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Gay furry fetish shop Guy completes up with rectal fucky fucky
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Part 11—Sarah is air tight Sarah lay on her back and stretched contentedly, her arms reached far above her head stretching the muscles in her shoulders that had tightened as she supported herself during Dr. Henry's doggie style assault on her asshole.

She briefly contemplated what had just happened and realized she had enjoyed herself. She had just had anal sex with her Doctor, and while it certainly wasn't as satisfying as regular sex, but she felt content knowing she derived some pleasure from an act that had previously been ugly and repulsive to her. Doctor Henry was right. He had told her that she had never had anyone fuck her ass properly and now that threshold had been passed.

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Her mind was spinning with all that had happened to her in just this one evening. What else could she experience? Just as that thought was fading, Laura walked over to the bed and sat down next to her.


"Sarah, that was awesome! How do you feel?" "I think I liked it, Laura. It felt strange, but Dr. Henry was very good at not forcing anything and I think that is what I was frightened of. You know the only other time I did this, I really was raped. But not this time. This time, I felt like I had some control and it was better. I doubt that I will forsake all other forms of sex for anal sex, but it was ok." "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself because I think you are going to have more opportunities this evening.

Charlie sat next to me and watched you, too.


He got really turned on and I think he went off to find Mark and Larry." Sarah was confused. "Why would he need Mark and Larry?" "I think he went to tell them all about you latest adventure." "Do you think they will all. . " "Want to have anal sex with you?" Laura finished Sarah's sentence. "Yeah, I do. Are you going to be ok with that if it happens?" Sarah paused before she answered, "Well, I guess so. I mean even though I enjoyed it with Dr. Henry, as I said, it's not my favorite form of sex." "Now that's an interesting response," Laura responded.

"Just what is your favorite form of sex? Given that you have had oral, vaginal, and anal sex this evening. You have even had a lesbian experience.

Which one did you like the best?" Sarah looked at Laura with surprise. "My God, you're right. I have done everything tonight, haven't I?" Laura laughed at the still na? young wife.

"Well, I wouldn't say you've done everything but you have done quite a bit." Sarah laughed in return. "What else is there for me to do? I mean, how else can a man and woman," she gestured toward Laura, "or two women, have sex?" "The key to your statement is your use of the singular tense. I think you are ready to try sex with multiple, simultaneous partners.

What do you think?" Twelve hours ago, Sarah would have been shocked and insulted at the question, but now, given her introduction to Dr. Henry's procedure, the prospect of multiple partners was an acceptable, even exciting, option. "I confess," she began in reply, "I have these butterflies in my stomach and I really didn't know what was causing my excitement, but now I think it might be the anticipation of doing. you know.

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. . things." "You mean having sex?" Laura asked. "It's more than having sex. I'm trying things. doing things. . sexual things, that I don't normally do with my husband. And it's kind'a like I'm discovering a new side of myself.

I think I am more sexual than I had understood because I have liked everything I've done so far. That doesn't mean I'm going to leave here and start working on a street corner somewhere, but I like sex more than I realized. Don't get me wrong, Jim and I have a terrific sex life, but Dr.

Henry's therapy has allowed me some freedoms that many people don't experience." Laura could not believe the mental transformation Sarah was experiencing. She had hoped Sarah would be cooperative, but this sexual conversion was too good to believe.

Laura put on her best medical face, "What freedoms are you speaking of?" "Well, so far this evening, I've had sex with three complete strangers, my doctor, you, and I'm sitting here nude on a bed waiting to have sex again.

That's not the normal experience for most of the population in this country, is it? The whole experience is surreal. I mean, I should be scrambling to find a robe or something to cover myself, but I am perfectly comfortable sitting here naked even knowing that there are men present." She nodded her head toward the door just as Charlie, Larry, and Mark walked into the room and sat down in the available chairs and sofa. Sarah leaned closer to Laura to finish her thought.

"Not too long ago, I would have run screaming from the room if three naked, black guys walked in on me. But now, it's all I can do to keep from staring at them." Laura laughed softly, "Welcome to the club." "This isn't normal though.

You have to admit that." Sarah stated, her eyes looking at the men across the room. Each of them was watching the two women and each was slowly fisting his cock, bringing each organ back to full erection. They returned her stare. "What's normal?" Laura eyes followed Sarah's, noting the lust building in the eyes of each man. "Are you comfortable with the situation?" Sarah nodded.

