Samantha South And Two Big Thick Cocks

Samantha South And Two Big Thick Cocks
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This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are the property of their respective owners. I own the story line. Chapter 17- Interludes It was the burning sensation on her arse that woke Ginny. Still half asleep she reached down to rub at the sore spot and found another hand there. She felt around a bit and realized it was a woman's hand.

This finally pulled her up out of sleep and she remembered what had happened and why her arse was so deliciously sore.

------ She had been looking for a second shot at her bungled Friday night date when she ran into just the person she was looking for, Katie Jordan. She was sitting in the den with her husband, snuggling on the couch and watching cartoons. After a moment, she realized that it wasn't cartoons in the traditional sense, but was some kind of anime. It wasn't something that she went in for herself, but she knew that Katie was a big fan.

"Hey, Katie, Lee," she said as she entered the room and sat down in a chair across from them "Hey, sis," Katie said without looking up.

Lee paused the playback. "Hey, Red." "Red?" Ginny asked.

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"You live in a house with two of my brothers and Red is the best you can do?" "Would you rather I called you Freckles, cause I'm pretty sure that Jugs would just be way too inappropriate in front of the rest of your family." By the broad smile he showed her, she knew he was just having one over on her, though if he ever called her Jugs in front of anyone else, she'd probably never hear the end of it. "Red it is then," she surrendered.

"Katie," she said in a more serious voice. "I wanted to apologize again about last night. I just got way too worked up and freaked myself out." Katie sat up and paid attention to her now. "It was my first time with anyone other than Harry, and my first time with a girl and I just… got stupid. I'm sorry I ruined the whole scene." Katie got up and walked over to her.

She sat down and put her arms around her. "It's okay. I'd say I understand, but I kinda don't. I started experimenting with girls before I even knew that Lee liked me." Ginny felt the girl's lips on her cheek. "I'm glad you found me though, I meant it at the Coven when I said I wanted to spend some time with you. I think you're simply adorable, and I would love to play with your tits." Ginny felt cold fingers slip into her robe and seek out one of her nipples.

"We could slip away somewhere more private," Ginny suggested, still intimidated by the forwardness of her new playmate. "Do you have any idea where Harry might be?" "I think he's with Angelina. Besides, Harry is a bit light with the spankings. If you think you want a real spanking, we should spend some time with Lee." Ginny hesitated, she knew that Katie was a serious submissive with masochistic tendencies; she used to think she kinked that way as well, but once she had spent some time with Katie she realized she was playing around at most.

"No whips?" she asked, looking from Katie to Lee and back. "Are you negotiating?" Lee asked. "Negotiating?" Ginny's eyes snapped back to Lee. "I've never had to… negotiate… before." She was only vaguely familiar with the concept, since she and Harry had never set hard boundaries.

They played around, mostly role-play; she liked to be spanked and Harry was turned on by the school-girl fantasy, but he only ever used his hand except for that one time when he'd come home with meter stick. "Alright," Lee said, sitting up and looking her in the eyes. "The negotiation is where we'll settle matters of what you will and will not accept as part of the scene. You've already said you don't want to be whipped. What about a riding crop, or a switch, or even a belt?" "I," Ginny took a sharp breath, the idea kind of excited her as long as he didn't hit her too hard.

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She had kind of enjoyed the first couple of smacks with the meter stick, but she and Harry were too inexperienced to do it right and he had left painful welts on her bottom that had taken magic to heal. "I think so, but I don't want to have welts or marks afterward." She interrupted Lee as he started to respond, "And only on my bum, nothing on my legs or back." "Okay, you only get spanked on your bottom, you don't want to be hit anywhere else." He glanced over at Katie, "You know I don't have to give you two the same rules, stop pouting." Katie stuck her tongue out at him and he shook a finger at her.

"What about name calling and degradation? Are you going to get upset if I tell you you're a filthy little whore, a naughty little slut that isn't worthy of doing anything more than sucking my dick." Ginny started to pant, she was tingling all over.

