Genisis took on this cock

Genisis took on this cock
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Chapter 5 Today is what is known as Black Friday, with sales at every store you can imagine. Mom and Helen had left at three in the morning on their annual shopping spree. We waited half an hour before leaving ourselves. Kathryn and I begin our Christmas shopping in earnest. We actually manage to sneak away and do a little shopping on our own.

Kathryn had me drive to one of the other major malls near us, it was a little further and we both believed our mothers would be elsewhere. For the past two years Kathryn had both money and mobility she fully intended on making these holiday season something to remember. Last year she went a little wild on her spending, I really didn't mind much I enjoyed seeing the joy she had in giving.

This year her parents have threatened to place severe limits on her spending. We will try to complete most of our shopping today, if we can get it all done without their limitations Kathryn will be happier. Everything was going great the trunk of the car was nearly completely full. That morning Michael Junior and Mark leave early hoping to avoid some of the traffic.

Their future in-laws are hoping to get to spend some time with them before their return to school. Fortunately both girls only lived a few hours away. Even with the heavy holiday traffic they should be there by noon. When we stopped for a late lunch, the Coach calls my cell phone wanting to know where we were.

He had come by the house worried when we did not answer the door or the phone at home. I can almost hear him groaning at Kathryn as she explains she's loves getting to buy them everything she wanted to buy her family for Christmas. Kathryn ends up promising her father that she will allow her mother to approve of everything.

I chuckle after Kathryn gets off the phone I say to her, "Now you know how I felt the last three Christmases." A smile crosses Kathryn's lips before she says, "Frustrated that you can't just go out and buy everything your heart wants to buy them." With a shake of my head to indicate she is correct after a second I add, "Especially when it came to you, I could purchase anything but was always afraid to make you feel bad because you couldn't do the same for me." Kathryn giggles before she teases and says.

"I would've gotten over it really fast." Teasing her right back I say, "You know me I wouldn't take a chance of upsetting you for five minutes." Now Kathryn really turns up the teasing, with a hard expression she says, "You cheapskate you could've gotten a lot better gifts." As my expression turns to one of shock and my face pales Kathryn can't keep up the act she begins to giggle merrily before she says, "I got you so good." Realizing Kathryn is teasing me I say, "I guess it is coal for you this year." Now with a little girl expression Kathryn says, "Oh please, Santa I'll be good this year honest." With big puppy dog eyes and the pouty lipped she makes me laugh.

Kathryn joins in on my laughter. We go ahead and leave going home. We still get back a few hours before Mom and Helen. The coach called us over soon after we arrived home. Apparently he been shopping as well, he shows Kathryn a jewelry box inside his a necklace and matching earrings for Helen.

Kathryn coos saying, "Daddy, Mom is going to love it." He smiles and says, "I really hope so." I say, "Yeah that's an easy one to guess, Helen will love it." When Helen arrives home Kathryn has all her purchases in one of the master bedrooms downstairs. There several things she won't let me see, I received smack on my hand for trying to take a peek. Even from the kitchen I can hear the three of them giggle as they go through Kathryn's purchases.

I can't help but wonder what Kathryn and our moms are up to. But when they finish they have armloads of wrapped presents they go under the tree. Christmas that year was lots of fun. I even managed to get a surprise in for Kathryn. I made a photo album a lot of the pictures I've taken over the last three Christmases. See herself in hundreds of photos Kathryn asks, "JJ, when did you find time to do this?" "Oh a few hours while you were sleeping, mostly early in the morning." The rest of Christmas break Kathryn and I spent together, we visit grandma before New Year's.

We had gotten her a few presents that we wanted to deliver in person. Kara and Krystal come along with us on our visit. We leave early in the morning and come back late that afternoon.

In the spring, that's when the other sisters discovered my true weakness, if they convinced Kathryn to ask me I would always do it. Fortunately for me Kathryn wasn't too much of a pushover when it comes to our sisters.

(You may have noticed I refer to Kathryn's sisters as our sisters. That's because I've grown accustomed to treating them like my sisters now. Helen and Michael senior would usually put the brakes on me spoiling them, they made me get approval on anything I purchased for our sisters, but I begin to treat the boys as my brothers as well.) The only major exception of this was when I took them all shopping I still was able to give them a prepaid credit card with several thousand dollars but they allowed me only one per year.

Now Kathryn also had a major income and she can spoil our family too, Helen and Michael placed the same restriction on her. The rest of the school year went by quickly. Kathryn and I learned that we didn't need to be in a rush at our lovemaking, and it got better for it. We still hurried to get our school work accomplished so we have time for other things we wanted to do.

We did insist on having a nine o'clock bedtime, teenagers need their sleep. We would say with lots of giggles. We were in bed shortly after nine just not asleep for a couple hours. Senior prom was our final dance of high school it was about three weeks before graduation and Kathryn wanted to go badly.

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Mom and Helen had taken Kathryn to purchase a prom dress. They sent me by myself to purchase my new tuxedo, instead of renting one I purchased it. I'll have one available anytime there was a need for me to wear one. Kathryn and I practiced dancing for nearly six months, she said she wanted me do better than I did on my last dance I took her to.

By the end of the six months we could do everything from a bop to a waltz. We're particularly good at the shag. The dance style I preferred is the tango. I talked with few of my friends on the prom committee and made sure they were going to play music suitable for both styles of dancing. The day of the prom Mom made me dress downstairs and one of the other bedrooms. Kathryn disappeared earlier that day. Mom told me she was getting ready for tonight, and not to worry.

On occasion mom had me wait in the basement, so Kathryn can move around without me seeing her. When it was approaching time for me to leave I had showered and dressed, I was waiting for Kathryn at the foot of the stairs, as directed. I had a stunning Ruby bracelet for Kathryn in addition to the flowers for her.

Fortunately for me Michael senior was on hand to catch me, when Kathryn made her way down the stairs her beauty literally knock me off my feet. Kathryn rushes to my side, seeing me nearly toppling over. Finding I'm not hurt or sick she begins to giggle. Love shines in my eyes as I say, "My love you are truly stunning tonight.

I am a little worried you're going to make the Angels jealous." Kathryn only blushes as I take her hand in place her new Ruby bracelet on her wrist. It matches the design of her favorite necklace, which of course she's wearing. Looking it over Kathryn merrily says, "I love it." A Limousine waits outside to take us to the dance, of course Mom and Helen take a dozen photos before they let us depart. Arriving at the dance Kathryn has an effect on many of the other young men there, much to the chagrin of their dates.

