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Gay porn real naked navy and homo gay tube porn twink boy Hot new
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Mom may get more then she wanted Note: This is a three part story if you want me to continue please let me know with your comments. This is a story about a mom who wanted to spice up her sex life but got in way over her head. Rita and Josh were you average couple she was 32 he was 39, he was a salesman for a large chemical company which took him out of town at least two weeks a month.

Rita worked part time in the school cafeteria. They had two sons both in middle school. Rita was a small woman just 5', she had a great set of tits they were 36F's large sensitive nipples a tight bubble ass and wide hips, perfect for fucking. She wanted to rev up their sex life, so she bought sexy outfits but when Josh got home he was usually too tired to do anything but sleep. This frustrated the hell out of her. She needed and wanted to get fucked bad. The school year would be ending soon the thought of another boring summer was just around the corner.

It was Wednesday, everything had been readied for the onslaught of hungry kids. One of her co-workers Joann a woman about the same age as her with short blond hair walked over to her and suggested they have coffee.

They got coffee and went to the back of the hall for a ten-minute break. Joann looked at her as they sat, "so how are you doing girlfriend"? "Well actually not all that great my husband works all the time and when he is home he's not interested. So, I'm frustrated, Horney and generally pissed I need to get fucked"! Joann sat there for a few seconds before she spoke, she explained to Rita that she had been in similar circumstances about a year ago.

She had changed her life, now it was much better. "I'm partying my pussy and ass off and loving it". Rita sat there stunned for a moment looking at her "how do you balance Kids, the house, a job and husband and not get caught"? Her response again stunned Rita "most of the setting things up is done here all I need to do is get the kids to school sex myself up and go get fuck silly". Just then the supervisor came by they realized they had taken a bit longer then they should have.

They rose and headed for there work stations. Rita yelled to Joann "later today when you get home call me I'm very curious about how this works". Joann waved, they were now back to work, all afternoon Rita kept thinking about the conversation. How is she fucking a couple of times a week?

Who is fucking her and how do they manage to keep this entire thing quiet. Joann was gone when she left, the rest of that day she waited for the call from Joann, but it never came. She thought Joann was probably bull shitting and she fell for it.

She would not see Joann until next Wednesday, this being Thursday the anticipation was killing her for a week. If Joann really had a boyfriend this would be a great thing to get in on, or so she thought.

A little strange cock with no strings. Friday morning the phone rang at 9:15 it was Joann, Rita answered "Hi girlfriend, I didn't think you were going to call". "Rita Wednesday between my kids, the dog, this house and a husband I was busy. Yesterday I need to call my friend Gary to see if there would be any interest in another lady". Rita was completely interested "well what was his response"? "There interested as they have three guys who don't get much action because of their equipment being very large".

Rita was stunned but Joann kept going she explained only a very small group of ladies were invited to the Tuesday parties. Gary her friend was the leader as the parties were at his house.


His parents lived in a large house, they had converted the upstairs part of the garage into a three-bedroom apartment which Gary used. Now what Rita heard shocked her, "Rita we go to these parties at 9:30 am we all go upstairs to the apartment.

We strip down to very sexy underwear we are wearing go to the bar for a drink or a joint. Now we wait for a couple of guys to hit on us and off we go to fuck our brains out. You are never with the same guys every week. The guys Gary spoke of have large cocks, I've tried to do them but just couldn't get it all in".

Rita sat with her mouth open, Joann continued "as a rule there are only 3 or 4 of us max".

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Rita asked, "how many guys are there"? "I'm guessing between 9 and 12, they are very young, so you can imagine they have plenty of stamina and don't need a ton of recoup time". "Now here's the last thing, you are signing up to be a FUCK Toys or CUM Bucket. Once you agree that's it there is no I don't do that or any other shit. If you did you would be asked to leave, and they would never invite you or me back again.

If you are invited no doubt you'll be with Hector and his friends are you still ok with this"? Rita just sat there looking straight into space, Joann continued "look Rita you have a hot body, if you don't want to use it I'm ok with your decision just don't fuck it up for me. I really enjoy getting my brains fucked out a couple of times a month by young guys who are full of cum and stay hard for hours". "Rita are you certain your ok with being used as a cum bucket"?