"That's okay." "Can I gag you and parade you around the house as my new pet?" "No," Ginny almost went cold at that idea. "I don't think I want to be tied up in any way, I have… issues with that." "Good, you know your boundaries." Lee smiled at her, but she wasn't sure you could call it friendly. "I know you've played around a bit with Katie. Are you okay with being put in sexual situations with another woman?" "Yeah, I got that straightened out.

I am more than okay with that." She turned her head and kissed Katie. She was about to start doing more when Lee clapped his hands together once, very loudly.

Lee began speaking again once he had her attention. "If you start playing before negotiations are done, things may happen that you won't like, and I will be unhappy if you break my scene. Got it?" She nodded. "Okay, you want to be spanked and called dirty names. Do you want me to force you to do things, things like making you suck my dick, bending you over and fucking you in that glorious ass of yours, even if you tell me no?

What about with Katie?" Ginny started to tingle again, but a sliver of fear ran through her as well. "How do I tell you 'no' and mean it?" "You use a safe word; we'll use the word… quaffle. If you say quaffle, the entire scene comes to an immediate halt and we'll get your head clear." Ginny nodded in understanding.

"That means if you tell me 'no,' or 'stop,' or 'you're hurting me,' it means 'do it harder and faster and deeper.' Do you understand that?" Ginny nodded, but didn't trust herself to speak. "What is the safe word?" "Qu- quaffle." Ginny breathed. "Again, say it like you mean it." "Quaffle." She said it clearly after a second's hesitation. Lee looked at her like he was appraising her. "Is your head clear, are you aware of what's going on?" Ginny said clearly that she was.

Lee continued, "The terms are that I will only spank you, I will not hit you in any other way, but I may use a stick or a belt. I will call you names and I will take what I want from you and force you to perform sex acts on or with Katie as long as you don't use the safe word. And you will call me Master." "Yes," Ginny replied. It all sounded so cold when laid it out like that, but she had been terribly excited by some of the discussion, and the idea of calling Lee 'Master' carried a certain thrill.

Harry usually made her call him professor when they were playing, and she supposed this was the same, but it still excited her in a different way.

Lee looked at Katie, "Standard rules for low-level bondage with an extra player?" "Sure, though I wouldn't say no to more severe bondage." "Probably not a good idea," Lee said after taking a long look at Ginny. Katie stuck out her bottom lip. "Don't worry, I'll make it up to you soon. It's about time for me to take you to the club and auction you off again." Ginny saw Katie blush and clench her thighs.

"You guys do-" "Quiet you stupid whore!" Lee said as he stood up. "There's only one good use for your mouth. Get up." Ginny was confused, she thought they were restricting this to a private area.

He smacked his hands together in a thunderous clap that made Ginny jump. "Both of you sluts get up and get moving; down the hall with you." Katie jumped up and scampered down the hall with her head down. Ginny followed her and Lee followed behind. When Ginny didn't move quickly enough he reached out and popped her on the behind; it was very solid and made her sting even through her robe.

She followed Katie up the stairs and into the room that she shared with Lee. ----- Ginny rubbed her bottom again. She was still a bit tender, but Lee had assured her she would be fine by tomorrow morning as he applied a soothing gel before he tucked her in to bed. She looked over to see that Katie was still asleep and that Lee was watching her. "Okay?" he asked quietly. "I'm a little tender," she said.

"I've never had a belt used on me." "Would you like it again?" She felt her cheeks burn, both above and below. "Can you show Harry the right way to do it?

The last time he used something other than his hands, it didn't turn out so well." "Maybe you and Harry can come over and spend the night some weekend. I'm sure the four of us could have all kinds of fun." "Maybe you and Katie could come to our place. I think I'd be more comfortable there." She didn't add she wanted a bit more control over the number of surprises that would probably crop up, particularly with her jokester brothers around. Almost as if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Lee called as he flipped the sheet up over the girls. Ginny flushed with embarrassment at her husband seeing her in bed with Katie and Lee. He just smiled and came over to sit down next to her. "Hey, babe," Harry said as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.