When the tango started Kathryn and I quickly found ourselves the only couple on the dance floor. As we went through all the moves of the dance, more and more of our classmates turned to watch. When the dance concluded it was to the sound of applause. Eddie, Marshall and Samuel held up signs with numbers rating our performance. Marshall and Samuel were friends from football and gave us tens. Eddie being family was actually more critical, giving us an eight.

That was Eddie's, Kathryn's and mine final year of high school at the end of summer we should be heading off to a college. We had a graduation party for Eddie, Kathryn and I. Unlike in the years before I presented his keys to his new car at our graduation party. I couldn't nail Kathryn down on college if she wanted to go to one or not. For me with three Associates degrees it didn't matter that much.

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At the end of June this year I'll be turning eighteen years old. 1 July Kathryn will be turning fourteen years old. Eddie has also turned eighteen years of age last month. Eddie being closest brother to Kathryn's age, she almost bought him a car until her parents place to $5000 limit on the gift she can give.

I got Him a state-of-the-art laptop and loaded additional software. The present that Kathryn purchased was just under the limit placed on her, a very nice watch.

Eddie actually hugged and kissed Kathryn in gratitude. The Coach and Helen had not placed a limit on their anniversary present. Kathryn had gotten a new crossover SUV for her mother. A new bass boat with a large ribbon waited at my boat docks for her father. Despite how he got his injuries he loved to fish and was grateful for the new boat. I joked with Kathryn about my upcoming eighteenth birthday, "You can give me anything you want as long as you make it yourself." Kathryn jokes right back with me, "I guess I just have to give you money, I made plenty of that." She pulls me into bed, as I sink back into her creamy pussy she says, "I could just stop taking my birth control too.

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I can make your child, course you have to wait a little while before you get to play with the baby." "You can buy me whatever you really want to, we'll have enough kids without you making them presents to me." In other words I surrendered.

I guess it is better that way. A week later on my birthday, Kathryn gives me a new Cadillac Escalade in metallic blue, eight passengers with towing capability. Kathryn giggling she says, "Now you're not going to leave me home on anymore fishing trips." Later that day, I got a couple surprises one of the things that Kathryn had purchased from Victoria's Secret was a new bikini it was rather small and white.

Kathryn showed it off to me. "What you think about it?" She asked. "Isn't that the one that they sell to use tanning?" If it was I knew something else about this bikini while dry you can't see through them, they allow the ultraviolet which tans the skin to pass through.

Once there wet you can see through them quite easily. Grinning Kathryn replied, "Yes, this is the type." I ask. "Trying to get rid of your tan lines my love?" She nods yes and I continue.

"You know what happens when that gets wet?" She shook her head no. With a devilish grin on my face I ask, "Could I get a few pictures of you in your new bikini?" Confused she asks, "Why, JJ is something about this bikini that you know." "You will see. I'll only take pictures while it's dry but I want to see you get out of the water in it." Confusion is on her face at my statement.

Kathryn shook her head and laughed. "They were discontinued but mom happened to find one's to fit her and all of us girls. They're coming over to swim in a few minutes." In good conscience I have to warn her so she can warn her sisters and mom, "The reason they were discontinued is when they get wet you can see through them easily." Kathryn says with a devilish grin, "Oh so that's why you want to see me coming out of the pool." I answer her truthfully, "No I wanted to see the expression on your face when you realized your suit is transparent.

If I want to see you nude I get to do that now." Laughing Kathryn replies to me, "Only if I let you Mr." I smile as I reply, "Yes my love I'm fully aware of that." I go to my camera and begin snapping a few head shots of her she sticks her tongue out playfully and of course I snap away at that pose.

I show her the shots I've taken. She asks, "Do I really look like that?" Smiling handsomely I answer, "Yes my love that is how you really look and I love you." She's really turned into a goddess almost fourteen her facial features are that of her mother's.

We can hear the noise downstairs our habit of leaving the door open to our room hasn't changed yet. This has led to some embarrassing events when we were caught up in the moment forgetting to shut the door as our lovemaking got loud, to find our mothers giggling in the doorway.

We had downstairs camera in hand, I'll be sure to ask before snapping any embarrassing pictures, more likely I'll just let Kathryn take the pictures. Turns out Helen had got a bikini that fit Mom as well and Mom was with the girls as they begins splash in the water. Mom and Helen both new about the bikinis becoming translucent turn out that's exactly why she purchased them. I pull Kathryn to the side for second and say into her ear quietly, "Kathryn I have a bad feeling about this, your mother has never stopped your sisters from tempting me before.

I thought she's always doing that as a test to see if I'm strong enough to be faithful to you. I've always passed that test.

I love how we are now, and I will never risk our love. Remember I've always been for you and you alone." I kiss her before whispering, "I love you Kathryn and I will be with you and only you." Then I handed Kathryn the camera. "Just head shots I only want to get their expressions when they know their bikinis are translucent." As we walk into the pool area the girls splashing each other too busy to notice as their suits become translucent.

Helen and Mom are both in the pool up to the neck in the water. Fortunately for me I have been having sex with my fiancée for a long time. Unfortunately I'm eighteen years old and with a high sex drive. So the site so many perky breasts is more than little arousing. Even trying as hard as I can I can't prevent my hard on. I whisper in Kathryn's ear, "I knew this was a bad idea I should not have come down here." Kathryn giggles, "It is okay I know you're a horny eighteen-year-old." With a horny grin I say, "Speaking of which let's go back to our room as soon as we can." Kathryn says, "That will be fun, but you really have to lick me good to make up for getting hard at seeing my sisters' tits." I chuckle, "I told you I really didn't want to come down here and yes I will lick you very good." Kathryn takes a few wide shots not really focusing in on her sisters.

I have to admit my four sister-in-law's have beautiful breast the two that I assume are Kathryn's full sisters probably have 34 C cups is absolutely no sag to them. Her mother's is also 34 C cup with only slightly sag due to eight children hopefully Kathryn's tits stand up as well to twelve children and three more pregnancies. If everything in my premonition comes true. The future could always change one bad choice could lead to a totally darker future. Helen comes out of the pool and walks over to me.

"JJ we have an interesting proposition for you." I gently nudge Kathryn to get her attention I want her to hear what her mother has to say.

As Kathryn turn to me I nod my head for Helen to continue, "We're going to offer you every pussy in this house." I don't even need to think about this is not something I would consider it's not that I'm a religious or prudish person. I have something pure that I've tried to protect for three years now maybe if Helen had offered me this when I wasn't invested in my relationship with Kathryn, like just before she set in my lap the first time. I might have considered it longer than it took me to say, "No." With a little surprised Helen to her expression remarks.

