REAL Emily Cann Fingering Herself

REAL Emily Cann Fingering Herself
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One of the guys at school was having an end of year party, I went with Sam, my boyfriend, he seemed so happy to have me on his arms, we stayed together all night with me being the dedicated girl friend.

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I was dressed for the kill in a short, tight gray silk dress that buttoned all the way up, I was sure I was the envy of all the guys there and hated by most of the girls, I didn't care. I purposely left a couple buttons open at top to show my ample cleavage, the silk material rubbing had my nipples really hard popping out all night and with it being so short it barely covered my butt. I had to be careful how I sat and bent, when Sam first saw me he said "the way you are looking every guy here will want to get in your panties, I smiled at him saying "they can't I'm not wearing any" he lifted up my dress to see.

Anyway we were having a great time and he was drinking way too much, I guess because theses were his friends, when it came time to leave I told him I better drive, I only had two glasses of wine.


We were driving alone and I failed to notice the police car on the side of the road until he came up behind us turning on his lights, flashing, I pulled over, the officer came up on the drivers side looking in with his flash light, I pulled my short dress down which was way up on my thigh, the officer seem to pause looking there. Sam asked "is there a problem officer" He looked in answering " she was speeding and I want to talk to the young lady" eyeing my crotch again with his flash light.

He said I was going ten miles over the speed limit and asked if I had been drinking, I answered "only two glasses of wine" again back at my crotch he went with his light shinning it between my legs.

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"Step out the car and let me see your license" he ordered me, I was stunned looking over at Sam, he gave me an it will be ok look, I opened the door holding my dress down but with it being a sports car sitting close to the ground as I spun around my dress went up exposing my pubic hair to the officer.

I pulled it down quickly standing up, he was snickering, taking hold, looking at my license "you are only eighteen, a little young to be drinking" he told me he had to give me a road sobriety test, he had me walk a straight line, then stand on one foot.

I was having a difficult time in my new four inch pumps, stumbling, tripping, falling in his arms, when he grabbed me one of his hands went up holding one of my breast, I felt him give it a couple soft squeezes, making no effort to move his hand.


"I'm going to have to frisk you, take you to the station on a DUI charge" I was stunned by this, I wasn't even drunk, looking at Sam he was getting out the car saying "she's not drunk" but he ordered him back in the car saying he would take him too. He had me put my hands on top of the car with my legs apart, I began to cry a bit, I couldn't believe this was happening, he was just standing behind me, not doing anything, his hands went on my hips reaching around to my breast, both his hands squeezed them for several seconds, I knew he wasn't looking for anything just getting a feel, especially when he pinched both my nipples.

One of his hands went down cupping my butt cheeks, lower he reached under it feeling my bare butt, just squeezing it softly, getting close to me he whispered in my ear "no panties little girl, want to make a deal".

He moved his hand around front reaching between my legs touching my pussy, rubbing my clit, then pushed his finger in stopping, holding it, I nodded yes, I didn't want to go to jail. "Umm nice and wet, you wanted some dick anyway" he said, pumping his finger in me he looked at Sam saying "I was going to run both of you in but she agreed to make a deal, follow me in the car". He stood there working his fingers in me very fast, my hips moved to him "come on" he said taking me to the police car, looking back Sam was moving over to the drivers side, he opened the door, I got in and he went to the other side getting in.

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Looking at me he could tell I was nervous, but he reached over stroking my leg running it up to my pussy, I was holding my legs together, he said "open up" I did and two of his fingers went right in me "umm you are wetter now than before" he said. Looking at him I could only watch as he opened his pants pulling out the largest black cock I ever saw, he held it looking at me, glancing back I could see Sam sitting there looking, the officer took my head pulling it down, opening my mouth, half that thing went inside.

"Suck my dick like the sweet thing you are" he told me, with a little nudging of my head from him I took a deep breath going up and down on it, his cock was huge, too much to fit all in my mouth but I did the best I could.

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I kept my eyes open watching that massive thing, he kept trying to force more in my mouth, I had to really pace my breathing as it hit the back of my throat, I could feel it going farther down where no one else has. "Yes suck that dick, the sight of your pretty face is going to make me cum quick, looking at your boyfriend watching too, this is going to be good" he moaned.

One of his hands was in my hair working my head, the other in the top of my dress squeezing my tits hard from one to the other. He was really working my head pushing it up and down, I was sure he was putting on a show for Sam, three quarters of it was in my mouth I gagged slightly, I think he noticed I was having problems with this, he eased up on forcing my head.

I was sucking, twisting my head with his cock in the back of my throat, I felt his hips buckle and cum flowing deep in my throat, it was so far in it slithered down the back of my throat.