Then he flipped the sheet down and kissed her other cheek. "My, that's rosy," he teased her as rubbed her bum. She flinched a bit, but returned his greeting. "We're getting take away from Phoenix for dinner tonight; what does everybody want?" ----- "Not so fast," Hermione said to George as he sped down the B5111 away from the Warrens.

"Unless you think you can't last very long." It had taken a bit of maneuvering since the console was permanently affixed between the seats. As such, she was actually on her knees with her legs curled under her as she bent over the console. George had the seat leaned back and was driving with only one hand. His pants were open and she'd worked him into a decent erection before they even pulled out of the garage. "Bloody hell, this is harder than it looks." He took his foot off the accelerator and let the car coast back down to the speed limit.

"I don't know, it looks pretty hard." Hermione squeezed him and gave him a couple strokes before sucking it back into her mouth. It was only a fifteen minute drive from the restaurant to the house, and there really was no 'back way' in unless you counted driving aimlessly around the town of 5000 residents.

He let the car slow another 10 kph and set the cruise control. At least he wouldn't have to worry about that now. George had to admit that Hermione gave great head, she wasn't as good as his wife, but in his opinion Alicia was even better than Angelina, so it probably wasn't a fair comparison. He wished she had worn a skirt so that he could lift it up and play with her arse, but he supposed he had enough to contend with just keeping the car on the road.

He settled for rubbing her back and telling her what a fine job she was doing. He had just started the last climb toward orgasm when he turned onto the small street where the restaurant was. "Sorry, luv, we're here." Hermione sat up and tossed the towel she had brought over his lap.

"You stay here and keep him up. I don't want to have to start over." George put up only token resistance and slid his hand beneath the towel as Hermione walked into the little oriental take away shop.

He worked his hand slowly up and down his stiff member, lubricated with his sister-in-law's spit. He kept that thought firmly at the front of his mind as he watched couples walk past his car. She was back quickly, and the restaurant employee stowed the boxes full of bags in the back seat. When she got in the car she reached under the towel. "Mm, you've been working hard I see." She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"As soon as we're out of town, I'll finish you off." He sped down the main road to the edge of town, and as soon as they passed the last building, she ripped the towel out of the way and replaced her hand with her mouth. "Oh fuck, that's it girl, just like that," he groaned. She was sucking hard and using her tongue on the vein that ran up the bottom of his cock. If she kept it up he wouldn't even make the eight minutes to the driveway. She did, and he was right, about three minutes away from the house he started pumping her mouth full of cum and his foot slammed down on the accelerator.

Almost instantly there was the sound of a siren behind him. "Oh, fuck!" he groaned as he looked in the rear view mirror and saw blue lights. Hermione immediately sat up and turned to flop down in her seat.

A last gasp spurt of cum oozed out of his deflating cock and dribbled onto the seat. George eased off the accelerator and turned on his turn signal. Once he had come to a stop he reached down and tried to tuck his cock back into his trousers, but there was no way he was going to be able to zip up without being obvious.

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He really wished he had thought to bring his wand, at least the one he could cast real spells with. He snorted at the lame joke. "George," Hermione said, half in a panic, "how is this funny?" George couldn't help himself and began to laugh. "This is absurdly funny." He swallowed his laughter and rolled down the window at the knock.

"Fancy seeing you out here." George addressed the officer without fully looking over. He was suddenly aware of the fact that his car reeked of sex.

He looked back and up and saw the officer's nostrils flare and her cute little nose scrunch up. "Have you been drinking this afternoon, sir?" The woman's voice did not sound friendly.