"That was fast you didn't even consider it did you?" "No, Helen I didn't consider it. I'm not risking what I have with Kathryn now." I turned to Kathryn I search her eyes her face there's a mixture of pride and satisfaction. I say, "Let's go to our room." Helen stops me with a hand on my chest before saying, "JJ you don't understand I need you.

My daughters need you." Then the room totally breaks out in laughter as Kathryn takes a picture of my face. Helen giggling finally says, "JJ you should see your face." They bring out a cake with me standing over a dead bear on it. Helen begins. "JJ I do owe you for protecting my daughters, I know there's no way of ever repaying that. We all love you, happy eighteenth birthday son. We need you to blow out the candles now." Grandma and Michael had just arrived from his mother's home.

She held a couple of jars of jelly for me. Along with a nice warm hug she tells me. "I had to have the house worked on this year. I'm coming to visit you as long as that offer still stands." I take her bag into one of the newly decorated masters. As Kathryn her sisters talk happily with her. We have a nice meal, and everyone relaxes Kathryn sisters have all put on wraps. After dinner they each come by and give me a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Last are Helen and Michael his injuries more or less healed fully.

Michael begins. "Son was some little joke my wife pulled a new I got to see the picture I almost laughed until I cried. Honesty we do owe you more than we could ever repay, done a little checking now with Kathryn turning fourteen I hate to tell you this I'm going to make you marry her.

I'm getting a judge to issue a court ordering you to marry Kathryn on her birthday." From my expression you think someone just give me the greatest gift ever, instead compelling me to marry their fourteen-year-old daughter.

Excitedly I ask, "Does Kathryn know?" From a few feet behind me I hear Kathryn question, "Do I know what?" I turned scoop her up into my arms before I turn back to her father.

Kissing her I say, "Please tell Kathryn what you're going to force me to do." Chuckling Michael senior says, "When you turned fourteen I'll have a shotgun wedding for you two." A very excited Kathryn says, "Oh my God I only have a week to wait." Then she keeps kissing me. Mom giggles saying, "Like you didn't see that coming." The rest of the family breaks out in laughter.

After a while and a lot of kisses, Michael pulls me off with Kathryn to a corner so we can talk. "JJ, I found out now that you turned eighteen and if you're not married to Kathryn, you two living in the same house can be very dangerous for you. So you guys have a week that you'll have to spend apart.

If anything happened and you went to jail I know it but kill Kathryn." "Dad, you telling me, I have to marry Kathryn is the best news you can ever give me." I say happily holding Kathryn.

Kathryn says, "Yes, now I don't have to wait another two years longer. I'd married JJ tomorrow if I could." I smile and nod a yes, Kathryn I feel exactly the same way. Reluctantly that night Kathryn packs a light suitcase with clothes she'll need for the next week. The way were acting you think they were shipping me over seas and we wouldn't be seen each other for a year or more instead just being in the next house down the road.

Helen and Mom take Kathryn to a bridal shop very early the next day. They pick out a beautiful wedding dress that I don't get to see. They pay a lot more for rushed but it should be ready in a couple more days. Kathryn and I only get a couple hours together that evening.

We cuddle and kiss until they make us separate again for the night. Grandma will be staying until her home has several crucial repairs completed. All so new central air conditioner is installed, ducks and insulation to make the house comfortable.

Michael has taken some of the money from his settlement to repair his mother's house. It's great having her around. I get a few more of those great stories from her. Kathryn unfortunately is sleeping over at her old house until our wedding. Grandma notices that Kathryn and I show signs of stress two days later.

She asks, "You two need to be alone?" Kathryn and I both look at each other without saying anything we look back. She begins to giggle. Then grandma says to us, "Look I know the two of you are in love, and our young, engaged for over a year. Neither of you have slept in two days, because you haven't been together. So if being here is stopping that, I'll just have to leave." Kathryn asked first, "You mean you know that we sleep together." Grandma says. "JJ, I saw your room, what's more I saw your bathroom, and it's certainly not the room of a bachelor, especially not one eighteen years old.

Anyone could look at the two of you and tell you're absolutely miserable without the other. Remember that, how you feel right now. If you ever think you'd be better off without the other." Kathryn and I look at each other before we say simultaneously. "Yes grandma, we know." We do we know we are two halves of one whole, that's why we feel so good in each other's arms. That's why if we are within a few feet of each other we will move near enough to take the other's hand.

Kathryn would prefer to set my lap then anywhere else. We love, no we need to touch each other. We're addicted to it the feel of the others hand, our kisses, the feel of each other's bodies as we hold each other. I know I haven't been able to sleep without Kathryn by my side.

Even though I know for sure the last three days we couldn't have made love. I call Helen and mom, we sat down with grandma. I begin my say. "Grandma I know I'm not actually your grandchild. It will be five days before I can be married to Kathryn. You do know how much I love her." Grandma cuts me off right there. Mom and Helen's face has gone pale.

"JJ I know one thing any man willing to put himself between a charging bear and the one he loves, sure should be able to sleep with her no matter what any stupid law says. Now you and Kathryn go to bed before you both fall over." It's not even eight o'clock at night, Kathryn takes my hand, and we're both exhausted. I know I pushed the door closed, I don't think it latched.

Kathryn and I peel off our clothing as we cross the bedroom, I turn down the covers and even though I would love to hold Kathryn and make love to her were both just too tired. She slides in and I slide in right next to her, we snuggle to each other kiss lovingly for a second then looking to each other's sleepy eyes we both drift off for the first time in two days.

Light was coming through my windows it is late morning. That's when I realized I wasn't dreaming. I held Kathryn in my arms. I held onto her until I heard her breathing change. "Good morning love." Kathryn pulls tighter to me before she says, "I was so tired I thought I just passed out and dreamed I got to hold you." That's when the realization hits me that it was grandma that sent us to bed together.

That means she knows that we are more like husband-and-wife than just fiancés. I kiss Kathryn before telling her. "Grandma sent us to bed together. I'm pretty sure she knows about us." Kathryn giggles and says, "Grandma's always been one to never have the wool pulled over her eyes." I don't think either Kathryn or I would've moved from our bed we were enjoying the touch of each other's body far too much to willingly relinquish the feeling. We would have continued holding each other if it wasn't for the knock on the door.

Reluctantly Kathryn answers.

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"Yes who is it?" The door opens slowly, and Grandma pokes her head in. "I was wondering when you two would finally wake up, it's nearly 10 o'clock." Kathryn says.