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"Do you feel threatened at all?" Sarah shook her head. "Is this something you want to do?" Again, Sarah nodded. "Well then, I'd say that right here and right now, this is 'normal.' Wouldn't you?" Sarah looked back at Laura. "I guess so, but it is so not in my normal set of life experiences." "Hey guys, you ready?" Dr.

Henry asked as he entered the room and stood before the three black men. "We're rested and ready to go," Charlie confirmed. Dr. Henry turned toward Sarah. "How about you, Sarah? Did I wear you out?" A shy smile crossed her lips. "I'm fine," she responded. "She's better than fine," Laura added. "She's excited and ready for more. In fact, I'll bet you right now that at the end of the day, Sarah will be begging for more while these guys," she gestured toward the three men, "will be collapsed on the floor in exhaustion." "Laura!

Don't say that. I'm embarrassed." Sarah hid her face with her hands. Larry jumped to his feet and strode toward Sarah, his erect cock bobbing comically with each step. "That sounds like a challenge to me. Let the fuckin' begin." Laura moved off the bed and stood to one side, clearing a path straight toward Sarah. Mark and Charlie quickly followed Larry and in an instant all three men were on the bed with Sarah. In short order, Sarah was pushed to her back. Larry began kissing her, his tongue probing deep into her mouth.

Mark and Charlie's hands began groping her body, moving from her breasts, to her crotch, to her inner thighs, and back to her breasts. Fingers pushed between her labia, stroked the swelling lips, and rubbed her clitoris. Soon both men had a nipple in their mouths and were actively sucking and licking the hardening nubs. Initially overwhelmed by the amorous and aggressive attention, Sarah began to relax as the level of stimulation increased.

Her body responded to the multitude of hands and lips. A warm sensation began to grow in her groin in direct proportion to the mucous being secreted by her pussy. Her breathing became shallow and ragged as the tension built in her loins. With three men separately seeking to touch, lick, or kiss all the erogenous sites on her body, Sarah's sensory system was overloaded. She struggled to find a comfortable position that would simultaneously grant the men equal access to her body.

But with all the pushing and pulling, the situation quickly reached a state of chaos that was only terminated when Larry grabbed her shoulders and, rolling to his back, physically pulled her onto of his body. This movement caused Mark and Charlie to physically lose contact with Sarah and that was sufficient to halt the frenetic petting that had been underway. Mark and Charlie moved back a bit from the two bodies to give Larry room to work.

Clutching her body tightly in his arms and with her face scant inches from his, Larry looked deep into Sarah's eyes. "Are you ready to fuck?" Sarah held his stare. She could see the lust written on his face and feel the manifestation of his lust poking against her stomach. Sarah nodded her head. "I'm ready." Larry grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands and kissed her mouth hard. Sarah returned the kiss pushing her tongue into his mouth.

She began to grind her hips against his body, pressing her abdomen hard against his swollen member. Larry broke the kiss. "Sit on my cock." Sarah moved her legs to straddle Larry's body, and rose up on her knees over him. Reaching between their bodies, she found his penis and using her hand, directed it to her vaginal opening, placing his cockhead between her thoroughly soaked pussy lips. Placing her hands on his chest, Sarah's eyes locked onto Larry's.

"Don't move," she croaked. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his shaft until her pussy lips were flattened against the tight black curls of the pubic hair surrounding his cock. A soft moan escaped from Larry's lips as he was engulfed by the warm wetness of her pussy, but he held her stare and remained motionless. Sarah raised herself up off Larry, allowing much of his cock to escape. Just as the cockhead was about to pop free, she lowered herself back down, burying his organ deep in her womb.

Another moan from Larry. His eyelids fluttered, but his eyes remained locked onto Sarah's, and his body stayed still. Sarah continued her transit of his cock for several moments. After about the fifth trip up and down, Larry succumbed to the sensuousness of the moment. Grabbing Sarah's hips with his hands, he began to thrust up to meet her downward motion, driving his cock even deeper into her willing body.

Matching Sarah's rhythm, Larry thrust hard into her numerous times. Sarah responded to his penetration and was building steadily toward a climax when he suddenly stopped.

"Damn, that's good pussy," he exclaimed to Sarah. "But I got to stop before I cum, and I'm not ready yet." He reached his arms around Sarah and pulled her down to him, his cock fully inserted in her body. Sarah closed her eyes and rested her head against Larry for a few seconds, disappointed that her climax was being delayed, but very content with his hard cock filling her pussy.

