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Continued from part 1. Mr Drake went to the room where Rachel was sleeping. He woke her up and held her by her hair. Asked her to put on new clothes and come to the living room downstairs. Rachel was scared what was going to happen. When she came down in a pair of denims and a tee shirt, she saw him sipping a cup of coffee on the couch. Rachel sat on the couch next to him. 'So how did you feel, Rachel?' Asked Mr Drake.

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'I want to know about all your sexual experiences till now.' Rachel thought talking was better than chocking on his dick and drinking his cum. 'I haven't had sex yet but have had a few foreplay sessions.' Rachel replied in a very low voice.

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Mr Drake was surprised as to how this dumb fuck hasn't being fucked yet. He continued, 'did you ever get in bed with other girls too?

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Or anyone as old as me?' Rachel shared her experience with her paternal uncle John how she let him suck her tits and eat her pussy when she was drunk and alone with him. Also her first blowjob was with her uncle John. She also shared how she did lick her friend Sussie's asshole tasted her shit when she lost a bet. Mr Drake was feeling good how messed up yet raw this girl is. He asked her to drink the vodka kept in front of her and remove her clothes and stand up.

He said, 'rachel, i am going to fuck you very hard today. It will pain you a lot as you are a virgin but i like it that way so you have to bear it. You agreed to be my whore so you have to be strong. Ok my love?' Rachel replied in a slow voice, ' yes sir'. He put two clips on her tits which were quite painful for Rachel and asked her to suck his dick.

He wanted to fuck her virgin pussy. He mouth fucked her for a while and while he got a good erection he asked her to lie on the couch with her legs open. Mr Drake wanted to see her hymen break so he inserted his two fingers in her shaved pussy.

Rachel could feel the pain and pleasure and blood did ooze out. Mr Drake did show it to Rachel. She felt disgusted that her virginity which she had preserved for someone special was taken by a old pervert man.


And then her inserted his huge dick in a single go with very less lube. Rachel felt immense pain and started crying.


Mr Drake started fucking her hard. Her pussy was so tight for him. It was something he didn't get for a very long time. He was ramming in hard and fast while Rachel was sreaming in pain. Her first fuck was so disgraceful. He finished after a few minutes and he cum inside her. He then inserted his fingers and made Rachel taste the mixture of his sperms and her juices.

It tasted horrible. But he made sure she licked every bit of it. She was lying on the couch naked and weeping. Mr Drake urinated in her vodka glass and asked her to drink it.

When she refused, he slapped her hard, pulled her hair and forcefully made her drink it. He again clicked pictures of Rachel in every possible way.

Rachel couldn't walk cause of the hard pounding. Mr Drake took her in his arms and put her to bed and let her sleep for the night. She was giving a glass of water before that with a muffin to eat. In the morning, Mr Drake allowed her to go to the school stating that if she didn't return he would circulate her dirty pictures and would ruin her life.

She was so sore and depressed in school but couldn't share her agony with anyone. After school she returned back to his house. Food was ready for her. It was kept in Mr Drake's dog dish. Mr drake asked Rachel to remove her clothes, put a lease on her neck and on her hands and legs, she should eat like a dog sharing the food with Mr Drake's dog, Zio. He clicked pictures of this too and also let Zio lick Rachel's pussy while she was feeding herself.

It was a nightmare for her. After having food, he gave permission if she wanted to poop or pee. If she wanted to do it later, she would have to first give Mr Drake a blowjob and only then she could poop or pee. Once she was ready, he fucked her hard in the doggy style. She was literally a bitch today.

When he was fucking her from behind, Rachel was screaming like a huge rod was being mercilessly being forced in her pussy. Mr Drake didn't care no matter how she screamed and how painful it was for her. He again cum inside her pussy. Rachel was worried what if she is pregnant? But she couldn't do anything but let him do whatever he pleases. In the evening, he called her again and asked her to walk like a dog in the house.

He wanted to fist her pussy and also a lot of other things to insert. Literally Rachel was begging and pleading him to not do that. Her pussy would be ruined and she was still just 18. He tied her hands and put a tape on her mouth to reduce her screams. He forced his fist inside her and Rachel was in unbearable pain.

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She couldn't believe she lost her virginity a few hours ago and already been fisted. By the time he was done with his fist, he tried inserting a plastic bottle in her pussy.

Rachel was going all red in pain. She was all unconscious now. Mr drake stopped and let her sleep for the night. In the morning, she was in no condition to even move. She was extremely sore. It would burn even if she wanted to pee. It was a Sunday morning. So both of them were at home. Today was a more brutal day for the poor 18 year old. It was anal day for Rachel.

After having his breakfast, he did feed her in the dog dish. He was very horny already looking at her naked body. He took her upstairs and applied a little lube in her asshole.

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He tied her hands with the bed and put a tape on her mouth. He inserted a huge glass dildo in her pussy and then entered his cock in her tiny asshole. It was hell in there for Rachel. Her asshole was stretched and was fucked ridiculously hard.

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She was like a sex toy in his bed screaming and crying while he enjoyed brutalizing her in every way. Mr Drake filled her asshole with his cum. He took her pictures and it was appearing that he has raped the kid to death. In the evening, he called his old friend, Steve for cigars and drinks and once they were drunk he took him upstairs to show him his little keep. Tied in bed naked, almost unconscious.

They both had lust in their eyes and decided to fuck her. One in the ass and one in the pussy. There were cigar burns on her tits and ass. She was lying there like a wasted piece of shit letting the men fulfil their needs.


Mr Drake used her for the entire week and he gave a B grade to Rachel in her exams. Rachel was pregnant but didn't know whether it was Mr Drake's child or Mr Steve's. Mr Drake got it aborted. Her holes were loose by the end of it. Whenever Mr Drake needed a hole to fuck, she was called in and was always available to spread her legs for him and his friends. At times he use to even make money by letting other men fuck her. She was beaten, abused, humiliated by him.

He also had videotaped her doing lot of disgraceful things. He had a lot of filthy pictures of Rachel and for that she remained a loyal fuck slave of Mr Drake till he found a new 18 year old virgin.