She an attractive woman in her mid-30's with black hair and blue eyes. "Not yet," he replied with a smile. George's mum had always told him that someday his mouth was going to get him in trouble, he wondered if this was the day. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Apparently she wasn't amused or impressed. "You like my car?" Hermione gasped and he imagined her shaking her head. He had to stop joking, but he couldn't; he had no idea how much trouble he was in, and this was always how he reacted to being in trouble.

"Alright, wise-arse, get out of the car." She was definitely not amused. "Keep your hands where I can see them." George opened the door and got out, careful to keep his hands in plain sight.


His trousers dropped down to his ankles, and he wasn't wearing skivvies. George firmly clamped his mouth shut, because he knew that if he tried to ask if he could pull his pants up, he'd say something stupid and wildly inappropriate.

"You can fix that," she commanded him. He liked the crack in her voice, but he reminded himself that while most of his weekend was the kind of thing that belonged in one of Freddy's movies, this was not part of that story line. He bent down to pull his trousers up and zipped them. The police-woman looked in the car. "You too, miss; out of the car." George shuddered, oh the possibilities, and his cock began to twitch in his pants.

He had to get a grip on both his run-away mouth and his imagination. "We're so sorry, ma'am," Hermione began after she had come around and stood next to George. He felt her fingers reach for his own and he took her hand. George saw the officer look down at their hands and then back up to their faces. He couldn't quite read the reaction, her face seemed to soften just a bit; but only for a second. "Alright you two, if you're going to do bedroom stuff in your car, keep it in the garage." Hermione snorted and George glanced over at her.

"Something funny, miss?" "You had to be there," Hermione choked. "I'm sure." She looked back and forth between the two of them. "Where were you going what are you doing?" "Picking up dinner for the family, we're just a couple more minutes up the road." George was glad that Hermione answered, because he was pretty sure he would have said something like, 'Crazy, I'd love it if you'd make it a threesome.' "You were speeding, driving recklessly, not wearing your seatbelts, and engaging in public indecency.

What do you have to say for yourselves?" "We're very sorry, ma'am," is what George heard Hermione say. What he heard himself say was, "Me girl likes me car?" "Alright funny man, turn around and put your hands on the car." The desire to say something was killing George, but he did as he had been commanded. He thanked whatever fates were listening that Fred wasn't with him, because they'd be on their way to jail for sure by now since Freddy had no brain-to-mouth filter.

Once he had turned about and put his hands on top of the car, she turned to Hermione. "Miss, you get back in the car.

Slowly, keep your hands where I can see them. Oh, and one other thing," she scratched at the corner of her mouth, "might want to clean that up before you get home." From the corner of his eye he could just see Hermione flinch and rub at her face.

Once he heard Hermione's door click shut, he felt feet kicking his farther apart. "License in your wallet?" "Would-" he clamped his mouth shut and took a deep breath. "Yes, officer. Back left pocket." George let out a sigh of relief. Somehow he managed to stop himself from saying, 'Would you like to search me for it?' She removed his wallet and told him to stay put.

She walked back to her car and he watched her go through his wallet, then pick up something and talk into it. The sun was setting over the western horizon and the temp was just starting to drop when she walked up to him and handed him his wallet.

"This citation," she handed him one piece of paper, "is for speeding and operating an unsafe vehicle. You have ten days to mail in payment if you don't want to appear before the magistrate. This one," he took the second piece of paper, "is for public indecency for exposing yourself. This one you have to appear before a magistrate for. Your appearance is in twenty days, information is on the back.

Do you have any other questions?" He started to open his mouth when she interrupted him.

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"Think very carefully before you say anything, otherwise your girl will be driving your car home and you'll be coming with me." "No, ma'am." The two words were almost impossible to say, because there were so many things that were just dying to be said, but he didn't even know if Hermione knew how to drive.