There was a short pause "Your fucken right I'm good with it, the last time my pussy was leaking cum was on my honey moon. My pussy has never leaked cum as my husband doesn't shoot a large amount". Rita told Joann that she still wanted to think about, Joann told her she would have to call her back on Saturday before 5 pm to tell her what decision she had come to.

It was Friday morning, so she had until 5 pm Saturday. She had all day long to consider it, Saturday morning her husband announced he was leaving Monday for an Asian trip he would be gone at least a month.

At 2 pm Saturday she called Joann, "hi jo its Rita". "Yes, Rita what's up"? "I'm in I really need a good fucking". There was a long pause then Joann asked if there was a good time Gary could call and talk to her. Rita told her to have him call after 8:30 as the kids and her husband would be asleep.

At 8:35 her phone vibrated (the setting she had put it on) on the second ring she answered. A deep male voice spoke, "is this Rita"? "Yes, your Gary right"? "Yup Joann said your pussy, ass and mouth need to be overflowing with cum was she correct"? Rita remembers the coaching from Joann about talk as dirty as you can. "Gary this cunt and ass need a lot of work believe me, and I love sucking a load of cum out of a cock and swallowing it down".


A long pause followed "Rita please send me several photos please include face, naked tits and pussy once I have them I'll text you with instructions". The line went dead. She went into the den took the photos he asked for and sent them. She had smiled in every photo. About a half hour or so the phone buzzed, she answered on the first ring.

"Hi Gary, what do you think"? "You look great Rita I'll text your instructions and a map for Tuesday. Rita you don't have a problem with large cocks do you"? She was giggling not at all I'm looking forward to it, I'll see you Tuesday".

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"Oh, Rita one more thing no thong panties boy shorts or French lace they help keep the cum where we put it". While she was shocked by the statement she smiled to herself "ok honey". Tuesday am once the kids were gone she got dressed and headed to the address.

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The house was huge, she pulled through the gate and headed around back. See saw Joann's car so she felt better. Quickly she went to the garage stairs, up the stairs she opened the door she went into a large den area. Joann was talking to another woman they were in sexy underwear there were at least 7 or 8 guys in the room. Most of them were black or Latino. Joann pointed to a door marked ladies in she went.

Several minutes later Joann knocked on the door, "come in". Joann entered with the other woman, Joann made the introductions "Rita this is Michelle or just Shell". Shell stuck out her hand they shock, she handed Rita a joint "her honey have a few hits on this it will take the edge off it being your first time.

After they finished the joint they stood there smiling the pot had worked they were very comfortable, the three went out side by now there were at least 9 guys in their underwear. As the women wiggled out Rita realized they were all very young and had very good size packages. In her mind she kept thinking I could handle a big cock A large black kid took her hand, "hi I'm Brutus but my friends call me Bru the ugly spick next to me is Hector".

She smiled she told them her name and it was nice to meet them. She saw their cocks in their underwear starting to grow. Looking at their growing cocks she turned to face the and gently started rubbing there cock heads, smiling at them "I know a pussy that would be very happy to take these guys in and drain them"! She realized that they had very large cocks, at that moment they noticed Joann and Shell had their bra's off.

"He guys wouldn't you like to suck my nipples? So how about we lose the bra". Both guys nodded their approval. The sensation of two different guys sucking her tits was electrifying, her pussy started to tingle. "Hey guys I was told I'm her to drain nut sacks got any ideas who wants to unload in me"? Bru took her hand they went into a bedroom with Hector following. He eyes were staring wide as Bru and Hector dropped their shorts.

Bru had a very large cock but Hectors was enormous.

She giggled "well were going to see how much of these beautiful cocks I can take"! They pulled her panties down she was a little shy about being naked in front of them, but the pot had help it pass quickly. Bru started sucking her clit she laid down across the bed, "Rite give us you biggest spread". Her pussy was on fire and Hectors cock head was on her lips about to go into her mouth. She had never been a great cock sucker or cum swallower but she now realized that was about to change.