"Give us twenty minutes, we'll grab a shower and be right down." When Grandma retreats and closes the door behind her, Kathryn and I reluctantly progress towards the bathroom. Kathryn uses the water closet first as I wait. When Kathryn exits she has a playful smile, she says.

"Guess what I'm no longer having?" It only takes me a moment to understand what she means. We made it a rule that we have no sex with strings attached. Actually Kathryn made that rule and I just abide by it.


If you hadn't guessed by now that rule has two meanings. One is fairly obvious the other makes me do without for a few days every month.

When I'm out of the water closet Kathryn already has the shower running stepping into join her my body already is reacting to the news. Playfully touching Kathryn I get her attention is my hands cupped in play with her wet breasts. Kathryn giggles. "I guess we could try to get away with it if we're fast.

She turns and jumps throwing her legs around me. She traps my hard cock between us for only a few seconds to allow her to get a hold on me. I have two hands full of her gorgeous ass as our lips meet. We kiss hot and passionately as Kathryn grinds her clit along my hard cock. I raise her body up in one of her hands goes between us and she positions my hard cock ready for me to allow her to slide down its length. Kathryn moans.

"I couldn't sleep no matter what without you. Let's never do that again." "I couldn't sleep either without you my love. All I could do was look out my window towards you." Kathryn holds me close says, "I was going to sneak over here tonight no matter what." Grinning I say, "That's funny I would've been halfway to your house when I ran into you." That causes us both to laugh. Then we kiss and get serious about making love.

Kathryn squeezes herself into me before she whispers. "We have to hurry my love." I raise her up and move my hips back then lower and push in, Kathryn groans in pleasure. Moaning she says. "I know it's only been a few days but I missed that." It doesn't take us long to find fast rhythm together as our bodies move with each other. Because it's been a few days were both eager to please the other. Each time I had Kathryn fully impelled I grind against her clit, a few minutes Kathryn is beginning to spasm and her pussy milks my cock as an orgasm begins.

Kathryn is biting her lip trying not to cry out. It only takes a few more minutes for us to be lost in our lovemaking. I pushed deeply into her as my own orgasm takes me. I place my mouth to hers and we moan in each other's mouths.

Kathryn breaks our kiss and arches her back the water now runs through her hair and over her face. She comes forward throwing her wet hair over me. I kiss her loving the sensation of her in my arms. Kathryn groans, "We better hurry, that would've been just a good warm-up normally but that's all we can do right now." Still holding her tight I say.

"Now you just got me started you're going to make me stop. I guess if we have to." We quickly wash each other trying to avoid the temptation to again make love. We dress; Kathryn's clothing is still in my room. I guess we didn't think of that if Grandma had gone through our wardrobe drawers she would've found a mixture of Kathryn's and my clothing.

We're a little late coming downstairs, but Kathryn and I are both more relaxed. Mom, Helen and Grandma are there sitting by the table having a cup of coffee. Kathryn and I fix ourselves a bowl of cereal, I retrieve the milk from the refrigerator and add it to our bowls. Kathryn looks up and blows me a kiss that is become her way of thanking me. I smile and blow her one in return. I turned and put the milk away as I hear giggles from the three older women.

Returning to the table and sitting beside Kathryn who shows signs of being a little embarrassed, I have to ask, "What did I miss?" Mom stops giggling long enough to say, "Apparently Kathryn, and you look like totally different people this morning.

They both have that I just got laid look too." I glance over at Kathryn although her cheeks a little brighter where she has a smile that just won't stop. I realize I'm smiling too. I could feel my cheeks burn as well. Kathryn and I just crack up, leaned over hug and kiss each other. Our three older table mates laugh fully now. Its Grandma that finally manages to say, "Listen I was young, not too old to remember how it was to be in love. You can't even sleep without the other being there.

So the night you two do like you normally would." Now it's my mom's turn to say something, "But make sure you close the door the rest of us don't want to hear it." Still embarrassed but grateful that were not having to spend the rest of the time until the wedding apart Kathryn and I both say, "Yes Mom." Grandma laughs, "Speak for yourself Maggie I don't have the Internet." Mom gets serious for a second before she says.

"Even with the door closed those two are plenty loud enough." We decide to spend some time with grandma shopping at the local mall. It's not extremely huge but considering where grandma lives it has a lot more shopping than she's used to. Kathryn and I walk around like always hand-in-hand, we run into a few friends from school. Small town doesn't have a lot to do during the summer, and a lot of our friends spent time in the mall.

The girls go window shopping, and the guys chased the girls. I'm just happy to have Kathryn in my life. I don't have to go through the pain a lot of our friends have gone through with finding someone falling in love and breaking up. I'm happy Kathryn feels the same way. A lot of our friends have forgotten that Kathryn is four years younger than I am. That's not something we advertise either way.

Some of our friends do know the difference in our ages and don't care anymore. They see us the way we see ourselves made for each other.

One of these friends is the son of a local judge named George Thurgood, just like the famous musician, but no relationship at all.

His son Marshall is on the football team with me. Marshall asked me more than once if I wanted his father to make a judicial order for me to marry Kathryn. I'll always laugh and say in a heartbeat. From the research the coach has shown us we can't do that until next week. So when we ran into Marshall he smiled and asked, "How is the happy couple?" I smiled and say, "We're doing great. How are you?" He says, "I wish I was as lucky as you are." Kathryn giggles and asked, "Have you ever asked out Misty?" Marshall's expression shows his confusion as he gazes into space for second then looks at Kathryn and asks, "You really think she would go out with me.

I've had a crush on her for a very long time." Marshall shocked at himself for admitting that fact quickly adds, "God don't tell her that." Kathryn giggles before she says, "Just ask her out, she's a year younger than you but I'm pretty sure she won't mind." I tell him, "If you never ask her out you're never going to determine if she likes you." We talked for a few more minutes and he says his goodbyes and wonders a way. I smile at Kathryn before I asked. "How do you know that Marshall and Misty will make a good couple?" Kathryn giggles before she tells me, "Their wedding announcement is in the same paper as announcement of our first born." Chuckling I say, "I hope they have as good a marriage as we have." Remarks like that never go unnoticed by Kathryn she says, "So you think of us as already married too." I don't think this will be a shock to Kathryn I say, "Ever since we were a couple I've always thought that." Kathryn giggles, "That's why I was nervous that first night you gave me my necklace, and I thought you were going to give me my engagement ring." Grinning from ear to ear I say, "You know you're going to wear that necklace on our wedding day." Kathryn giggles before saying, "I know that's why I love it so much.