The officer told him to get back in his car and drive home safely. He and Hermione had a good laugh before he restarted the car; turned on his signal for only the second time since his driving test; and drove home. ------- Dinner turned out to be a riotous affair. Almost everybody laughed about George getting pulled over, and George seemed to take particular delight in telling everyone that the officer had pointed out that Hermione had something on her face, just there, as he reached over and swiped him thumb across the corner of her mouth.

Ron's response was that he had never gotten a blowjob in the car. Her response was that he couldn't even drive. He promised to take the test next week if she'd repeat her performance for him. Ron wasn't sure if he was more embarrassed for saying it, or for her taking so much razzing about it. When Freddy said the he already knew how to drive if George would let him borrow the car, Hermione threw a soy sauce packet at him.

That was when the food fight started. "Does everyone know the game Roll Your Leg Over," Angelina asked as they were cleaning up. There was some of the clean up that was going to require magic, but they were mostly cleaning it up by hand since it gave them lots of opportunities to smear things on each other and play a little constructive grab-ass.

They were all going to need showers when they were done. Ron had no idea what she was talking about. Based on the other reactions, it looked like Bill, Charlie, and Fleur were in the same boat. He was surprised that Hermione didn't look clueless, she only rolled her eyes. Ginny clapped her hands and bounced up and down, which did things that made Ron uncomfortable to watch. "Katie taught us how to play when I was fifth year, we used to sit around and have contests in our dorm room." He noticed that Hermione and Lavender shared a knowing smile.

"It works like this," Katie explained. "This is lyric game, each person has to try and come up with a verse. The chorus goes," Angelina, Alicia, and Ginny joined her. "Roll your leg over, oh roll your leg over. Roll your leg over its better that way." Ron noted that the girls all had decent voices. He was sure he was going to sound like a dying cow if he took part.

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"I'll go first," Ginny said enthusiastically. She started to reach for the nearest guy, but realized that if she did that Ron or George, people might think it was disgusting. It would be funny, but she had already embarrassed Ron once this weekend, and a discussion she had with Fred had made her leery of being to forward with the twins until she had some time to think and talk to some people.

She took a couple of steps toward Lee, deliberately wobbling her chest, as she started to sing. "If all the young laddies would set down their mugs," Ginny grabbed Lee by the hair and pulled his face to her chest, "I'd quench all their thirst with a taste from my jugs." She shook her tits in his face before pushing him away.

"Oh, that's how we're going to play this?" Lee asked. "Sure," Ginny replied with a smirk, "and no pass backs." "Bingo," Lee replied. He looked around the room, he needed a girl with big tits for this one, and he couldn't use Ginny because she declared no pass backs.

"If all the young lassies were sweet fruits and berries," he extended his hand to Lavender, who took it with a look of trepidation. He gave her a spin and pulled her into his arms with her back to his chest. With one hand he reached around and began to fondle her large, soft boob, his other hand headed below her waist.


"I'd play with their melons and pick all their cherries." He gave her crotch a tickle before she turned in the circle of his arms and pushed him away with a laugh. "Perv," she teased Lee and he bowed to her, though not gracefully. She looked around and found Fred. While she hadn't known him well in school, she had crossed his path a few times when she and Seamus were running in the swingers' circles.

She still owed him for a couple of practical jokes from back then. She pulled him close and began to sing. "If all the young laddies were hard sticks of candy, I'd give 'em a lick when I's feelin' randy." She dragged her tongue from his chin to his ear, making sure to leave a long line of slobber that made him shudder and squirm. "Not the face, not the face," Fred shrieked as he jumped away from Lavender. He scrubbed at the side of his face and gave her a hard look.

She only laughed and stuck her tongue out at him, which made him laugh all the harder. He turned his attention now to Fleur. He had been toying with some new rhymes as soon as the game started; he prided himself on always having original lyrics, or at least one he had never heard since there were probably a million versions of this rhyme.

