Älteres Ehepaar mit jungen Paar Austausch

Älteres Ehepaar mit jungen Paar Austausch
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My Japanese Love Part 2: The Aftermath I woke up alone in bed and looked at the close. It was 8 in the morning.

Could yesterday have been a dream? Did I really have sex with Amya Yoshido after not seeing her for a couple of years? Yeah I thought to myself it was a dream. That is until I got up and realized that I was naked and stiff. It wasn't a dream at all, then where is she. I searched that house and she was gone, but she left a note. My heart was pounding hard and I'm scared to read the note. It probably tells me how yesterday was a mistake and that she loves her husband not me and probably never wants to see me again.

I picked up the note and read it. AJ Yesterday was the most amazing time that I have ever had. I'm glad to have been with you. I never have experienced anything like that. My husband has never been able to satisfy me like that. He always leaves me horny and never gets me off. I wish I could be there for when you wake up. You were so peaceful and cute asleep. I didn't have the heart to wake you up.

I have a staff meeting to be at. After I will be back and we can talk about what to do now, and where we go. See you after the meeting. Amya. That brought a smile to my face. She had a meeting to be at that's why she's not here. She still wants to see me today. I went to take a shower and wash up. I put on a t-shirt, jean shirts and my work shoes and was about to go work out in the shop when I had a knock on the door. I answered it and there was this gorgeous blonde hair girl standing there.

"Hi are you the one with the homemade TV stand to sell?" she asked. "Yes I am. It's in the garage. Here let me show you." I led her to the garage and nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

As I walked past the corner of the house I felt a blow to the back of my head dropping me instantly. I tried to move but really couldn't then I heard a voice.

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"Good job Kari. So did you enjoy fucking my wife you bastard" Hiro said. I couldn't believe it; I walked right into a trap. I manage to see what hit me and I saw Hiro holding one of my wooden lawn ornaments.

It figures a gnome would be my undoing cursed thing. Hiro then started stomping on my back and kicking my face. I manage to block some of them. "Kari, Cory hold him down." directed Hiro.


Kari grabbed my arms and literally sat on my face. Normally a beautiful blonde sitting on my face would be a turn on but I barely could breath.

I saw this Cory fella and I couldn't believe it. He had to be 6 foot easily, bald and built like a linebacker. He had tattoos going up both arms and a real nasty look in his eyes. "Oh looks like he is trying to give Kari a good pussy licking.

Shame Kari's got a good honest boyfriend right Hiro?" said Cory as he grabbed my legs. "WHAT, first my wife now my lover, oh you are so going to be sorry." Roared Hiro and with that he stomped on my right knee. Pain shot up my body. I tried to scream but my mouth was covered by the denim of Kari's pants.

Another blow comes from Hiro. This time to my kidneys. I was helpless and nobody could hear me, but why do I hear a car? "Stop it get off of him please" cried Amya. Oh my god Amya please run don't watch this please, go get help.

I thought. "Oh look here comes my whore of a wife. Tell me slut did you enjoy fucking his cock. Well tell you what. Cunt you can kiss it and make it better" and with that statement Hiro stomped on my nuts so hard I had tears in my eyes.

Kari and Cory let go of me, they both knew I was finished. I screamed in pain, but Hiro had other ideas. He kicked me right in the temple. I fell to the ground and watched Amya be dragged away by Hiro as darkness took over me.

I don't know how long I was out, but I feel I was laying on something soft. The ground isn't soft I thought. Then I heard a voice. "Dr. Carr to operating room 1 please. Dr. Carr to operating room 1." Huh? What? Dr. Carr where am I? I slowly opened my eyes and I saw I was no longer outside. I was in a hospital room. I looked around and oh that was a mistake because it hurt like a bitch. I'm not sure how long I laid but eventually a nurse came in.

"Well Hello, how do you feel?" asked the Nurse. I know stupid question to ask a man that pretty much got his ass kicked, knocked out, and woke up in the hospital.

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"Sore" I said. "Well that's to be expected. You have been here for a day. The young lady who was here was very worried." "What young lady, you mean Amya? Was she Japanese?" "No I'm sorry she wasn't Japanese. She was white oh here she is now" I looked at the door and saw Alicia from across the street.

She looked worried and scared, but glad I was awake. "AJ, I saw what they did to you and I called the police. They arrived shortly after your attackers left. Who was the girl they dragged away?" asked Alicia.

"Her name is Amya Yoshido is she alright?" "I don't know, but the police have been waiting for you to wake up, God I wish Lee was home at the time." "So do I, Alicia" Lee is Alicia's husband and a captain on the police force. He is also a very good friend of mine since we have a lot of the same interest in common. Had he been home Amya wouldn't be missing right now. "Hi Alicia, Hi AJ I am Officer Sharlow with the Police, do you mind answering a few questions?" asked Officer Sharlow.

