Seductive euro babe pounded on all fours

Seductive euro babe pounded on all fours
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It was a mid summer Saturday mornin', the sun was telling me it was about 10:30 and I was coolin' my heels waitin' for the bus that was comin' from Bartlesville to pull in. It was carryin' my cousin here to help us out with the hay buckin' and was runnin' about a half hour late.

When I say helpin' with the hay buckin', I meant to say that she drove the tractor pullin' the hay wagon as us guys threw the bales up to ol' Clem for stackin'. We had about 500 acres almost ready to bale and that was a hell of a lot of buckin' to do. Peggy Sue was my Daddy's brother's little girl and she had come down here to help out every year for about as long as she could drive a tractor. Now if the damn bus would get here we could go back home and start to get ready. About that time I saw the bus round the corner and I scuffed up the pile of dust that I had made with the toe of my boot and strode over to where the bus would stop.

Waiting there with a smile on my face, I tried to remember what she looked like after a whole year of not seeing her. She was a pimply faced little brown haired 13 year old last year with a tin grin, barely in a training bra and sassy as they come. But, to be totally fair, she was the best tractor driver on the farm. She could keep an even pace so us guys never had to run or anything and we didn't have to use more energy than necessary and she could foresee any problems before they arose.

Hell, with her at the wheel, we can buck and barn-stack sometimes as many as 1200 bales a day. As the bus pulled to a stop and I stood back waitin' for her to make her appearance, I suddenly felt a little nervous at our meeting.

She always was a little flirt, after all I am 3 years her senior and, if I do say so myself, kind of a hunk of a guy, I mean in size not in looks. Anyway, when we ended last years balin' season, she made kind of a pass at me and I didn't know how she would react to our first meetin' Anyway, a broad grin came over me as she finally came down the steps carryin' a suitcase that seemed bigger than she was.

I took two large strides toward her and grabbed the unmanageable thing from her grasp just as she reached the ground. "Let me take that," I said as I took it from her. "Oh thanks Randy Joe. That thing's heavy," she said to me, not even lookin' up, but when she did, her eyes met mind and the attraction she must have felt for me over the last year or so now was starting up again.

And this year, I had a whole new appreciation for my cousin. She was a pretty little thing. About a shade over 5 foot, barely 100 pounds soakin' wet. She was wearin' her hair in a ponytail and it seemed a little lighter than I remembered. But the biggest difference was that she had filled out quite a bit. She was no longer a little girl but definitely a young lady with all of the curves in the right places and I couldn't help but notice.

I sat down the suitcase beside her as she looked up with a wide grin on her face and then she jumped up and gave me a big hug around the neck. I, of course, hugged her back and lifted her off of the ground by a foot or more. "Wow Cuz, you've grown up a bit in a year," I exclaimed as I almost drooled at the sight of this beauty. She spun around, flaring out the skirt of her dress, exposing her thin, athletic legs to my gaze and, as she smiled at my greedy eyes and where they were trained, she jokingly said, "Gee Randy Joe, I thought you'd never notice." Then she lowered her chin a bit and looked up at me with a shy, blushin' smile on her face.

We chatted about what we'd done during the last year as I drove her the 35 miles to our farm. When we arrived, I was listing to the story of the day her braces came out and her first kiss with a boyfriend. I walked her suitcase to the house while my Momma grabbed her with an embrace and an arm around her shoulder and she walked her to her room.

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Having our whole crew finally here, we began the hay bucking the very next day. That meant that we were up a 5 AM and worked until dark, about 8:30 in the evenin'.

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Peggy Sue took her place on the tractor and the rest of us walked along grabbin' the bales as they left the combine. We fell into a routine and as the time passed, my mind started to stray towards my pretty little cousin. During the course of the day, the temperature could get from 55 to 95 degrees in about 6 or 7 hours so we all dressed in layers.

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The guys would just take off our shirts as it got hot but Peggy Sue didn't have that luxury. She often wore sweats over her other clothing and eventually would strip them off in favor of a pair of shorts and a tank top. She always wore a bra under her top but the sweat made it stand out. I managed to watch as she removed her sweats about 10 or 10:30 every day and my mind would imagine that she had forgotten to put somethin' on under those sweats but she never did.

But she started to notice my stare and would draw out her removal with a coy little smile on her face.


She noticed a swellin' down at my groin and I hurriedly looked away. She would wear different outfits everyday but my favorite was a pair of cutoff sweat pants that were loose fittin' around her thighs with a white tank top that you could almost see through when it got wet with sweat. I also liked it when she wore a pair of tight white cotton shorts that you could see her panties through, especially as they got dirty with sweat and dust.

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I knew I shouldn't be starrin' but I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her and I constantly kept hopin'. One day in the heat of the afternoon, we had stopped for a drink of water, when Peggy Sue stood up on the tractor to stretch and she placed her foot on the tractor tire fender. Well, I happened to be standing near that tire and as I looked up, I saw what I had been waiting for.

She was wearin' those cutoff sweats, the ones that were loose fitting around her legs. Well, I looked up and I saw all the way up to her crotch and her pink panties.

