Cogiendo a la puta de mi amante

Cogiendo a la puta de mi amante
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This is my first attempt at erotica, so any constructive comments are welcome. Raping Cousin Kasi My name is Andy. I had just returned home from a tour of duty in the United States Navy. I had left the small town of Newberg four years earlier. At the time I had been and eighteen year old virgin who had never been more that 100 miles from the small country town in which I was born. That had all changed quickly when I was assigned to a ship in the 7th Fleet, forward deployed in the western Pacific.

The first liberty port my ship visited was Subic Bay in the Philippines. The first night ashore some of the more seasoned hands took me on my first trip across Shit River. An hour later I was inside a Barrio whore house getting my first piece of ass.

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Now I was back home, and ready to find some American pussy. It was the Labor Day weekend, and most of my extended family had gathered at my Grandmother's farm for a reunion and cookout. Some of our cousins from the mountainous region of the state had come with a few quarts of home brew moonshine. I'd sampled liquors in bars all across the Pacific, but none of it had packed nearly the punch of this Tennessee Tranquilizer. We had been imbibing for an hour or so, when I felt the need to answer nature's call.

The barn was a hundred yards or so away, so I started in that direction. As I neared the barn, I could hear a voice softly singing. The large doors were closed, so I slipped around to the side, and eased the smaller door open. I crept in, and quietly peeked from behind a stack of feed bags.

That's when I saw my young cousin, Kasi. Kasi was standing atop a platform of hay bales and was pretending a pitchfork was a microphone as she sang into the handle of it. Kasi was a sweet sixteen year old. She had wheat blonde hair, which she wore shoulder length. He breasts were not large, but seemed to fit her five foot, one hundred pound frame perfectly.

She was wearing a short denim skirt which fell only a couple of inches under her ass cheeks. She had on a red and white checked shirt which she wore tied up into a knot under her breasts so that her midriff was bared. There was a pink bandana tied around her pretty neck.

A pair of red cowgirl boots and a white straw cowgirl hat completed the outfit. I watched quietly as she sang a Reba Mcentire song while she swung her sweet ass from side to side. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the three months since I had a piece of ass, most likely it was a combination of the two. I reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans as I made my plan. I slipped over to the wall and picked up a roll of binders twine.

I took the buck knife from the scabbard on my belt and flipped it open. In a minute I had cut several lengths of the heavy cord. I closed the knife and put it away. There was a small burlap feed sack lying on the ground.

I picked it up and tucked it into my belt. I snuck around the barn wall until I was behind her.


I quietly climbed up onto the platform of hay bales and slowly crept up behind her. I slapped my left had across her mouth so that she could not scream. My right hand quickly untied the loosely tied bandana from he neck and stuffed it into her mouth.

I then pulled the burlap sack from my belt and pulled it over her head. She was now effectively blind and mute. I wrapped my arms around hers in a bear hug. She was mine. I lifted her and walked to the edge of the platform and carefully stepped down.

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I carried her over to a sawhorse and bent her over it. It was the work of only a couple of minutes to take the heavy twine and bind her arms to the legs of the saw horse. Another length went loosely around the bag over her head to keep it from falling off.

I now had her completely helpless, bent over and legs spread wide. I stood back for a minute and surveyed my handiwork. The short denim skirt rode high on her ass in the bent over position revealing a pair of sunshine yellow lace panties. I stepped up and slid my hands over her firm, young ass.

I was going to enjoy this. I reached down and untied the knot that held her blouse together. I pulled the end around behind her back and tied them again. She wore no bra underneath. Her firm young breasts were the size of half grapefruits. Each was topped by a delicate coral colored nipple. I reached down and grabbed each breast in my hands. Suddenly she came to life and began to squeal and wiggle. It did her no good. She could barely wiggle in her position.

In spite of herself, her nipples began to respond to my touch.

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They began to grow and harden under my fingers. I rolled them between my fingertips as she began to moan. I got down on my hands and knees so that her tits were now at mouth level. I flicked my tongue out and licked here nipple. She reacted like she was hit by lightning. She began to wiggle and squeal again. Now I attacked in earnest and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. Now she really began to moan. The other tit seemed lonesome, so I gave it equal attention.

After a few minutes I was ready for something more. I stood up and walked around behind her ass. It took only a second to flip the short skirt up so that it was revealed in all its pantied glory. I grasped the bright panties in my hand and ripped them away with one motion. I ran my hand down between her legs and slid my fingers along her pussy.

She was dry, but a glob of spit on my finger soon granted me access. I slowly inserted my finger into her grasping pussy. Only a short way in I felt the barrier of her cherry. Hot damn! She was a virgin.

I'd been in whore houses all across the orient, but had never had the privilege of deflowering a virgin.

Most of the pussy I'd encountered had been well used. This was going to be a special treat. I got back down on my knees, and slowly approached her unsullied treasure. She smelled sweet and fresh. I slowly stuck out my tongue and began to search for her clit. Her reaction told me when I had found the target. Her ass began to buck and twist as much as her restraints would allow.

I snaked my tongue up into her twat and began to roll it around. Her body began to shiver and muffled moaning sounds issued from the burlap bag. I could taste her juices begin to flow. I could feel the pressure beginning to build as my cock grew uncomfortably in my tight jeans.