Oh speaking of jewelry I think you owe me something Mr." "If you say so love of course I do." This causes Kathryn to giggle. "Just because you can't forget anything doesn't mean you remember everything all the time." But I lead her off to the jewelry store. Coming through the door the sales clerk recognizes me. "JJ that special order just got here. Sorry it's late but the stones that you like the ones you wanted in your order just came available." Is a large Ruby necklace with a pair ear rings that match beautifully, the necklace itself is like a field of roses, with rubies for the rosebuds.

I had it specially designed to match her necklace she had already. It was designed to complement and extend it. And like always Kathryn is wearing her necklace. There is seldom a day when Kathryn doesn't wear it, even on our special dates when she wears one of her other necklaces, her rosebuds she has worn it at least half the day.

Placing the second necklace on her, Kathryn looks in the mirror now tears of joy streamed down her beautiful face. The ear rings finish the total package.


Now she has all of her wedding jewelry. Like always Kathryn simply says, "I love it." Of course I will not make her take it off that would be almost cruel at this point. As we walk out of the jewelry store Mom appears behind us. She clears her throat and we turn. Mom seeing Kathryn's new jewelry says, "Holy shit, JJ you done good.

I see it finally came in. He's only been waiting for this for three months now." Kathryn looks at me and says, "You really didn't forget did you?" I simply shake my head no, "Guess it wasn't meant for you to wait till your birthday." Helen and grandma join us.

Helen says, "That is some more necklace you got there baby." We'll have a dinner at one of the better restaurants in town, a quick call summons the rest of the Edwards to the restaurant we all share a great meal.

Five more days Kathryn and I will have our wedding reception. The manager comes up and tells Helen that everything is prepared for the upcoming event. Its then that I realize Mom and Helen had been planning this a lot longer than they have told us. A quick glance at Kathryn and we both know what they been up to. I whispered to Kathryn, "Love, I guess we'll just have to sit back and enjoy what they have planned for us." With a quick look around we give each other a quick kiss, Helen clears her throat loudly to get our attention.

Kathryn and I get a, who us, expression on our face that starts grandma laughing and the rest of the family joins in. Kathryn I both look at each other then began laughing as well. Eventually Kathryn and I do finish our dinner. After paying for dinner I take everyone home. Once home Kathryn and I retreat to our room to work on the stock market and a few other things we always look into. I checked my e-mails and find one from Joan. Apparently California isn't very quiet right now.

Alyssa and Edward are not getting along. Joan and Johnny are concerned about the marriage. Joan says they've been fighting on and off for the last three months.

And her father has taken to sleeping on the couch more than sleeping with his wife. I have Kathryn read the e-mail, I don't want to keep anything from her. A long time ago I explained about Joan and how she fit into my life. How I felt responsible for her in a way, because my father had saved her and it's a son's responsibility to continue his father's work.

Kathryn punched me saying. "You would be the only son who feels that way." Maybe she's right. Joan is just the first girl I ever kissed. Joan is about five months older than Kathryn but I never considered Kathryn as her own age. Considering the connection we have Kathryn's age doesn't mean anything to me. I ask Kathryn, "You think I should share this with my Mom?" Kathryn slowly shakes her head yes, but then says.

"You should e-mail her back and ask if you can." Kathryn and I compose an e-mail and send it to Joan, I informed her that I let Kathryn read it, and we'd like to discuss if there's anything we can do to help or if Mom could.

But would have to share it with Mom to let her know, if that's all right send us an e-mail back and we will. Joan must've been online because it wasn't two minutes before we received a reply. She says she understands about me sharing with Kathryn.

Because she so upset with her parents, and doesn't know what to do she would welcome any help. She gives us permission to share the e-mail with Mom. We send a few instant messages back and forth over the next few minutes. Joan and Kathryn have done this quite often have a few inside jokes that they will not share with me. I finally asked if there's nothing we can do for your parents, would you guys like to come out for a while just to get away from them fighting.

Kathryn is actually excited by this she's looking forward to meeting Joan. She instant messages back before Joan can respond asking her to as well. I know Joan's private school only has a month break and should begin soon. Printing the e-mail we go down to talk to Mom. Mom agrees that something must be done, but there's very little you could do to help someone save their marriage.

You can provide help or counseling but if the couple will not work on their own marriage there's nothing anyone else can do. Mom agrees that we could let Joan and Johnny come and visit. Grandma interjects. "How close of a friend is Joan to you JJ?" I answer, "Close enough that I would like to see her here for our wedding." Kathryn giggles, "I have wanted to meet her for over a year now.

I wouldn't mind inviting her to the wedding." Mom says, "We'll just have to do that invite them to the wedding." I pull Kathryn close before I asked her, "So dear, what day do you think your wedding is going to be." Kathryn giggling says, "The Fourth of July of course." Mom and Helen had a strange look on their face as they ask, "Kathryn how'd you know." Kathryn begins, "The first is my birthday and the day the order will be given, the first day the judge will be free to do the ceremony is the fourth.

Knowing you guys, you want a memorable date for our wedding anniversary. The best part about it is there always going to be fireworks on our anniversary." Mom and Helen both giggle. Before grandma says, "They hadn't told me the date and here you figure it out as easy as pie." After kissing her on the cheek I say, "I told you Kathryn is the smartest person I know.

But don't let that go to your head, Love." Kathryn pulls me back into a long passionate kiss, after breaking she says, "I was smart enough to catch you." I chuckle lightly before I respond, "I was smart enough to let you." The rest of the room breaks out into laughter. It's still fairly early but Kathryn and I haven't had much sleep, sitting with the family watching TV we both dozed off holding each other.

At 10 o'clock Mom notices that we're still there, walking over she sees were both sleeping soundly. Kathryn's face is only a few inches away from mine. We both have a light smile on our faces like we were just pulling back from a kiss. Mom quietly gets the camera and takes a close-up shot of us, it doesn't bring is fully awake but even in our sleep we kiss each other. Mom again takes more photos and the flash wakes us.

Mom giggles, "You two are something, even in your sleep you make out. Now I have the proof." Kathryn giggles as she looks at the pictures and remarks, "I always thought I was dreaming about us kissing in my sleep." With a grin I tell her, "Kathryn you are my dream come true." Mom starts to run us off to bed after that and says, "Enjoy this while you can once Alyssa and family get here, you're sleeping apart again." Kathryn and I both groan before I say, "If we're apart we don't sleep, I will just set looking out the window towards Kathryn." Kathryn continues, "I set and look back towards him not able to sleep without his arms around me.

I swear I'm addicted to it." I say, "That's the best way to describe it I'm addicted to being with Kathryn." With understanding in her voice Mom says, "It's a good thing they're not flying in until the second of July. I'll get them a rental car and a hotel near the airport.