Her hips were moving in small circles her pussy felt wonderful she started to buck as an orgasm approached. Bru didn't stopped eating her until her first orgasm passed then he got between her legs, "go slow honey I have to walk out of her later but I'm really looking forward to taking that whole cock".

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His large cock went about a quarter of the way in, he just held it there so her pussy could get adjusted to his size. It only took a few seconds until her pussy started contracting around the large cock. Her body spasmed as a second intense orgasm hit her, she was creaming on his cock. My god she thought I've never creamed on a cock before, "Deeper babe my pussy wants every inch of him"! Bru just smiled, he pushed forward, she felt the tip of his cock at her cervix, she had never had anything go that deep in her, she was looking into his eyes as another spasm took over her, she shook until it passes.

"Go for it", Bru understood the last quarter of his cock plunged deep into her. He was deep in her womb, all she could do was moan, gasp and whimper. Looking into his eyes she pulled him down so her face was nestled in his neck. She was moaning "fuck me baby oh fuck me ughhhhhhhh" Suddenly she felt the cock swell, his body stiffened "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" she was screaming as the flow of warm cum flooded her womb she could not believe the amount of cum flowing into her she kept orgasming as he pumped cum into her, it seemed like 1 minute before the flow stopped.

As his orgasms subsided he started to pull out, "Bru that was the best fucking I've ever had thank you, I've never had a black cock, but I am from now on believe me my pussy feels wonderful". Smiling down at her as his cock came out with a plop "Rita that was only the beginning you will be getting quite a lot of black and spick cock from now on". Looking at her he grinned from now on were you daddy and that is our pussy". Hector was sitting on the bed smiling at them, "well she half way their right Bro"?

"Yup if she takes it all she's our and that's that. Rita was laying there looking at them, cum leaking out of her very well fucked cunt she was thinking what the hell are they talking about. Hector got between her legs, she realized his cock wasn't as thick but longer.

The cum oozing out of her made for a great lubricant, the head of his cock went in easily. She smiled at him as he kept slowly pushing deeper, when the head reached her cervix she looked at him "I'm not small in the cunt department I'm sure I'll be able to take him all the way in" that was all she got out before she trembled as another orgasm over took her.

As the orgasm was subsiding he was building up to a good rhythm, then she felt the final push, her eyes shot open "oh my god"! he was full deep in her he was deeper then Bru or anything else had ever been. The steady rhythm of his pounding had her orgasming constantly. The cock swelled, she grabbed his shoulder and dug in as another large flow of cum started filling her, she was moaning uncontrollably" oh god don't take it out it feels so good please" for what seemed like 2 minutes he pumped cum deep in her.

"Baby girl after this you pussy belongs to us you ok with that"? She smiled and nodded her approval. Joann was right they had fucked her brains out. He rolled off Bru looked at them, "Rita time to put the cock sucking skills to work and get these dicks clean". She didn't hesitate Hector looked at her "but first put the panties back on so the guy later can judge the biggest and best wet stains".

Bru handed her the green panties she had came with, she quickly put them on. "You guys like the look of your woman covered with cum don't you"? Hector answered, "yes since we put it there and besides when you're not available we jerkoff to the photos". As she was licking Hectors nut sack and ass hole as she wondered they took photos?? Both cocks were clean, she had used her hair to dry off anything her tongue missed.

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She sat their looking at the two huge rock-hard cocks which had given her so much pleasure. Hector looked at her "Rita is your ass virgin"? She gasped at the question but remembered Joann's comments if you say no you will asked to leave and I'll never be invited back.

"Yes, it is but I'm thinking not for long, right"? In unison both guys replied right! Rita get some lube from the bag on the floor, as she got up to get the lube her pussy made squishing sounds, it was leaking a lot.

She got the lube turned to go back to the bed both guys gave each other a high five. "What guys"? They pointed to her crotch, she giggled as she realized she was soaked. "I assume you both approve of this look"? They both took pictures she smiled, "the look right now is the way we want our women to look Rita cum soaked and leaking". As she climbed on the bed she said, "I'm very happy to have that look".


