Stepmom MILF fucks her big dick stepson in her office

Stepmom MILF fucks her big dick stepson in her office
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After a night of cunnilingus and felattio with Donna my sexual appetite was a tad bit lessened than it would be on a hump day Wednesday or any other day for that matter.

Before I could truly get lost in my sexual ambitions there was work. I couldn't wait for this week to be over I was looking forward to next week when we would finally be able to bring our work vehicle home.

That meant and extra 300 dollars a month in fuel cost for me so I can't wait. All started well and typical with my day. My first call was a breeze, but second call was a 4 hour install which I never generally liked but this was my job, but the name on the work order gave me slight hope it may turn out well.

Though I shouldn't let a name get excited for countless times had my spirit been broken anticipating and expecting one type of customer but see a complete opposite. You would think after nearly 5 years i wouldn't let a name on a work order get me riled up but it often did. Call me optimistic but hell the name Roxy just had certain appeal to it.

As I pull up to my appointment I do my usual survey of the cable plant leading up to my customer. Pulling up I went ahead and survey the yard and all the specs pertaining to the cable on the exterior of the house. As I was finishing up on the side of the house I was greeted with the voice of a sweet melodic voice of a young lady.

I wasn't let down by my gut feeling this go round. I looked up to have my eyes rest upon a PYT. "Hey there cable man. What you got goin on?" "Hello there I was just about to come and greet you at the door" "Yeah seems I beat you to it." "Yeah I was checking all the parameters of the home before going inside that's all. It looks as though the install shouldn't be too complicated for all the cables run out to the side of the house." "Sounds good." "You wanna take me inside and show me where everything is to be set up before I get started?" "Sure thing Cable Man." I was almost certain I saw her wink at me as she said this; I don't know though maybe my mind was playing tricks on me.

She led me around to the front door of the nice size house, as we entered I was pretty impressed with the foyer, it was accented with a nice mirror adjacent to the door. The house was littered with boxes here and there as she was still unpacking from a recent move.

As she showed me the down stairs where the one TV was to go down here. As she led me up the stairs in an instant my mind went from running cable to laying pipe at the site of her thick glorious legs and ass leading me up stairs.

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"So this is where the main DVR box wil be. Ummmm Helllooooooo anybody home?" She stated as we entered the master bed room. "Ummmm yeah my bad Ms. Lady, so main DVR here I gotcha." I was sure she caught me gawking at her ass. I swear a big booty chick will be the death of me one day I just pray it's not to day. Now I never really go after my customers although I had considered it a time or two before.

Today would make my third, although I always thought it was too much of a risk to actually go through with it. If anyone had what it took to make me reconsider it had to be Roxy.

Though she was a bit shorter standing somewhere around 5'3" or 5'4" and about 135lbs or so, she was thick in every sense of the word. Or as I like to say thicker than a snicker. Her complexion was a light shade of brown with a golden glow to it. She rocked a shaved cut which she dyed blonde and it fit her perfectly. Her breasts were small enough for her to be a part of the itty bitty titty committee but probably not by much. Her prize attribute as far as I was concerned was the thorough-bred ass she was equipped with.

It looked as though she had two basketballs stuffed in her pants. I was in big ass heaven at this job to say the least. "Alrighty well I'm gonna head outside and get everything going out there and work my way back inside." "No problem Cable Man." "By the way my name is Brandon." I found myself having to focus really hard on completing the work at hand. For it was terribly difficult to keep the vision the basketball ass cheeks leading up the stairs out of my perverted mind.

Needless to say 30 minutes later I found myself trying to nudge the doorbell with my elbow while juggling all the equipment that need to installed. "Thanks love, I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it. So I will start down stairs with the living room TV and work my way to the other rooms and office.

Cool?" "Not a problem Cable Man… Oops I mean Brandon." "Ha you got jokes huh?" With that I proceeded to install the equipment in the living room as explained.

Though they had majority of the down stairs still boxed up, go figure they did have this big ass wall unit locked, loaded, and ready to go. I was waste deep in the unit trying to find the cable wall jack when she startled the hell out of me, causing me to smash my head into the wooden board above me.

"I'm so sorry I didn't me to frighten you" said with extreme compassion after witnessing me damn near crack my skull open.

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"It's cool" I exclaimed. "I thought I was by myself that's all" "I understand, well I just wanted to inform you that I am going to jump in the shower and that you can feel free to come and go as you need." "Ummmm ok but I will need you in say about 25-30 minutes to help set up your new email account if you don't mind." "Not a problem I should be out by then." I think to myself boy oh boy if I was ever being tested to day sure was the damn day.

I finished up with the downstairs and headed it up to the other bedrooms; the first two went without a hitch then there was the dreaded master. As I approached the dreaded yet intriguing room, couldn't help but wonder what this bombshell looked like in the nude. The main door was open and to the left was where the TV that was to be set up and to the right was the master bath room, where steam and the pleasant smell of cucumber melon was escaping beneath the double doors.

