She is wearing yoga pants that really hug her big ass. She has a sexy ass! As I watch her watch her grab a cart, a customer walks up to my register for me to ring them up and pay for their groceries.

About thirty minutes later, after the quick rush of people coming in and buying groceries, the store was almost empty. It was a Thursday. The store hours around now are usually slow. I'm the only cashier right now. I'm so bored, I'm close to quickly taking my phone out to check my text messages.

Before I could though, I hear a cart rolling up to my register. I see the beautiful lady. She has a full cart of groceries filled to the brim! I almost forgot she was here! "Hi ma'am welcome to Charlie Mart," I reply to her as I help her unload her cart and start scanning her items. She smiles at me and replies with a kind hello. "Did you find everything okay ma'am?" She's looking at a magazine when I ask her. "Yes I did." I ring her up. The total price is $322.50.

I read to her aloud the price. The lady digs through her purse to find her wallet. When she hands me a card, I look at it. It's an EBT aka food-stamps card. I expected it to be a credit card but I guess not. I start doing the EBT procedure on my computer. "May I see your ID please?" All EBT customers must show a valid ID before I can ring them up. The lady hands me her ID. I look at the name and match it up with the name on the EBT card. Her name is Lupe Garcias.

I scan her EBT card and wait for the approval and her receipt to print out. All of a sudden, I hear an error beep. I look at my computer at the register and it reads out "ERROR: INVALID." I scan the card again to see if the same message pops up.

Sure enough it does. "Ma'am the machine won't accept your card. Lupe looks at me panicked. "What?? It has to! Please try again." I try again just as she requests and still the same message replies.

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I take a look at her EBT card. It looks fine. I look at it again. I then realize the issue. "Ma'am your EBT card expired about a month ago.

It's not up to date." I take her card and put it into my pocket. Lupe starts to panic again. "Umm.I don't have money with me. That EBT card is the only payment I have." She starts to take her items out of the bags and back into the cart. "I'll go put them back for you." I feel bad for her. If only there was a way I could help her. And that's when I get a great idea. "Don't put those groceries back ma'am. You need them and I don't want you to walk out of here empty handed." Lupe is stunned.

"You would pay for my groceries?" I smile and nod. She smiles. "I am flattered Luke. But this purchase isn't cheap. I could never ask anyone to pay this kind of money for me." I tell her it isn't a problem.

I'll pay for her groceries. Lupe gives me a surprise hug and thanks me. I help her out to her car and place her bags in her van.

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"Luke I don't know how to ever repay you." With that being said, I flat out reply to her. "Oh.I know how.

Lupe's expression changes. She looks at me. She isn't smiling anymore. "How could I repay you Luke?" I almost feel bad for asking her but I this point I don't care. I was horny and I wanted sex. "Lupe my shift ends in 5 minutes. I want you to wait here for me. My apartment is about a two minute drive from here. I think you know what I want." Lupe looks at me up and down and catches my smirk. She's quiet but I can see the hint of a smile on her face. "Are you asking me on a date Luke?" I almost laughed.

"Lupe, you are very pretty. You're gorgeous! I would totally ask you on a date. But when I said we'd go to my apartment, I meant that me and you do something else." Lupe looks like she's catching my drift. Just to make sure she does, I take my hand, rub it down her face to her breasts. Lupe finally got the picture. "Umm.Luke I know I said I'd do anything. But I didn't really me ANYTHING.

I'm a happily married woman." I just smile at her. "Lupe, I offered to pay for your groceries. Notice how I said offered. I still haven't paid yet. I could just take a copy of my receipt to my manager and report your name for stealing.

He could then call the agency and cancel your food-stamp program. So I say to kinda don't have a choice." Lupe looks at me. She doesn't look angry. She just looks disappointed.

She probably doesn't think I'm still the nice gentlemen who offered to pay for her groceries anymore. I blackmailed her and I had her in a tight spot.

"Umm.ok Luke. I'll do it. For you. You helped me. I help you now. I mean all men do have needs I guess." I look at Lupe. "I didn't want it to turn ugly like this and force you to do anything. I just wanted it to be fun and enjoyable. For the both of us." Lupe starts to lighten up. "Ok Luke, I'll wait here for you." I smile at her and walk into the store to finish my short shift.

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FIVE MINUTES LATER. I walk out of the store. Sure enough, Lupe waited for me. I get into my car. She follows me to my apartment a short drive away. We arrive. I park my car and I wait for her to find parking. She gets out of the car, and walks up to me. "You ready?" Lupe looks at me with a smile.

"Let's go." We get up the stairs to my floor. I take my keys out and open my door. We walk into my apartment. It's a two room with a large kitchen and living room. I had a nice view of the park and the lake from my living room. "Make yourself at home," I tell Lupe. Lupe sits on a couch in my living room. "Nice place you have Luke." I thank her and I give her a drink of water. I quickly go to my room and get a quick change of clothes. I get rid of my work clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a fresh shirt.

I walk out to Lupe. "Ok.lets get started." Lupe actually laughs. I put my arm around her and lean in for a kiss. Lupe leans in and kisses me. Our lips lock and our kiss turns passionate. I start to pull her shirt off as my tongue starts to play in her mouth. Lupe's tongue plays with mine too as I toss her shirt off to the side. I pull away from Lupe when I feel her breasts. I expected to feel a bra on her.