That way they won't get here until the third, and you'll only have the one night apart." Helen giggles, "Since the night of the third is the night before your wedding it is traditional you spend it apart anyway. The groom is not to see the bride on the day of the wedding until he raises the veil." Kathryn and I after our little nap and by the time we reach our room were wide awake. Closing the door and double checking to make sure it is closed.

I push Kathryn gently toward the bed. Giggling Kathryn begins skipping across the large bedroom pulling off her clothes on the way. By the bed Kathryn removes her bra and panties leaning over given me a flash of her wet pussy in the process. Looking over her shoulder she wiggles her cute ass at me. Giggling she says, "Come here my husband your wife wants you." Grinning I say, "Wife your husband is going to make love to you until we both pass out from the pleasure." With a moan Kathryn says, "Promises, promises." By then I reached the bed and have stripped and I am as turned on as Kathryn is.

I bend over and lightly nipped at the gorgeous thirteen-year-old ass in front of me. I then roll her over onto her back, kneeling down I run my tongue through her pussy, it's wet and tasty with a musky sweet aroma that I love. Kathryn moans, "Oh yes JJ, lick me until I cum for you." Her inner lips already protrude, there wet and getting wetter, running my tongue between the crease of her outer lips and inner, and that sends shivers through Kathryn.

I knew she loves for me to lightly nipped at her thighs, kissed them and work my way back up all the way across to her other thigh. I tease her in this manner. It only takes a few minutes before Kathryn shakes and thrust her hips each time I get close to her. Kathryn moans, "Please JJ stop teasing me lick me until I cum." I lick a crossed her inner lips, not parting them simply pressing at them, Kathryn spreads her legs so wide that they open by the time I reach her clit.

Her hands grabbing hold of my head as she thrusts her clit into my mouth. As my lips close and suck her into me Kathryn moans, "Yes, please yes, don't stop." Over the last few months Kathryn's clitoris has become slightly longer, either from all the oral sex, I'm constantly sucking on it, or just her maturing into a beautiful sexual goddess of a woman. Either way her clit is now almost an inch and a half long when it stands fully out of its hood.

As my tongue runs along the full length of her clit Kathryn moans, "Love you are so good. Oh Yes!" I roll my tongue around Kathryn's clit drawing my lips back over my teeth.

I don't want to scrape the sensitive little love rod of hers. With plenty of saliva for lubrication I begin moving back and forth letting her clit fuck my mouth. Kathryn screams in pleasure as first her back arches then she practically wraps herself around my head and she quivers. It only takes a minute for Kathryn to begin to spurt all over my chin, neck and chest. Kathryn falls limply to the bed still twitching occasionally.

The sound of her heavy breathing fills the room. Released from her grip I move up her body stopping only to lightly suck on her nipple causing Kathryn to inhale fully. Then to allow her a little more time to catch her breath I move to the other nipple and lightly suck it bring it fully hard. When Kathryn breathing is again normal, I continue moving upper body kissing her neck crossed her chin till my kisses finally reached her beautiful mouth.

I ran my hard cock between her inner lips causing her to moan, "Oh yes JJ I never climaxed that hard before. Please JJ, make love to me. Make me cum again my husband." An expression of pure pleasure is on Kathryn's face as my cock begins to stretch her vagina impelling her slowly.

Watching her face I continue to sink she shows no discomfort, as I continue to lower myself into her. I finally bottom out touching her cervix causing Kathryn to moan loudly, "Oh fuck yes." I draw back and begin a slow rhythm using my nearly entire length on each deep thrust into her tight body Kathryn moans, "Oh yes husband that feels so good." We continuously drive our bodies together, feeling the heat of our passion, our lust heightened by the love we felt for each other.

When we are like this nothing in the world matters, nothing outside of the two of us exist, we're so into each other's pleasure.

We love to give the other as much pleasure as our bodies possibly can. With our focus so onto each other, we fail to notice the door to our room opening. A stunned looking Michael senior, with the giggling Helen by his side stand there in the open doorway.

Our climax strikes Kathryn and I are clinging to each other as our orgasms occupy our entire being, our connection to each other strengthening each and every time we make love like this.

Our bond to each other reinforcing as our very souls touch embracing each other. To us time seems to slow and our orgasm lasts what feels like hours. Our bodies are week and gasping for breath, as we slowly come back to reality.

Still breathing hard Kathryn and I realize were not alone in the room and quickly grabbed the sheet to cover us. Looking over I see a stunned Michael senior, my coach, my foster Dad, my friend, my soon-to-be father-in-law. Kathryn turns her face to me pulls me into a kiss before turning back to her parents, Helen has seen us many times before but this is the first time for the Coach. Frankly I'm confused why they came in.

The Coach begins, "I'm sorry, but to acquire the court order I had to witness you two in the act. I would just so stunned I couldn't move." Kathryn asks seeing her father's paleface, "Daddy, are you okay?" The Coach replies, "Yes, I'm fine. Are you?" Kathryn giggles as Helen laughs fully, Kathryn says, "Oh yes Dad I'm great." Helen grabs Michael senior by the hand leading him from our room on the way out Helen wishes us good night.

The Coach chuckles saying, "You to have a good night, and try to get a little sleep." As the door closes we can hear from the other side as Helen says, "Now you finally seen how it's done right. I'm taking you home and make you practice into you get it is good as JJ does it." Kathryn and I can't help but laugh.

Kathryn whispers to me, "Mom said what we have is special. I only have believed it till now. Did you see the stunned look on Dad's face?" I whisper back, "For a second, when I first saw his face I thought he wanted to kick my ass. But it looked like he'd seen something for the very first time." Kathryn giggles whispering, "I don't think that he saw any one make love before. Mom told me about those parties, a lot of people have sex there you think he would be used to seeing people having sex, and that wouldn't distress him.

I know he knew we were lovers for a long time, so that should not have shocked him." Pushing into her and whisper, "I really think you're right." I roll us over putting Kathryn on top, Kathryn grins before she moves her hips.

Kathryn whispers, "Now it's my turn to do the work." With mischief in my eyes I say, "Now it's your turn to decide what we do. We can make love, or go to sleep as long as you're my arms, I'm happy." Kathryn giggles, "You're not getting out of it that easy Mr. I wanted to do this all day. My young teen pussy just loves its adult cock." Kathryn begins to move her hips I moan, "Oh yes my love, my wife." I get a flash of myself after my fiftieth birthday. Kathryn will still tease me about being in an older age group.

Kathryn and I make love long and passionately, until both our bodies can no longer withstand the pleasure and we crumble weakly into the mattress, making good on my promise.

