Brunette Babe Has Some Sweet Pov Sex With A White Guy HD

Brunette Babe Has Some Sweet Pov Sex With A White Guy HD
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Chapter 1: Bethany Hawke.



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Chapter 1 Bethany Hawke. Bethany Hawke watched in horror as her brother aproached her.She lay on her bed,completely naked.Her brother,Ryder,having ripped off her dress to reveal her trim,sensual body and busty chest to his now lecherous,red eyed gaze. A darkspawn had managed to inject it's blood into him and though he was still unchanged from good to evil,he was now filled with a desire to impregnate as many women as possible,no matter who they were.It short the only thing the wretched darkspawn had done was give ryder it's power and lust for reproduction.


Ryder himself had given in to these wants and embraced the change.He stood before her,naked,his 8 inch cock raging hard with lust.It's head dripping a steady stream of pre cum,his ball grown to the size of small bowling balls to fit all the extra sperm he now carried.

Each step he took,Bethany swore she heard the great amount of sperm in his sack bubbling,hot,fertile and thick as mollases inside.He got onto the bed and put his heavy sperm makers near her soft,pouty lips. 'Suck.'he said simply.Bethany thought of resistance but knew it would be no good.Her lips slowly attached to his testicles,starting with the nearest one.She slowly began to suck gently on the big cum egg.

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BY THE GODS!Bethany could practically taste the sperm in his giant sack.It smelled so virile,so seasoned with juices.She sucked on it with more vigour,her tongue lucking on each egg lovingly like a brothel whore,her pussy gushing her juice from the taste.She had fallen in love with the taste of her brother's balls.

Ryder smiled in his darkspawn lust.What his sister didn't know was that his cock,balls and seed were filled with a insanely powerful aphrodisiac and hypnosis juice.Soon she would fuck,bear his children and suck his dick of her own volition.

Ten minutes later and his balls were slick with saliva from her sucking,red lipstick stains covering them from his sister's whorish lips.Bethany could not bear let her lips and tongue part from his sperm juggs.She slobbered over them like a bitch. Ryder pulled her lips from his cock and now speared her mouth with his cock.Bethany,now completely under his thrall,began sucking hard on his rod.Her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked him off,her mouth filling with his pre cum.Ryder growled in pleasure,pushing his sister's dark tresses down onto his cock,eager for release.And this came soon.


'AHHHHHH!TAKE MY SEED SISTER.FEED ON MY SPERM LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE.DON'T SPILL IT AT ALL,YOU SLUT.KEEP IT IN YOUR MOUTH LIKE A GOOD SLUT AND SAVOUR IT.' Bethany felt her mouth fill with his thick seed.It seemed to be endless.She held his twin jizz juggs and began to massage them She felt his sperm travel from his balls into her mouth pussy in thick,plentiful,spurts.She swallowed much of his protein rich seed before keeping some in her mouth as he finally stopped Cumming.

His cock came from her mouth as she opened it to show him his sperm,which she then swallowed submissively.Ryder's cock twitched at the sight. 'Your seed is so delicious my brother.So thick and hot and right to eat.My belly can't get enough of your protein rich sperm.' Her brother wasn't wasting time though.He spread her legs and thrust fully into Bethany's wet pussy.He broke through her virginity quickly,his darkspawn precum healing her quickly to avoid pain and maximize pleasure.For an hour straight he pummeled her pussy with deep thrusts,Bethany screaming encouragement.

'Ohhh,yes.Take your slut sister ryder.Punish her pussy.Release all that lust on me.Fuck me like a bitch in heat.Like a slut in a brothel.Like a fucking whore.You like how my pussy feels,don't you?Fuck me hard.Cum inside your sister.Give me your sperm.Your thick,fertile,baby making sperm.Give me all that steaming hot spunk in my womb.My eggs are ripe,fertile and ready to bear your heirs.So fucking CUM IN ME!' He did.He slammed into her pussy deeply before plastering her womb and ovulating eggs in thick,fertile seed,Kissing Bethany deeply as lovers not siblings while pouring his hot load into her.

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She was now his wife and mother of his children,his heirs. ################3 years later########### Bethany Hawke suckled her second baby girl,her now larger milk filled breasts providing her daughter the nourishment she needed as she sucked hungrily on her mother's tit.Her first daughter was playing on the floor of the room with toys her father,ryder,had bought.

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They had astonishing beauty,her children,and would grow to be strong in battle and magic.Her brother's heritage ensuring this.She placed her other hand to her swollen belly.Their third child was soon to be born,though ryder would miss this birth.He was securing their future by fucking other women of power. She shrugged and returned her attention to the baby.He had said something about a red haired bard and a certain blonde queen.She would have to wait and see. TO BE CONTINUED.

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