I almost choked on my cup of water and when she looked in my direction to see what was wrong with me and saw where my eyes were lookin', she smiled at me and moved her foot down off the fender and joined it with the other one.


I must have blushed so hard so I just walked away. I was startin' to feel like I needed a good romp in the hay so that Saturday night I made a date with Mandy Lane, my latest girl, or should I say, I was Mandy's latest swinging cock. I had been dating her most of the spring and summer and that was a long time for Mandy.

She was, shall I say, a little loose when it comes to morals but that didn't bother me one little bit. On this particular Saturday night, I didn't get over to her house until after 8 or 8:30 so a movie was out and so was dinner.

So we opted to just go out and grab some fries and a soda and mess around a little, after all, it had been quite a while for both of us. After we ate, we drove out to her Daddy's hay barn away from their house a fair piece. It was far enough away that we used it many a times for our make out spot. I turned off the lights to my Chevy as we pulled off the dirt road that led to the barn and drove slowly by the light of the moon until we pulled up right in front of it.

Mandy giggled, gave me a kiss on the lips and then ran inside of the barn teasingly. I soon followed but as I entered the barn, I couldn't see a thing. It took me a little while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the barn and then I heard her giggle from up in the loft. I walked over to the ladder and climbed up into the hay loft and then I looked around and heard her voice again comin' from behind me.

"Are you lookin' for somethin'?" she asked in a very seductive voice. "Why yes I am," I said, turnin' around, "and I think I know right where to find it." "Well come and get it then," she said invitingly. I took a couple of strides as I reached for her and when I was right in front of her, I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately. She returned my kiss in spades and soon my hands were all over her butt and back. Our mouths were open and we were fencing with our tongues.

"I want you Mandy," I said between kisses. "Well take me then you big lug," she replied as she moved her hands down to the zipper of my pants. With one tug, she had her hand inside my fly and her experienced fingers knew what to do. My hands went around to the zipper of her dress and they soon had it down over her shoulders and they released it to fall to her ankles. Her full, firm breasts stuck out from her bra, beggin' me to release them from their confines.

So I slowly slid the straps off of her shoulders and ran both hands along the inside of the cups and pulled them off. Slowly reachin' around and unfastenin' her bra, I cupped my hands around them as she exhaled her held in breath. I bent down and kissed her on the nipples and she sucked in her breath once again.

I felt her hands around my bare cock and I knew that she had plans for it. Her hand was rubbin' on my cock tenderly and it was standin' at attention now, stickin' straight out of my open pants as I stood up tall and waited. She knelt down in front of me, her hands sliding my britches down to the floor. She greedily opened her mouth and took my cock in and started to suck on it.

I went weak in the knees but I knew from experience that the fun had just begun. I tore at the buttons of my shirt and soon I was tossing it down beside me on the floor. I felt the softness of her mouth as she was takin' it in as far as she could.

I was soon pushing with my hips in time with the pumpin' of her mouth and I knew that in my current condition, it was just a matter of time before I blew. I knew that Mandy loved the taste of cum so I had no notion of pulling out but I did think about givin' her some warnin' in advance. But in the end, when the time came, I just blew my wad right as she was suckin' on it the hardest.

Poor Mandy never had a chance, my cum went right down her throat before she could react. She just smiled as she sucked and licked me clean.

Now it was her turn as I pulled her to her feet and knelt down in front of her. I slowly peeled her panties off and marveled at her deep, thick patch of pubic hair that she sported. Then I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her right on top of me as I laid back. She landed with her knees on either side of my chest and her cunt spread wide open to my gaze. I nestled down in the hay and brought her up so that she was straddlin' my face.

I loved it but no more than she did. I reached up with both hands and grabbed her boobs, squeezin' them in my grip. She arched her back and slid her clit down to meet my tongue.

She reacted with a scream as I made contact. "Oh Randy Joe, I love the way you eat my pussy," she cried. "Yes, right there, oh yes, yes." She was rubbin' her clit back and forth across my tongue and lips, grindin' it in and cryin' out for more.

I began to suck on the little node in earnest as she continued to writhe with the pleasure I was givin' her. "OH YES," she screamed out loud.

"God you're going to make me cum already! Oh God Randy Joe, I'm CUMMMMMING!!!" She was grindin' her pussy into my mouth as she was screamin'. She continued to press it down on my lips as I kept suckin' for all I was worth. She was screamin' and yellin' and I finally had to come up for air and when I did, she bounced off of me and grabbed my cock into her mouth again.

She was tryin' to swallow it whole but I pushed her aside and scrabbled to my feet. I reached down and pulled her up, placed her leg on my hip, thus openin' up her entire crotch to my erect cock. She knew what I was doin' and she eagerly complied. She tried to slide it in but the angle wasn't right so she jumped up and straddled me with both of her legs pushin' it right there where it couldn't miss. Slidin' it into her open cunt, my cock met little resistance until she was sittin' right with it buried to the hilt.

