Brazzers veruca James und der dicktecor

Brazzers veruca James und der dicktecor
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Post grad party The high school graduation dinner had finished after what seemed like many years of boredom. There were only three reasons any of us guys went to those things; 1st being that we got to dress up in tux's and have a hot girls showing some sexy under our arms, 2nd being that we all hired very sexy cars, and 3rd and final being that when we went to the after grad party it was assumed we would get laid by our dates.

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We were heading out, all us guys joking bout who will finger fuck their date on the floor first and such. On the way out over the concourse I met up with my hot date, Amy, and started to head to my bros car.

However, as we neared she rolled her ankle on the uneven concrete. stupid high heels, she couldn't even walk. Just my luck. I had to carry her to my brother's car, wasn't all bad I guess. Her dress was very short (so she could accidently show her thong off when dancing and grinding) so as I carried her to the car her skirt rose exposing a rather small black thong. I put her in the back of the Holden and jumped in next to her. Being the kind and stupid guy that I am I asked her whether given the situation she'd like me to drop her back at hers before I went on to the party.

She said that would be great, and that I am the perfect gentleman etc etc, the kinda shit all guys know means no lay there. So I asked my bro to swing past hers on the way to the party. I got to hers, and had to carry her up to her apartment, happens to be on the second floor.

fuck! After a while of carrying her sweet arse, I managed to get her up to her apartment and room, and put her down on her bed. Sitting on my knees facing her feet I unstrapped her heels, and place her shoes on the floor. In doing so, however, I leaned forward, causing her good foot to make contact with my semi hard dick. It was there that events took a rather unexpected turn, given that I had given up on all hopes of getting laid by Amy tonight (by the way Amy is about 5"7, shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, a tight body with small breasts but a perfect arse.

She had dancers legs).

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She didn't pull her foot away, but used it to rub up and down my cock. As you can imagine this caused me to arrive at full mast rather quickly. I looked up at her, she was looking at me, with a very cheeky yet seductive smile on her face. She bit her lip, and I took my chance, crawling on all fours over her, sitting on her crutch and leaning in for the ever elusive non-drunk graduation kiss.

I pecked her on the lips, sucking her bottom lip a little as I pulled away. I looked back into her blue eyes, she wrapped her hands behind my end and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

Our lips locked as her tongue charged into my mouth, and our tongues tangled and wrapped around each other. I slid my legs back so that I was grinding hard into her moistening dress. She let out a soft moan and rolled me over, and straddled me. There was now nothing but her panties on my pants, and she took full advantage. Placing her hands on my firm chest she started sliding up and down my throbbing member, driving me nuts. She was moaning as she grinded hard against my cock, even through my pants I could feel her lips trying to accept my member.

She let a little scream out before sliding down my legs, dragging her hands slowly down my chest, to my pants.

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She used her thumbs to tease my balls before she hooked her fingers under my pants and yanked them down. Looking down, I could see my cock outlined in my jocks, with her blue eyes staring over my member back up at me.

I was forced to look at the ceiling as she started to suck on my balls through my jocks.

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It was amazing, the feeling almost brought me to explosion. I could feel her tongue lolling over each one, pushing them around. Amy then slid her mouth up my shaft to the top of my jocks, sliding only her tongue under the elastic, licking the tip of my throbbing member. She then pulled my jocks down a bit, so that half my erection was showing, and began to lick and suck on the exposed cock skin. I had never experienced anything like it.

Amy then pulled my jocks down to my knees, basically tying them together, and re-straddled me. Now it was just her sopping wet thong between my member and her mound. As she grinded her hips up and down her lips were spreading through the fabric and slipping over my cock. She placed one hand on my chest, the other on my thigh, as she leaned back and started to gring violently, moaning loudly as she did so. She was bucking fiercely and grinding hard against my struggling member, I was holding back my cum as well as I could, as she tried to grind it out of me.

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Sweat was dripping down her hair and drops slid down her barely covered breasts. She began to scream "YES, YES, YES" as she threw her head backwards, cum bursting threw her panties, exploding over my cock and her bed.

She collapsed in a sweaty ball onto my suit shirt, my hard cock still between her legs.

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She looked up, those beautiful blue eyes piercing me, and keeping me up. She looked spent, but I wasn't. I rolled her over, jumped off, came round the other end of the bed and pulled her sopping wet panties off in one motion.

I noticed my precum on the outside, but her cum was soaked through.

I gave in a quick sniff before making her suck on them, I could see she was enjoying the feeling of her pussy juices and my cum filling her own mouth. and so was I. I gave her a wink before sliding my cock into her warm honey pot.

As I pushed in deep, the panties fell out of her mouth. I leaned right forward, rolling her hips up and kissing her deeply.


I pinned her legs over her head then slammed down deep, all the way until my pubes were at the entrance of her recently waxed mound. She was attempting to scream in joy but she had no breath left, I started to pick up pace, each thrust landing deep, the motion of my hips caused my cock to grind against her G the entire way.

She was trying to help with her hips but she was so weak from the fucking all she could do was whimper, moan and attempt to scream. I felt her legs shaking as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. Her whole body started to shudder and shake as the waves of orgasm took over her body. Her lips were trying their best to expel all cum, and it was fountaining up my entire body, soaking my shirt and face.

