Passion Sucking Good Dick and First Solo Scene

Passion Sucking Good Dick and First Solo Scene
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"Well then," Courtney said. "I hope you have some free time." "I don't have to be anywhere for a little while," he said smiling at her. He stood and threw off his jacket then took both Serena and Courtney's hands and pulled them into the bedroom.

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Both of them had a goofy grin on their faces. Stone started to slowly take off Courtney's blouse and Serena cocked an eyebrow at him. "Don't worry you're next," he said. Serena just smiled.

"I thought you'd start with me," she said with a pretend pout. "Serena," he said. "Get undressed." It was an order and he played this game before. She began to getting undressed letting her dress slip off her shoulders onto the floor with a flop. Stone removed Courtney's blouse and unfastened her bra, letting her firm breasts fall free.

Her nipples had already hardened in anticipation, and he ran his thumbs gently across them. Serena turned Stone around to face her. She also had a nice pair of firm breasts, just a cup larger than Courtney's.

While he was transfixed on her chest she pushed him on to the bed. "Now we need to take care of your clothes." She undid his belt while Courtney pulled insistently at his shirt. Before he knew it, Serena had his cock in her mouth before Courtney even had one arm out of the shirt. Once the shirt was off, Courtney was quick to remove her pants.

She wore no underwear underneath and when a smile crept onto Stone's face. She mimicked the jester than slid her ass over his face. Serena pulled off his cock letting long streams of saliva to stretch between her mouth and the head of his cock and offered it over to Courtney.

She took it and began swirling her tongue around the head. Serena sat back watching as she slipped her fingers down between her legs and into her pussy. Stone dove right in to Courtney's smoothly shaved pussy. He grabbed her hips and pulled them in closer then slammed his tongue as far into her as it would reach and slowly started stroking her with it. She squirmed and it didn't take long before her cum began to drip over his tongue and into his mouth.

While Courtney held onto the base of his cock and taking it all in until it disappeared, Serena slid back in and cupped his balls, they were now extremely wet from Courtney's mouth. Both women's eye locked and Serena gave the other a smile then placed them into her mouth. Stone was consumed with pleasure.

Two very warm, very wet and very talented women had his groin wrapped in pure ecstasy. The effect forced groans and whimpers to come out at nearly the same time. The pleasure was so intense he had to pull out of Courtney's pussy because his concentration was lost on the woman.

Courtney and Serena giggled at his reaction. The giggle was innocent and gone in another moment. It was replaced by both their mouths again. This time they were more forceful and focused.

And in less than a minute later Stone was cumming all over both their faces. Both women moaned with delight and took to licking the cum off one another's face until it was completely gone. Courtney slid off Stone's face and Serena slowly sank down onto his cock.

Her hot wet pussy embraced him for her own. She looked at Courtney and said, "Why don't you come over here and play with yourself." She patted the bed next to her and Stone.

Courtney moved around and kneeled next to Stone and faced Serena as she rode up and down on his cock. Courtney's hand went to her naked pussy and she started to rub it slowly. Stone sat up and took Serena's nipple in his mouth.

Serena placed her hand underneath and held it for him. She did the same with her other breast only this one she held out for the other woman. Courtney didn't hesitate. She leaned in and took the nipple into her mouth. Stone could feel the woman ready to cum. Her pussy pulsated and contracted around his cock immensely.

Serena reached around both Stone and Courtney's head and pulled them hard into her breasts. Serena rode him hard and fast, slamming down onto him to thrust his cock as far in as it could possibly go. Serena's pussy let loose wet sounds as it slammed against him revealing just how intensely wet she was. Then the onslaught of cum came. She bucked and thrust against them both. Stone cupped his hands around her ass to hold her in place.

The orgasm was so intense it last nearly a full thirty seconds. By the time it was over Stone was drenched in the woman's cum and a ring of wetness covered the sheet around them.

Stone lifted the woman up off of him and indicated for her to turn around to face away from him. He moved up to place his back against the headboard then grabbed her hips and pull her back onto his cock. With her back to him, he was once again deep in her pussy. Serena needed no coaxing and almost immediately she was moving up and down again on his cock. Courtney slide around to Serena's front and all of a sudden Stone felt hot, wetness grasp his balls. After a moment he felt her tongue slide from his balls to the base of his cock.

