Enema squirting les in threeway

Enema squirting les in threeway
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Intro Ok, Well Where To Start?? I'm A Guy And I'm 19 I Am 6 Ft 5 Blonde Hair Skinie Bit Of A Indie / Emo Dress Sence And Acording To The Girls A Bit Fit. And Well There Is A Gorgeous Girl In My Collage, Her Name Is Jennie, She Is 18 Too. She Is In The Same Classes As Me, And Well She Is The Most Amazing Thing Ever, She Makes The Modles Look Like Dogs.

She Is 5 Ft 9 Tall With Long Thick Straight Brunett Hair, She Hardly Wears Any Make Up And Looks Stunning No Matter What, She Has A Good Rack On Her, 34 E, Which Fits In Perfectly With Her Perfect Firgure, Her Tops Always Leave A Bit Of Clevage Which Is Why I Always Sit Next To He In Lesson's.

She Always Has A Particular Top On Which Reall Gets Me Going, But Best Thing Of All She Wears Those Tight Hugging Skinnie Jeans Which Compliment Her And Her Fine Well Shaply Arse.

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Me And Jennie Knew Each Other Since We Were Kids, And We Were So Close, But I Was About To Find Out About Her Much Better. Well The Story Really Starts When I'm At Home, And I Found Out That My Parents Where Going On A Little Trip For My Dads Business, Which Was Compulsary.


So The Night Before They Went I Sent A Text To Jennie Saying " Jennie, Look My Parents Are Going Out Tomorrow, Want To Come Over And Watch A Film Love Sam xx". I Switched On The Computer, And Flicked On Some Of My Favourite Pictures Of Her And Was Just Staring At Her Admiring Her Perfect Body, After About Oggling Her Picture, I Got A Reply From Jennie Saying " Hey Sexy, Yeah Sure, Sounds Fun Want Me To Bring Over A Movie Or You Got One?


Love You xx, With Out Much Though I Switched Off The Computer And Went To Sleep. As I Woke Up The Next Morning With A Rather Large Spring In My Step, As I Knew My Parents Would Be Out I Had The Perfect Thing Set into Getting A Shag Off The Girl I Had Always Wanted. As I Got To School And Had My Lessons The Day Just Flew By, i Guess Coz I Was So Excited About Alone Time With Jennie.

As My Last Lesson Of The Day Finished With A Bit Of Irong 'Sex Education' I Packed Up My Bag And Waiting For Jennie Outside The School Gates, And Well With In A Few Minutes She Was With Me And We Started The Short But Painful Walk To My House. As We Started To Walk I Noticed That Jennie Was Really Jolly And That She Was Hinting To Hold My Hand, Which I Was More Then Happy To Do, But Before I Did I Put My Hand Around Her Waiste And Let My Hand Hold Her Ass And Then We Held hands For The Rest Of The Walk Home.

When We Enterd Through The Front Door Of My House, This Is Truly What Wet Dreams Are Made Of. She Dropped Her Bag To The Floor And Pulled Me Towards Her And We Started To Kiss Passionatly. And Jumping Up Wrapping Her Legs Around My Waist And Slowly Grinding Against Me, I Move Over To The Wall And Push Her Against It, Groping Her Ass And Caressing It.( After All In My Wildest Dreams, I Would Never Have Dreamed That This Would Be Coming True.) As I Stop Kissing Her, i Let Her Down And Lead Her Up To My Room, As Soon As We Enter The Room, She Pushes Me Onto The Bed, And Climbs On Top, And Starts To Kiss Me Again, I Start To Move My Hands All Over Her hour Glass Shaped Body And I Can Feel My Cock Swelling Due To Excitement.

My Hands, Wander Up Her Back And Unhook Her Bra Releasing Them Amazing Pert Tits. As I Start To Lift Up Her Top Her Bra Comes Off With It, And Im Gob-Smacked At How Amaing Her Rack Is.

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She Takes My Top Off And Gives My Tence Muscles A Rub, I Throw Her Over So Now She Is On Her Back And I Have My Hand Rubbing Her Soft Nipples Slowly Making The Erect. As I Break Our Passionate Kiss, I Start To Kiss Her Neck And Slowly Make My Way Down To Her Pert Tits.