He scooped the slight blonde up and set her on the edge of the table, which was finally clean. "If all you young lasses were fields of sweet flowers," he pushed her back so she was lying down and he was between her legs. "I'd lay in your petals and stroke you for hours." He rocked his hips back and forth in slow exaggerated movements. "You wish," she said, the 'i' coming out as 'ee'. "You couldn't last more than fifteen minutes." He mock staggered from the injury, clutching alternately from his heart to his manhood.

She crooked her finger at Charlie, he played a bit rough for her taste, and he had no patience for the longer seduction games she played, but was still a good romp if that's what you wanted. He sauntered over to her as though he was God's gift to womankind. She poured on her French accent as she sang, "Eef all ze yung men were zhousters from France." She spit in her hand rubbed the Charlie's trousers.

"I'd be ze squire and speet shine zeir lance." Charlie accepted his turn with good grace after giving Fleur an extended, and far more controlled kiss than had become his wont of late. When she responded favorably, their kiss lasted long enough that someone began singing the chorus, then several others joined in. When at last the chorus ended, he stopped kissing Fleur. She smiled at him and said it had been much nicer than earlier.

He and Angelina had talked a bit this afternoon about his behavior and he realized that maybe he had been spending too much time with dragons and Russian whores, and not enough time with real women.

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She had promised they would work on that. For now though he knew that Katie would appreciate his brand of more aggressive attention, so he sought her out. "If all the young lassies were virgins by right, I'd not slay the dragons but I'd still fix their plight." He ground against her a bit as she wiggled her ass against him and they kissed over her shoulder.

This time the chorus broke out immediately and they kissed until it ended. He sent her on her way with a solid smack on the ass that made her jump and smile at him. Katie dropped to all fours and crawled toward Ron. Hermione hadn't told her much of the story of Ron and the cat fetish, but Hermione had been very thankful for loan of the cat suit and a reminder of the story. She saw no reason not to use it against him now. She began to crawl up his leg as she started to sing.

"If all the young men were milk in a cup," she finished crawling up him and wrapped her legs around his waist, which forced him to put his hands on her arse to hold them both up. "I'd be a kitten and lick them all up." She made several small licks on his neck and mewed loudly between them. She was pleased to hear Ron splutter and cough, as she watched his ears turn red. She even noticed that Hermione was laughing as well.

When someone started to sing the chorus, she pressed her lips to Ron's and held him there until the group finished. He was a good kisser, though not as aggressive as she might like he was still good and she did need to rack up Ron and Hermione to make sure she got everyone this weekend. A plan began to form in the back of her mind. Ron set Katie down on the buffet, since she didn't seem to be of a mind to let go on her own. He couldn't believe that had come up again, and he hoped Fred and George didn't remember that particular week, though it might be a bit much to hope.

He had never heard of this game before, so he had struggled to work out a good rhyme. Lavender's verse about candy had been a good jumping off point for him, and he'd just finished working it out when Katie started to crawl up his leg.

Angelina was closest to hand so he slid up behind her, since that seemed to be the way this worked, and began running his hands across her exposed mid-drift. "If all the girls were sweet Sugarquills, I'd lick them," he licked her neck, "and suck them," he sucked on her earlobe so that she sighed, "until I had my fill." "Better yet, my fill," Angie purred as she pulled Ron's mouth against her neck again and rotated her hips against him.

She guided his mouth to hers for the requisite time, which gave her time to finish composing her line. Ron's mention of Sugarquills had jumped her thought process to magical doo-dads and she was trying rhyme something with snitch so she could tease Harry about the funniest catch she'd ever seen. When the group stopped singing she released Ron and sashayed toward Harry with exaggerated movements. "If all the young laddies were Snitches of gold." She stopped before Harry and placed a hand on his chest.

"I'd be Harry Potter and swallow them whole." Harry tilted back his head and laughed until she leaned in to kiss him, and she could still feel his smile as they kissed and everyone sang. Harry had never played the game before, but he had heard a version of the song at a Renaissance Festival he had gone to with Ginny last summer. He managed to remember one verse he thought particularly clever and decided to use it. He had almost forgotten it when Angelina singled him out with that ridiculous catch from his Hogwarts days, but he managed to pull it back together after they stopped playing tonsil-tennis.