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I quickly tried to clear my mind and diligently set up this DVR for I didn't want any trouble. With my luck today I'm sure I would run in to a hiccup and sure enough like clockwork. I had to move the dresser out to access the cable outlet here, and to do so I had to open the top drawer to move the dresser. My eyes were immediately drawn to its contents. What the fuck I thought to myself no way a woman this fine should have all these damn sex toys unless she was single and lonely as hell or she was LESBIAN.

I stood frozen in time as my eyes gazed upon this buffet of dildos and vibrators. My question was soon answered as I saw some velcro straps connected to a dildo, yep a strap-on. Right next to it sat a double headed rubber dick.

My suspicions all but confirmed she had to dig chicks with shit like this in here. I quickly did what was needed so I wasn't caught gawking at the mini adult store in her dresser, that would be awkward as hell.


Thankfully there were no other conflicts in setting up her TV. I headed down to the office to start on the internet. The computer was already on and running through her pictures as a screen saver was on.

Walking in I could have sworn I saw a picture of the goddess from the gym yesterday, but it was fading out as I entered. I shrugged it off and told myself to stop trippin. I got to work and in no time was ready for her to set up the account. Moments later I found myself having to muster up the confidence to go back the master to fetch my customer.

Shit I thought, well maybe she was fully clothed now. I no longer heard the water running as I neared the entry way which was a good sign or was it? The doors to the bath room where still closed. I walked over and lightly knocked "Ma'am?" "Whoa!!! What is this ma'am stuff please call me Roxy" she said sounding appalled on the other side of the door. Just as I suspected the name Roxy wouldn't let me down. "Ummm Roxy the TVs are all set up and the computer is waiting on you to set up the e-mail account" "Oh ok that was pretty quick be right out." "No pressure I'm gonna head out to my truck and grab some new customer info and channel line-ups for you.

So take your time." I intentionally took longer than I normally would, trying to give her extra time robe if needed. As I returned back into the office I was greeted with the sight of her at the office desk in nothing but a towel.

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Awwww shit I thought to myself as I felt my other brain start to awaken. "Brandon I can't seem to get past this last part, I've done everything else." "Well let me see what you got here." I said sliding into the seat she had just vacated. "Oh ok you've done all that is needed I can take it from here. By the way here is the info I retrieved for you while at my truck." "Thank you" With that she swayed off looking to be headed back to the master.

Boy was she ever curvy; whoever was hittin' that would have to be heavy on the brakes while traveling that road. I finished setting up the software and homepage info when I got this sudden urge to pry.

I mean, I thought I saw a picture of Cheyenne when I first walked in here but maybe I that would be going too far by looking through pics on her CPU. As I contemplated whether or not I should meddle I was summoned by Roxy. "Excuse me Brandon" she called from her room. Somewhat relieved and feeling a bit saved I eagerly jumped up and headed her way.

" Coming." What my eyes feasted upon as I entered the room was enough to make gay dude reconsider. She was perched up on her king sized bed, knees bent up feet flat on the bed leaning back on her hands. Her breasts sat up high bare and not a sag at all in either. She had oiled her body down, and was looking like a life-sized glazed Krispy Krème doughnut, and at that very moment I sure wanted her to melt in my mouth like a Krispy Krème doughnut would.

To top the spectacle all off she had the channel line-up covering her pussy leaving that to be the only body part left to the imagination. In the midst of this surprise I thought, "yeah I'd like my fiends make a Cable Guy joke now." "Ummmmm yyyoooouuu called for me?" Now the only reason I was worried was for my job sake no other reason, for like I said dealing with women came naturally to me.

"I sure did. I can't seem to get channel 595 to work for me.


See look." As she directed my attention to the TV clearly she knew this wasn't apart of her package, the screen displayed not authorized. Go figure it was the playboy channel and title read naughty house wives.

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"Well ma'am I mean Roxy I don't believe you subscribe to this package unfotunately." I said a bit sarcasticly. "Are you sure?" She said lifting the channel line-up giving me a first class view of a completely manicured twat.


She continued to talk but I heard absolutely nothing as I was salivating at the prettiest pussy my 23 year old eyes had the pleasure of seeing. "Do you think we can work something out?" This was the last words I heard her murmur, not having a clue I could only assume she was trying to cut a deal with me to get the playboy channel. "Ummmmm well unfortunately in this day and age everything is activated through the compute system. My hands are completely tied when it comes to that." My erection was surely visable in my thin company issued slacks.

I caught a glimpse of her steel a peek at my package and raise her eyebrow. With the looks she was giving she couldnt have been a lesbian. "Sorry I am of no assisstance when it comes to that." "Hmmmmmm. Well what can you asisst with?" "I'm not sure what you exactly you may need help with but if its dealing with the cable I'm your guy without a doubt." "Awww oh ok I was just wondering if you know anything about laying pipe.

" she began rubbing her pussy as the words left her mouth. Instinctively I answered "Oh I know all about pipe laying." In that very moment all my thoughts and concerns of my job security. I felt I had been challenged and I am one competitve SOB. A second later she beckoned me over, I wasted no time moving closer with my eyes glued to her pussy as she fondled herself moaning ever so lightly. Once I was in reach she grabbed my wood through my pants and began to unzip them.