Courtney worked her tongue there for a few moments then continued upward to Serena's slopping wet pussy. Serena's thrust became intense. She grabbed the other woman's head and pushed it in, hard.

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Stone had his hands wrapped around Serena's upper body gripping her breasts and teasing her nipples with his fingers. Courtney continued to lick unfazed by the force Serena was exerting on her. Serena's moans quickly turned to screams. "I'm cumming!" she screamed. Stone fought hard to keep from cumming himself until he reached the point where he no longer had control over his body and exploded deep inside her. Serena lifted up off his cock.

The cum from both her and Stones seeped out over his cock. Courtney grabbed hold of his shaft and wrapped her lips around it sucking in the cum until it was all gone. Serena settled next to the man and gently grabbed the other woman's face and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Their tongue met and twirled. Serena pulled what was left of the cum that Courtney didn't swallow into her mouth and let it slide down her throat.


When they pulled away Serena smiled and said, "Now that was wonderful." Courtney grinned and turned around on her hands and knees sticking her ass into the air in front of Stone. He was instantly up and fully hard again. He settled in between her legs and ran his fingers into her flawlessly shaved pussy. His fingers plunged in deep forcing wetness to nearly splatter out. When Stone removed his fingers he found his hand completely soaked and dripping wet. The sight before him caused his cock to pound even harder.

Serena slid gracefully in front of Courtney and began to caress her breasts. "Do you want his cock?" she asked. Courtney moaned then nodded. Serena looked up at Stone and said, "Go ahead. She wants your cock." Stone plunged in.

She was so wet it didn't take any effort. Instantly, he felt a difference in the two pussies. Courtney's seemed a little softer and fleshier than but not as tight as Serena's. Courtney let out a loud moan when Stone dove in. Serena pulled the woman down and they locked into a deep passionate kiss.

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Serena moved her hand down between her legs and plunged her finger deep inside to play with her pussy in a slow, lazy manner. Stone slowly and deliberately pushed in and out of Courtney. After a few long minutes the two women broke apart with Serena sliding underneath the other woman until her pussy sat right in Courtney's face. Courtney took the hint and dropped her mouth down onto the hole and pressed her tongue inside. Serena had more ideas of her own. Her head was now perfectly positioned under the thrusting.

Her tongue shot up and licked the bouncing ball sack. Stone continued to pound and with each passing moment he increased his momentum. Courtney was screaming and nearly on the verge of cumming, Stone wasn't far behind. His moans told the same story. Then abruptly Serena grabbed his cock and pulled it from Courtney's pussy.

"Roll over," she said to Courtney. Courtney complied and rolled onto her back. With Stone's cock in her hand she leaned in close to Courtney's sweat drenched face. "Do you want this cock?" Courtney nodded, breathing hard. Serena took his cock and rubbed the head of it against Courtney's pussy.

"Right here?" Courtney nodded again as she looked down at the throbbing cock. "Do you want to cum?" she asked with a devilish smile. Courtney nodded. Serena leaned in closer. "Say it," she whispered. "I want to come," Courtney said wistfully.


"How bad?" "Very bad." Serena guided his cock into Courtney's pussy. She released her grasp once the base of his shaft butted against her hand which in turn butted against her pussy. Stone thrust the last bit in hard. Courtney pushed back against him. Courtney moaned even louder than before until it became a long drawn out moan.

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"Fuck her," Serena demanded. "Make her cum hard." She was smiling and Stone pounded her pussy as hard as he could. "Cum damn it," she said the Courtney. "Cum now for me." And she did, long and hard.

Stone continued to hammer her. Serena continued to guide the younger woman. "He's almost there," she said. "He's going to cum deep inside you.

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He's going to fill you up like he did me. Do you want it?" Courtney's only answer came in the form of harder moans. Courtney squeeze her pussy together harder and Stone felt the sudden intensity.

"Fuck her. Fuck her pussy hard," Serena commanded Stone. Stone let out a primal groan from deep inside his throat. His cock throbbed hard with quick bursts as he filled the woman with his cum. "Give it to her!" Serena yelled. Stone collapsed next to Courtney, completely exhausted. Serena moved half her body onto the other woman. "That was fun," she said smiling at the woman. "Mmmm," Courtney said. She reached up and pulled Serena in for a deep kiss.