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I kept slimming in deep, as she continued to cum. I looked up and in search of those eyes to finish me off, but they were closed, and she had past out. . Bumer. Pretty big ego booster, but I just needed to cum! I still had a raging erection, only now I remember that I still had the party to go to, my brother would still be out front, and my shirt was covered in pussy juice. I looked for my pants, fuck, the crouch was covered in her juice from the initial grinding session.

Took my shirt off and chucked them and my pants over my shoulder, couldn't see my jocks, but oh well. I walked out into the kitchen, on my way to the bathroom, so that I could wrap myself in a towel.

I was only halfway when I heard "that was quite an orgasm you gave my sis". I turned round slowly, not even bothering to cover up my half erect cock. Not only was Cam, Amy's step sister, sitting there at the main table, but 2 of her friends were to. Cam was 21 and was a bit of a known town bicycle. For a girl like her though it would have come easy.


Given that, unlike Amy, Cam was 5"7, blonde, with slamming double D's and a round arse that looked superb in the tight white leather pants she was renowned for wearing, she never struggled to fulfil her urges. Her friends, however, were a different story. One looked quite tall, and was blonde with long hair that hung down well past her shoulders, the other had similar hair length but was brunette, much shorted and had bluer eyes than Amy, with long eye lashes.

I would have paid more attention to them if it was for Cam staring hungrily at my cock, which was now finding its way but to full mast. She smiled, bit her lip in a seductive way making me almost cum on the spot, raised her hand and motioned for me to join her. I walked up, and she ran her hand from the back of my balls, up my shafted, and back down.

She then began to stoke my cock and she got a close look at her sister's pussy juices still all over me. "Looks like he caused Amy to have quite a squirt aye girls?" she said winking at me.

"Wanna find out what she tastes like?" I replied. She shrugged her shoulders jokingly before leaning forward and lick the tip of my cock. I moaned a little as she proceeded to lick from the base to the top, back down again, pausing to give my balls a kiss and a lick. She looked up at me, kissing the top of my cock head she said "that will about do right?". I raised an eyebrow, and with one hand on her head, and one on my cock, I guided her head onto my member.

That was all the motivation she needed, from there she sent straight down to the base of my 7 3/4cm cock, sucking and licking the whole way. I put my hands on the back of my head to support it fired backwards in ecstasy. She used one hand to squeeze my balls as the other grabbed my arse, fingers going right between my cheeks, one of which almost entering my hole. She was amazing, as she slid back and forth, her tongue wrapping round the head at every possible occasion. I spared a quick glance at her friends who were both looking pretty cock hungry, but didn't have time for them, I looked down at this goddess going to town on my throbbing member.

That was it, I couldn't take any more, I grabbed the back of her head and started squeezing it to let her know what was bout to cum.

She slid her finger into my arse and slammed her mouth right down to my base, while she squeezed my balls. "FUUUCCCKKKKK MMMEEEE" I shouted as I exploded deep down her throat, I didn't need to see to know I had unleashed a huge load of cum to the back of her throat.

I could feel her shake a little as waves of it filled her mouth and fell out. She pulled out as I continued to shoot load after load, they hit her in the face over and over again, some falling short onto her loose shirt and black pants. She looked at me, covered in my cum, winked before running her tongue over my cocks shrinking head, causing me to shiver in pleasure.

I stepped back and smiled, "thanks love, was a good release". She looked at me, using her fingers to whip the globs of cum on her face into her mouth, making a show of sucking on her finger as she did so. Finally, after a lot of the cum on her face was gone she asked "wanna stay the night?" "Sorry sexy, I gotta leave you horny gals and go to the after grad party, probs been on for an hour by now, and my bros out front still.

maybe". I walked over to the window and she stole a quick kiss onto my arse as I passed. "Yerp, the Holden is still out front, I can see my bro asleep against the window. Hopefully I can get to the car and put on my spare clothes before he wakes".

"Hope you got some news shoes to darl, or something to clean yours" Cams brunette friend said as she giggled, I looked down to see a lot of cum had fallen onto my shoes that I was still wearing for some unknown reason.

I smiled, walked up to her and said "why don't you lick it off aye" "fuck off" I was the reply I received in return. I put on the puppies eyes and she said "fine, but I get to clean your cock to", and with than she got on her knees as started to suck and lick my almost shrunken member, he twitched, "fuck, you can't get me revved again, I gotta go!".

She smiled and licked from the sweaty base of my balls, up my shaft and flicked her tongue off the tip. Fuck it felt good. "Now the shoes" Cam quipped. "Erph" and bam within seconds the cum on my shoes was basically gone. "Good enough, gotta go". I started to head out the door "oh by the way ladies, my jocks are in Amy's room somewhere, and are covered in mine and Amy's cum, so if you decided you are missing my seed too badly why don't you just take turns giving them a suck aye?" I winked and turned feeling rather smug.

As I was shutting the door I heard Cam's other friend say "he better fucking return tonight", I smiled, shut the door behind me and started jogging to my bros car. Thanks for reading guys, I have started a second, but let me know if I should bother publishing or not