Blowjob And Footjob Cam Porn Couple

Blowjob And Footjob Cam Porn Couple
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As i was gagging on Dave's giant cock i reached around and shoved my middle finger up his ass hole and started to finger his tight ass. He than placed his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my face with his 8 inch penis. His balls were smacking against my chin and he was ramming his cock down my throat.

When i started to finger him faster he also started to fuck my face faster and faster.

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I loved how he hard he was fucking my throat with his member. While Dave was busy shoving his cock down my throat i saw the door open up behind him. But not being able to get his attention since i was blowing him his younger brother walked right in. He watched for about 1 minuted before Dave notice he was watching us.

Dave said to his brother "well are you just going to stand there and watch or are you going to join?" His Younger brother just smiled walked over to us, took out his cock and slapped my face with it. I took Dave out of my mouth and put his younger brother's penis into my mouth.

He was not as big as his older brother but he was much longer.


I took his cock out my mouth and started to suck on his balls. Mean while Dave was down fingering my tight asshole and blowing me. Dave's younger brother with out warning shot the bigger load of cum i have ever felt right down my throat.


As fast as i could i grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me shoving his penis as far down my throat as i could make it. I swallowed every last drop of his precious cum loved it.

After i swallowed of all his cum i bent him over on his hands and knees and started to finger him and lick his ass hole. Once i got him nice and wet i stood up and started to fuck him.

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Mean while hes brother got in front of him and shoved his cock down his younger brothers throat. I kinda felt bad for the kid he had my huge cock up his virgin asshole and his brother cock down his throat but i could tell he was loving it because i could feel him started to thrust against me when ever i went to stick it in him. And plus the moaning kinda gave it away. Watching this young kid getting fucked from the back in front made me cum so hard in this kid's ass hole.

When i took my cock out i got right down on my knees and and started to lick the cum oozing out of his asshole. I made sure to get every last drop. While he was finishing blowing his brother i laid down on my back and got inbetween his legs and started to blow him again. I guess after Dave's younger brother walked in on us we should of locked the door because all the of the sudden we hear a load scream.

"DAVE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR BROTHER?" It was Dave's mother who had just got home from work. She came running in and grabbed Dave by the hair dragging him into her bedroom. Laying on my back with her sons cock on my mouth waiting in shock waiting for her to get back not know what she was about to do to me.

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She demanded her son to go to his bedroom and that she would talk to him later about what has happened. Well.

wait till i tell your mother what you have been doing with my boy's "Please dont tell my mother" i cried to Dave's mother. "Well, why shouldnt i tell your mother on you, that you were sucking my sons cock" "because i know your husband has a small penis because i sucked him last night, and after seeing his small cock im sure you would love to be fucked my my huge thick penis" "what would make you think that?

As she cant take her eye's off my prick" "i dont know maybe because i know how much you crave young boys cocks, because i know of all the times you suck your sons off". "Ok you got me there" Dave's mom replied. She pulled down here pants and laid down on the bed and said "Come fuck me" i fucked the hell out of her till we both came and she finished me off in her mouth and swallowed every last drop.

We cleaned up and i went back to Dave to play some video games. About an hour or so had gone by before i heard the front door open and saw that their father was home from a long days work. I saw him go right into the bathroom to take care of some business.

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I told Dave that i was going to get a drink real fast. On my way to the kitchen i saw that the bathroom door was open a little so i walked in to see Daves dad sitting on the toilet reading a magazine. I continued to walk in and locked the door behind me. With out him saying anything i got down on my knees and started suck his cock.

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In a matter of seconds he was rock hard and throat fucking the hell out of me. His cock was so long and thick it was stretching out my mouth it could just fit in my mouth. I never knew i could make a man cum so fast and so much.

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After he had came in my mouth i just got up and walked out without saying a word and he went about his business. After getting my fix from Dave's father i continued to the kitchen to get my drink.

I opened up the fridge and while looking for something to drink i feel a finger sliding up my ass. I turn around to see Dave's 12 year old sister standing behind me sucking on a lollipop. to be continued.

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