Sleep takes us as Kathryn rests on my chest. Now the early morning light saturates my room, we're no longer suffering from exhaustion of the previous days I decide it's time to go for a run, I wake Kathryn to join me.

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After her first year at self-defense class Kathryn decided she needed to be in better shape. I always joke telling her I love the shape she is in. But it was true she needed better endurance, so she started joining me on my morning runs. As I gently nudge Kathryn her eyes open sleepily. I ask, "You going to join me for my run?" Almost groaning Kathryn complaints, "It is way too hot already, how about we swim this morning instead." Then with a devilish grin Kathryn adds, "I'll even wear my new white bikini." I chuckle saying, "With an offer like that how could I refuse." I pull on my trunks and get two towels for us, as Kathryn is pulling on her white bikini.

It is still very early as we slip into the pool. Kathryn's white bikini only takes a second to become translucent showing off her beautiful body underneath. I kiss her saying, "I bet I'll beat you swimming, five laps." Jokingly Kathryn says, "That's a real short race for us, make it twenty laps okay." I know Kathryn is a strong swimmer. She can easily beat me on a race that long. But Kathryn is my weakness anything she asked me I probably will end up doing.

I say, "Okay, but no head start for you." Kathryn giggles questioning, "So what are we betting for?" Our usual stakes are who has to clean our room and bathroom.

I got the feeling she wants something different today. "What do you have in mind love?" Kathryn gets a devilish grin then begins to giggle pulling me close she whispers, "Once were married I want to choose a place outside of the house to make love.

If I win I get to choose the time and place for us to make love. If you win you get to choose." Frankly I like the idea, but I don't want to appear eager so I pause before saying, "Okay love, but there's one condition we have to be alone, with little or no chance of being caught, and absolutely no chance we will be taped." Giggling Kathryn says, "I guess that rules out most dressing rooms." I shrugged my shoulders before beginning, "Ready.

Set. Go." With that we both take off as quickly as we can, it doesn't take long before Kathryn has a sizable lead. Of course every time I get a glance at her my drag coefficient goes up. Now I understand why she wanted to use her new white bikini.

I'm so distracted I actually miss several of my kick turns giving Kathryn even more of an advantage, near the end of the race she's actually using a back stroke rubbing in the fact she so far in the lead that she can use a resting stroke. With six laps to go I decide two can play the same game, I strip my trunks quickly throwing them into a lounge chair. When I swim past her I roll onto my back and playfully say, "Up periscope." Kathryn's eyes nearly bug out and she stops swimming altogether to watch me.

She's a good lap and a half ahead of me but with her stopped I'm catching up. I actually make my flip turn at the other end of the pool. I am less than a quarter of a lap being even of her before she reacts. She swims in front of me and grabs a hold of me pulling me to a stop. Its then that I noticed the she's not wearing anything anymore.

As I stand Kathryn wraps her legs around my waist pulling me closer to her. She whispers, "I'll give you a rain check on this race." Even in the cool water I'm so turned on by Kathryn I could pound nails.

Her hand quickly goes between us aligning my cock to her opening Kathryn sinks down until her head is just above the water. I walk with us toward the shallow end of the pool. With Kathryn's head and shoulders now above the waterline and her fully impelled we begin to move.

Kathryn moans, "I have always wanted to try this." I confess to her. "I have too, but the pool usually has someone in it or someone is around it." As Kathryn moves faster she says, "Right now I don't care, the rest of the family can show up I wouldn't stop." I'm not sure if the thrill possibly being caught in the act or the extra sensitivity the water causes this seems to be the fastest orgasm Kathryn has ever had.

Kathryn is practically howling within two minutes of beginning our lovemaking. I pull her into a passionate kiss and she still howls. Her pussy is milking my cock and I just give myself to our lovemaking, as her orgasm subsides I don't slow down only a minute later Kathryn throws her head back so far she almost goes under.

Kathryn's mouth is open in a silent scream, and again I fill her milking my cock only this time there's no holding back for me as I release a torrent of my cum pushing so hard into her I'm actually in her womb. Kathryn feels how strong of an orgasm I'm having she raises and looks directly into my eyes still shaking violently.

We both groan once we finished with our orgasms. Kathryn pulls into me tightly whispering into my ear, "Was that as good for you as it was for me?" That's when we hear giggling from the side of the pool.

Mom was there seated in a lounger, with a cup of coffee. She says, "It wasn't too bad, but I'm sure it was more enjoyable for you." I chuckled nervously, as Kathryn blushed. I begin walking us towards the stairs where our towels and swimsuits are at. Kathryn clung to me using my body to conceal her nude body. As I got near the edge Kathryn seem to panic. Looking at my mother Kathryn with pleading eyes asks, "Mom could you please let us get dressed?" Mom giggles and says, "I'm not going to stop you, but you're the ones who decided to use the pool like that." Mom seems to be enjoying our discomfort at the current situation.

There is nothing for it; I know how Mom is when she gets in her playful mood. She will stay right there waiting until someone else shows up to make this situation more unpleasant. Knowing how Mom thinks she's probably already contacted Helen, who is on her way here at this moment. So I might as well go ahead and get out. Grab our towels and help Kathryn out as dignified as possible.

I whispered "Kathryn, Baby, I'm going to get our towels. I'll wrap one around myself and bring you the other." I give her a kiss as we separate. Moving to the edge of the pool nearest our towels I quickly jump out grabbing the top one I dry quickly and wrap it around myself.

Picking the other one up I walk to the edge of the pool to see the stunned Helen looking at me. Mom is silent as well. Kathryn comes out of the pool dries quickly and wraps the towel around herself before anyone else can show up. We walked to the elevator stepping in before anyone else says anything. We shower and then dress, we head down stairs to face the music. It is better to get it over with, than waiting and give them plenty of time to decide what to do.

Seems like they always come up with something a lot worse the longer we give them. Reaching the bottom of the stairs we over here Mom and Helen explain to Grandma what they witnessed. "I didn't believe the two of them would do something like that.

They were in the pool making love and Kathryn just howled this animalistic sound coming from her. She was obviously in orgasm, and JJ was actually making waves all through the pool. When she finally finished that orgasm JJ hadn't stopped, or even slowed down it wasn't very long before she arched her back and if she was screaming only the dogs could hear it.

Kathryn obviously was having a very powerful orgasm, that's when JJ must have exploded in her, from twenty feet away I swear I could still see her womb expanding." Helen giggles, "I'm so jealous of her sometimes.