From behind, she heard Charlie, "Hold still for a minute." She felt him crawl between her legs and his fingers began to massage oil into the crack of her ass. Soon, she felt his finger push slowly into her asshole and she realized that he was going to have anal sex with her.

She raised her head from Larry's chest and turned to look back at Charlie, "What. . what are you doing?" "He's gonna fuck your ass," Larry responded. "But he can't. . you're already. . ." "Have you never done DP before?" Larry asked. "What's DP?" "Double penetration. You know, one guy fucks your pussy while another fucks your ass.

Haven't you done that before?" Sarah was beginning to be concerned, she shook her head. "That's impossible, isn't it?" She made a weak attempt to break from Larry's arms.

"No, it's not impossible. Women do it all the time. So just relax and let Charlie do his thing." "But two men? At the same time?" Sarah persisted, "how can that be?" "Relax Sarah. It'll be alright. Doc has already fucked you r ass so you know what that's like. Just be still for a few minutes until Charlie gets his cock inside you.

You'll like it, I promise." Charlie withdrew his finger from Sarah's ass and applied some oil to his penis, paying special attention to the cockhead. Moving into position, he used his hand to place his cock firmly against Sarah's puckered anal opening.

He began to push. Sarah tensed. "Ow, that hurts. Go slow, ok?" Charlie backed off. "Try to relax," he said. Taking his cock in his hand, he repositioned his body between her open legs and aimed directly at her asshole.

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After applying some more oil to his cock, he began to push into her again, more gently this time. Sarah closed her eyes as the big black cock nudged against her tight sphincter.

She rested her head against Larry's chest again and tried to relax her body as much as possible. Charlie continued to push steadily against her until she felt his cockhead begin to slide into her colon. Mindful that his entry might be painful, Charlie did not force himself into the young white woman, but rather savored the tight constriction of her anal passage as his cock slowly and methodically disappeared into her ass. Finally, his thighs flattened her ass cheeks. He was fully buried in her ass.

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"Holy shit, this is one fine ass," Charlie grunted through clenched teeth. "It fucks as good as it looks. Damn, she's tight." He began slow, shallow thrusts, gradually building speed and distance. In moments, he was withdrawing all but the tip of his cock and thrusting fully back into Sarah's body. Taking his cue from Charlie, Larry began to fuck in and out of Sarah's pussy, trying to find a rhythm to match Charlie.

In no time, the three bodies were moving in rough coordination with Sarah pushing back against Charlie in an effort to force both men even deeper into her orifices.

The rhythmic motion combined with the sexual adventure was causing Sarah to move rapidly toward a climax. Each thrust from her partners drove her closer and closer to the edge. Mark, who had been jacking off while he watched the whole scene, suddenly rose to his knees and moved toward Sarah. Even though she was fully engaged with Larry and Charlie, Sarah was aware of Mark's presence, but not at all sure what he was doing or what he intended.

His intentions were made clear when he said, "Suck my cock." Sarah turned her head to look at Mark and found his engorged cock pointing directly at her mouth. Even though her mind was a bit fogged by the ongoing sexual activity, Sarah understood that if she did what Mark asked, she would be having sex with three men simultaneously!

Never in her wildest fantasies had she ever thought she might be engaged with three men at the same time. But at this moment, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Looking up at Mark, she opened her mouth and engulfed his cockhead with her lips. Mark's eyes rolled back into his head and his hips began to thrust back and forth, forcing his cock in and out of her warm mouth.

The fucking and sucking continued for several minutes, with Sarah hungrily devouring hard black cocks in each of her holes. Sexual tensions were running very high in the room as the sounds of eager, wet sex echoed off the walls. Mark was the first to explode. Clasping Sarah's hair with his hands, he held her face tightly to his groin and thrust deep into her mouth. Thick ropes of cum began to splash across Sarah's tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Breathing through her nose, Sarah tried to swallow his cum, but his thrusts were too frantic and at one point his cock slipped from her mouth, allowing a jet of cum to smack against her cheek. Sarah recaptured his cock in her mouth and by moving her lips up and down his shaft, encouraged him to finish his ejaculation in her mouth.

Mark was only too happy to comply, but in moments he was finished. Using his hand to milk the last few drops from his cock onto her outstretched tongue, he reluctantly withdrew from Sarah's mouth to collapse on the bed. Charlie had a bird's eye view of Mark's blow job and increased the speed and depth of his thrusts accordingly. Shortly after Mark fell away, Charlie pushed deep into Sarah's ass and released his cum, spewing jet after jet into her willing back passage.

