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Hot Amateur Teen Gets Fucked And Facialized
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Fbailey story number 358 Up-Skirt Cutie I was looking in the Yahoo Groups when I found a picture of an "Up-Skirt Cutie" that I knew. No shit! It's the woman at the bank that waits on me all the time. I always get in her line and she saves me a roll of the latest State or Territorial Quarter or the latest Presidential Dollar that has come out. We make small talk and she has the sweetest smile in the world.

She is middle age maybe in her early forties, slightly heavy, but a pleasure to be around. Occasionally she will show some nice cleavage, talk about her teenage daughter going off to college, and how lonely she will be. Other than that I really know nothing about her. On the other hand she knows everything about me like where I work from my payroll checks, where I live from my deposit slips, and how much money I have in the back and where I spend it from my statement.

We have talked about me being single still at forty-five and laughed about the right woman not catching me yet.

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I was sure that the picture was of Abigail. It was her smiling face and her body. She was squatted down with her knees apart and her white panties stretched across her fat pussy snugly.


I even recognized that dark blue dress with the wide white lapels showing off that deep cleavage that I had admired a couple of times. Her hair was the same short red curly mess that I had admired just the other day. However, I had never been privileged to seeing her white panties before.

They were solid along her crotch then swirled off to the right with a patch of transparent white coming in from the side.

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I couldn't tell if she shaved her pussy or not but I hoped that she didn't I like to see pubic hair on women. That little girl look is okay but not as a steady diet. Anyway I decided to print a copy of that picture and ask Abigail about it. I just printed a four by six to show her but then I printed an eight by ten for myself and put it in a picture frame on my computer desk. The next day I made a special trip to the bank on my lunch hour. I got in Abigail's line and when she noticed me she smiled.

As I got closer I got more nervous of what her reaction might be. I almost chickened out when she called me by my first name and asked what I needed.

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I slipped the picture under her glass partition as if it were a hold up note. That made me even more nervous. Abigail turned it over and smiled at me. She wrote her phone number and address on the back along with the words, dinner, my house, and Friday at seven. As I was reading it she asked, "Is there anything else that you need?" I was too shocked to speak so I just smiled and shook my head no. As I walked out a young woman coming in giggled. I looked down to see that my cock had gotten hard and was advertising that fact to the world.

I quickly adjusted it and left the bank. As I drove back to work I wondered if I could make it all the way to Friday, after all it was only Monday. I knew that the bank closed about three-thirty so I waited until four o'clock to call her from work. Abigail answered with a pleasant hello. I told her my name and paused. She jumped right in and asked me if I wanted to meet her sooner. I said yes and then she asked me if I had access to my home email at work.

I replied that I did then I gave her my home email address. She told me how excited I had made her, how much she had wished that she had said that night instead of Friday, and how she was fingering her clit when I had called. Then she told me to check my in-box. When I did I found a message from 'life_time_of_love.' It had an attachment. I opened it up to find a full frontal nude picture of Abigail. She did not shave her pussy, her big breasts hung quite low, and her belly drooped too.

I told her how beautiful she looked and she thanked me. She invited me to come straight from work to her. Then she asked me what I would like for breakfast.


I replied, "You." That last hour was going to kill me so I asked my boss if I could split early. He said yes and I was out of there in a flash. Abigail hadn't expected me quite so early and came to the door wrapped only in a bath towel. She started to apologize when I asked her if I could join her in the shower. Yes was the answer that I was looking for and I got it. I followed her through the house, through her bedroom, and into her bathroom. Abigail dropped her towel and got in the shower.

I undressed as quickly as I could and got in with her. There was not as much room as I had hoped for but I was belly to belly with her and we were both naked.

Not a word was said as she took the bar of soap and reached down rubbing it all over my crotch.

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Her other hand joined that one and washed and massaged my cock and balls until I was ready to explode, then she stopped. She handed me the bar of soap and leaned back against the shower wall. I looked at her full breasts and ran the bar over one and my hand over the other.

I changed hands and played with them again. After a while I lowered my hands to her pussy. I took my time washing her pubic hair, fingering her pussy, and massaging her clit until she orgasmed. After we got out of the shower and dried off we went to her bed. She laid me down and knelt next to me. As we kissed, my hands went to her full pendulum breasts and her hand went to my erection.

After our lingering kiss, her mouth went to my cock and her hand went to gently cup my hairy balls. She maneuvered her body around so that her knees were next to my chest.

I reached around her closest leg and slipped my hand up to her pussy, then I slipped two of my fingers into her. She accepted them easily so I added a third finger, which she also accepted. Abigail removed her mouth from my cock and said, "If you are trying to determine its size, my ex-husband used to fuck me with his beer bottles every Saturday." Then she went back to sucking my cock.