"No I don't mind" "Ok so tell me what happened?" So I told him what happened. I started with being called to Amya's house for a job, about what happened there with Hiro, Amya coming to see me, and the events of this morning." "I see.

Well I need to ask this personal question and I am sorry if it embarrasses you, but did you sleep with Amya?" "Yes" was all I could say. "Well regardless of you and her having sex that still doesn't give her husband permission to do this. We will start looking for him and her." "Don't bother looking for me I am right here" said Amya. I looked at the door and I almost got up and ran to her, but everyone restrained me.

Officer Sharlow told the nurse to get a Doctor quick and I really couldn't blame him. Amya was a mess. Her lip was slip open, her clothes were ripped. I could see black and blue marks on her arms. I knew about Hiro's temper so I could only imagine what her clothes were covering. "Are you ok?" I asked.

"I am so sorry AJ. I tried to help but I was too late. They&hellip.They&hellip.I've&hellip." cried Amya. "It's ok Amya. Here is a Doctor let him look you over" said the Nurse. As the Doctor took Amya away to be examined, the Nurse explained my situation.

My kidney was bruised and I probably would be peeing blood for a little while. Oh great I thought. I have a couple bruised ribs, and my knee was swollen, but not broken.

Lucky me I thought. I was to take it easy and rest for a while. I also had a concussion, a couple pulled muscles in my shoulders, and no serious injury.

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About an hour later Amya came back dressed in sweat pants and a shirt and just sat beside me. "Alicia this is Amya, Amya this is my neighbor that lives across the street Alicia" as I introduced the two ladies.

Who each said hi. "Lee and I will be around if you need us AJ, don't hesitate to call us. Anytime you need help" Said Alicia before she left. "I'm so sorry AJ" Amya said. "It's ok Amya.

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What happened to you? I remember you being dragged away but I lost consciousness then?" "Oh AJ you don't want to know. It will change your opinion of me. I'm so dirty now. I don't even think you could ever want to be with me now." Amya said as looked away from me. I could see something bad had happened emotionally to her not just physically. She didn't have on the same clothes as she did when she came here. It really made me wonder what happened to this beautiful woman.

"Amya please tell me. I want to help you and protect you, but I can't do that till I know what happened. You know me you know I won't judge you any different." "Oh AJ it was horrible" Amya broke down into tears as she recalled what happened after they dragged her away from my place. I was right Hiro did beat her, but that was just the tip of the ice burg.

It seems that Amya told Hiro she was leaving him. That she had enough of him, and his cheating. That's when he hit her and called her a dirty whore. If she was going to be a slut she was going to have to act like one and with that he had Kari hold her bent over a chair and he raped her.

Not only had he raped her but he had Cory rape her as well.


Cory took great pleasure in fucking her ass saying he wanted to do that the moment he say her. I found out that Cory and Kari were two of her students.

Cory then made her watch Hiro and Kari fucked. It would seem that Hiro enjoyed Kari more than her. To make it worse after Hiro came in Kari's pussy, they forced Amya to lick Kari clean. Each time she refused they beat her.

After they were done they left and she quickly got in her car and drove to my house. She saw I wasn't there and drove to the hospital where she found me. She lost it then. She broke down crying so hard that it broke my heart. Every fiber of my body was screaming at me to get up and comfort her. "Come here Amya and let me hold you" "Why AJ I'm a dirty whore. Nobody is going to want me now that I've been violated" "Your wrong Amya, I still want you. You were passed out last night and I doubt you heard me, but I told you that I loved you and I truly do.

I truly do deeply passionately love you and I don't care what's happened to you.

I still want to be with you and I want to show you and give you the love you deserve" Amya just looked at me. Tears running down her face and she smiled. She came over to me, lay next to me and kissed me. "I'm so happy to have found you." And with that she kissed me deeply and passionately. "So what are we going to do now?" I asked.

"Well since I am planning on leaving Hiro. I am going to need a place to stay. I was hoping you wouldn't mind a roommate." "Are you kidding? I would love to have you as long as you don't mind waiting on me till I'm better." "No AJ I don't mind at all." Amya stayed by my side while I was in the hospital. The nurse felt sorry for her and made sure that a cot was brought in for her. I really don't blame the nurse or the doctor.

Officer Sharlow stopped in and said that Hiro, Cory, and Kari have been arrested and that a restraining order was placed on them.

They are not allowed to come within 1000 yards of Amya or myself. Alicia stopped in and said Lee is making sure everyone in the jail knows about those 3. It seems that Cory may look big and tough, but he is scared shitless about being in a cell.