Gripping her hips, Charlie continued to thrust into the young woman even after his balls had emptied. The sensation of his cock moving in and out of her ass was too good to stop, he was hoping to continue pumping in and out of her until he had a second orgasm, but it was not to be. After several moments of serious fucking, he, too, pulled out and collapsed on the bed. Watching as Sarah and Larry continued to fuck, Charlie was treated to the sight of thick globs of his cum seeping from Sarah's ass onto her thighs, Larry's legs, and the bed.

"Damn," Charlie muttered. "She's somethin'." "No shit," agreed Mark. And now, it was just Sarah and Larry. Sarah was close to orgasm. Her breath was coming in short shallow gulps. Her face and throat were flushed with exertion and sexual arousal. Each thrust into her body was deeper than the previous one and Sarah wanted more. She adjusted the angle of her hips to open access to her womb even more and grunted each time she pushed back onto Larry's penetration. Small droplets of sweat appeared on her forehead, a sign of her exertions, but there was no drop in her energy level.

She bumped her groin hard against Larry each time he thrust forcefully into her. "Oh God, oh God," she began to chant as their bodies merged over and over.

Suddenly, Sarah's body momentarily went rigid, she held her breath, and gripped Larry's arms as tight as she could. And just when she thought she couldn't take it anymore, her orgasm exploded. She ground her pussy hard against Larry's groin and grunted in satisfaction. Blood rushed to her breasts and upper chest causing her skin to become noticeably red and warm to the touch. Her nipples stiffened.

The muscles in her vagina convulsed in a futile attempt to capture Larry's plunging cock. She exhaled fully and felt her lower abdomen flooded in warmth and wetness. Only semi-aware of his partner's condition, Larry was more concerned about blowing his own wad than he was about the sexual ecstasy being experience by the woman above him.

He thrust as deep and as fast as he could into Sarah. He had a vague notion that he had never had a more eager woman before, and certainly not an eager, beautiful white woman. But his focus quickly returned to unleashing his seed.

With a loud growl of relief, he pushed his cock deep into Sarah, raising them both from the bed. Sperm gushed from the tip of his cock, filling her receptive pussy and spilling out along his shaft onto his thighs and the bed sheet. In no time, Larry was thoroughly drained, but he was too exhausted to move out from under Sarah. Knowing that his cock was soon going to soften and slip from the now sloppy confines of Sarah's cunt, Larry moved his hips to push the still hard organ fully into her warm fuck tunnel.

He smiled as he felt Sarah's groin push back against him. She was not eager for their separation either. Sarah was equally drained, and in no hurry to move from her resting site on top of Larry. She felt him push his full length into her and moaning softly, she pushed back against him to facilitate his penetration.

As she continued to bask in the afterglow of her own orgasm, her mind seized on the fact that she had just had sex with three men simultaneously, an act she had heard about, but one she had never envisioned for herself.

Now that it was over, she realized she liked having sex with multiple partners and was happy for the experience, but a feeling of doubt and concerned crossed her mind. How was her husband going to react when learned of her new experiences and her newly discovered sexual prowess? Before she had time to formulate a solution to that question, Larry's cock softened and slowly began to slip out of her body.

A quantity of sperm followed the exit of his cock and dripped from her pussy onto the sheets. With some reluctance, Sarah rolled off Larry. Finding a corner of the sheet, she pulled the thin cotton covering over herself and announced, "I think I need another nap." Sarah's weekend at the ranch was only beginning.

Over the course her stay, all four men took turns invading the orifices of her body.

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She wouldn't have three men at once again that weekend, but she did do a couple more DPs, once with Larry and Mark, and again with Dr. Henry and Charlie. By the time a very tired Sarah left for home late Sunday afternoon, Dr. Henry had noted that Sarah had received a total of 18 male orgasms. He made no serious attempt to track her orgasm, but he was aware that Laura had induced two orgasms in the young wife, including one where Sarah was simultaneously sucking his cock.

The sight of Sarah writhing in ecstasy as a result of the ministrations of his wife were more than sufficient to cause the good Doctor's cock to virtually explode and spew a huge load of warm, thick sperm in Sarah's eager mouth. The video footage he had taken over the course of the entire weekend was remarkable and he was sure he had enough material for a least two films, both of which would go a long way toward filling his bank account. His next project was to convince Sarah to participate in another session on the premise that the timing was right to get her pregnant.

With her beauty, her body, and her newly found eagerness for sex, she was a perfect amateur porn queen even if she didn't know it