She threw back her head and cried out with a loud, "Yes Randy Joe, fuck me hard! I want to feel your balls slapping my ass!" I was pumpin' as hard as I could as her openin' engulfed my large hard cock. "My God, can this girl fuck!" I thought. I was pumpin' and the juices were a flowin' as the gurglin' sound began to excite us both. I slid my hand down to her butt to support her better and I could feel my wet cock as it slid in and out of her openin' I touched the space in between her holes and she went wild with desire, so I began playin' with her rose bud.

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Her ass hole was so wet with her juices, when I started to probe with my middle finger it almost begged me to come on in. As I probed further, she reacted with wilder and harder encouragement so my finger suddenly found the openin' pliable enough to plunge right in to the first knuckle and then as far as I could reach.

She was rammin' down on my cock and my finger with true lust now as she threw her head back and rode me as hard as she could. I was nearing my breakin' point and I knew that she was too and when it started to happen.

She held her breath as she impaled herself down on my finger and my cock and she tightened every muscle in her naked body.

A slow growl escaped her lips and then she bounced on me like never before, extractin' the greatest amount of pleasure out of her orgasm that she possibly could. I felt my balls start to lift and then they just let loose with gallons of cum pumpin' right up Mandy's womb. Jet after jet of my cum splashed into her cervix as she rode me like a horse. She was cryin' real tears as she continued to orgasm. She was wild, wilder than I had ever seen her.

My God, what as orgasm! "Oh yes, oh yes," she kept repeatin' as she slid off of my deflatin' cock. She slid all the way down until she was kneelin' at my knees again. She grabbed my meat and stuffed it back into her mouth and started suckin' and lickin' her own juices off of it. She kept stuffin' it in until she had the whole thing into mouth. As she continued to suck on it and it began to grow again.

"My God, how can this girl make a deflated cock grow so soon?" I thought, but there it was growin' with every tongue action. She kept at it until it had grown to nearly full size and it was all still in her mouth so I punched it back in her throat.

She gagged a little but insisted on keepin' it in. Again and again she gagged as she tried to take it down her throat. Then she took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide and slid it past her gag reflex and down to where she was tryin'. She planted her lips right on the base my cock and closed down and drug it all the way out. She joyously swallowed hard and plunged back down on it, takin' it back down her throat and rammed her lips on my pubic hairs once again. She was enjoyin' it as much as I was.

"My God,' I thought. "I'm about to blow my wad again!" As she continued to take my throbbin' cock down her throat, it suddenly erupted with streams of cum goin' down her eager throat once again.

My knees started to buckle completely this time and I fell over backwards, pullin' my cock out of her throat. I laid there exhausted, totally spent. I didn't get home until early in the morning and I suffered all the next day, but it was worth it. Peggy Sue kept lookin' at me, wonderin' why I seemed like my mind was somewhere else. I guess that it was. It was right back there in Mandy's barn with my cock shoved down Mandy's throat.

The followin' Monday, the temperature turned down right hot, well over 100 degrees, so in the afternoon, about 3 or so, Daddy told us to stop for a couple of hours and get out of the sun. We would all go down to the river and take a swim to cool down. Peggy Sue would join us guys at the swimmin' hole and she would put on the cutest little two piece swimmin' suit you could ever imagine. It covered everythin' it was supposed to but it fit rather tightly at her crotch and that area was as smooth and tight as you can believe.

The rest of it showed off her curves just enough to cause you to hope that they would fall out when she bent over. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and when she caught me starin', she'd just smile and stood back up to take away the view.

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Because of the delays due to the hot weather, we didn't finish up the buckin' until about noon on the 14th day of the season instead of the 10th as planned. That meant that we all had to work longer than expected.

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But as we unloaded the last bale into the barn, there was a roar that could be heard back at the house. We were all so relieved that it was finally over that we hugged each other and laughed, all felt tired but happy, even Peggy Sue.

But bein' tired didn't stop us from headin' down to the river for that last end of season swim before we headed our separate ways. We splashed and pushed each other as we joked around and dunkin' was included in our play.

Peggy Sue once tried to push my head under by jumping on top of me and applyin' all her 100 pounds as she tried to make my legs buckle. She was right in front of my face and she had her arms straight on top of my head pushin' down. I found myself lookin' directly into her crotch only inches away from my nose.

I let my knees suddenly bend and over I went on my back with Peggy Sue on top of me. Under the water I had my face planted into her crotch as we both went down. I couldn't resist the temptation as I opened my mouth and placed my lips on her bathing suit bottoms, directly onto her pussy.

She squirmed a little but did not try to get off of me. I know that she could feel my lips movin' around through her swim suit but there was no reaction on her part.

I soon had to come up for air and when I did, her only response was a laughin' look on her face and a claim that "she got me". I looked into her eyes, tryin' to read her thoughts but all I saw was a little twinkle. We said our goodbyes to the guys after we came back from the river and I settled down in a porch chair to relax with a tall glass of iced tea when Peggy Sue came out of the house and sat down in the chair next to me.

I was worried that she would bring the bitin' issue up with me but instead she asked me if I would like to take her to the movies tonight. She was sittin' there with her wet hair, her short skirt pulled up under her and the cutest little girl grin on her face so what could I say but "Why not.

This could be fun," I thought as my cock started to twitch. To Be Continued in Part II