Shortly that closest leg lifted, swung over my head, and landed next to my other arm. Then she lowered her rather large hairy pussy onto my face. Her puffy lips opened up and tried to swallow my nose and my chin too but I got my two hands in there quickly enough. I could see the morning headlines; "Man suffocated by giant vagina." We shared a rather nice sixty-nine with me cumming in her mouth and with me giving her an orgasm, which resulted in her cumming in my mouth too.

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She turned around still straddling me and crawled up my body far enough to slap my face with her huge pendulum breasts…talk about a bust in the mouth. It was funny and she was giggling the whole time that she was doing it. Abigail said, "I can see the morning headlines; "Man suffocated by giant boobs." I said, "I was thinking the same thing but about your giant pussy." Abigail said, "I'll show you a giant pussy.

Come with me." Then she got up off the bed and dragged me behind her. In the kitchen I watched as she sat in a chair and fucked herself with a cold beer bottle right out of the refrigerator. Then she opened it and we took turns drinking from it.

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Next she stood two quarters up on their edges on the kitchen floor and placed a short drinking glass on the floor about six feet away. Abigail then squatted down on one of the quarters, held it between her pussy lips, and walked over to the glass on the floor.

She then squatted back down and released that quarter allowing it to drop into the glass with a clinking sound. She repeated it with the other quarter. As a final feat Abigail squatted down onto the glass containing the two quarters and picked it up in her pussy too.

She then took me back to her bedroom where she deposited it on her bedroom floor just as easily as she had one of the quarters. She had remarkable control of her pussy. To further demonstrate her wonderful pussy skills she sucked me hard and squatted down over my cock sucking it into her pussy. As she squatted there perfectly still I could feel her pussy muscles squeeze, relax, and squeeze again. It was not exactly like the feeling I get when I jerk off but it was wonderful none the less.

That incredible feeling caused me to erupt in her like Old Faithful.

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The best part was that I never had to move a muscle, basically she didn't either except for the ones inside her fabulous pussy. She lay next to me and cuddled in arranging her big breasts so that one was right against my ribcage and the other one was lying up on my chest to play with. Then she started telling me her story. She had met and falling in love with her husband.

He was sort of cruel and abusive but like most women she stayed with him. After the birth of her daughter he started fucking her with his beer bottles on his days off. He never drank during the week because he operated heavy construction equipment. However, he made up for it on weekends. He would fuck her with six to ten beer bottles a day and then drink them as we had.

When her daughter was fourteen and experimenting with her sexuality Abigail and her had become lovers. One day her husband caught them and got pissed because he had been trying for months to fuck his own daughter and she wouldn't let him. Soon after that he was gone and out of her life. The last she knew he was in Texas somewhere.

She was granted a divorce anyway. So I was the first man in her life in the last seven years. She liked me and my cock but asked if I had any problems with her being bisexual…hell no.

Then she told me about one of the girls that she works with and two of her female customers at the bank. Abigail has three occasional lovers besides when her daughter comes home from college.

She told me about her New Years Day party this year with all five of them making out on the living room floor like a bunch of teenage school girls. I wished that I could have been there. Abigail wished the same thing telling me that her daughter and her three girlfriends also liked a good cock, and I had one of the best. I thanked her. I know I should have stayed but I felt the need to go home and get some sleep before work the next day. Abigail invited me over to spend another evening with her and I accepted.

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In fact she invited me over for every day in the next two weeks warning me about her period starting after that. When I told that periods didn't bother me she smiled and kissed me saying that she is even more horny during her period, as are most women. We quickly fell into a pattern where we would have sex every evening, I would go home to sleep, and then I would try to put my heart into work. It wasn't working out as well as it should so Abigail asked me to move in with her.

She obviously had the room and we were lovers, so why not? The next month was just a little different, her girlfriends had missed her and started dropping in on us unannounced. The first couple of times it was rather embarrassing. They knew where she kept her spare key and just let themselves in. Her teller girlfriend knew all about us from their conversations at the bank and decided to join us in bed one evening shortly after work.

Nicole undressed in the living room and tip toed into the bedroom naked and jumped on my back while I was fucking Abigail.

Needless to say I went limp immediately. Abigail bitched her out for that and made Nicole suck me hard again so that I could finish her off properly.

When I did finally finish, Abigail had Nicole get on top of her in the sixty-nine position. When she saw my erection Abigail had me fuck Nicole in that position. It was weird fucking my girlfriend's girlfriend with her eating the same pussy that I was fucking. No matter how weird it was it was fantastic. Abigail's daughter came home from college for a few days and told us of her new girlfriend.

Of course I got to fuck her too, along with the rest of the women that came by to have sex with her. On her last evening in town before returning to college her new girlfriend came to spend the night with her. It was D? Vu all over again. There I was fucking my girlfriend's daughter's girlfriend with her eating the same pussy that I was fucking. I was one lucky man.

I proposed to Abigail shortly after that and begged her to marry me. I also begged her not to change for me, that I loved her, her bisexual friends, her daughter, and our entire relationship.


She accepted. The End Up-Skirt Cutie 358