They had her remove the panties rolled her over and started lubing her ass hole. She realized it was a tight fit, but she assumed it would be. Bru looked at her, "hey babe want to climb on"? "I'd love to". As she impaled herself on the huge cock it slipped all the way in as her pussy was full of two loads of cum. As it passed her cervix a spasm washed over her, she was creaming his cock for a second time.

"Oh, fuck I'm creaming your cock again babe". "You sure are honey just keep doing it".

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She felt Hectors fingers in her ass then before she knew it she felt the head of his cock slid in. The feeling at first was both painful and glorious.

Nothing in her life had she ever experienced like this. The pain started to dissipate as Bru cock worked its magic deep in her pussy. Then she felt Hector cock rubbing against Bru's through the thin membrane separating the cavities.

As the guys got into the steady rhythm she could not believe how intense it was. "Oh god I can't stand it this is wonderful as she orgasmed for a third time". She was still creaming Bru cock when she felt both cocks swell at the same time, "ugh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk came out of her mouth" she felt cum flowing into her bowels and pussy.

Nothing in her life had ever felt this wonderful. It took a good two minutes for their breathing to return to normal. As the two cocks deflated a bit and popped out she grabbed her panties, pulling them on she looked at them. "You two have incredible cocks what exactly did we just do"? Hector smiled at her "you have just been DP, or double penetrated. Did you enjoy it"? Cocking her head to the side a coy smile crept across her face, "my ass is quite sore at this moment and my pussy is leaking like a faucet, that being said, I think I would like to try the dp thing again as I think I'm going to need get used to doing it so my ass isn't on fire two days later.

That's only if you guys want to? I hope both my cunt and ass are tight enough for you and I hope your enjoying it as much as I am"? The guys gave each other a high five as she crawled on top of Hector and stuck her ass up for Bru.

Hectors cock slipped into her pussy she moaned with delight and felt her body started to cream on his long cock. Her ass was hell lubed with cum and lube so Bru went in deep quickly, she felt the guys building to a slow steady rhythm.

"Oh my god guys I think your going to cause me to squirt ugggggggggg was all she said as she grabbed hectors shoulder and started to spasm uncontrollably. Between the deep pumping and her spasming both guys deposited large amount of cum deep in her body. They took several minute for there breath to quiet down. By 12:30 she had been dp'd three more times, she had given each guy two blow jobs which she had to show them the cum in her mouth before she swallowed it she was on a sexual high.

They heard a knock at the door 10 minutes everyone. She looked at Bru, "what does that mean"? "We have ten minutes to get back to the den because at 1 pm we all have to leave". She got a shocked look on her face "I have cum leaking out of me, my panties are completely soaked, I have cum on my tits, in my hair, on my face and in my throat.


Can't I get a shower at the very least"? "Sorry babe put a bra on as we need to get out there to see which girl has the best wet stains. Rita would it be ok if we saw you again not at a party"? "You want to go out for a drink or something"? "Were not old enough to drink we just thought we could get together for nut sack emptying. That pussy doesn't seem to have a problem with all the cum"! She wiggled her ass at them and gave them her phone number, "don't tell anyone about us having your number and getting together it's against the rules none of us will ever be invited back".

She nodded as they left the room. In the den she saw the other two woman, they looked like her covered in dried cum with wet satins in the crotch.

Joann even had dried cum on her eyelashes. Each girl stood and spread their pussy's and bent over for ass inspection. Rita had won. The girls quickly got dressed and were out the door heading for their cars. Joann looked at Rita, "How's the cunt now girlfriend"? Rita gave her a smile feels "great I'm just not sure I ever want my husbands cock again" All three laughed, they agreed to have lunch soon as they drove off.

That afternoon at around 4 pm her phone rang it was Bru, "hi big guy how is it hanging"? she heard him laugh "judging from that greeting I'm assuming you can talk". "yes, what's up not you guys yet I hope because if so I didn't do my job". She was giggling "no what I want to know is if we can get together Friday.

We have a friend who really wants to fuck you". "That sounds wonderful give me until tomorrow and I'll call you back".

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He told he ok and hung up.