Instead I was greeted by her soft bare skin. I look at her breasts! Damn they were huge! They were so big with just a little bit of sagging. Her nipples small. I kiss each of her breasts. Lupe stays quiet while I play with her tits. She knows she's cheating on her husband. She just doesn't want for me to know that she's enjoying what I'm giving her. I know she's enjoying it though because her eyes are closed and she's trying not to smile as I lick and suck on her breasts.

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I kiss her neck down to her stomach area to try to get a moan out of her. Nothing. I get up and take my shirt off and my pants. I grab Lupe by her hands and stand her up. "Turn around for me baby. Lupe does what she's told. I wrap my hands around her waists as I kiss her neck. Lupe actually groans a little! I bend down and pull her pants down. Lupe has a thong on beneath her yoga pants. I yang her thong off and pants and toss them. Lupe's ass is amazing!

It's so big, sexy and tan! I grab her cheeks and squeeze them hard. Lupe groans again. "You like that Lupe baby?" I spank her ass as I massage her cheeks. Lupe starts to moan softly. I can hear her muttering something in Spanish. What a turn on! I put my face to her ass and start to lick her pussy.

I put a finger in her cunt while I kiss her bum. She loves this now! "Sí Luke. Ooooooyeeee. Así!" Her Spanish talk is making me horny! I open her cheeks and look at her ass. I lick my finger and stick it in her ass hole. I wiggle my finger in there. Lupe just moans furiously. I get up and lay down on the couch. "Sit on my face baby." Lupe pulls my boxers off and stares at my raging hard cock. "You so big Luke!" I smile. Lupe sits on my face and starts to jerk me hard.

We 69 for a while. Mostly because I'm able to keep from having my orgasm for a long time. Lupe jerks my cock and starts to suck me. I'm guessing she's over the fact that I had to blackmail her to get her to do me this favor. And the fact that she's married too! Boy, I do NOT want to meet her husband haha.

Especially if he knew what we were up to now. I feel an orgasm approaching as I eat her ass and pussy. I grab onto her ass cheeks for support as I push hard into Lupe's mouth as my cum gushes deep down her throat. I hear her gag but swallow as she takes load by load of my jizz. She then let's go of my cock and screams. Her pussy violently erupts in my face and mouth as Lupe's orgasm hits. When my orgasm subsides, I get up and stroke my cock. "I wanna fuck you know baby." Lupe grins but I could tell something was bothering her.

"What's the matter?" She replies. "Umm.Luke I feel guilty for doing this because I love my husband. I don't regret it though. I haven't had an orgasm in months!" I look at her. "So what's your point?" She sighs. "I can't let you fuck me in my vagina. You can do whatever you want to me anywhere else but out of respect for my pussy is off limits." I agreed and said that it was fair.

But now I'm happier than ever because I knew I wanted to try anal with Lupe. Now it looks like anal is my best and only option if I was going to fuck her.

"I want to be in your ass Lupe." Lupe gets up and bends over. "Fuck my ass Luke." I spit on my cock and rub it up and down. I open up Lupe's ass. I push my cock slowly into her ass. She was so tight! Lupe moans.

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I start to fuck her slowly at first. Then once my cock was fully in her ass, I picked up the pace and fucked her fast and hard. Lupe was screaming. "Ayyyyyy Siiiii. Fuck my assss babbyy!!!!" Her dirty talk kept me going as fast as I could go. I felt myself getting ready to cum.

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I slowed down the pace. I grabbed Lupe's breasts for support as I started to cum. Hard! "Ahhhhh.OHHHHH.ARGGGGHH.oh shit!!!!" For about a minute that's all you could hear coming out from me and Lupe. My cock just kept unloading cum deep into her bowels. As my orgasm stopped, my cock shrank and popped out of her butt. "Squeeze that cum out of your ass baby." Lupe bent down and squeezed my load out of her.

I put my hand down near her ass. I hear some soft groaning from her and some fart slurping noises as my jizz shoots out of her ass and into my hand. "Lick my hand," I command her. Lupe is so obedient. She takes my fingers, and licks each of them clean as she swallows my cum. She licks her lips and smiles looking up at me. "You liked that baby?" I pick her up and kiss her hard. "I loved it." Lupe gets her clothes back on.

I get dressed myself. I walk her downstairs. "Thanks Lupe for uh.repaying me.


She smiles. "Of course baby, thanks again for covering my groceries, it meant a lot." I watch as Lupe gets into her car. Before she drives off, I remember. "Lupe wait!" Lupe sees me running to her car. "Yeah Luke?" I hand her back her EBT card that I didn't give back to her. "You forgot this." She looks confused. "Thanks but I don't need this. It's expired.remember?" I laugh.

"No it's not. It expires next month. I didn't have to pay for your bags. Your groceries were already paid for." (What she didn't know was that I purposely rang her order up as a credit card instead of EBT.

I kept her EBT card. When I left her outside the store waiting for my shift to end, I rang her order up the right way. And it did go through) END COMMENT BELOW IF YOU LIKED!