As I Make My Way To Her Ripe Erect Nipples I Give Them A Light Squeeze And Lightly Bight Them And Tounge Them My Free Hands Are Loosening Her Belt And UNdooing Her Jeans. I Pull Her Jeans Off And Stare At Amazement At Her Naked, Bald, Deliceous, Moist Pussy, As I Start to Kiss My Way Down To Her Pussy, I Decide TO Give Her A Little Tease, I Use My Thumb To Lightly Touch Her Pussy Lips And I Kiss Down The Inner Sides Of Her Legs, Untill I Get To The Point Where I Cannot Deney The Rich Aermoa Of Her Musk.

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And I Let My Tounge Touch her, She Lets Off A Long Sigh Of Pleasure, And When I Come To The End Of My Long Licks, i Give Her Clit A Good Flick Which Makes Her Shudder With Pleasure, After Doing This For A Few Minutes, I Stick 2 Fingers Into Her Pussy, And I Notice Some Blood Pooring Out, I Say "Jennie Are You A Virgin?" Jennie Replied " Yes I Am, But Dont Let This End. I Want You To Pull Out Your Cock And Fuck Me Hard, Im A Dirty Girl And I Want You To Take ME HARD and Fast" So With Out Hesitation, I Pull Out My Hard Pulsating Cock Which In I|ts Full Glory Is About 8.5 9 Inches Long, And She Gasps At How Big I Am.

Before I Go In Her Pussy I Get A Bit Of Luberecant On My Dick And Push it Into Her Pussy, She Has A Look Of Pure Pleasure On Her Face, She Moans And Tells Me To Push It Into Her And As I Do, There It Is About An Inch At A Time Been Push Into This Totally Amazing Virgin.


As I Get My Full Legnth Inside Her, She Tells Me That She Wants Me To Fuck Her. So As I Start To With Draw my Dick From Her, I Start Doing Lon Slow Strockes And She Looks At Me With Such Lust, And Passion, It Makes Me Feel Like Shotting My Hot Load In Her.

And After A Few Minutes, My Strokes Were Becoming Shorter And Faster, I Feel Her Cunt Muscles Contracting Around My Cock Milking It, I Feel Her Go Into A Long Trance And I Dont Slow Her Pace And I Give Her, Her First Real Intence Orgasm And She Start Moaning With Pleasure, She Locks Her Legs Around Me, Leaving My Full Legnth Inside Her, After She Finishes Her Orgasm, I Pull Out Of Her Completly, And She Climbs On Top Of Me And startgs To Toss Me Off, Returning Me To Full Hardness, I Knew She Had Not Sucked Any Cock Before So I Was Anticipating How Good She Would Be On Her First Go, And She Lowered Her Head And Put Her Mouth Around My Knob End, I Was Suprised, She Knew What She Was Doing.

She Was Tossing Me Off Still Bobbing Up And Down On My Cock And HEr Other Hand Was Playing With My Balls, They Were Full Of Spunk, After 5 Minutes Or So Of Her Sucking Me Off, I Felt my Balls Go All TIngly And I Knew I Was On My Way Into Cumming, I Told Her I Was Cumming, She Pulled Up And Said, I Want To Swallow You Hot Load Of Spunk.

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I Have Never Done It Before So Sorry If I Spit, I Love To Try New Things Though. So She GO|t Back to Sucking Me Off, She Was Amazing At It.

After Sucking Me Off For A Few More Minutes, The Ure Again Was Cumming Back. I Should Out Im Cumming Jennie, Im Cumming, A Few Seconds After Hot Shots Of My Jizz Was Squirting Out Into Her Mouth Hitting The Roof Of Her Mouth After 4 Or 5 Long And Powerful Squirts Of Cum Came Out She Pulled Up And Showed me All That Was In Her Mouth. And To My Amazement She Swallowed The Lot.

It Was Truly Heaven For Me. .

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Ta For Reading. Hope you Liked :D sorry if its shit first story and if i get this one right many more to cum ;)