I try to tell her how lucky she is, I know every one of her sisters would trade places with her in a heartbeat. But I swear this morning when JJ jumps out of the pool, nude his body looking like a Greek god.

The size of his cock, she obviously loves it, she's obviously is totally in love with him, and he with her. If she only knew how rare it is." Grandma giggles, "I know the two of them are totally in love with each other. You should have seen how JJ looked at her two years ago. I dragged poor Kathryn out of bed and didn't give her much time to dress. She didn't have time to do more than to throw a little water on her face. Her hair and face a mess he still thought she was the most beautiful girl he ever laid eyes on.

When separated the two of them can't even sleep even after two days. I know a lot of married couples, happily married couples who sleep just fine without the other.

What they have is something very powerful and very special." Mom giggles and says, "Helen you should've seen them from my angle he has at least eight inches on him.

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Kathryn must love every inch of it I swear I thought I was going to be hard of hearing she was screaming so loud." Helen giggles her reply. "We walked in on them last night. We had to witness them in the act to get the judge to issue the court order. From the way she looked and the way he moved I don't doubt he's better than average.

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The two of them together certainly are something special. I love Michael, but he's not even half as good as what it looks like for Kathryn with JJ. I may just send him over to get a few pointers." Kathryn is squeezing my arm as I look at her I can tell she's trying not to laugh out loud. Getting close to her ear I whisper, "We didn't break any of the rules, but I got a feeling they're going to be a rule change shortly." Kathryn giggles as she says, "What they did was to protect us, but now we're going to be man and wife.

There's not much anyone can do legally about us having marital relations." After kissing her cheek I whisper, "True love, you're absolutely right." I go ahead and step into the room causing the three women to break out in giggles. I say, "Sorry to wake you up so early." Grandma pulls Kathryn away from me, seating Kathryn down beside her.

Mom tells me, "JJ you need to drain and clean the pool. If you guys want to make out in water you have your bathtub." The last time I drained the pool and refilled it I had to buy two tankers full of water to do that.

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It's not an inexpensive process. What Kathryn and I did in the pool feels worth it to me. Kathryn giggles before she says, "JJ, I'll help clean the pool after you drain it." Mom says, "Sorry Kathryn you have an appointment this morning that's why we were up." With a confused look on her face Kathryn asks, "What appointment?" Helen says, "Get your wedding jewelry we need to go by the bridal shop to do the final fitting. They also have a photographer there to take your picture." I smile weakly and say, "I guess I'll be in the tuxedo I purchased for prom." Mom, Helen, and Kathryn look at me before saying.

"That's right." I gave Kathryn a kiss before I say, "Okay I'll go drain the pool." Helen giggles saying, "Hurry up JJ, before your sisters come over wanting to swim." I set about the task of emptying the pool. The pool actually drains into the field below allowing the water to sink into the soil rather than run into the river. The low amount of chlorine evaporates quickly on a sunny day like today.

The foliage seems to soak up the water quickly due to a lack of rain for the last few weeks. It takes hours for the pool to drain fully, any faster than that at it be a good chance of water running into the river.

Arrange for two tanker trucks to deliver water tomorrow so I can refill the pool. I sprayed down the sides not even waiting for the pool to completely drain. By the time the pool was drained I have nearly completely cleaned it.

Of course my sisters to come by and were a little upset that I was cleaning the pool. I inform them that by tomorrow I'll have the pool refilled and it should be cold only for a day or so. I use our well water to pump a few hundred gallons into the empty pool so the solar heater could begin to warm the water. When the tankers arrive tomorrow, the pool will hold enough warm water to take the chill away.

This should allow us to use the pool sooner. I was working fairly hard at cleaning the pool, I had worked up a good sweat I definitely needed a shower.

Grabbing a pair of shorts I headed towards our bathroom after quickly stripping I jumped into the shower. I was missing Kathryn. It was only a few hours since she left. After finishing my shower and dressing, I decided I would love just to hear her voice so I gave her cell phone a quick call. The second ring Kathryn answers, "Just checking in Love, how is everything?" Giggling Kathryn says, "I just needed hear your voice too. Thanks for calling.

We will be done in another hour. You want anything from town?" Chuckling I say, "My missing girlfriend or should I say the girlfriend I'm missing." With a hurt tone to her voice Kathryn says, "Oh I'm gone a couple of hours and I'm demoted to girlfriend." I know she's teasing but she also knows I was too. I say, "Now, now, let's not get hung up on rank you know you're my only Girlfriend, Love, Wife and future Mother of my children.

Which one do you want me to call you?" Giggling Kathryn says, "Love works for me, the future Mother my children, is a mouth full so you can just stick to Love." "Oh I plan on sticking to you, Love." We both laughed for a few seconds. I inform Kathryn I finished with the pool. Kathryn says, "It's your own fault if you hadn't." She cuts herself off. "Who am I kidding it was fun.

The next time, let's not get caught." I can hear in the background Mom saying, "Better not be a next time." I'm curious as to what they're doing so I ask, "What are you exactly waiting on, or doing that is going to take another hour?" I was expecting to hear Kathryn's voice but Helen comes on saying, "Kathryn is posing for some glamour shots." Chuckling I say, "Get the photographer to get a picture of her sticking out her tongue, I'll pay extra for that." Helen exhales and says, "Be serious JJ." With a serious tone I say, "Tell Kathryn I love her and I'll be waiting for you guys when you get home.

Give me a call before you leave town." In about an hour and twenty minutes they give me a call. They are bringing home pizza for dinner. After dinner we watch a little TV in the home theater, like it has now become our habit at nine o'clock sneak off to our room.

We do our best to be quiet tonight, which means Kathryn uses a pillow to muffle her screams. After we finish we're laying there holding each other, comfortable in each other's arms.

Kathryn asked me, "JJ, are you really sure you want to marry me?" I'm a little shocked at hearing this from her, but it's only natural to question a decision this big. Nuzzling her I say, "I have less doubt about wanting to be your husband than the sun rising tomorrow." Kathryn giggles, "I just wanted to make sure. I know I want more than anything to be your wife." "I love you Kathryn I'm always yours and only yours, well you will have to share me a little with our kids." A sleepy Kathryn says, "I fully expect to share you only with our kids, other than that you're all mine." With a yawn I say "That's absolutely right Mrs.

Kathryn Meyer." Kathryn rises up on her elbow to look me straight in my eyes she says, "In a week I will be Kathryn Meyer, and I will be for the rest of my life." She gives me a long passionate kiss and snuggles back into me before closing her eyes.

It isn't long before I can tell by her breathing she's asleep. I drop off to sleep myself shortly after that.