Hermione and Alicia were the only two girls who hadn't had a turn yet, and he hadn't made a pass at Alicia yet this weekend. He strode to her as he began to sing, and he cringed at how bad he sounded, but he went forward anyway. "If all the young ladies were bells in a tower," he took hold of her hips and spread her feet a bit. "I'd be the clapper and bang on the hour!" What he lacked in tonal quality, he made up for with volume and the thrust of his hips. "Tease," Alicia teased him as pulled him up and kissed him.

She had never kissed Harry Potter, and realized she had better get with it or she was going to miss out in him this weekend. She thought about cancelling her plans for this evening, but there was always later and she had promised Hermione to teach her the trick. She finally released Harry and gave his bum a good pinch.

George was closer, but she got to tease him all the time and she rarely saw Bill except for family functions. "Lay down," she told him as she sauntered toward him. He gave her a quizzical look but complied at a smile from her. "If all the men were watches in bright shiny cases," she sang as she straddled and walked up the length of his body.

She stopped with her feet on either side of his head, and dropped down. "I'd be the hands and I'd sit on their faces." That one evoked cheers as she grabbed Bill's hair and rocked her hips against his mouth. She almost wished she'd worn a skirt instead of jeans. She finally let him up after the chorus was done so he could take his turn.

Bill wished Alicia had been wearing a skirt, or at least some thinner shorts so that his tongue could have actually accomplished something. Alicia was his favorite of his sisters-in-law for many reasons, not the least of which was that she could take all of him in her mouth and suck a golf ball through eight feet of cheap garden hose.

He had never heard of this game before, but now that he had, he liked it. It was kind of silly, but required a certain flexibility of thought. He had created and discarded half-a-dozen rhymes and structures until he found one that he thought fit him well.

He approached Hermione with a stalking step, as though she were a trap he had to sneak up on. She seemed to be avoiding the center area where most of the action was taking place, and she watched his approach with a sly smile. Of all the girls, she was probably the one who would most appreciate his lyric. He swept her up in arms and turned to face the rest of the group, "Oh if you lasses were old pharaohs' tombs, I'd thoroughly search you and plunder each room." He bent and kissed her aggressively, and she gladly accepted him as he knew she would from their time together last night.

Hermione was sure she was blushing a bit when Bill finally stood her upright again after everyone else had stopped singing. It was one thing to do these things in private, but in front of everyone was a bit embarrassing. She hadn't played this game since shortly before the last time she left Hogwarts, when all of the Gryffindor fifth, sixth, and seventh year girls had gathered in her dorm room for a final send off. She had made up her own verse then as a way to stop the other girls from teasing her about what they thought she didn't know.

She had been a bit of prude then, but it didn't mean she didn't know anything. She thought she'd use it again so that she could stop playing about and get on with the night. She smirked over to Lavender, who rolled her eyes and laughed.

She sidled up next to her husband, despite the fact that George was the only one who hadn't played, and placed a possessive hand on his chest.

"If all of your lovers were as good as my Ron, you'd be in their beds, not here singing this song." She began to back out of the mostly clean room with a handful of Ron's shirt.

"I'm going to roll my Ron over, then roll my leg over," she reached out took Alicia's hand. "Roll my leg over, I like it that way." There were some hoots and hollers and a few cat-calls and cries of 'spoil-sport', but she ignored them as she led this evening's playmates down the hall, hoping that Bill would remember to follow sooner or later.

The last thing she heard was George whining that he didn't get to play, then the sound of his full throated song followed her up the stairs. "If only you lasses were singing this song, it would be half as dirty but still three times as long!" She laughed as the boys broke into the chorus, then she pulled her lovers into her room and shut the door.