In my head I said to myself "I can't believe this is happeninig." Once she free the caged beast she marveled at the sight of my manhood as thought it was the first time she had seen a dick in the flesh. After a good 45 seconds of her staring at all 81/2inches of me she appologized.

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"Sorry you'll have to excuse me for I don't do this too often, well not with a real one atleast." I instantly thought back to the dresser she must be a lesbian.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I'm usually with women or shall I say my woman. yes I'm a lesbian, or so i thought until you pulled up to install my cable. I was instantly attracted to you so much so I tried taking a shower and finger fuck myself to release the sexual tension you brought upon me but that seem to only make me want you more. Now holding your meat in my hands I'm dieing to taste you." With that she plunged my dick deep into her mouth. I'm not one for drama but that had to be one of the sexiest monolougues I had ever seen and heard.

I guess she had practice sucking strap-ons because she wasn't half bad. She went down about three quaters the length of me and began to gag, I pulled out some to give her some relief.

She slide all the way to the tip of my meat flipping her tongue around the head before sucking me down half way then releasing me with pop. I had it set in my mind that I was gonna have to leave an impression, so I was gonna do what her female lover and what I viewed as my competition couldn't.

I hoisted her ass up so fast she didn't have a clue what was going on. Her legs were over my shoulders, my hands cupped each one of her amazing ass cheeks, and her cunt was in perfect alignment with my awaiting mouth.

The scent of her faminie juices were intoxicating, I dove in with wreckless abandon. As soon as contact was made with mouth and pussy she grabbed the back of my head with what felt like a chinese death grip. Pacing back and forth with her on my shoulder and her pussy in my mouth she cried out "YES EAT ME YES EAT THISSSS PU PPUUU PUSSYYYYYYY!" Thats just what I did, darting my tongue in her hole as deep as I could and then flicking it around eliciting shrieks and moans out of her.

I withdrew my tongue to manipulate her swollen clitoris, I sucked it into my mouth and gingerly ran my tongue accross it. In doing so she tensed up and showered my chin with juice. " A fucking squirter." I thought to myself. I was so damn excited, all my years of watching porn and seeing women squirt I had begun to think it was just some porn movie trick. Now in the midst of what I thought was an urban legend I didn't know what to do with myself. With her coming down from her climax I lowered her down onto the bed.

"Holy shit that was awesome. Never in all my life did I think a man could please a woman in such a way." "Ha." I exclaimed. "To think you've only experienced half of what my pipe laying service is all about." I knew this was possibly her first sexual encounter with a man so I had to try and bring her back to the right side of the fence or at very least impress.

She laid back and cocked her legs wide open for me to proceed. I being fully disrobed now wasted not a second to mount this thoroughbred of woman. I was going to play off of her reaction so I decided to take it slow and gentle. I rubbed the head of my stiffness against her well naturally lubricated entrance.

I slowly began to add pressure to make entry, all the while never regretting the idea of taking it slow seeing as to how tight she was. If she hadn't been so moist there would have been a serious struggle taking place. Feeling her walls grip my cock inch by inch like a glove to a hand was amazing. Bottoming out her hands dug into my back with a small moan escaping her lips. I gingerly began to pull out and then back building a slow and steady rhythm, the oohhs and ahhs she emitted were my motivation.

I continued this for about 5 good strokes before being encouraged otherwise. "Hey Cable Man, I may be a lesbian but I am not a fucking virgin so FUCK ME!" needing no more motivation I laid the dick down. I fucked her with long deep strokes to make her shake quiver beneath me in pleasure.

Its safe to say I was making it rain between her thighs for all the squirting she was doing. Before I was brought to my own orgasm there was one thing I had to do. Ya damn right get behind this ass and give it a smack. I flipped her ass over and told her to assume the position and with no hesitation she did.

I rammed my dick into her pussy from behind and damn near cam right there as I watched her ass bounce back at me. I began to pound her ass like a mad man.

I'm sure the expression on my must have been like that of a kid in a candy store with 100 bucks in his pocket. I knew I wouldn't last long for the melodic sounds of balls and thighs slapping and smacking together echoed by screams and moans was beginning to become too much.

I felt her body tighten and she screamed I knew she was cumming and I was right behind her. I whipped my dick out of her snatch just in time to shoot off. I aimed for her ass but the first shot went three quarters up her back. Boy was this a good fuck session. "Where are you from? I had no clue man dick could be so good." She managed to get out while still heaving trying to catch her breath.

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All I could do was laugh. She had it good she was home for the day and able to relish in the pleasure she had received, while I on the other hand was still at work.

Luckily I had finished the install in two hours instead of the four I was allotted. With the outcome of things I was still approaching four so it all worked out I guess. She handed me a towel to wipe down, in doing so I thanked her got dressed and proceed to leave. "Excuse me where do you think you going?" She exclaimed with sass. "Well unfortunately I have other customers I must see about." "Hell not before I put your number in my phone Cable Man." We both laughed at her statement.

I told her my number and she stored it under Cable Man with Brandon in parenthesis. She kissed on the cheek and thanked me for giving her another sexual perspective. The last two jobs where a breeze nothing exciting. Now with a day of work and I guess pleasure complete it was time to hit the gym. **Please Let me know what you think.**