When I was discharged Amya was there with the car to take us home. To my house and for the first time in a couple of days I saw her happy.

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I could only sit and watch as she went about making us dinner. My knee was still sore and they still didn't want me walking on it for at least another week.

Damn them. I have the most beautiful girl in my house and I can't even make love to her like I did the first night. At dinner we talked about everything. "You know Amya I really wish I told you how I felt years ago. I know I was your student and it would have been work but maybe we could have had spent these past couple years together and you could have been happy." "I know AJ.

I love my job and I love teacher new students everything about history, but you know what. We are here now and we have a lot to catch up on." She said with a devilish grin on her face.

She cleared the table and helped me to what is now our bedroom. "Lay down lover and let me take care of you" she said.

I lay down and I wasn't expecting what she was going to do. She undid my pants and pulled them off. You could tell sex was farthest on my mind right now because I was limp, but she didn't care. She looked at me and said. "Hiro told me to kiss it and make it better and that's just what I'm going to do" and she planted a kiss on the head of my cock.

That was all it took to start getting to blood flowing. I was getting harder by the second and she just kept kissing my cock. "Mmm so nice and big I bet it takes good too" as she starts licking my cock like a lollipop.

"You will have to forgive me, I've never done this before" she told me. "It's ok you're doing fine." She smiled and took as much of my member as she could into her mouth. Oh my god I was in heaven. Her mouth was so good and having my cock in her mouth look so hot I almost came right then. "Amya do you want me to cum in your mouth?" "Yes I want to taste your cum. I want you to cum for me." I couldn't believe my luck. Amya was giving me a blowjob and wanted me to cum for her.

I know I should be screaming because just a couple of days ago my nuts got stomped, but damn was she doing a good job blowing me. Her head was bobbing up and down slowly at first, then fast, then slowly again.

When she wasn't using her mouth she would use her hands and jerk me while licking my shaft. For once I was glad I shave my cock and balls because she even kissed my balls.

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She started jerking me faster and I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. "Amya I'm going to cum" Amya put my cock in her mouth and jerked me faster and that was all I could take.

"I'm Cumming" and I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth. Tried as she could she wasn't able to contain it all and some leaked out down her chin and onto her shirt. Taking a big gulp she swallowed all of my cum. "MMM tasty. Oh look at that I made a mess on my shirt. Best take it off then." And with that she removed her shirt and bra, and then her pants.

"You don't need that shirt either AJ" as she removed my shirt. Once again I saw that devilish look in her eyes as she straddled my cock. I felt her hand grab my softening cock and start rubbing it across her slit. "OOOOO baby I need this in me" Between her hand on my cock and the feel of her wet pussy I got hard again real quick. ' "Oh yes baby I hope you enjoy this" and she slowly slide my cock into her waiting pussy.

I couldn't help myself I moaned with pleasure. She was still tight, but god did she feel good. It's as if this pussy was made especially for my cock. "Yes baby they say I'm a dirty slut. Well they are right I am your dirty slut. I love this feeling. I love the way you make me feel. I want to cum all over this big hard cock. Oh yes AJ make me come" I grabbed her small tight ass and did my best I could at ramming her hard.

Within moments I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and Amya screamed with pleasure as her orgasm hit and hit it did.

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She rocked her hips back and forth driving her clit into my pelvis. Her eyes practically rolled into the back of her head as she came. I could feel her pussy juices trying to force my cock out of her. She came down off of her orgasmic high and smiled at me. "Oh AJ that was so wonderful, but where are my manners, you haven't came yet and I really want to feel your cum shooting straight up into my pussy" I reached up and started playing with her nipples as she road me hard.

She kept repeating over and over, "Cum for me baby" Every so many strokes she would grind her pussy. I just couldn't take it anymore. "Amya I am about to cum" "good baby cum inside me, fill my thirsty pussy full of your wonderful cock juice." I did as she wanted and I shot my load inside her just as her second orgasm hit.

After my cock was done firing off its rounds. Amya leaned in and kissed me deeply and passionately before getting off of me and helped me pull the covers down. I got into bed with Amya laying her head on my shoulder. She kissed my nipple and I kissed the top of her head. She looked up at me and we kissed again.

I will never get enough of this woman's lips against mine. They are so soft and warm. We broke our kiss and looked into each other's eyes. "I love you AJ" she said. "I love you too Amya. I lay there thinking about the past couple of days and what the future will hold for us. We still have trial to go through, and despite what happened a few moments ago Amya still needs to heal emotionally.

However, right now life couldn't get any worse right now. Or so I thought. Amya's cell phone rang. She woke up and picked it up. Spoke in Japanese and then hung up. She had a worried look on her face. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "That was my father. Hiro called him. He and my mother are on their way here from Japan and they are not happy."