Enough of the appetizer. It was time to serve the shishkabob. I stood up and unbuckled my belt and unfastened my jeans. As I slid them down, my cock sprang free.

I'm no porn star, but my six incher should get the job done. I stepped up behind her and ran my hand between her thighs again. I spread her cunt lips and eased my cock up to her portal. I eased the head between her lips and felt them close around it. Now she really came alive.

Her ass shifted frantically trying to prevent the intruder from entering. Her first try was successful, and my cock slipped out. I gave her three hard slaps on her firm ass to let her know to behave. I spread her cunt lips again, and resumed my assault. As the head of my prick breached her cunt I could her muffled sobs coming from the bag on her head.

I eased it in and out a few times to loosen her up. Now I was touching her cherry. I butted my cock head against it a few times and she squealed each time. I grabbed both her hips firmly and braced myself. One firm lunge was all it took. I felt her hymen tear and now she let out a muffled scream.

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I couldn't believe how tight she was. I stood there for a minute with my cock trapped in that smoldering, velvet vise. I had never felt anything like it. Then I started to slide my cock in and out. She was so tight it felt like I was fighting suction every time I pulled back.

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I went slowly at first. I would pull out until I could feel her lips nibbling at my cock head and then slide it slowly back in. After about five minutes of this treatment she began to loosen up a bit and her cunt adjusted to the intrusion. I slowly but steadily increased the tempo of my assault.

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Faster and faster, harder and harder until the legs on the saw horse began to tip up off the ground. Now she was really juicing up. Her carnal reactions betrayed her and lubricated the walls of her pussy. I was really enjoying this.

After ten more minutes I began to feel that familiar pressure building in my nut sack. One final lunge and I was spurting my semen beep inside her ravaged twat.

My knees trembled and almost buckled as I unloaded spurt after spurt into her unprotected cunt. I pulled out and sat down on a bale of hay to catch my breath as my cum slowly began to seep from her abused lips and drip onto the tightly packed dirt floor. She kept struggling and moaning as I slowly regained my composure. There was a faucet there to water the animals, so I opened the tap and drank deeply of the icy well water.

As my heart beat returned to normal, I looked over at her ass as it ceaselessly squirmed as she futilely tried to free herself. There was one more thing that I wanted to try, and this was my chance. I looked over on one of the supply shelves and found just what I needed. A can of bag balm. It was a petroleum jelly based ointment that was used on a cows teats in the cold winter months to keep them from chapping.

What I had planned was not listed as one of its recommended uses, but it would serve nonetheless. I approached that perfect ass once again. I scooped up a healthy glob of the jell on my fingers and began to push it up into her virgin asshole. Now her bucking and squiring reached epic levels. She did not want this at all. I didn't care. What I wanted was all that mattered. I forced one finger into her tense ass, and then two. I twisted them back and forth as I reamed her rosebud. With my free hand, I scooped up another generous dollop of jell and began to lather my now fully recovered cock with it.

She was now as ready as she was going to get. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them wide. Her rosebud seemed to pulse as it tried to recover from the intrusion of my fingers. I didn't intend to allow it to recover. I lined up my greased cock head and began to push. Shrill but muffled sobbing issued from the burlap bag as her ass did it's best to resist the intrusion.

Suddenly her rosebud gave up the ghost and the head of my cock popped in. Now her squealing seemed to go up a full octave. I felt as if a rope was looped around the head of my cock while someone twisted it so that it became tighter and tighter. I had never felt the like. I slowly applied more pressure and gained another inch.

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It was an epic battle, but my canon slowly and steadily advanced. It took fully ten minutes, but my nut sack finally slapped firmly against her twat.


I was all the way in. I took a minute to relish the situation. Her virgin pussy had been tight, but this was incredible. I began to slide slowly in and out as her moans provided a steady accompaniment. Although I had busted a nut less that twenty minutes before, I knew that the heat and intense pressure of her asshole around my cock would soon result in a mind blowing orgasm.

Being a former Navy man, I recalled the orders given by Vice-Admiral David Farragut at the battle of Mobile Bay, "Damn the torpedoes, Gridley! Full speed ahead!" Full speed, aye!

I began to plow her ass for all I was worth. I knew it would not take long, and sure enough, in less than five minutes my torpedo found its target and detonated. I could feel her ass spasm as I pumped another full load into her colon. I found a rag hanging on a post and wiped the remaining jell and sperm from my cock. Pulling up my jeans, I tucked my gear away carefully and fasted my jeans.

As I buckled my belt, I could still hear the soft sobbing coming form my cousin. This would be a day I long remembered. I loosened the cord around her right wrist. She would soon be able to free herself, but it would take a few minutes allowing me time to slip away. As I returned to the group of relations who were now even more drunk than before I left, no one noticed. They had not even noticed that I had been gone.

As the mason jar of shine made another trip around the group, I took a deep swig and felt the warm glow that good whiskey always brought.

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About twenty minutes later, I saw Kasi slowly walking up from the barn. I could tell she had a hitch in her get along as she walked somewhat stiffly. Oddly, she never said a word to anyone in the family about what had happened to her. I still have the bright yellow panties that I kept as a souvenir of the occasion.