I didn't have to swallow much it just rolled down into my stomach. "That's it bitch swallow that cum, ever drop" I heard him say, gulping every drop wanting to get this over I sucked hard pulling any left out, a few more pumps and he pulled my head up from it.

He looked back at Sam in the car giving him a thumbs up out the window "umm baby you suck dick like a pro" he said starting the car up driving off, Sam followed us, I said "I thought we were finished" his response was "the head was nice but I can't pass up on your young pussy". We stopped at a warehouse a few blocks away, getting out we walked going over to Sam sitting in the car, he put his arm around me resting it under my dress gripping, massaging my butt cheeks several times, his other on my breast inside my dress fondling it for Sam to see.

"Well, I'm going to fuck your girl now, if she fucks anywhere close to the way she gives head I know it will be good, oh and I like the fact that she swallows". I was so embarrassed and felt sorry for Sam, he had to know I did this to stay out of trouble, looking him in the eyes he looked hurt and dejected, the cop lowered his finger pushing it in my pussy, pumping it a few times.

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Pulling it out bringing it to Sam's face saying "she wants my dick see how wet she is" his finger was dripping wet from my juice "we are going upstairs, you can wait here until we are done or come up and watch, I don't care". Taking me by the hand up the stairs we went to a room with some blankets and pillows on the floor, turning to me he reached started opening all the buttons on my dress, I stood there as he removed my dress dropping it on the floor, looking over my whole body.

He reached up playfully touching one, then my other breast, lifting them up "baby you have one fine body" he said as he was removing his gun belt, lowering his pants, he was hard as a rock.

He ordered me to lay down on the blankets, he came over me sitting on my neck and chest, lifting my head up he guided his cock back in my mouth, again he moved my head up and down grinding his hips to my face "that's it baby, you look good with my dick in your mouth" he said.

Pumping, thrusting it several times in my mouth with it popping a few times from my lips, then quickly he pulled it from them, I watched as he lowered down getting between my legs. When his cock reached my pussy he gave a push, I moaned feeling the girth of his cock "damn you are tight" he moaned, slowly pushing he worked more in me, the farther he went in the more I squirmed on the floor.

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His cock was so big stretching me open, he had me moaning with each stroke, getting me so wet, my juice was running out of me leaking between my cheeks, he pushed going all in me, I screamed loud when his balls touched my pussy lips. He covered my mouth saying "shut your pretty little lips up, you are going to draw attention to us" he was so deep in me, holding it not moving, I was shaking with pleasure.

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Looking him in the eyes licking my lips I smiled, he smiled back saying "you like this don't you" I moaned yes between breaths, he began slowly moving his hips to me, he was so deep, it felt strange, yet it had me very excited, still making eye contact to him I started to move.

We were moving slow at first but the wetter I got lubricating his cock more the faster we moved, he brought me to cum twice quickly, he surprised me bringing his lips to mine kissing me, our tongues rolling together. I couldn't take it anymore, my arms went around him holding him tight, we were really working it, I squeezed him tighter, by the sounds of my pussy I was a sloppy wet mess, I was moaning, grunting to his kiss, he freed my lips and I moaned in his ear.

He was slamming his cock in me long and hard strokes, again he brought me to cum again coating his cock with my sticky fluid "I'm about to cum, where do you want it" he said . I knew I was ovulating and not protected but I was so into this I moaned loud "please cum in me, I want to feel you shooting it in me". This just seemed to excite him more, making him pump harder bringing his lips to mine shoving his tongue deep in my mouth, I sucked it hard, down all in me he went stopping, just as he started to cum, yelling "ah" loud, I felt him cumming, shooting a lot of warm cum deep in me.

I held him moaning "oh it feels so good, shoot it in me baby" I wrapped my legs around him, he was shaking, pumping every drop in me. He relaxed just laying on me, I was stroking his back telling him how wonderful it was when I looked up over at the door, there stood Sam, looking at me with a shocked look on his face shaking his head, there was nothing I could do or say, just closed my eyes trying to act like he was not there.

The officer rolled off me after laying on me a few minutes, his semi hard cock came out of me with a surp, I was laying next to him naked with my legs wide open cum, really leaking out of me now.

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He started rubbing, squeezing both my breast, pinching and twisting my nipples until white milk appeared "whoa, a milk mate" he said leaning over sucking the mess out of one then the other. Finally he got up after sucking my breast for awhile saying "I like that, but don't move" I laid there as he got dressed, he looked at my worn body, especially my wet open pussy, he snickered blowing me a kiss saying "thanks baby" to me and "she's all your now to Sam" then just walked out down the stairs.

Sam didn't say a word as I stood up putting my dress back on, he had come down from his drunk high some, I started to speak but he stopped me before I could say a word, he went down the stairs, I followed behind him, my legs were so wobbly.